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Hello Guys,

i am here again With a new post .Watching the thread Name i think you guys already have understood about the contain. this is a Os thread. But This Thread is little bit different . this thread will contain with mini/short/large os. as These stories will be completely fictional and Imaginary plots so that i put the title of this thread as "Pulaou Story thread". yes here i will be going to Update  a lot of mini/short/large pulaou stories about Prerish's  married/ life and will try to add some fun/romance/emotions in it . This thread will contain the stories which prerish fans will make in AT.

and one more thing , if anyone from you want to write pulaou story , you could update Your story in Prerish AT, then inform me the page .i will quote here to store 

and here you could only Read the Stories, like the stories. But you could not alllow to discuss or Comments. if you want to discuss , then go to AT for appreciate.but not here.

So now enjoy the Fun Ride

With Regards

Oppo .

                                        Disclaimer: Permission Taken By DT  munnihyderabad

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Story No- 01

Originally posted by Opsora2090

Kitne Kg ka hai ?


Veena and Mr Bajaj both are fighting about prerna. 

Veena - mai apni preyu ko 9 maine apne kok mai carry kia  , mai uske har kadam pe wakiv hu . . baat karta hai mere samne huh . 

Bajaj- us waqt kitne kg ki thi apki preyu ?

Venna- pureeeeeee 2 kg ka 

Bajaj- ab apke beti 50 kg ka hogeye hai , aur mai usko roj rat carry karta hu pichle 5 salo se . toh mai toh uske andar bahar har ek kadam se bhi wakiv hu apse jeyada . 

huh baat karti hai . smiley37

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Story No- 02

Originally posted by TC_FA

PreRish Diaries


Mr. Bajaj-Mujhe kuch zaroori kaam hai, main der se aayunga.

Mrs. Bajaj -Maine aapse nahi puchha ki aap kab aayeinge.

Mr. Bajaj- Fine, next time I won't inform you.

Mrs. Bajaj - As if I care.

Mr. Bajaj(in mind)- Okay let's see how much do you care and leaves.

At night he comes late from the office intentionally to test her wife's words.

(And as expected Mrs. Bajaj was ready to shoot her husband with her taunts)

Mrs. Bajaj- Kahaan the aap itni der Tak. Yeh koi waqt hai Ghar aane ka. Thodi toh responsibility hoti hai na Insaan ki woh apni wife inform karde.

Mr. Bajaj(teasingly)- But I already told you in the morning but you said that you don't care Mrs. Bajaj smiley39

Mrs. Bajaj- As if you care about my words and glares at him.

Mr. Bajaj- Yes I do and runs from there in bullet speedsmiley2

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Story No- 03

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty


he is all disoriented and dizzy after he  came out of the washroom ready for the night because sar par chot hai, sleeping pills already kha liya, uska effect. She is inquisitively waiting for him, and when he is out she wants to take the couch but because everything is foggy he doesn't understand that she had guide him to the bed, put the pillow under his head rest his broken hand on another pillow and wraps him in his blanket. When he realises he tries to get up citing about her but she holds his hands puts a finger on his lips and shakes her head saying just i trust you.. he smiles a little. Then big  then biggest and then closes his eyes and goes off to sleep. ❤️

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Story No- 04

Originally posted by MisHumptyDumpty


P : dhaniya lana tha

B : acha ok but i love you only 

P : dhaniya hi layen hai 

B : i love you na issi liye 

P : kanda kaun layega 

B : i am here saying i love you and all you care about is kanda and dhaniya and pudina. Raho tum uni ke saath hi maim chala 

P : haan din bhar you stay with your flies ek min ke liye frusat nahi you talk to your files more than you talk to me raho ap Apne deals ke saath hi main chali Sharma nivas jab waqt mile aajana 

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Story No- 05

Originally posted by TC_FA

PreRish Diaries


Prerna- Mr. Bajaj agar aap ko saara din laptop se hi chipke rehna tha toh mujhse Shaadi kyun ki,isi se Kar lete?? 😏

Rishab- Woh Mrs. Bajaj mujhe uss waqt pata nahi tha ki mujhe saari umar aapka gulaam bankar rehna padega,nahi toh pakka iss laptop se hi Shaadi Kar letasmiley39

Prerna - Toh ab Kar lijiye ,kisne roka hai 😏

Rishab- Kya karoon Mrs. Bajaj ,ab toh aadat si hai mujhko JKG banke rehne ki smiley36

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Story No- 06

Originally posted by TC_FA

PreRish Diaries


Prerna- Mr. Bajaj ,why were you dancing with tanvi?? Didn't you remember that you have wife too??

RB- I thought you won't like dancing with me as you are in a no touch modesmiley39

Prerna- What no touch mode?? Itni baar toh chhuu chuki Hoon aapko 😏

RB- Okay,Mrs. Bajaj let's dance now. But please don't stomp my foot with your heals in anger. 

Prerna- I think humne bahut baatein Kar li ab thoda dance bhi karlein 😏

RB- Dance toh ek bahana hai,Hume toh aapse baatein karke hi apna Dil behlaana hai smiley36

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Story No- 07

Originally posted by Chahat_A_Doshi


Prerna is helping Bajaj with his tie.

Prerna: I’m sorry Mr. Bajaj, wo ye humaari pehli rakhi thi aur main kuch kar nahi payi.


Prerna clears herself.

Prerna: Humari as in humari family ki. Aapki aur aapki behen ki rakhi maine plan nahi ki.

Bajaj is confused.

Bajaj: Meri behen?

Prerna: Haan Tanvi. Wo aapki maasi ki beti hai toh aapi mauseri behen hui, mauseri behen bhi behen hi hoti hai na.

Bajaj tries to hide his smile. He knows she does not like Tanvi's intention and her attempts to grab Rishabh's attention.

Prerna: Koi baat nahi next year hum badi dhoom dhaam se rakhi manaayenge.Wo humari pehli rakhi hogi.

Bajaj: Haan Kuki ki bhi.

Prerna is confused.

Prerna: Kuki ki? Kuski kise rakhi baandhegi?

Bajaj puts his hand on her tummy. Prerna realizes that she is expecting.

Bajaj: Junior ko.

Prerna: Junior? As in junior Rishabh Bajaj.

Bajaj {confidently} : Of course junior jo bilkul mere jaisahoga.

Prerna: Jee nahi thank you aapke jaisa junior nahi chahiye mujhe. Senior toh sambhalte nahi mujhe junior ko kaise sambhaalongi?

Bajaj: Trust me Prerna you can do it. Only you. Jaise tumne mujhe sambhala hai waise hi junior ko bhi sambhal logi.

Prerna: Sirf sambhala hai?

Bajaj: Sambhala aur sudhara bhi hai.

Bajaj smiley2 Prerna smiley43. They smiley31.

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