Lets Discuss New Site Issues Here 😇

Posted: 2019-05-08T06:59:15Z


Since I had to close the last Topic for crossing 150 Pages. I am starting another one.

We will be updating you on the progress of the changes here. 

Please do not make this chatty thread as we do not want to lose the issues reported.

There are still members who are facing issues and we are here to understand and assist them.

If another member has already posted your issue please do not post it again. You can simply like their post so that we know which issue to give priority.



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Posted: 2019-05-08T06:59:38Z

Here I will be posting the updates.

In the meantime I will also be going through the old post and compile a list of the issues reported there which are not yet resolved.

Issues Resolved

  1. Members Only Posts
  2. No Copy (only works on the first post of the thread)
  3. My Post (ordered by Last Thread Date)
  4. Users with special characters in username can now login using their email.
  5. Comments is now supporting Emojis.
  6. User should not be allowed to like their own posts.
  7. 403 Error for Non-Proxy users. We have relaxed this policy a bit to allow certain IPs.
  8. Issue creating New Topics is FIXED
  9. Please organize the buddy list alphabetically  (reported by CreativeByBirth)
  10. Multiple PM by user checkbox.
  11. User should not be allowed to send Buddy Requests to self.
  12. Please differentiate between read or unread outbox messages. (reported by CreativeByBirth)
  13. Users who were not able to login cause they didn't have access to their old email can now update and verify. They need to remember their password though.[NEW]
  14. Refined the Related Topic to be more specific to the forum in which it is posted. [NEW]
  15. more...

Pending Issues:

  1. Profile Image Update
  2. Display Profile Visitors
  3. YouTube Embedding
  4. Allow users to submit images using IMG BB code. (it will come but with restrictions)
  5. Forum Signatures (we will be bringing it back with certain restrictions)
  6. Post Last Edited By and Time
  7. In Topic Search need to add Total Number of Pages
  8. Coolbies / Cool Viewbies to get Sticky Rights
  9. Chaska Meter not working
  10. Hall Of Fame not available 
  11. When we click on the link of the person who last posted on a topic we navigate to the first page instead of the last poster's post as before. On this particular topic I navigate to the last page. (reported by TheRager)
  12. Words Getting randomly clubbed when copy/pasting from MS Word (reported by Loving2Missing2)
  13. Please notify for scraps and slams. (reported by CreativeByBirth)
  14. Please show a print preview option while posting the post   (reported by CreativeByBirth)
  15. Under my Username, it is not showing the post or position of crazy Creative in-spite of being a CC  (reported by CreativeByBirth)
  16. Show how many friends we have too like we have 6 frnds,9 frnds....  etc like before and please the page no.  (reported by NeeruNira)
  17. Please add a counter for scraps etc and the counter for PM isn't working. ... (reported by Octothorpe)
  18. NOCOPY not working on Mobile Devices  (reported by priya185)
  19. i crossed 25000 posts still my rank doesn't change from IF sizzlerz  to IF stunnerz   (reported by kusharberry)
  20. Can you also please include "Asian Shows" in main page!!! As many kdramas fans have no clue there is a forums for it in IF..   (reported by poo_j)
  21. Duplicate Likes showing.    (reported by ...Nihara...)
  22. Have the option to update DOB and other preference settings.
  23. When we are replying to a pm sent to many people, the reply goes to all those people which shouldn't be the case. Please fix this
  24. more..

More issues are to be added on the Pending Issues.

Login Issues

Members who are getting Error 403 error during login as system detects it as Proxy server will now get their IP address and Country code mentioned in the error screen which they can email it us so that we can test it at our end..

Users who are not able to login cause they dont have access to the old email can now do it. They still need to remember their password.

Forgot password option does not work in unverified emails.

Other Issues

Many asked why change the site to the new one? 

Well we started this site in 2003 using the technology available that time. And we have been making incremental changes on that. And slowly it became difficult for us to find programmers who are still working on a legacy programming language and which was proving to be more costly and creating barriers in bringing any new changes.

Yes the transition didn't go as smoothly and it caused inconvenience to our users. We regret the same and apologise.

Give this new site a chance and you will soon get used to it once all the pending issues gets resolved. We are working very hard to ensure its done as fast as we can.


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Posted: 2019-05-08T07:02:44Z

Under "My posts" pagination or page numbers are missingsmiley18....We can check only first and last page of "My posts"smiley5...See the 3 screenshots here:





Pls fix the issue...we cant open any page other than first and last page of "My posts"

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Posted: 2019-05-08T07:06:16Z

Originally posted by ...Nihara...

Under "My posts" pagination or page numbers are missingsmiley18....We can check only first and last page of "My posts"smiley5...See the 3 screenshots here:

Pls fix the issue...we cant open any page other than first and last page of "My posts"

That is by design cause giving page number access on this was proving to slow down the site.

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[Content Removed]
Posted: 2019-05-08T07:29:11Z

Originally posted by vijay

That is by design cause giving page number access on this was proving to slow down the site.

But Now we dont even know Total number of pages in "My posts"...Atleast you should provide Total number of pages and "GO" option to type particular page number...so that we can directly jump to certain page....Now its highly impossible to visit the last page as i have to click some 120 times to go to last pagesmiley18

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Posted: 2019-05-08T07:31:37Z

In new site ..Now image posting is easy from both laptop and phone by copy pasting...I hope it doesnt get affected after introducing BB code....

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Posted: 2019-05-08T07:43:06Z

Pm issue still pending 😞😞 clickbox feature missing 

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