Why so Harsh?

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Posted: 2019-02-11T18:57:41Z
Anmol, Mansi and Nannu were forgiven for their misdeeds...Suwarna mata was glorified because she lost her son...it is painful to lose a piece of ur heart...What about Kartik and what about Naira?...Goenkas specifically Manish doesn't care at all about same son for whom he was ready to rip apart anyone during Akshara's accident?...Singhanias didn't even once hugged or consoled the dead Naira?...they went by taking away baby with oh so mahan...Krish par pehla haq dialogues...when it comes to gestures and actions Signhanias are too ignorant sugar factories that they can't notice pain...clinging to their DIL all the time as she was wronged she was betrayed by her brother...what about the daughter who had been a part of u?...I'm not against them supporting Keerti but what about even 1% emphaty not by words but by actions and gestures for Naira?...how could they just went away with Keerti leaving Naira deal with her pain?...would Naitik do the same?...NEVER...he would have been there for his daughter...that's called family...who is there during bad phase...not the one's who do ghumar on special occasions and leave when their daughter need them...coming to Kartik...yess Kartik was wrong...what he did was unfair...they all can't forget it easily...but Keesh had their child..Kartik and Naira were left empty handed...Naksh and Keerti's feeling of betrayal was not above  immense pain Kartik and Naira were in for losing their everything...Kartik was apologizing...with all his heart...with guilt and shame in his eyes..but what Naksh said to him was more than harsh...their momentary reaction is understandable...even this reaction would be understandable but they are the mighty forgiving Singhanias who forgave Mansi for Akshara's murder...forgave KD after throwing their daughter out of the home...forgave Suwarna for slapping and throwing their daughter...Kartik's is not a criminal that he can't be forgiven...they were acting as if he harmed baby...or gave him to some stranger...I didn't react on their dialogue...but the way Naksh reacted during car scene...they actually meant "kisi aur ko dey diya"...Kartik caused irreparable demage...the most hurt one is Naira...but he also hurt somewhere...can't it be possible that he is also hurt?...

Posted: 2019-02-11T21:33:59Z
Completely agree, although Kartik was wrong - in the End its Kaira who have been wronged.

I really want. scene where Kartik blasts everyone after Naira looses her memory.
Sure, now Keesh only see their pain, but the should realize that Kartik wasn't happy at all since the bany was born.
He would have told them the truth.
At least the could have been thankful that its their baby who is alive. Kartik is about to loose everything.

The only good thing to see will be kartik wooing Naira again
Posted: 2019-02-11T22:46:35Z
I think this was expected of both the family as past incidents proves so.
And dadi her concern for kartik also expected, but the surprise was her  dialogue she understands in this situation only person can heal naira's hurt is kartik, with that proved she definitely has soft corner for these two as a couple unlike other family who only know to blame than understanding kaira and their love for each other. 
Naitik and swarna only people who genuinely care for kaira if we keep dadi's comcetn  apart for this track.
Others only involve when there is happiness.

Singhus, nothing to say.. naksh reaction is justifiable OK agree, but he is acting as if kartik sold his child to someone else.

And in all this chaos one thing they conveniently forgot if not kirti's it's naira's baby died and loss is not just naira's equally kartik's too.

Basically everyone apna apna dheke chale gaye.

I see people saying naira should have gone with keesh. What would happen if she go with them. Nothing they will never understand her pain they will say they do but action speaks differently.

Whereas naira that girl even promised she wont let her grief come near keesh's happiness..she said and I know her actions will speak so.
Posted: 2019-02-12T01:19:15Z
Karthik did wrong. There is a saying in Hindi " doosoron ke Ghar Ko Andhera karke Sona Ghar Ujala nahin karsakte which means you cannot rob others of happiness and try to light your own house. He tried to do exactly that. They brought it onto themselves and they cannot blame anyone else for their misery. If Naira kept her child in womb for seven months, then Kirti kept in 9 months. If Naira cannot live without her child same would be Kirti. And if we can justify Naira not giving Krish to Kirti even for few hours or few days as was suggested earlier, how can one expect the same from Kirti. In fact Karthik was lucky that Naksh didn't call police and as seen Karthik had enough time to come clean to the family but he didn't. Regarding other incidents family forgave Mansi as she was young, did not do accident deliberately and for Naira sake they have forgiven her. There are too many loop holes in the story. Characters are absent without reason or justification, only one person pain is most important in family, nobody else matters...
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