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Hello Everyone

This is my story for the IF Novelette Contest. It is based on Prompt 8.

Prompt 8
He is a super star and so am I. Our first movie together was a blockbuster. Since we slept with each other things started to turn ugly. And then we never signed any film together. But then I have been offered a movie that I couldn't refuse because I knew that it would be a major break through of my career. And Guess what he is the Male Lead of the Movie.


Banner Credit to 'MsChanadlerBong'


Zoya's POV 

Asad Ahmed Khan & Zoya Farooqui to work together after 5 years

AsYa will be back together on the screen for Haider Sheikh's Movie

After Junoon Tere Ishq Ka Asad & Zoya will be seen together in Mitwa Ishq Pe Zor Nahi

AsYa's upcoming Movie Mitwa Ishq Pe Zor Nahi

Asad & Zoya will be seen as Rehan & Seher this time

I read a few magazines headlines which had a picture of me and Asad from our previous movie as it's cover picture.

Are you sure that you wanna do this movie Appi? I signed as Humeira asked me the same question for the hundredth time in the past few hours. 

Yes I am 100% sure Humi. I replied firmly. 

You still have time to think Mona. Rabert a.k.a Ayaan spoke. 

I already have wasted a lot of time in thinking Rabert. Just because Asad is the Male Lead of the Movie I won't quit it. I declared. 

Even after my declaration Humi and Rabert weren't satisfied with my decision. So the next 20 minutes we spent arguing. 

Just stop it both of you. It isn't a big deal that I and Asad would do a Movie together. I signed this movie because it would be a major break for my career. Now don't say me that you two singed for the very same Movie just for fun. You both too signed for it because it is Haider Sheikh's Movie i.e. At the present one of the Greatest Directory in the Film Industry. 

I couldn't take it anymore and every thought in my mind came out. 

After my outburst there was silence in the room which was broken by my phone ringing. 

Hello... I spoke on the phone. 

After a good talk of 15 minutes, I ended the call. 

What did Haidy Sir say? Ayaan asked, I guess he found out that it was Haider who had called me. 

Day after tomorrow we are going to sign the contract and the shooting will start in 10 days. I said. 

Still sticking onto your decision Zoya. Ayaan asked and this time he asked seriously, I got to know it because he called me by my name. 

Yes, I'm doing this Movie for sure. I said seriously too. 

Even though Asad is also doing the Movie. Humi asked still ensue. 

I don't mind about it Humi. There is something called as being Professional right. His presence doesn't effect me anymore. I Hate Him I'm not the same Zoya anymore. 5 Years is a long time, in these years, I have changed for my best. I can correctly judge people now. I voiced out my inner thoughts for the first time. 

None of us spoke a word later. So I returned to my room, while walking to my room my eyes momentarily went on to the cover pictures of the magazines and my mind went down the memory lane for a second.

Allah Miya what's wrong with you Zoya? Stop thinking about those days. I thought as I locked my room door as well as those memories back in my mind.



My laughter echoed in the whole house as I ran out of the kitchen with Rehan behind me in toe. 

I won't spare you Seher. He said as he tried to get hold of me.

But I managed to sneak out of his reach and ran across to the couch. Now as we stood on the two opposite sides of the cough I stickied out my tongue in order to tease him.

Try as much as possible Seher. But you can't save yourself from me today. He said stressing on his each word.

I laughed out even more loudly while he ran his hands in his silky hairs.

Even before my laughter stopped he caught hold of my hand. I looked perplexed at Rehan and then noticed that the cough between us was pushed to the other side by him.

I tried to get out from his clutches and surprisingly he left my hand easily. I saw him smirk and then I realised that I had no place to escape. On one side was a table and on the other side was the couch. So I moved backwards while he took a step closer to me.

I nodded my head in denial. But still the smile on my face didn't vanish but instead flashed my dimples and now my cheeks were getting the red color on them.

Rehan... Please... I said as my back hit the wall. 

Paying no heed to my please, he closed the distance between us. With his one hand on the wall and the other on my waist.

I turned my head to my left but then he lifted my chin and made me face him. His face inched closer to mine and I could feel his hot breath on my face. My eyes closed involuntarily and my hands found it's way on his chest. 

Please... No... I whispered. 

I felt him rubbing his cheeks with mine. I controlled my giggle firstly but then when he again rubbed our other cheeks together, I giggled out loudly. 

No... Please... Leave me... Please stop it Asad... I managed to say between my giggles as I felt his beard tickling.



I was brought out of my dreamland by the Director's voice. 

Asad looked at me with a smirk on face which made me roll my eyes. Even though his face was almost covered with the wheat flour, I still could make out that he was smirking. 

What happened Haidy Sir? I asked knowing that the shot wasn't supposed to end here.

Zoys it's REHAN not ASAD. Haidy Sir said. 

Thats when I realised what a blunder I had created. I looked back at Asad who winked at me. 

Looks like someone is effected by my Charm... Asad said in a whisper. 

Sorry Haidy Sir, I will remember it from now on. I apologised for my stupidity. I think, I need a break now. I said. 

Ok let's take a break for 15 minutes. Haidy Sir announced. 

Don't be thinking about me only. We'll meet again after 15 minutes. Asad said as he walked next to me. 

I turned towards him shocked by his flirty behaviour only to see him talking to Haider now while wiping his face with a towel. 

I huffed at being helpless and walked to my vanity van. 


Allah Miya what's wrong with you Zoya? If this is our case one the first day of the shoot then what will happen until the shooting gets over? I can't believe that he still effects me so much. His presence surly does something to me even now. I spoke to myself angrily while pacing in my vanity van. 

I remembered the shot, it was a simple shot where Seher playfully throws wheat flour on Rehan while they were cooking and later runs aways. Later Rehan seeks revenge by getting the wheat flour on Seher. 

I thought my feelings for him ended the day when our relationship ended. I thought I could handle the situation. But then, I really am confused with this new side of Asad. Why is he being flirty with me?

Suddenly his last words which he told a few minutes ago echoed in my mind. 

Why am I so predictable? Zoya stop thinking about Him. I tried to calm down myself. 

I sat down and closed my eyes to get all the thoughts out of my mind. But then they wandered back to the past. 

Our first movie together was a Blockbuster. Our sizzling chemistry was talked about for the longest time. We two had become Best Friends and not to forget the Undying Attraction between us. Then came the Success Party of our Movie where we Kissed and Confessed our feelings for each other. Later we decided to move in together. Our Live-In-Relationships was good in the first 4 months.

My reverie was broken by the knock on my vanity van door. I sighed and waiting for the person to come in. It was my makeup artist who apparently came as the break was to end. 

Soon after getting my makeup and hairstyling done, I walked out of my vanity van with the resolution of not letting Asad effect me. 

I won't let my Past effect my Present. I won't let Mr. Asad Ahmed Khan effect Me. 


Sanam & Aahil (SaHil) : AsYa first movie characters

Seher & Rehan (SeHan) : AsYa second movie characters

Hope you like it. 
Do comment and let me know how was the update.
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sounds interesting
update soon
thnx for pm
Posted: 2019-01-08T21:51:48Z
Nice start dear
Both are movie stars.
They were together but then broke up
Curious to know the reason of their break up
Asad still has a effect on her.
Waiting for next update soon
Thanks for pm
Posted: 2019-01-08T22:27:06Z
Update soon its amazing
Posted: 2019-01-09T04:47:50Z
Would love to read
Thanks for pm 
Update soon 
Posted: 2019-01-09T06:15:39Z
It's freaking awsm 
May be Asad just wanted to get into her pants 
May be something more happened 
I can't wait the way they'll end up together 
Posted: 2019-01-09T09:12:16Z
Continue soon:)

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