---SuKor/MeeJay AT#10--- Tu Meri Pehli Dua,Aur Tu Dua Aakhri ---

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A Chakor bird which symbolizes un-requited, intense love and prefers to gaze at moon. She falls in love with Sun(Suraj) and make an unheard, unprecedented love story..SuKor!

         They are different!

          They have an explosive chemistry!

        They set the screen on fire with their Tashan!

               They are the "Jaan of Udaan"!      

                                They are Suraj-Chakor SuKor! ❤️                     

Theirs was an unlikely pair from the beginning- a gritty precocious bonded labourer and the entitled son of the man who enslaved her. When Chakor walked into Suraj's home and stepped in the path of his racing car, it was hate at first sight for them both. Over the next few months, their enmity grew as Chakor fought for the village's freedom and Suraj plotted to thwart her plans to win his father's approval. Chakor's return from her ten year long exile in search of vengeance, rekindled their childhood rivalry. When Chakor schemed to try and swap Suraj's bride with her sister, he turned the tables on her by marrying her instead.Despite vastly differing principles, they are truly well matched in terms of intelligence, tenacity and character judgement.They both know what they want and will do anything to achieve their goal.

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Played by one of the veteran actors of Indian Television, Vijayendra Kumeria; Suraj Rajvanshi son of Sports Minister Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi had always idolised his father and wanted to be like him.He wanted power and money. He was not good at studies and preferred to model himself on his father. Suraj believes that his father was an unjust man and deserved to die. He believes that the death of his father has put an end to all the miseries of his and his wife Chakor's life. Suraj Rajvanshi is a grey character. Love Him..Hate Him..But You Can't Ignore Him!

Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi, portrayed by Meera Deosthale was this feisty girl who was taking on the bandhua (bounded labourer) system that prevailed in Azadgunj and Kamal Narayan (Suraj's father) was perpetuating it. She always used to say that she will not remain a bandhua for life. Her ambition has always been to secure freedom for her people. In an attempt to betroth her sister to Suraj Rajvanshi; she enters into a wedlock with him instead. Despite being an un-wanted wedlock, Chakor remains committed to her marriage with Suraj.

And together they make a gush-worthy couple

One instance that probably gives a hint of SuKor  very early on was when Suraj got angry when Chakor addressed him "bhaiyya" when they were young and forbade her from repeating it again. Post leap the Suraj-Chakor run-ins continued. He did everything to stop her from winning the marathon and becoming a national celebrity,along with his father. Flirting with Chakor during her practice sessions and enjoying it. Chakor never liked Suraj and thought of him as the handy man of his father. Chakor however won the first round when she had him and his father arrested for their crimes. But Suraj's arrest was short- lived. His flirtations and teasings, saving Chakor from a bullet and recently from fire, gazing her now and then; gives us ample hints that Suraj is hooked on his wife.They have madly, deeply fallen in love with each other.

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Congratulations for new at, nice name
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Congratulations 🥳
Thanks for creating the AT Ammu and for the wonderful first page.

Beautiful name.
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Ammu  🤗

Congrats to all Sukorians on New AT

I am like 
Seeing Sukor edits, Dreaming and happily clapping for your efforts and Hard work Ammu.

Well done Amrutha
Entire page, AT and name all superb👏👏👏
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