Karna's Wives in Vyasa Bharat

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Posted: 2018-10-24T21:24:23Z

Vyasa Bharat did not mention any names of Karna's wives. Neither Vrishali nor Supriya were mentioned in the Epic. Even Duryothan's wife was not mentioned by name.

Karna's wives were mentioned in two places ..on two important occasions.

In Udyoga Parva

nAma me vasuSheNeti kArayAmAsa vai dvijaiH |

bhAryAshchoDhA mama prApte yauvane tena keshava || 10||

tAsu putrAshcha pautrAshcha mama jAtA janArdana |

tAsu me hRRidayaM kRRiShNa sa~njAtaM kAmabandhanam || 11||


Karna tells Krishna.

It is that Adhiratha, again, who caused the name Vasusena to be bestowed upon me by the Brahmanas. When also I attained to youth, I married wives according to his selections. Through them have been born my sons and grandsons,CXLI

Here Karna did not refer his wives with names.

In Stri Parva

Gandhari says


  • Alas, like a tiger slain by a lion, or an elephant by an infuriated elephant, that warrior hath been slain in battle by Savyasaci. Assembled together, O tiger among men, the wives of that warrior,with dishevelled tresses and loud wails of grief, are sitting around that fallen hero! Filled with anxiety caused by the thoughts of that warrior, king Yudhishthira the just could not, for thirteen years, obtain a wink of sleep! Incapable of being checked by foes in battle like Maghavat himself who is invincible by enemies, Karna was like the all-destroying fire of fierce flames at the end of the yuga, and immovable like Himavat himself! That hero became the protector of Dhritarashtra's son, O Madhava! Alas, deprived of life, he now lieth on the bare ground, like a tree prostrated by the wind! Behold the wife of Karna and mother of Vrishasena,is indulging in piteous lamentations and crying and weeping and falling upon the ground! Even now she exclaims, "Without doubt, thy preceptor's curse hath pursued thee! When the wheel of thy car was swallowed up by the Earth, the cruel Dhananjaya cut off thy head with an arrow! Alas, fie (on the heroism and skill)!"That lady the mother of Sushena, , exceedingly afflicted and uttering cries of woe, is falling down, deprived of her senses, at the sight of the mighty-armed and brave Karna prostrated on the earth, with his waist still encircled with a belt of gold. Carnivorous creatures, feeding on the body of that illustrious hero, have reduced it to very small dimensions. The sight is not gladdening, like that of the moon on the fourteenth night of the dark fortnight. Falling down on the earth, the cheerless dame is rising up again. Burning with grief on account of the death of her son also, she cometh and smelleth the face of her lord!'"
  • Hence no names were mentioned. Vrishasena's mother,Sushena's mother..This was how they were referred.
  • Urvi is a fictional charecter created by Kavita Kane. The Epic did not mention any such story of a princess who rejected Arjuna and selected Karna., This must be the fantasy of the author.
  • Sources
  • Bori Critical Edition Of Mahabharata Sanskrit version Udyoga Parva Ch 139
  • Kisari Mohan Ganguli English Translation
  • Udyogaparva Section CXLI
  • stri Parva Section 21..
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Posted: 2018-12-03T10:27:56Z
@ TM yes Vyasa doesn't mentions the names of Karna's wives. But he clearly states that Karna has two wives, his first wife was the sister of duryodhan's charioteer, who was selected by his adopted father Adhirath. This lady was his favorite wife. Duryodhan mentions her in vyasa mahabharth as a women with high qualities despite belonging to a low caste. People call her as Vrushali as she was Vrishasen's wife [ Karna's real name]. Few folk tales mentions her as Padma or Padmavathi. as she was as beautiful as a lotus flower. Down in south India she is known as Ponnuruvi [ from which Kavitha kane made the fictional character Urvi, the author made her a princess and the author herself accepted it was a fictional character made by her]. This lady was Karna's favorite wife and she plays an important part in Karna moksham. She went on sati post karna's death. she was also the mother of vrishaketu who was the only son of karna alive post mahabharth. 
His second wife was a maid and best friend to duryodhan's wife Bhanumati. Along with bhanumati this lady too was kidnapped by duryodhan and karna during bhanumati's swaymvar as she was bhanumati's brides maid. Vyasa doesn't mention her name too but clears that she too belongs Vaishya clan. so none of Karna's wives are kshathriyas. Folk tales calls karna's second wife as Supriya or Chandramati. 
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Posted: 2018-12-04T19:06:21Z
Critical Edition did not mention Vrishali by name. Neither did it say that she followed Sati.Vrishaketu did not exist in Vyasa Bharat . Neither in Bori nor in unabridged Editions. Only Jaimini Bharat mentioned him but it was not considered authentic. None of the sons were alive as per Vyasa Bharat. That was why only Yudhishishtir did last rites. As for his second wife no information which you gave existed in Bori.. ..And Karna's wives were two in number that also not given. Since I never believe in folk tales I don't comment on that.
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