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Episode 312

The pearls of joy... 


Khushi returns home from searching for Anjali and is glad that no one found out about her being missing. Just then, Arnav spots her and begins to yell at her, asking her where she went and that he's been waiting for her. Khushi replies that she was here the whole time and follows him to their room. 



She enters the room to find it pitch dark and makes a comment about it. Arnav then proceeds to complain about wearing the kurta and calling NK's idea stupid. While arguing whether the idea was stupid or not, Khushi accidentally blurts out that it was her idea and he tells her that he knew all along. He kisses her on her forehead and tells her that he only wore the kurta for this long to see her smile. He then turns the lights on and she is shocked to see a bunch of presents on the bed. 


Remembering how he made her pack the gifts before, she asks him if she has to repack these present too and he jokingly says yes. She begins to unpack the gifts one by one, only to be surprised by their contents: chana, a Salman Khan poster (to which she happily approves of), jalebi, gol gappas and a pearl necklace. On seeing the necklace, she remembers her dream of Arnav giving her the necklace and she begins to tear up. Arnav wipes her tears away and the two share a hug.


These gifts are so inexpensive yet bring the most expensive gift on her face, SMILE which brings a smile on his face. That is all it matters, a man like ASR who only knows expensive gifts, money, clothes, which makes to tall in status but he has no clue why Khushi likes inexpensive things and at the top, she becomes so happy, but the only thing he knows she smiles at the end and that makes him happy, his smile.Period.How beautiful this connection is... :)

I would love to talk about the pearls which are getting close to the whole loop since episode one...


Pearls Which always have bounded Arnav and Khushi like "Hamesha".These pearls are their past, present, and future which are holding together their pains, tears, wishes, dreams, hopes, desires, egos and the eyes of their hearts which don't know any other language other than the rhythm of their unisom heartbeat ...a symbol of their Life and Love.These are the eyes of purity that were scattered on the floor under Khushi's feet in her dream as she was misunderstanding the purity of his Heart and Love just like he did by breaking it and then by throwing them away once. Khushi was collecting all of his pains and soothing em unintentionally removing all the impure pearls till she reached the depth of his heart, a "PURE PEARL" just like he was removing all the impurity and debris from their ways till he found a "PURE INNOCENCE" in her smile which was the reason of his survival and speaks volume of her purity in all sense.If the purity of his love guided her to realize the depth of his love ...Her innocence gave him access to her pure soulful dreams where she always wanted to see his care and concern along with his pure love for her ...

The pearls of pains, which garlanded him since his early age made him who he is today, had kept his PURE heart in the shell in such a way that no one could even dare to harm it anymore. Khushi is the one who not only dared to open it but also made her way in it to hold that "Charming Pure Pearl" in her delicate heart to save it from all storms within by facing and bearing all the pains by herself .The pains , he was the witness of em..."Sapno ki duniya main rehna hi acha hai kyuonke asli Duniya main sirf dil toote hain " [it is good to be in dreamland as real life , Hearts meant to be broken.."]...He is the one who was always the cause of her hurt and tears ...he is the one who made promise that he won't let those precious pearls fall again from her eyes ...and couldn't keep his words and became a cause of her hurt ...every single time... Today is binding her in a simple "Promise"...that today their love will be way above from all the egos...

The pains which spill in the form of tears "Har Bar" from her eyes not only made The great ASR shedding all the debris aside by himself , clearing all the way for her by spreading roses but also stringing the "Dori" with pure pearls of love & concerns just for her...HIS Khushi...who was true worthy of his pure heart. When Arnav confesses "I love u Khushi"... she plunged into thoughts of his care and concerns for her all along "Fadak padta hai.." [It matters ]...and realized that she had his heart and pure love with her Always...She finds him lightening her vision to acknowledge the depth of his love "iss pyar main sahi aur galat ka koi matlab nahin..matlab hai tou bas keh main tum se hamesha hamesha .." [ there is no meaning of wrong and right but this that I had always ...loved you ...]...Yes he always had loved her...then she had a dream of Arnav who gifts her what she was longing for so long... his Pure Heart"...the only gift she desired of him ...along but he disappeared giving her a hint to reach it...unlike the past when he went in the depth of ocean ...never wanted to be found again ...after the terrace incident...This time he wanted her to find him...a message in the bottle..."I love You Khushi!!!"...She went on the path to find it which was insecure and but the glow of this Pure Pearl always made her dark ways bright to mesmerize her with happiness and success..."hum ne aapko dhoond liya " [ I found you finally ]...but the surrounding debris deluded her path with delusion and she thought it was lost to her again ..."Arnav Singh Raizada kabhi nahin badal sakta "..[ASR can't be changed ] without differentiating the purity of his love from the harshness of his words...which always have hurt her.

She started her walk back home dejecting herself ... But "The ocean" would not let her go out of his territory and changes the course of its waves, changes the direction of its winds to bring her back to it's shore... the more she tried to leave... the more he coerced her in the vortex of his affection... She fought back against each and every move of his courageously "hum ne aapko jeetne nahin diya...or hum bhi aapke buldozar ka intezar karaingey'..."Jab tak yeh contract khatam nahin ho jata ..hum nahin ayengey"[ I didn't let you win...and made my own money for rent...I will wait for your bulldozer to demolish Buaji's house...I won't come till this contract is over ] "ab inn sab se koi matlab nahin hai..." [now it doesn't matter as this contract is going to be over within six months and everything will be over ]...but he won't let that happen...He tries helping her embracing her true feelings which they both feel for each other..."you know what I want ...as ASR is always right..." and unwilling she again lets his vortex to take over her and she swims with him down within it's depth... yet to be amazed seeing the gift of a rare pearl...the deep and selfless love of her Arnavji that would do anything for her true happiness... for her Smile which is a smile of his Pure Heart...Her long dream of her Rajkumar aasman se tare barsne lagaingey... phool hi phool hongey...har taraf khushi bhara mahol hoga..." [ I thought , there will be happiness every where and stars will fall from the sky when I will fall in Love]...was fulfilled today...as Arnav was doing all to get a glimpse of her "Smile " and today she breaks in her tears just to realize that she had held the precious pearl of Arnav's love all along in her heart but never understood it...


Arnav not only put em in one Dori...one chain...one thread but also assured her by removing those tears of egos that he will be fulfilling her dreams ...their dreams ...forever.The beauty is Khushi never knew these pearls were in his possession as always "Hamesha" but he showed her ways to find em ...right in his heart...where no one else could even reach but Her... A beautiful pearl...Arnav's heart filled with love stayed that way forever... it was today given to the person who meant the world to him...his life...His Khushi...A moment when he made her realize that he might hurt her with words and it can be painful but his selfless love could go any length for her "Smile " ..."humain sacha pyar mila ...kyuonke Hum jante hain ..humara ek ek aansoo apke dil ko hazar bar chot pohchate hai" [ We found true love because I know my tears make your heart ach ever time ...] Har Bar... Every time...always!!!


The man who always weighted wealth over happiness, today was smiling seeing his Khushi...his life smiling with joy over the least expensive things ...which in return was glowing his Pure heart...the very same way when he was at content seeing her smiling with joy over two silver coins in a detergent bag.

Now the pearl necklace defines them. This is completing her today...making her meet with dignity which she lost on that fateful night in Lukhnow...when he has undone these pearls to make her meet with sorrows and pains of tears ...She is the one who opened it and felt the essence of it by recognizing its significance.Her teary eyes convey a yearning for him ...as she had dreamt of this always...Khushi who rejected him one day before... looked at him with tears of happiness ...layered with longing..."yes ...the matlab has a definition now..." [ koi matlab nahin hai..] ..he provided her that "Matlab' ...and he embraced her with this by his assurance...by diminishing all the distance within.. a tight embrace ...a circle of eternity...a promise of togetherness for forever..."Arnav aur Khushi khabi alag nahin ho sakte"...[ Arnav and Khushi can't be separated]

This is the day when their marriage is no longer a contract...it is a reality for her with his assurance...a new beginning towards eternity.

This is a closure of Pearls...Eternity ...and It really made me touched deeply after I finished this with a heavy heart.I miss them so much...

He wiped off her tears tonight with a promise showing and assuring her that he knows and respects her wishes as his own. He will be there for her at every moment of their life. In other words, he is signing this contract of his life with her at her terms. His words are circling again

Iss pyar main sahi ya galat ka ko matlab nahin...matlab hai to bas ek cheese ka ke main tum see...pyar karta hoom...Yes we are heading towards I love you Dammit....


This hug felt so warm and the way he cocoons her within his arms, she forgets all and submits herself to him. His hug, a serious and engulfing one, cheek to her hair, sinking lowered to her shoulder, arms clasped around her, eyes so soft, just a little sway. Lips a little open with the soft smile, face showing a little pain feeling every pain, regretting moments he caused her, but promising her that she is his part. Telling her that you matter the most. Clinging himself to her until she feels it, until her soul acknowledges it and then her hands answer in return. Caressing his back with assurance in each and every moment, keeping pearls of promises in her right hand she holds him equally. Tears of joy flow with a joyful smile and she rests her head right next to him, nestles her cheek in the crook of his neck.

There is no room for any contract anymore... Life got its meaning and only words felt shot.



The moon resides in the Sun as the Sun was up, shining on the moon, or maybe the moon was finding her Sun, the moment she wakes up, she finds him watching over her...


She finds him sitting on the couch staring at her. They continue to stare at each other, even as she gets up. Hey- Hey, their meeting tone mingles in...and she sits up...a smile takes her lips but he was not blinking, not even once...drinking her beauty letting her know his intentions, trying to awake her feelings which he pushed away a couple of days ago...he has to win her heart, her smile HER...she is her biggest deal...

It was no coincidence that her dupatta was a little further from her...lol. he knows how dupatta is a big thing for her and that is why later he keeps it away from her dress just to make her understand that there is no Parda, nothing is hidden in between them, their hearts and souls are one.She knows it too yet she is in for society...what who when...and that will come later yet here she is with him, in his room, in his life and she is his wife...he wants to take his relationship to the next level and wants her to accept it first...


She was feeling the heat of his gaze, feeling it penetrating through her,oh he knows, he gulps down the desires, so invisible to her eyes... she fidgets with her shirt as dupatta is missing, she finds it on the other side,, oh she gets up for it but he is in no mood...he gets up making her heart skip a beat, she is breathless you can see .He walks slowly not letting her cover herself...

There is no dialogue in this whole scene yet you can see the whole convo

Humari Baat


He was awakening his woman's desires, bringing it to peak as he planned, he has to win her before the contract finishes, yet after this there was no contract needed especially after last night,, he accepted her , she accepted him his gift, his pure heart, him as her husband and both were in each other's arms...

She gulps down her desires, she was totally lost."Hum jante hain" I know will come later in farmhouse yet here he was letting her know all out in open, that she is his and he is hers, there is nothing in between us, and he won't accept it either...

Here her cheeks are burning, "Tumhare gaal laal ho gaye hain.." he didn't say it yet he doesn't have to as he knows his effect on her and she knows her effect on him...it is mutual , a natural way of a man and a woman talk through physical actions without words without any interaction.

Who says you need to raise heartbeat by any intimacy of kissing, or physically mix, here without touching, or saying you can feel the heat, I love this purity of hearts of IPK, Barun and Sanaya are the best in these kinds of scenes...


He begins to come closer to her until they are disturbed by a knock at the door. It's Nani and she seems very worried and wants to speak to Arnav immediately. As he leaves, he tells Khushi that their conversation is not over yet.

Humari Baat abhi khatm nahin hui

Nani tells Arnav that she received a phone call from the Aashram Nani says that they never should have left "her" there, especially after the incident 14 years ago. Arnav says that he tried a lot to bring "her" back and tells Nani not to worry as he will find "her".

Akash is in his room getting dressed and talking to Mami. It is revealed that the "person" is Arnav's dadi and that she refused to come with her own grandson.

Mami states that his dadi was a dangerous woman back then and now that she has escaped, she is even more afraid. Akash tells her not to worry and at this time, Payal walks in. She asks them what they are talking about and Akash tells her that some things just aren't meant to be told.

Here the track changes...and we got Daadi

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Episode 313-314





Budding roses, the symbol of PURITY and LOVE, a blossoming desire to love and protect.Khushi was watering roses, and thinking of budding rose as a newborn child, but she is the one who gave fully blossomed roses to Anjali this morning.Yes, she is a protector of Anjali in the same way Arnav is.From now on Arnav will be the biggest protector of Khushi among all.




Khushi sees a lizard on the wall when Dadi enters, A Lizard is a symbolism of downfall of an ego and deception.I love IPK and its deep elements, Things have been placed accordingly...SO everything is set for the arrival of Dadi, meaning bringing Past, Sheesh Mahal...To be very honest, if she is the past then it seems Past is still in her, she never moved the very same way, as ASR.That NIGHT, that moment has been embossed permanently on All...



I disliked totally when no one corrected Dadi when she was calling Khushi a servant, we know that Shyam did go to her and his story had made a mark in Dadi as Khushi a servant, a reason of his and Rani Sahiba's separation...




That is why I was mad that no one corrected Dadi, Mami, Payal and even Mami made NK quiet, but my KHUSHI even didn't say anything.Odd, utterly odd I felt...Adding to fuel to my heart, Dadi was praying with complete Shudii...purity...keeping things in a certain manner as many do thinking that in this age this is the way to reach to god with purity of material things rather than purity of hearts and mind.Sorry If I m offending someone,But I am way too brutally honest.We are humans, fav and above all in creations of Almighty and without a drop of humanity worse than animals.Animals live by principles too and way better than us.Sorry but I literally despise these kinds of people and women of such herd...




Anjali enters and sees Khushi upset, I like that melting ice of this iceberg in between them. Somehow I felt for her so much in this episode and for Arnav too.So Dadi,A woman, who was the symbol of strength, left her grandkids abandoned them all these years and never even came back and kids tried everything to bring her back too.



Now my question is if she was alive then why wouldn't she question her other son, Malik who threw Arnav and Anjali out of Sheesh Mahal???How come she never came back then? Many loopholes I found in bringing Dadi track..It was evident that they wanted to have remarriage track and the question of Khushi' purity and their marriage authenticity will be on through Dadi...a forced character and wasn't in the initial plan.




Anjali cries her heart out while Dadi kept asking about SIL, hmm, it didn't alarm all that how did she know that or she is jusst asking??? but brought all eyes to Khushi, very much accusatory must say.



Arnav enters with Nani being disappointed.They couldn't find Dadi yet here she was.Now the look of Arnav, says many things.A hope, question, complaint, very vulnerable a 14 years old boy he was today again.He takes blessings and finds or I should say was looking for peace in his grandmother.Very touching moment...for both Anjali and Arnav.




Nani moves forward and hugs her best friend, which was another question in my head.A woman like Nani is a friend of a woman like Dadi???How? East and West never can be together.I must say,...this is why it seems odd. I admire Nani's pride looking Arnav taking blessings as she did raise kids way better than Dadi.Dadi left broken shattered kids to her and all these years she mended their ways...




Nani introduced new members of the family and here comes the biggest flaw again...Dadi knew who Khushi was, so story interpretted that she was a srvant like person, a reason of separation of Shyam nd Anjali and Arnav likes her but he is not married to her.hm, ok I can connect to the fact that on HOLI Shyam found out that they are acting as a married couple yet not married...makes sense.




But here breaks heart of mine and Arnav too when he sees that Dadi is not here to be a part of family, she is up to something else the moment he sees her foot backward, refusing Khushi clearly and giving blessings only to him.A woman threw a nasty look at Khushi who was afraid, confused and dishearted.




Nani consoles Khushi and tells them that she will make Dadi see sense out of it..but will that happen if a person lives in her past and refuses to mingle with the present...?Isn't this the same thing that Arnav tells khushi..that Dadi never sees from the other's perspective..she has a selective perceptive eye and selective retention of matters ...and here Nani nd Dadi convo is interesting which is clearly showing that we supposed to bring back past and that woman who was responsible for all..wo aurat...aukat...and all




Khushi enters her room and finds the man perturbed, she knew whatever happened, he needs her, he needs a pillar of strength.Her heart knew, His sidelook on her shows many things.Khushi takes the plunge that it is her fault, she might have done something wrong, maybe Dadi didn't like her and all.Arnav stays in his position, thinking of all the perceptive ways to see through the present situation.and Khushi retreats.




She sits but again they know each other like no one,He feels her distressed mind and heart and turns around slowly, Love his body language firm and concerned.He turns and the most beautiful turn which I love the most.He is ASR for the entire world yet for his Khushi, he is totally Heart, her Rajkumar, Her Arnavji...




Khsuhi's tears break him, He is the one who fought with every element of this nature to bring her back, he fought with himself for doing what he has done...Holding her chin he admonished being so melted in this manner.

her tears hurt him so much...



then in a husky, tensed tone, which shows how determined and urgent matter this is for him at hand and has to handle with such care, he said, "khushi, dadi tumhari vajah se naraz nahin hai aur na hi iss shadi ki vajah se..." [dadi isn't angry because of you nor because of this marriage]...and at some way he is right in my eyes.

He can't bear to see her unhappy, the man who gave her nothing but tears is teh one who wants her smile at all costs.



He accepts his fault. "aur kissi aur ko pata ho ya na hao main yeh achhi tarah se janta hoon ki jiss tarah se hamari shadi hui ussme tumhari koi galti nahin!"[and anyone else knows or not know or not, I know well that the way we got married was in no way due to any fault of yours.

"maine tumhe majboor kiya tha..."

I forced you.




This is the first time they both ever talked over this topic.He makes her clear, that she is not at fault for this thought process of Dadi as she lives in her redundant world...hmm, seems like Malik's ego runs in their blood, He is a carbon copy of his Dadi yet, he defies his father...The way he speaks about Dadi, it is clear that he doesn't like her dominating nature.




Khushi is a little confused now and asks Arnav why he is so angry, she feels it is some other reason and not what happened outside. She also asks why he never mentioned Dadi before and if things are fine between them. She assures him that he can tell her. Khushi tells him that she sometimes feels that she doesn't know anything about him. Arnav just walks away from her and Khushi feels that one moment, she knows him and the next, she feels he is still a stranger.





Dadi is pounding ..accusing NANI . for not informing about Arnav's wedding .. she cannot believe that her friend didn't inform her about such a momentous occasion .. An unravelled nani .. reluctantly tries to pacify . that she to had no clue of Arnav's wedding ...and here Dadi's unbelievable tone changes but Arnav comes by himself...

"kyunki maine kissiko nahin bataya!" because I didn't tell anybody. again he took the entire blame and responsibility as he interrupted his dadi while she raged at his Nani...He loves his Nani way too much...



just as his Nani had, he told her as it is he asks the same... "you've come to ask questions now?Why would I give you answer" and I was with him.Why? where on earth you can claim rights??





Arnav must have felt after seeing Khushi' state and Dadi's attitude that something needs to be mended...He had decided to face the problem by himself once and for all,. ASR like ...a dark feeling is in his eyes, he would fight it for the light he has in his life, his Khushi.

then his dadi said what he abhorred... that "he was like his father."



"aapki babu ji ki khoobiyan..." [all the wonderful traits of your father...oh, she started...

"bas, dadi!"




He composed himself and told her that he respected her he will say and he did, but there were some things he would not tolerate. "His father's name"

Earlier when Nani had compared him to his father, the same response had come. then too... I am nothing like my father,


"na hi main unki tarah hoon... na hi kabhi banoonga!"[ neither am i like him, nor shall i ever be.]

I respect you a lot, he told his dadi, but in this house his name is prohibited...THE grandmother .. seeing losing her grip .. tightens the screws .. says she is his grandmother .. the mother of his FATHER ...Wow! but how can you demand rights when you were the one who abandoned them.??




Nani tries to calm Dadi and Arnav down, asking them to forget whatever happened. Just then, Khushi comes in and Dadi stops her with her hand.

oh, I remember New Year's eve when Arnav showed Hand to Khushi..LOL.He is carbon copy of Dadi but so different...

Seeing that Arnav turns around to see Khushi retreating with fear.Now he won't let that happen. Enough is enough...




Dadi starts talking to him and Arnav walks up to Khushi ignoring her. He stands by her side and then ask Dadi to speak up.


"kahiye, dadi,"


Oh here I can see where Arnav got his habits telling people don't walk away when I am talking to u as his Dadi has the same traits...lol



"jahan meri patni nahin aa sakti mujhe nahin lagta ki wahan meri koi zaroorat hai," where my wife can't enter, i don't think there's any need for me either. a simple yet steely answer...very cool way Arnav, Wow!



He tells her that he is not needed where his wife can't come so he will listen from the doorway. Khushi is touched at this gesture.A soft pride and a smile is visible in her eyes and face... Dadi says that she cannot say anything if that is his attitude. Arnav doesn't seem to care and Khushi is quite taken aback at this.



Dadi took this as her insult and refused to speak.



"aap ki marzi," your wish, he said in his usual way.




Nani, was smiling at him., Yes, He has raised a better man... this was the story of that essential thing, "Main Sahi hoon..." I m right...I am always right...ASR IS MAN OF PRINCIPLES, he did something wrong with his Khushi and now he won't let that repeat either by himself nor by others.This is a man in love and LOVE gives you the strength to do that no matter what...



Arnav walks away but stops.seeing Khushi baffled he holds her hand and takes her with him...



Yes, NK is right.He brought Khushi back from the mouth of a lion safe and sound...


Arnav-Khushi Hamesha



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Episode 315


A man stepped out of his norms and stood right beside his wife .. He proudly claimed that He doesn't think he needs to be there where she is not welcome. He is clearly stating that she is his wife and his pride...While saying that he does not abandon her there ...as last time during the marriage, he claimed that he married to Khushi and left for his room leaving her there to get the heat from all, same way during. "muh dikhayi" ...when everyone questioned their marriage. Still, he claimed and restored her respect and moved out, but not this time...Not anymore...Yes, Arnav Singh Raizada stared and glared at a Past that dared to question his Present and Future His Khushi.

THIS TIME ...he grabs her hand and takes her away with him ... meaning she is mine and he will go with her and no one has a right to disrespect her, She is his WIFE...His PRIDE.


Arnav left behind a baffled Dadi and a proud smiling Nani. Dadi, who has miscalculated her ways towards this boy who she left years ago and if u ask she still thinks he is the same Arnav who used to sleep in her lap, but he is not the same boy he is a MAN who has been raised by NANI ..who taught her the meaning of responsibilities and how to tackle those with skills...

The past he is running from all these years has come back. It starts haunting him again. Arnav Singh Raizada always proclaimed themself as the master of his Destiny maker but somehow that destiny always played big time with him.. He couldn't sleep. He wakes up from his nightmare, and she wakes up right alongside him.

She realizes it quickly that something is not right, a nightmare that is eating at him. She noticed this the moment he walked towards Nani this morning when he saw Dadi, she was the only one who felt that. She is his wife and the one who loves him immensely without asking anything in return, She never cast her RIGHT, her Haq yet...he was trying and he is to make sure she does by giving her, proclaiming loud and clear...SHE HAS RIGHT ON ME>>>

She rolled her craziness and her maturity at the same time and tries to make him smile in the only way she knows how. Her innocent gestures try to distract him... thinking he is unhappy because of dadi's rude behavior.but remember,. she is still unaware how big the hurt is and what is hidden in his past .So she is smiling ..trying to bring a smile to her husband's face







Love the song of Lata, old movie


She plays a song to soothe him, tell him that she is there for him no matter what as she knows he needs her, She wanted him to share his pain with her.

He watched her with a lump in his throat as she played with him. Oh, he doesn't know how to tell her this big lump of his past...

Patting him here and there, taking his hands in hers, I love this, it touched me how fragile she is but her determination is so darn big; he said once she can do anything if she wants , yes she can.


Pulling him towards her, not letting him get drowned in these painful moments. Throwing her arms around him, being mischievous to him by using all the aspects of her making him feel her, pulling him to her. Everything, her innocence, her mischievousness, her maturity, her loving nature, her smile, her stubbornness, her determination, everything she used here just to make him sure that she is there for him...Everything That made him fall in love with her.

This was the moment Khushi became a lover, it was his ways all these days trying everything, final taking stand in front of his Dadi I guess did the miracles, which brought that TRUST back in her, yes he was leaving her every time and this was the first time he came towards her leaving others..He stood beside her...the very same way this is the first time she threw her arms around him...willingly and consciously - She offers him the only thing she can, the comfort of a loving, innocent heart. wanting him to take the comfort feel the love and draw this soothing circle around his pain...Yes she is a true Ardhangini...his WIFE

But all in vain. He turns away.


The husband walks away .. She runs after him telling him ..Arnavji, I understand.. I know you don;t share your griefs, i don't want to change u ..I know you don't want to share your feelings and I have no problem with that...Then she speaks to him. Fast. As if, if she spoke any slower, she might not get the words out. She wanted to help take away some of his pain. And as if something got through him and he turns and spills the beans, He tells her the shocking truth. His mother committed suicide. Fourteen years ago, as a teenager, his mother abandoned him, forever.

There is no going back just a sense of helplessness. This was a guilt that lingers in the minds of those who are left behind, especially in Arnav who couldn't move on in his life - Why?What?How? there were no questions, No answers, Just helplessness and tears with this killing pain inside tearing you apart every second of it

This was the reason why Arnav was so afraid when Khushi wanted to commit suicide which made him tell the reason of their marriage.. Because on their wedding night, he thought he'd lost her forever, too just like he had lost his mother and all.Now we know whenever Khushi went away or said is going away or will go back Lucknow, he was traumatized, was unable to speak, was angry, hurt, and pulled her towards him..always

This was the driving force behind his 'I will get you Khushi before this contact terminates' because he couldn't lose her, His love for her has no limit, She is the breath of his life. The one thing in his life now that is as beloved as his mother was to him.Period...


She looks at him being totally numb and has no idea what to do except she moves forward and wraps her arms around him.The tears in her eyes speak itself, a hug that he needed fourteen years ago from his loved ones to pull him out of that shock, a hug that comes too late but I think it wasn't too late yet... He hugs her back slowly by placing his chin on her shoulder. Finally, Arnav Singh Raizada has a shoulder to cry on and he cries and she cocoons him, hides him within her comfort.

The next day starts with such a cute morning after. Khushi looks at her sleeping husband.She recalls the conversation of the night & is stunned and hurt by the amount of HURT Arnav has bottled up inside him, She PROMISES ..




Arnav gets up & sees Khushi looking at him covertly.She knows and does it deliberately, I love her here, she knows he was crying all night and still heavy heart so she plays a little game just like him playing side to side game she looks at him side ways to let him know that she is watching and then moves her head away cutely... he questions her ,she says in her trademark, her craziness, fighting back tone.. and quips right back,"Is there any TAX watching Arnav Singh Raizada???

She leaves hurriedly and he is looking at her with his trademark SMIRK.

Yes, she got him back successfully.. back with the SMIRK.. . and What the...

The concerned wife diverted his mind and brought the man pulling him out of his shadows which she i still unaware of yet she proved him she is his WIFE...

His Ardhangini

Preparations are going on for the upcoming pooja. HP tells Anjali that he could not find "Shunk" she needed so Khushi tells Anjali that she will find it for her. Anjali tells her that it is their mother's and dadi reminded her. Before leaving, Khushi stops feeling a pang of pain in her heart.This is her sweet nature, she knows like Arnav Anjali also went through a lot and still suffering...She comes back and gives Anjali a hug, while Arnav looks on. Her eyes are teary and as usual, she hides it and moves on by telling Anjali she wants to hug her ...I must say this girl, this character, has taught me so much in life...can't say...I love her to the core...and Sanaya did a marvellous job in performing this character she is a true doll...


Arnav was looking on from the staircase, it was a joyful moment. His two favorite women are finally accepting each other happily. He has seen who has initiated the hug. He has seen it returned too.How proud is and how happy he is and above all how light he is today.AFTER YEARS... He is in deep thought with a soft smile on his face, like What did he do to deserve this beautiful and selfless woman in his life? As she comes up the stairs, he blocks her way. A little light flirting early in the morning goes a long way to make the day pleasant- why not?After all, she challenged him that what tax she has to pay to watch and see Arnav Singh Raizada and he knows how will she pay him, hey, he never forgives his debt...remember, LOL


Arnav playfully blocks her way before letting her pass and His smile is back.Her smile is back...The tax has been paid...yes he made her look in his eyes with a smile and that was all he needed to see... Their payoff is back. They both look back at each other like old times... as if they were courting again.The difference was this time they know the outcome. There are no questions about their relationship. They are one by hearts and minds...


As she goes upstairs to look for shunk..., Payal and Nani are talking right before the Dadi comes by. She reminds Payal to make sure the decorations are done correctly for pooja. Arnav informs Anjali that he is going out to a meeting and just as he leaves, Dadi again asks about the whereabouts of Shyam. Arnav asks Nani why she hasn't told Dadi the truth about Shyam and Nani explains to him that she will tell her when the time is right. RIGHT, ok then let me tell her...This is aman of actions and grants no one any loop hole..period.


Khushi is looking through the stuff in the storage room for the conch shell. She comes across it in a large box. As she puts the box away, a picture album falls out and she picks it up. As she looks through the photos, she finds Arnav's family, their childhood, and her MIL...Arnav's mother...Yes she found what she was looking for...Blessings from her MIL...

Dadi comes in and is furious with her for touching her son and daughter-in-law's things. She comes downstairs and tells everyone what Khushi was sneaking through the personal stuff of this family. Anjali tells Dadi that she had sent Khushi to look for the conch shell. Khushi tries to explain herself but the Dadi cuts her off until Arnav interrupts her.

I love his entry...

"So What???"


Arnav walks in with a 'So What? She is the daughter-in-law of this house. She can go wherever she wants, touch what she wants, and look at what she wants'. Dadi makes one last ditch, clever, emotional blackmailing statement if you ask, and attempts to exercise her authority. 'I am the grandma of this house.'

And ASR respectfully agrees and gives her what she wanted to hear BUT then underlines his words 'I said it before and I am saying this again. Khushi is my wife. She can do whatever she wants in this house, she can go wherever she wants, she can do whatever she wants...'

Nani looks proud and happy. Anjali looks on, with a satisfied look on her face. She seems proud of her brother's stand on his wife's behalf. Today I felt that.Mami is stunned. LOL...I wish Akash was there...to have some backbone...The status quo has shifted. Phatti sari has now been elevated to the ranks of the Queen of this house. haha and she has been trying to get that rank for years...Payal is emotional, her sister has finally got her Rajkumar "prince..." and he is making his family give her the respect that she deserves.

I must say, Khushi's Beast truly turned into a Prince today!


Arnav walks away.Yes, yesterday he tried and explained and took his wife away but his message was not delivered to Dadi but today he made it loud and clear... He has issued the proclamation. This is my house, Khushi my wife. If you want to play with me, you have to play by my rules. Respect me and my wife. She has the same authority in this house as I do and no one will or can take that away from her.

On the cliff he gave her respect, he covered her with him and then with Dupatta, accepting her HIS by his heart and he slipped once but after that, he has been doing everything in his ways to give her place the HUQ...what she deserves and He once again has covered her with the honor, respect and dignity before the eyes of his family. He will be her RESPECT, He will be a WALL against all odds, He will her Dupatta always. That connects his childhood where he has seen his father disrespecting his mother, not giving her the honor she deserved and he shall not repeat and he shall not be like his father as he said to his Dadi...


Dadi does not like the taste of the appetizer today, oh The elder Malik's memories ran through her, she did mention that you act like your father Arnav...Maybe he does but his actions are opposite and she doesn't like that...Old school... She looked like her Past has hit her in the face.

Arnav-Khushi Hamesha

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Episode 316


Love is All...

This is one of my most fav epi, because this epi shows us that LOVE is All...Arnav and Khushi two flawed protagonists who are pole apart but after keeping their red flag of hate holding, denial of no matter state holding at their minds, come that far where nothing matters just their own blissful love. Even Akash and Payal are into each other with Love and care...


Anjali who is sad looking through the photo album when Arnav walks in. A blissful brother-sister love stood tall as He reminds her of her own words she used to tell him; try to forget about the past. Together, they make a deal to help each other forget about the past, thinking it was all a bad dream, and move forward with their lives. How beautiful is this promise but can she keep it?


A contrast of two grandmothers... one that nurtured her kids with love and care, and whose name is a pride for ASR...while other one claimed her rights of nurturing by pulling them towards the past whose name he never wanted to even hear... One who loved him and trusted in the values she taught him. The other one is raising fingers on every decision and his belief system.Now this connected to those two pigeons in this story, freedom of them is to fly with their own dreams and that is Nani, while some kept their flight caged depending on their will and that Dadi...she wants the dreams attached to the past which has only one color. Darkness but this connected to the PROMISE which Arnav made with her sister, we will make dreams and we will be happy again...I love IPK and its connection and this epi were full of it.

NK you and your Hinglish made my day as always Chote ad beach talk with Dadi was hilarious...Mamiji listens to Bhagat songs, I Love her here...as she tricked Dadi as well, nice move...


The other side, downstairs, Khushi is telling Payal that the Dadi does not like her. But Payal reminds her that no matter what the biggest pride is Arnav who is standing up for her.She tells her that she is very lucky to have a husband's life him.That diverts Khushi's mind and she leaves from their thinking about what her sister said.


Today, in Khushi's walk to upstairs I saw a woman who rose from ashes,an inamorata who went through so much in her life, but always fought against it with her smile.Keeping all inside.Her adopted family took care of her yet her sudden wedding made them shunned her for a while until things became normal and today her smile and pride was reflecting through her eyes, yes she was bathing in love like a new bride...


Today, I saw Arnav Singh Raizada who has been through a lot in his life, lost a lot,which made him bitter inside and out. He learned the harsh lessons of life, and allowed them to be who was he today. Abandoned by his loved ones, thrown by loved ones but he learnt to LOVE his loved ones with such care and love like no one...yet did all this fight with arrogance and anger...and today his smile, his light heart soul was rejoicing the life because he was in love.His heart finally was beating again, feeling again because of the touch of a feather-like Khushi.He finally have opened his heart for her...He was the new groom who was not leaving any chance to flirt with his wife, making her heart fluttered and fear of what she was not used to but he was a tease to kill her with his killing skills, and she had no idea what to do...It reminded me of the first kiss near the poolside...and after math, Khushi couldn't be able to speak, His simple "Hi" on the doorway had her heartbeat racing like no one...Yes, He wanted to take her back where they left off...He wanted to make her his by all means...

They both fought against their nature to reach here...

Fought against all the odds to be here in each others' arms...

The bond which they had since the day one when she fell in his arms,had a blissful acceptance by DeviMaiya herself and now that was a divine one, without a doubt...unbreakable.It reminded me of his making her drink water on teej, throwing Dupatta on her head accidentally instead of La, walked through seven rings of Diyas on Diwali, bandage on her finger, Her having his name in her Palm with Mehndi, his gifting her bangles and bindi , he did all rituals in his head and he got married, Yes They are married in his eyes...

Yes, that night and its dreadful memory took the love backseat.They went back to the same or worse than before, hurting ways of life.They started hurt themselves and each other but that vortex was weakened by the time they got separated. That brought a fear...


Can a heart live without its beat, NO

From that moment they started to fight for each other, for each other LOVE, For their LOVE.Since then nothing could stop them... Since then HE realized he can't live without her, regardless he hurt her seeing his sis in a miserable condition but that day he made a promise

I will win you back and will make you part of my life forever...

Yes,He threw out the darkness from their lives.

He has claimed her as his wife in front of his family openly and loudly...He has given her all the honor, respect and dignity a wife which she deserves in her husband's house. He has set the tone by which he wishes his wife to be treated in the house by every member.

Yes, She saw that, she heard that, it is unbelievable for her but she is moving towards him willingly...right, where she belongs in his arms...If She has become his strength then He has become her pillar and her shield.

She returns to their room where she gives him a hug with her longing heart.Oh, an unbelievable moment for Arnav, He places his hand first on hers, let her gather the warmth, he knew she was shaken and upset due to Dadi.But his touch brings her back, breaks the spell of Khushi's free moment. As she begins to apologize, Arnav tells her that she doesn't need to do so. Apparently, she's apologizing for another reason; seeing him without clothes.LOL, Yes it was evident that where we are heading with all of these acts and thoughts...

Excuse me??

oh, that took me back on New Year eve when she said whose face I have seen...Gosh! now that is the only face she wants to see, right, Is there any Tax seeing Arnav Singh Raizada ???LOL

With Arnav confused, she shows him his baby picture. He asks Khushi to return it but when she refuses to do so, he chases her through the room and they both end up falling on the bed, breaking it in the process.



Yes, a time to play for free Lovebirds, before making love they always circle around each other, jump with joy, or the male makes the bed cozy with beautiful twigs and feathers,...This is what he was doing after her finding out that - we're not even married properly! 


NK's Question about Krishna and Radha brings back the moment where Mamiji has no control of her mouth, no time no shame, no brain, LOL...but the descending Raizada has a smug on his face...KILLING one...She wants to hide yet he winks...God dammit, another way to kill Khushi and everyone who is watching...

Oh, she has to hide,,,he slips to a side and she rubs him off a little before climbing up...LOL


a dark moment comes in the middle when he sees shadow or someone...Anjali is upto no good...But Khushi is .She wants 7 Pheras ...she says. We didn't do any of the rituals. And he tells her its HIGH time.hehe...He traps her in rituals badly...she is Khushi and her brain is on Holidays...

A time to celebrate yes, he tells her that it is time to make our marriage complete. We have a "wedding night" Tomorrow

" you are walking backward...it means you are changing the plans..."irada badal liya kya Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada???

We will start backward...


last step. Yes, among rituals he wants to start with the last as he doesn't care of any other all it matters that he LOVES her and She loves him...He wants to claim her as his wife for himself and he wants to be claimed as her husband .Yes he is awakening her desires , fears , her anxiety as a newly bride...

Yes, he wants to celebrate their love ...

He wants to make her the part of HIS life for forever,

********************* EXTENDED moment******


Start from backward By ArshiHamesha

I had a question and thought over this backward moment...The marriage which happened in between them, which was true to its nature.They simply didn't do proper rituals yet they had done marriage and it was kind a court marriage style.When she said our marriage didn't happen? I was a still confused as this was the marriage,plz don't take me wrong but marriage it was as ASR said because he did legalize it through contract and he wanted to move on by making it permanent with her consent.Now what marriage means? It means rituals?Really?

In my head, marriage is a marriage either with or without rituals.If you don't have engagement, or mehndi, or haldi, it doesn't mean you have no marriage...The only thing could be true that it was done without Pandit and proper mantres...

OK so she asks, today I realize that our marriage isn't complete??"

"hum dono pati patni ki tarah rah rahe hain..." we are living like husband and wife.

and one has to start thinking here and he was by raising his eyebrows like me here...What the ? and he answers as I did above

"that's because hum pati patni hain?" that's because we are husband an wife,???"I love him the way he fluctuates the tone of his answer...but he doesn't stop there...

"aur yeh ahsas tumhe achanak kyun hua?"

why did you suddenly have this feeling?

lol, same here, how the eheck you just realize and you are the one who was appointed on Lavanya for teaching her all of this ...

"Sabse mahatwapoon phere nahin hue hain..." the most important thing, pheras didn't happen,

Meaning marriage was not done.meaning marriage track had to be in, rollingmy eyes...

"Ek pati patni jo bhi karte hain humne kuch bhi nahin kiya..." we haven't done anything like any husband and wife...

OK stop, meaning engagement

Kuldevi puja



moon dikhayi

Suhaag Raat

among all of this only one thing came to me that you didn't consume it meaning Suhaag Raat otherwise you are husband and wife...and thank Goodness ASR said that...but he wanted to play now with his confused little wife.She was cute here though...

yeap, that intimate talk...and mind games playing here.Absolutely , he is ready to do all what a husband and a wife does...lol


"that's it... tum kitni intelligent ho!"

You are so intelligent...

KKGSR you made him the boss and the winner of this game without thinking.He is devil here so male sexy teasing mind is playing at the top notch way...

He moves forward in a condescending way but he was enjoying it fully...

"suhag raat..." she repeats.

"yeah... that one.

"We have to all but we'll start backwards...

shuruwat suhag raat se karte hain..."

We'll start with suhag raat. "

I practically laugh out loud every time I watch this..no matter how many times.A clever mind of ASR and Barun was swinging with it...This was a classic scene of IPK very much Sanaya and Barun one, so much Khushi and Arnav were involved in it...

Now, she realized what happened, no she didn't, she was just flustered because he was not giving her time to stop or thinking, just wanted to rise her heartbeat... by rising her desire for a thought of wedding night...Suhaag Raat

Their forward-backward was natural...both are tuned to this automatically.

She blurts yes, No, Yes...and he smiles practically seeing her confused and nervous...

"C'mon Khushi main tumhe kha thodi hi jaaonga?" I won't eat you up...

He was so close and this time his desire was written all over his face...He wasn't making any joke...

"it's a deal! kal raat hamari suhag raat hai."

Deal, tomorrow we have our wedding night...

"nahin!" No...

But he made sure of it...

He would start backward...

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Episode 317

Khoya Khoya Chaand...[Lost Moon]


The sun rises in the East or West today, we have no idea as Arnav Babua is smiling and smirking and practically LOST in his wife who he is loving to tease at the point that she is unable to think or act straight at all in any matter.He was ignoring all the barriers, being immersed in his world.His choti si duniya..Him and his Khushi...Man was making it sure for a long time to maker her his and today he was adamant to make his love his forever...

Akash witnessed a big change in his brother and couldn't resist to ask him. He made Akash surprise with his answer, after all it is just a good day.


OH well Khushi is a truly sunky girl, a crazy girl who is losing herself in him too, no question about it, he indeed has taken over her heart today, constant Dhak Dhak... even she mentions to her Jiji, Payal...SR and Pheras, is where she is lost...


The family is gathered around the dining table eating their meal when Khushi walks in and the smirky evil ASR was ready to rile her up but Nani interrupts...hehe...But the following scene has a great meaning...


When Nani asks her for water and Khushi pours water in Dadi's MILK ,Arnav was almost ready to stand up to stop her but he stops immediately, You must pay attention to this scene as this is a delicate and deep one...Dadi leaves her only with a glare while Khushi was stuttering to seek apology...

One, Arnav already was on the table, Dadi couldn't dare to say anything to Khushi, Don't forget Khushi is Arnav's wife who can do anything...The man himself cleared it...

All around the table are shocked .. everyone looks at Dadi, even Khushi is shocked .. but pay attention to Arnav's expression, each second changing eyes from Dadi to Khushi and anger to seething anguish even dislike ness over Khushi's fear and apologizing Dadi the way she did...Don't forget Dadi's constant defeat is dangerous here...

Once Khushi gave Arnav milk to reduce the seething effect of chillies,oh but today she needs it more than ever LOL because Dadi's milk was not enough embarrassment for her when NK points out that she has invented a new design wering her shirt inside out...very cool haaan...

"yeh ladki bilkul pagal hai..." this girl is completely crazy...I am ready to grab his neck, how evil he is, making Khushi feeling embarrassed like this in front of all...LOL...Even Akash knew the meaning...look at him...he asked this morning already, Is everything good with you Bhai..."

"Just Good Day..." That was his answer with the biggest smirk...bros talk lol


Khushi was embarrassed seeing others amused,First broken bead and now this...But this was what Arnav was up to when she entered in the kitchen and he got her right there...he wanted to goad her, keep her on her toes, completely lost in his thoughts very manly thing it is.

So he finally seeps in with his smirks behind his hand, Gosh ...he asks her .. "what is the matter?Why are you looking so LOST? haha, He is evil and deserves that evil look from Khushi...

But you need to know, that his challenge is what kept her at this edge, as always he knows she is scared, he knows she is innocent, not knowing much ad to reduce that fear and keeping her fighting spirit back he was constantly barging her space today...


Yes when Payal asks Khushi to get some marigold flowers for her

and Khushi is on her way when Arnav pulls her to himself behind the pillar...:Look at him how comfortable he is free from all the worries,

Arshad Khan thank you so much for giving such a lovely scene among many you have given us...His signature style...twisting her arm pulling her closer,but this time way too close,there was no room in between them, very meaningful scene it is... as usually flowers were showering on them...She looks at him with bewilderment but doesn't want to free herself this time...YES! and neither asks him to free me...besides that she looks around just to see whether they have been spotted or what...lol...and finally Arnav comes closer to her , leans near her and tells her i just came to remind you that tonight is our Suhaag Raat ..


Eyes wild open and Khushi stutters Suhaaag raaat but doesn't say NO this time like last night before running away...LOL...besides confusion and fear she too is ready to move on in this relation,BUT The biggest thing to notice is the more Arnav comes closer she doesn't move back or such big fear...she is just feeling the high level of anticipation and that is what he is doing all along keeping her at the edge...


Then he bends his head a little very close to the crowding of her space.This time he whispers in her ear "Hope tumhain dar nahin lag raha???" " hope u r not scared ???? .. Hot and very erratic just by mere words...

Khushi doesn't say anything at all...Arnav says "Good, then see you tonight..."


He walks away and she stays there calling DM,"Yes here you can feel that she wants to move on but she is still hesistant a bit , u know why..Arnav never said to her I LOVE YOU regardless of what.He showed her million ways but she is KHUSHI...remember she wanted him to accept that you bought these bangles for me and she wated to know WHY but he said not everything supposed to say it must be felt...he is the one who told La whe she was bandaging his wounds that not everything you ca tell through eyes but if you can't see it doesn'yt mean it is not there...that is what we have here SHE WANTS TO HEAR AND MAKE IT CLEAR...meaning that she wants his verbal confirmation before moving on with consummation...

He told her that he can take her by carrying her and she is willing to be carried by him, to be Mrs. Raizada by all means yet with Pheras, and all...meaning marriage is on the track

Now she goes to Kitchen and Nani asks Khushi to make Badam ka kheer .. but Khushi ends up making Jalebis and why not her comfort food but when Nani & Payal are questioning her ...Arnav the riddler comes to her rescue with more tricky and round and round jalebi style dialogues.. ...LOL

He flusters her more, riling her up that she couldn't resist to throw glares at him...He i successful bringing the passion of her out...

She is LOST and he is LOST in their world when Mamiji comes to Arnav telling her about Anjali...must say that woman has LOST it...She is after Shyam like a blind lady...


Dadi who is done with all of her defeats is drilling and asking for Damadji...Shyam...

Arnav comes there and says he won't come either. Dadi questions why? Why Shyam is not living in this house with Anjali? Arnav says because I threw him out of this house.

Nani asks Dadi to calm down But Dadi insists on finding out the reason at all cost ...

Arnav says that he deceived her and di is the important person in his life and he can't see someone hurting her. And Shyam have hurt her, betrayed her. Arnav says so it's better if no one takes his name in this house from no won and especially in front of Anjali.

Without listening he walks away...followed by Dadi who shuts Nani right away...Totally didn't like her way of talking and style of harassing ppl.

Dadi now comes to Arnav's room and says, I can see you're not same Arnav as what you used to be, sleeping in my lap.That shows how much he used to love his Dadi who abandoned her, Sad...

She continues, Now you have grown up and you make decisions for this family. Arnav says time can teach you many things and I have learned how to take care of family very well.

Dadi then asks so you are protecting your pregnant sister by throwing Shyam out? she needs Shyam right now.

Seeing no effect she touches his most fragile NERVE... you want her child to grow up without father just like you?

That's it, he turns his head and almost yells," I grew up alone because my dad committed suicide and before that he made my mother to commit suicide as well. Arnav says he won't let Shyam do anything like that with Anjali.Because that time my father was wrong and ow Shyam..."

Bingo...Now she is no more Dadi...she is a mother whose own child has been targeted...by her own grandson...so she answers in such a mean way which shakes u as she doesn't think or spares her own grandson in this matter and hit him where it hurts the most


Dadi says your mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman. She never learned how to take care of kids and her family properly.


That was a wrong move because now the child is losing respect... and he tells her not to say anything about his mother. No one can including YOU to talk about my mother...

Dadi says again you're siding the wrong people. You're blaming the ones who has no fault just like last time.


He almost pleads her in his anger, why you keep bringing that incident back again and again which destroyed our family...don't you want us to forget that? "

Dadi says no one can forget their past and run away. But we can change our future. Dadi says throwing out Shaym will surely affect our future. She says she doesn't want Arnav to repeat the mistake that he did before. Now that rings a bell, what happened before? where Arnav sided the wrong or right...

Arnav says his decision was correct then and even now. He says last time mistake was his father's and this time it's Shyam's. Shyam will never come back to this house.PERIOD...

Nani comes there and asks them to stop fighting as Anjali has came back.and Dadi leaves but HE was LOST again in those dark corners where he never wanted to be again...

Arnav-Khushi Hamesha

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Episode   318


Three Magical Words 

Part 1 

Two star-crossed lovers who are meant to be for each other and striving to be with each other but with a different approach.One is carrying a golden heart, with the best golden rules and rituals of life that anyone could aspire for and the other with innocence at heart.One lives by principles far more than any human out there.A human who doesn't interfere with others' beliefs and all yet holds the strongest belief that LOVE is all.Is it the same man who has no idea what Love was?

The other side she is the one who has the purest heart ever and hides behind her cheerful nature yet sacrifices her smile for others without understanding that if she is not happy then how can be others... Arnav is her life, her breath, her smile, she finds her world empty when he left her for London, she realized it that she really has this CONNECTION of hearts, she is in love though she fell in love way before .

Similar was Arnav, He realized his recognition of LOVE for Khushi after marriage yet he fell in love with her way before that is why I explained this before his lie to his sister that I didn't love khushi before but after marriage I fell in love with her justifies everything here. Now Dadi puts his heart at bay again, in a looming condition yet there i one soul who always manages to bring a blooming smile to his face.His unbelievable Khushi. 

Khushi is dragging a trunk by the poolside which Arnav overlooks that she is trying her best to move but in vain .. a smirking Arnav looks on .. there is a small gardening spade stuck under the trunk which Arnav removes & Khushi is finally able to move it but the sudden movement makes her to fall flat. A glass kept on nearby table shatters as the trunk hits the table. Arnav offers her his hand to get up but she rebuffs the same & walks away.She stops & turns and gives him her trademark huff & goes away .A baffled and smirking Arnav says "Unbelievable" & goes away as well. The trunk was used during the sangeet ceremony of Payesh .The day when Arnav shows a glimpse to Khushi what he feels for her.Teri Meri dance... The day he openly confesses his heart.. That day too Khushi was dragging a trunk but refused Arnav's help so this time he doesn't offer help and removes her hurdle anyway...

Rituals start for Janmashtammi and Arnav & Khushi walk down together as a husband & wife.. Arnav keeps looking at his slightly irritated Khushi .. They walk up over Nani's call & swing the Lord Krishna's swing & finally take blessings of Dadi & Nani who blesses them to flower & flourish in wealth, health & with family' Yes Nani wants Nati and Pota...grandkids... Arnav takes the opportunity to roll with it...He whispers to Khushi You always say we must listen to our elders .. 

Did u hear what Nani have just said ??" Khushi looks on an apprehensive Arnav walks up to Khushi while she is clearing the mandir & he asks her to come with him ..She gathers her spirit and looks at him angrily & huffs away .She Goes to the kitchen only to be followed by Arnav .. who again asks her to come with him but this time he was angry clearly... Nani comes in and saved her soul by asking her to keep the "lord Krishna" idol in the main mandir .. & Khushi grabs the excuse. 

An angrily commanded Arnav grabs Khushi's eyes when she sits with family to come with him ... Nani asks Khushi to quickly go check what Arnav wants .. finally, Khushi moves to their bedroom but clearly with annoyance and anger... 

Today Arnav is pestering Khushi over and over to make her accept her feelings for him...He wants her to accept that she is his wife and he is her husband and moves forward with their relationship as he said to her you have to move forward with me.As one couple, that she has right on him and he does the same on her. This is reminding me again Payesh wedding when she was pestering him to accept that he bought bangles for her and the reason of buying it...Why did u buy these?

He didn't tell her because he wanted her to understand it yet she was adamant to hear that.To hear why it matters,Today he is pestering to make her feel to make her admit but she is adamant, why because for her their marriage is not complete yet...BUT she never stopped any moment thinking to be away from him.They both want to live and cherish the love they have for each other but ways of thinking here are different... .. Khushi in her annoyance walks into their bedroom & fiesrily asks Arnav how can he shout at her in front of his whole family.Very married woman style here , how many times we have this issue with hubbies...ahem ahem

Arnav tells her he had as he had been calling for her for a long time but she was ignoring... .. Arnav walks away towards his closet and hands her a gift box & tells her to change into the dress here .. Khushi asks him what is this and he tells her it is a gift and it is for HER...She gets angrier now and asks was this any way to give a gift to his wife .. Main aisa hee hoon I AM JUST LIKE THAT Khushi devi trust us he is like that .LOL Arnav tells her not one more word, just go and change . Khushi huffily walks away but turns one more time... Go!!!!... She walks in the washroom and he looks at the suitcase lying by the side. Yes, he will decorate his room for his beautiful wife...

Three magical words , "I love you " Which Khushi wanted to hear for a longtime and Arnav never could possibly say it in front of her, yet he did once under the shadow of not seeing her again and she took that as a sign of him being in danger.Don't forget Arnav said this to his di that he loves Khushi and Khushi told Shyam that she loves Arnavji...But That eternity circle is about to close when both will say it to each other finally...


A beauty in red shyly comes out covering herself...he heard the sound of her bangles, he turned. a deep look in brown orbs...Look at his desirous eyes, he is stunned at her mesmerizing and pure innocent beauty.He stays there speechless knowing why is she not coming out but this is what he wants, wants her to move forward with him, leaving all shyness aside, as his wife, his partner, his life...then that getting up, the starting... the noticing of the bed...

"wahan kyun khadi ho... idhar aao!"

why are you standing there... come here.

You can feel the whole voice modulation... A voice of a man, a lover and much much more at this moment, totally a man in deep desire, gulping down...yet he is in control as always..

"hum--humare paas dupatta nahin hai!"

I don't have a dupatta!


Dupatta, which was under his feet once in Sheesh Mahal, but this essence of her has a long journey constantly caressing his face, reminding him her RESPECT which he shattered by breaking pearls, but this is the same Dupatta once he threw on her head accidentally while doing it for Lavanya...Yes, They meant to be one...He put this around her neck on the cliff, caressing her the deserved respect she holds in his eyes as always and forever...

A beautiful smile perks up as he knew and He takes out his hand from behind and let her Dupatta fly in front of her.


A man who loves this woman in front of her looks at her with such intensity... that is reflecting through his eyes, dark ones if you ask..rabba vey was the most beautiful one in this episode...

A gust of wind enters the frame caressing his face with Dupatta... all the elements of IPK combines together here if see, Dori, red attire, Dupatta, and wind...

"ab tum aaogi ya main .."

You will come or me...

He comes closer, looks at her .. she is uncomfortable in her half nakedness as she feels .. he walks up to her .. Oh, That slow walk up to her, the touch, his first touch tonight... on her shoulder...removes her hands shielding her body . from his eyes .. then takes her out of hiding.She comes out but takes her hand out of his, he instantly feels her need as he showed her, made her feel , let her know that your beauty is for me .. Still he extends his hands and puts the dupatta on her head .. & covers her .. shielding her from being uncomfortable, anything which makes her feel embarrassed .. .


He is her protector and always protects Khushi as he is possessive about her .. he will not anyone come between them even if it is Khushi, the terrace scene has significance as he makes her his forcefully instead of letting her slip in Shyam's hands...Again when he saw her sacrificing herself for his happiness and di,he brought her forcefully back .. Don't forget he stood and claims her as his WIFE in front of his family, his dadi giving Khushi all the rights and respect that she deserves in his eyes...


Finally, Arnav turns her around...hand comes up and tucks away strands of hair.. diwali night, same desire... that desire building here... wanting to lose control... .. and Khushi closes her eyes in his touch as always, .. she is melting, yes desire is building up...

Arnav looks at her, gulping down taking over the need.. she looks back .. she reads the LOVE in his eyes .. the purity and honesty of emotions as she always feels .. his desire for her .. She feels it , he feels it...

She moves towards him first and he gathers her, their first hug with mutual desire.Arnav's hands caresses sensuously over her body .. conveying his DESIRE for her ..He knows this is all new to her, she is afraid a little, unsure but he assures her , he is here, with her & finally She moves her hands slowly over his back accepting him and his desires for her...the emotion on screen was not thick or too explicit yet you can feel the oozing heat, and these two completely nailed it...there was a range of emotions in this scene and two had done with such excellence, commendable totally ...


They finally look at each other finally Arnav bends & lifts her up seeing her feeling alright , oh she settles her head over her shoulder[ u can see from the back].He walks taking her to the bed...she lets him lay her upon the petals, so gentle and slow was he, giving her time, to feel her the moment.

As he bends towards Khushi She turns her head ... she sees the Radha Krishna idol & feel suddenly that this consummation is wrong without the solemnising of their vows .. She Stops Arnav .. .

"nahin, arnav ji!"

no, arnav ji.

"kya hua, khushi? you okay?"

what happened khushi? are you okay?

Khushi tells Arnav .. that consummation without the essential "rasams" din't has any meaning ...

Oh, he is angry and bemused, "you are living with me in my house as my wife... and you believe we are not married? she had called herself his patni wife] just moments before, she complained that is this the way to gift his wife...

They have their sides.. one's beliefs that Rituals were sacred .. & had deep meanings while the other thinks that if we are committed to each other then .. why do we need any of these man-made ideologies ..

Their argument rolls down to Arnav telling her .. if you feel we are not completely married because we did not do "pheras" then come with me ..

I Love Barun in this scene, he is angry now as well and I found it fully justified, as marriage was legalized paper but this was his Khushi's demand, her uncomfortable state of mind..

Arnav drags Khushi to the ''TERRACE" and he breaks some stools to make a pyre & lights the same .

"phere? that's the problem right?"

"ab toh fire bhi hai. chalo phere lete hain. jo tumhare liye itne important hai."

[now we even have fire. let's take the pheras which are so important to you.]

He lifted her up again but this time in rage and started walking around the fire.

I love his next dialogue... HE ASKS .. HER KITNE PHERE ??How many pheras?

7 OR 8 ..? his resistance to rituals.

while Khushi is rambling on about the importance of rituals ... Arnav keeps moving on around the fire .. Khushi is constantly telling him that their marriage is not complete without the right rituals and all suudenly she stops and looks up as stunned seeing dadi standing there & over hearing them ...

He looks at Khushi first seeing her quiet then in the direction of her eyes...

Khushi is scared, stunned and embarrassed... she quickly lowers her eyes and tries to struggle out of Arnav's arms .. Now a small movement ..Khushi moves her hands away from the clutch of Arnav's collar and struggles...

Arnav looks up confidently into his Dadi's eyes .The provocation is so evident when he tightens his hold on Khushi & does not let her get down.She is HIS and he has no shame or fear to show it to anyone...a clear declaration...

Dadi first she looks sternly then she keeps staring at Khushi,Finally she looks at Arnav and reads his arrogance & decision.He already has given an idea of his wife .. she will not raise a question to him but def she will torn Khushi apart...

Finally, Arnav lets Khushi down .. who scolds him & tries explaining the bigger mess now created ...

"kya ho gaya hai tumhe!"

what's happened to you?

He asked the woman he loves and knows as much deeper than what she is portraying here

"What are these pheres?and how are these more important than our feelings."

Love these questions as these are standing on the norms on which our society is standing, where we always think of others sacrificing our individual well being and needs..He is right what is important, our commitment to each other or the show off dictated rules...

Khushi pushes him off and asks," what really matters then ...no rituals, no society made norms so then what matters to u???..

and he held her tight.

Splitting the night with his confession. and her what really matters to him.



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Episode 319

Three Magical Words 

Part 2 

Finally after innumerable incomplete faraq padtha hai [it matters]...kyun ki's...[Because] they've finally said those three magical words to each other...


ASR's confession of his Love to his Wife in the typical ASR manner...He leaves her there on the terrace after everything was said and accepted through eyes as usual... His words finally sunk in and a warm smile spread on her face. She comes to the room remembering the time, when Arnav almost confessed his love to her during Payesh wedding, when he told her if something happened to her, then "farak padta hai, dammit"... she asked him "Why" 

That time the words failed him to confess fully... but today he finally confessed his love to her !


Her smile grew bigger and I must say I love the way she comes straight to bed, caresses those roses, oh, her smile speaks volume here, a shy, sensuous smile, ready to dive into this relationship with him, yes, it matters to her.

Sitting in a dark kidnapper's den, Arnav spoke to Khushi from his heart that night.

I Don't Need Anything Else, Khushi, I Don't Need Anything.

This is the absolute truth of his life.He does not need anything other than love and that is his Khushi and he confessed that right after realizing it.. He just needed her. Period. forgetting all about that terrace night ad Shyam...he loves her and he needs her and he doesn't care anymore and doesn't need anything...


She wanted to hear it,In a relationship, some words need to be said, especially these words. He'd spoken to them finally. In the heat of the moment, an 'I Love You, DAMMIT!' and that shook her entire world. Then he'd left her standing there. How typical of ASR. He was angry and then he is realizing it while gearing his car but he needed time to cool down...but she was sitting on the bed waiting for him, smilingly...


Now she wants to confess her love too !!! She looks for him everywhere, but he is nowhere to be found! He is driving his anger away, thinking of what happened! Typical ASR, always finds solace in driving... and she always understands the things belatedly! The wind caresses her and she runs towards the window, looking for him only, oh she is so impatient to tell him that she loves him too...

Tu hi bata mere maula slides in...

Tu hi bata meri maula

Tu hi hata meri rabba

Faasale melon ke hai.

Dono hai alag disha

Kabhi ye mil payaenge

Kabhi kisiko na pata

Ek baat usme bhi hai

Ek baat isme bhi hai

Hai dhoop sa woh agar

Woh chandini raat si hai

mil paye kabhi dono

kya usme teri hai raza

Kya us me teri hai raza...

Tu Hi bata mere Maula

Tu Hi bata mere rabba !

She slept and when she woke up, she sees herself on the lounger, he must have placed her there while cleaning the bed...she was upset that he didn't wake her up.She was looking for him...

She gets ready to go downstairs.

she enters the living room looking for Arnav, where all the ladies of the house are sitting... Khushi greets Daadi, who gives her a stern look, then greets the rest of them. Being Worried, she goes to the kitchen, where Payal asks her is she is alright, as it seems she didn't get proper rest last night... when suddenly Nani calls her.

Nani questions about her wedding... how did you two get married? Was there a priest involved with rituals and pheras[Vows]? Then how can you call this a marriage?

Daadi's smug reaction when Naani was accusing Khushi had me, Dadi filled Nani's brain well enough...I was surprised as Arnav did tell the whole story to Nani that he married khushi and why and how then why was she questioning Khushi...this was all CV;s plan to bring remarriage track so many things in my eyes fell flat..yet move on...

Buaji was even called upon by Dadi and from there Her parents accused of her moral upbringing and the questions were asked over her values.. Khushi is not given a chance to speak by anyone... when Buaji asked her, Khushi has no response... As always she does not want to betray Arnav, she does not want to tell the family that he forced her into this marriage.

Ok, here I want to raise this thought as every eyes sees that Khushi sacrificed everything for her sister's marriage that night but no one sees actually Arnav sacrificed too.He got married to Khushi for saving his sister's life for whom he can do anything as he said on the bridge...He married a woman who he loves immensely but she was not his...as he was thinking at that night...That wasn't an easy step for him either...

Today same living room and questions about marriage...but That Night the mother asked her, and when Khushi said "Yes, we married... she slapped her daughter for her wrong acts... but that day Arnav was stunned but didn't do anything and after holding her for a second, he left her alone...

Not today

Today, when Buaji asked and after Khushi's sorry, she raised her hand to slap her for this immoral act but Arnav comes and stops Buaji from touching his wife let alone hitting her, he was there when she needed him...

"Maine Apni patni ko haath lagane ki ijaazat kissi ko nahi di... thappad maarna to bahaut door ki baat hai !"

I didn't give anyone permission to touch my wife, slapping is far from this act...

Buaji is stunned with wide eyes to see this side of Arnav.

Arnav confronts Daadi, Naani, even Anjali and tells them that Khushi is his legally wedded wife, and no one can deny that.I must say when Dadi was accusing Khushi his looks are stern like he will eat her up but when Nani said she agrees with Dadi, oh he gulps down with pain, his Khushi's respect is at the stake, and all because of him...

"I know under what circumstances we get married..."

This one sentence says it all...

At Daadi's accusations on Khsuhi's character... Buaji, wants to take her away as she can't bear it anymore...She loves Khushi.

Khushi doesn't want to go either, she constantly says that. She wants to stay with her Arnavji, yes, things have changed, Trust has crossed all the broken bridges... He is her husband, the one who loves her dammit...and she loves him the same...

Arnav shouts and stops everyone.He agrees to do all the Rituals, because he cannot let Khushi go! or in other words, Khushi wants all of this OR he can't bear disrespect of his Khushi as for him only her happiness matters now, if it means performing all rituals, so be it ! by agreeing to remarry his wife, he proved it. because he did it for her, knowing how much it mattered to her. and why not...

She did so much, sacrificed her honor marrying him, risked her life for him, and above all she has forgiven him for every action of him without explanation, remember she placed her finger over his lips, it was a dream yet both are connected and know all just like he knew gifting her pearls in that dream...

oh but stop, he looks at Khushi for seeking permission,

"Hum dono phir se shaadi karne ke liye razi hain puri vidi ke saath..."

[We both are agreed to get married with rituals and all]

This stood out for me as she slightly blinked with a soft smile...He wants to think, do everything TOGETHER with each other's consent...She is his wife

'Main apni wife se phir se shaadi karney ko tayar hoon"

I am ready to marry with my wife again..."

Do't forget during this remarriage she doesn't take off her manglasutre or sindoor...Yes she is his wife...

but he was damn angry at Dadi when she says Khushi can't live her till marriage oh, the smug look is telling something else...arghh

Nani makes Arnav calm by saying that as part of the rituals, the bride and groom cannot stay under the same roof... and as he just agreed to the rituals he must let her go !

The sadness in his eyes didn't go unnoticed by Khushi...and when the door closes behind her he stood there for a couple of minutes. A sudden cheer with a hope when she comes inside again!Must say, Barun nailed this scene... She comes in a hurry to tell him, as his partner of life...she knew he needed this the most right now.She couldn't leave him like this, how could she especially after last night and his confession, she has to tell him her heart's confession, she couldn't hold onto this anymore...

"hum bhi aap se I love you dammit!"

very cute and unique confession from Khushi

she loves him too... Dammit !!!

Loop Closed !!! Confession is finally done from both sides...

But here what she delivers which was unexpected by him...

"hum apke aney ka intezar karaingey'

I'll be waiting for you"

Yes, She wants to move on in this relationship and doesn't care of anything, the smile over his face with little open lips and her lowering eyes with shyness speak Volume here...Barun and Sanaya Bravo! these two epis, 318 and 319 , Brilliant shades of acting, expressions deliverance and voice modulation, simply bravo...

The Return of Daiyya Ho !

The master of Deceit...the one who I named slither, snaky, spidey... the one whose actions and games always bring zest in Arshi's life...romance and all.I so missed him, HE IS BACK...

Don't forget he is Cupid... :)

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Episode 320

An Oath... 

Two Star Crossed Lovers who fought all the demons in and out to be together for life but Every time they fall in love, something comes in between Now
An ominous past ringing aroudl, a dark shadow lurking in the house... but their love still blossoms...
Will their love triumph over all the hurdles... Lets find out...

Arnav Singh Raizada takes the oath to make her HIS by her wish...as she wants it.He doesn't care of anything and anybody, bas...

How far he has come..First he was this ruthless one who did not care for anything or anyone...He changed to a jealous lover who did not want to accept nor give in to his love till he felt rejection and became angry and vengeful ASR.A time reached when he accepted his love and stood up for her ad now he is taking an oath to protect her, cherish her, guarded her for life...

A Oath to make his wife HIS by her wish.."tumhain chahiye" yes he will do what she wants but in all of this he realized how much her respect has been taunted,
"Main ne Khushi ko kitaa tang kiya...uski har mushkil ki reason main hoon..."

A remorse...

Dadi wanted to move Khushi out of Raizada Mansion but Arnav ruined her plan.She comes GH with a purpose and today, she seems to have achieved it. Tit for tat, Shyam's revenge is speaking here...

Before leaving RM, Khushi looked back over her shoulder helplessly at him, while he watched her leave, feeling the emptiness in him. Then she came back to tell him - I love you too, Dammit! His smile said it all.

Now ,This is the price is a price he is willing to pay for his mistakes to have her next to him. SHE is the reason for his life... A promise,that His true love awaits and Arnav Singh Raizada is ready to take it on.

As expected, Dadi is not done with her nefarious deeds. She goes to Gupta house to heap more insults on Khushi. Calling her a loose character ,cannot be a bahu in their house! That she has ensured that the house and property is now in her name, That she has got what she wanted from the Raizadas.

Buaji is aghast, surprised yet don't forget ASR was always an owner of all, the moment he stepped in and strode into their home with Khushi in his arms that night,marched into the bedroom to lay her down gently.He owned this place...Did he ever show less, ordering food, making amendments, AC, or any small things in their lives he did silently for HER for them...the ones she loves the most...
Dadi gets the desired reaction she wanted from Buaji. Buaji declares that SHE would not allow this marriage to happen.Buaji ji started ranting and lashes arnav to which khushi blasts that arnav is a very nice guy ! his arrogance and anger is a facade he hides his pain ...

Garima has arrived and is listening to the exchange. She sees Dadi leaving and mutters, 'Is that Arnav's Dadi?' A hint of a mystery is laid out. Once Dadi leaves, she rushes in, and slaps Khushi seeing her defending Arnav...
Buaji tries to reason with her that not just Khushi but Arnav is also as much to blame for the 'mistake'. Buaji after all, has developed a tender soft spot for this son-in-law and her Khushi. He has won her heart with his love for Khushi. That had been enough for Buaji..

In the Raizada Mansion, meanwhile, Nani, NK, Mami and Anjali are happily and busily preparing for the Shagun, when Dadi walks in. She tells them that there is no need for the preparations. The wedding is off, and Buaji is the one who broke it off! Much to everyone's shock. Arnav thankfully is nearby and overhears. He does not believe that Buaji will do this. He has faith that Buaji already knows how much he cares about Khushi, so for Buaji to have gone this far, something must have happened. The only way to find out is to go to Gupta house and fix it. 

There is nothing Dadi can do to stop him doing so and she watches angrily. He tells them to continue with the preparation. ARNAV knows the dadi well his giving dadi the LOOKs TO KILL ! speaks itself...

He walks into Gupta house once again as if he owns it. But he pays his respect to his in-laws and asks to meet with Khushi.

"bua ji, khushi kahan hai..."
bua ji where's khushi.

When they tell him he can't do so, once more he strides to the bedroom like a family member, and walks in... a man who was here to see the one he loved and the one he doesn't want but is willing to go through for someone he loves. whom he never means to hurt and yet.She was standing hiding her slap's marks...

"khushi, yahan dekho..." khushi, look this way..

when Khushi doesn't turn he adds "kitni baar bola hai jaab mein baat karah hoon ..." seeing her resisting, he gets angry, he spins her around... and sees the marks on her cheek and suddenly his deep dark eyes filled with pain seeing those rosy cheeks stained with tears and prints of a slap ! 

He is shocked and angry ,
Khushi just hugs him and cries her heart out finding peace in his arms , he pacifies her and demands who did that ?

Kisne kiya???

Khushi tells him Amma has full authority to slap her
"Bhaley unho ne hamain janam na diya ho par unhon ne humari parwarish ki hai...

This is Khushi who can't even harm her enemies and her loved ones are too close to her heart...

"but i don't get it sab itni chhoti si baat ka itna bada issue kyun banarahe hain." why is everyone making such a big issue of this small thing he wondered. he really has no connection with rituals like these.

"in fact, tum..." in fact, you.

oh u can feel, he was a little mad at her too.

"just forget it , you want it, let's do it, "he resorts his own anger...

Yet,He tells her angrily... these lines to me holds lots of significance The rituals, society, ppl mean nothing to him he is doing all what he never believed in for khushi !She wants it.

He comes out and tells Buaji with a command that he would come the next day to ask for her niece's hand at ten.

 Here he finds out from Buaji wat exactly has happened...Dadi degraded Khushi and he won't let that happen...Be prepared I will be here without caring a thing..Here we see Garima's peaceful look...

He leaves but before going he tops, his heart feels a tug...He looks back at his life who was in deep mess he gives the looks that assured her that he will be with her forever but you can see the colors of remorse and the pang of pain the way she was being treated in these a couple of hours, his Khushi was thrown out, muddled by filth and trashy words and now physically abused, he has to bring her back with him and he WILL...A promise, an oath...he took before walking out...

Raizada mansion, his family is anxiously waiting for him.He walks in as victorious and calm for them... He gives them the news that makes them more than happy especially Anjali It was endearing to see Akash's reaction to the news - a nod to Payal almost to say, I told you, its all going to be okay. Bhai will fix it.After a long time though...
And Bhai has fixed it. He tells Dadi that he is aware of what she is trying to do, and he will not allow it.

"I am going for Shagun whether you want to come or not..."

He looks tired yet determined, like a wounded warrior, but one who is ready for the next round of battle. His small exchange with Dadi shows us the old implacable ASR - the one with the flat eyes and cold voice but the fire inside his soul. He is a business man and he knows how to crack deals. But first, he must know his opponent's weakness and strategy. He thinks he is aware of Dadi's strategy but is he really? And what about Dadi's weaknesses?

He strides away without giving her a chance to respond.

 Back in his room, he is in a pensive mood ,stood alone near the poolside, reflecting his past, regretting all what he did to Khushi. He thinks back to all the times Khushi has been hurt because of him. From the mandir, to the airport, to the run from the goons, to him almost killing her,to the time she fell off the cliff. He remembers every single time he hurt her, or was responsible for her being hurt.

"maine khushi ko kitna dukh diya, usski life ki har ek dukh ka reason sirf main hoon... aaj jab kissi ne usspar haath uthaya, tab bhi main... ussi pe naraz hoon."
I have given khushi so much pain, the only reason for all of her pain is me... and today when someone raised a hand on her, i was angry with her even then.

BUT, The reflection is broken, it means we will see Arnav changing back to ASR...Past is lurking as a shadow... He heads out. A shadow moves along a wall. He calls out 'Who's there?' But the shadow does not reply.
He feels the need to apologize her...he steps out...
It is Shyam Manohar Jha behid the pillar...and he has entered Raizada Mansion.

Arnav Singh Raizada is ready to hug the of happiness in his life. But life can never be sweet for him. He seems destined to have bitterness rising up around.This time he wants to hold on to it.La's words...if love comes in your life then hold on to it...

He has realized that the most precious sweet in his life is Khushi. He has realized that today he is in yet another battle.- to get Khushi back in his life and keep her there forever. Khushi is the reason for his happiness - and he knows it. Finally, he has embraced these emotions and let all the angst go.

Finally, he is ready to embrace all for the happiness of Khushi, Him, for them...

Arnav-Khushi Hamesha
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