Love Me Like U Do 2

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      Love Me Like U Do        

it was my first ever writing stunt and while reading it I thought to write another os related to this concept ' Love or Revenge '. so here continuation of this OS , this time ' Love or Money ' ...    please if possible read first season , it will be easy to understand this season ...

                      Love Me Like U Do 2

                  He kissed her bare shoulder , admiring her beautiful sleeping form . Last night was not less than a dream . The girl whom he loves submitted herself, to his love . He knows how traditional she is ,still she didn't stop him, this shows how unconditionally she loves and trust him ..

                 He was fool to ditch this pure love for his revenge . He hates Aman Kapoor and would never forgive to destroy his family . But to destroy him , using his daughter is not good way . Geet is right he understood it now . He can't go to that way ..he can't loose his love for revenge . She is so precious gem he can do anything to keep her . He ashamed himself thinking what he was going to do. He was going to marry Sameera for revenge leaving his love . How could he thinks that Geet will support him . He can't see Geet with anyone else then how can she tolerate him with Sameera . It would be same painful for her as it would have same to him .

                  About revenge he will surely do it another way . But for now he wants to cherish his love , his Geet who finally in his arms . He kissed her lips softly , her lips are swollen because of last night assaulted . No he don't regret it infact he wants to devour her lips again again . There is strong urge to make love to her again but he somehow stop himself and went to washroom .

                  Maan came out of washroom welcomed by Geet's beautiful face ...he gazed her messy form with pure intensity but all gone when he noticed her trembling lips with fear n anxiety. He frowned and followed her gaze , literary frozen seeing the news on TV " Famous Model Sameera Kapoor tried to commit suicide " He couldn't move as reporter's went on..

             " as per our source Sameera Kapoor was in relationship with Maan Singh Khurana . They were reported to be dating also seen together in many place . But it came shocking when last night he announced his marriage with another girl . And after that Sameera Kapoor admitted to hospital , her close relatives said that she couldn't bear the betray of her boyfriend and took this step . Her father still didn't give statement about it . We have to wait to know the whole matter but one thing clear she loves that ma .."

               he snatched the remote and thrown it on floor ... last night pure bliss turn into tears. He couldn't look at her for once nor he could utter a word . Sometimes silence speak more , his silence said her everything and without saying anything she left .

                 When she step on road emptiness filled her heart . She didn't even feel this empty when he first time revealed his revenge plan . Deep down she had hoped Maan would be hers . And it happened too , he was hers but for one night . That's it, with darkness over she saw the reality of her life . Maan is far away from her reach. With this controversy all finished , he can't take risk to be with her .

                 " i lost him " she smiled at her own words..." how can I lost him when I even didn't get him ...may be he was not meant to be mine" .






               for three days this way people thrashed him . He couldn't do anything to stop it . Society already painted him as evil ,even Adi couldn't handled it . It's not new thing , people support where they see pain . They saw Sameera's IG video where she trying to control her sob and telling her fans not to worry . It was just to add fuel on this matter . They didn't think about Maan or his past reputation just trolled him all over internet . Social media has strong connection to make someone hero or villian and this time Maan was easy target .

                   Maan thought this matter will go down in a week but he was wrong ... with time it become worse . Out of now where Sameera start giving interviews on TV about women empowerment. Her powerful statements start effecting not only social media but everywhere . And soon it doing bad effect in his business too . His investor start loosing interest and few planning to took out investment . His shares dropped with high margin . Even following week it drop further which made share holders worried. He has no choice but to call a meeting .

                 " Mr Khurana it now become dangerous..we gonna face huge loss .. "

                 " relax Mr Murthi nothing will happen . Just few days everything Will fall in place ..."

             " few days ! " Mr Desai , another share holders couldn't stop from showing his disappointment in this matter " how many days ... it's already two week nothing slow down. Infact it getting bigger and damaging us all . It's high time you take step . " all nodded agreeing with him and others too get courage to say their point .

                 " your reputation ruining every thing. Now it's not like old time when personal life don't effect professionally. People are more open and smart they don't support wrong . Because of your mess we will lose emp..."

                 " I, Mr Jamal I built this empire not we .. did you forget how you were in verge to bankrupt but I lended money took risk and saved you you ..."

              Maan didn't feel like giving explanation to them . He only wanted them to be patience but he not child ..he understands how business world run . It's about money n success . He had success without any bad reputation people were kissing his feet and now seeing his shaky condition they showing their true colors.

               " I know it's bad time but we need to give this situation little time. Mr Khurana is right here we need to be patience. " Mr Patel most old share holder of KC spoke up and tried to make other understand but no one ready to listen .

                 They start arguing and soon it turned into war of ego to prove how big personality they are and this matter ruining their reputation too . And at last his fear come as true they start blaming Geet . He clenched his fist in anger before speaking sternly ..

              " don't drag my finance here ..its last warning " all gulped hard and went quiet . But Mr Jamal tried to see him reason ..

              " look Mr Khurana we can understand your Situation but please try to understand us too . This matter that ruined everything which you built for years . This business is not just yours ...yaha pe Mrs Savitri Khurana ke bhi khoon pasina hai . Can you see it ruin like this ? "

              Maan knows it , if he honest he actually fearing same . For years his Dadima made this for him but in mere second it can collapse, this thought eating him alive .

              " for that filthy girl ..." Jamal stopped seeing Maan glaring him and changed his tone " I mean to say for one girl can you take this big risk . It's not really late just give a press release and tell you broken up with her I'm sure everything will be easy to handle then ...because of your ex Same..."

           " Just go " without letting anyone speak more he told them to go but they didn't go easily , they threatened him to withdraw share if he didn't do anything to settel it ASAP..


              " these people are too much , how can they write such filthy thing without knowing anything "

                    Jiya said with disgust as Pinky shut Geet's laptop where Geet was reading comments on her and her relation with Maan . When people got bored they start dragging the girl whom MSK now involves , and from that time things gotten too much messy . They start name calling her , even her late parents didn't spare, her upbringing too . Geet rubbed her face to clam down a littel .

             " Geet don't think about those losers comment . Aur koyi kaam nehi hai inlogoka .. "

               how much Geet tried she couldn't forget this may be it would have easier if Maan stayed with her . If for once he hold her and tell everything is fine I'm with you . But nothing sort of happened . It's two weeks she didn't meet him, after that day not for once he called or messaged just told through Pinky to not go to office . From that time is staying at her place . She felt like she is hiding , she hiding from outside world , hiding from every thing like some thief . She doesn't like this feeling . Why she should stayed in one place , why she should live like this ? ...

               " seriously last month same people were trashing Sameera because of her leaked kissing pics in beach with a model , now she is abla nari . As if she never in relationship with anyone, only Maan sir was with her . She changed boyfriend like tissue papers people were trolling her black and blue but now woh innocent ki murthi ban gayi hai . Damn girl I'm telling you Geet she playing big game ... "

               " pata nehi Pinky game or not she did loves Maan and tried to sui... "

                 " Geet don't be such idiot you really think she did that ...oh please how can she give 3 interviews that too next day of her suicide stunt. Shouldn't she be resting. People sometimes become dumb and don't see logic . And another strange thing , she didn't mention Maan sir's name at all , still people uff "

                  Pinky thought for sometime then something clicked " why she not mentioning his name ? What is she actually planning ? "Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-08-11T01:41:13Z
Posted: 2018-08-11T01:43:22Z
one or two parts maximum
it's his test of Love...

                 My INDEX

I tried to pm but my link not working please guys help what to do now I mean how to make it correct 
Edited by Keepdreaming - 2018-08-11T08:29:04Z
Posted: 2018-08-11T01:53:49Z
Omg next please soon
You are amazing
Posted: 2018-08-11T01:57:19Z
Super update .
Read it season long back
Sam play big
She takes revenge
People are damb
Social media side effects
Hope geet help maan
Bring him out from problem
So true when you are rising like sun ever one want to be with you but a slit fell make crowd go away
Waiting for next do continue
Posted: 2018-08-11T02:33:12Z
Lovely.continue soon.hope maan pass this love test.
Posted: 2018-08-11T05:27:13Z
Liked it...
Waiting for next part...
Posted: 2018-08-11T08:15:44Z
Superb update 
Ohh god! Everyone is blaming geet and calling her namesOuch
Maan also didn't go to meet her even once after that nightCry
How is everything going to fall back in place?
Thanks for pm 
Continue soon 
Posted: 2018-08-11T08:19:04Z
Omg yeh kya tha sabi
Itna sad part
U made me cry for Geet
Sam was kissing someone last week and this week she is able Bari
Pinky got the point she never took maan name what bitch is planning
People r blaming maan and Geet
Maan asked Geet to not attend office
His hard work is not paying him but the rumour mills r ruining his reputation
Muje happy end chahiye

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