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feeling silly... I can't believe I'm making this..haha
thanks all who are reading and supporting me


Warning___ read at your own risk...

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                  Love Me Like You Do

                 Love Me Like You Do 2

                     Give Me Space

      Mile Ho Tum Humko Baare Nasibose

                      Bolna Mahi Bolna

                      Oops I Am In Love


              Kaun Tujhe Yun Pyaar Karega 

                    Jaise Main Karta Hoon

            Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga

                             My Prince

                       Fighter Of Destiny

              Dare To Be Her Boyfriend ( Dare 1 )

                    Dare To Date Her ( Dare 2 )

                      The Love In His Eyes

              Accepting Her Child ( Acceptance 1 )

                It's Good To Be Dream Only

                        Her Deadly Secret

                        Want To Be Yours

                           What Is Love ?

              Because Of You ( Deewani 2 )


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                       Short Stories 


               Sanam Re  ( completed)

                       THREAD 1

    Oops I'm In Love 2 ( Unplanned Love) 

                           THREAD 1

            He Is Not a Robot ( on going )

                        Thread 1

                        Thread 2



                       MINI SS


                Deewani ( completed )

                      THREAD 1

               Deewana ( On Going )

                      THREAD 1

         Kya Hua Tera Wada  ( Completed)

                         THREAD 1

    A Moment To Fall In Love  ( completed )

                         THREAD 1

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     Love Found In Hell  ( completed )

                   THREAD 1

                   THREAD 2


      My Beautiful Wife ( ongoing )

                   THREAD 1

                   THREAD 2

                   THREAD 3

                   THREAD 4                 

                    THREAD 5


             Humnava ( hold )

                    THREAD 1


           First Love ( on going)

                      THREAD 1

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Upcoming.if possible (no hope)        ____________________________________

                            Mini ss- Saiyaan

             " Maan I'm pregnant..." Geet said ever so happily to Maan but next moment her smile fall listening his words...
               " is it mine ? " ...of course a wife didn't expect this reaction from her husband ...she looked disbelief at her husband whom she know for 3 months..
               " how can u say something like this ? " a hot layer of tears flow from her eyes...
              " what you expect me to say ? we are married for barely two months and we always used protection.. how the hell did this happen ? " Maan accused angrily ...
              " I'm telling u if u are using that shit to .." thud next moment Geet slapped him to shut his mouth..
              " this is not some shit but my child..get it Mr Khurana.." saying she left to wash room leaving an angry Maan behind ...

               Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

             " just do it Maan " Geet said with no emotion no pain no if this moment mean nothing to her...

               " why ? you don't want it ..I can see it in your eyes then why damn it why ?.." He held her hair roughly and angrily pulled her closer .." I know you don't want.. just say it damn it... why don't you scold me curse me, hit me ? why you keeping all pain to your self..just stop this torture ..."

                 Geet only smiled.." I just want to hate you..but its such a irony that even after you played, lied , mocked my dreams..I can't hate you..this stupid heart is betraying me Maan..may be if ..if tonight you made me yours my heart will finally stop beating for you..will start hate you...just finis..."

               " stop it just stop it..stop treating me as heartless monster " he couldn't bear more and left her...

                   small tear fall from her eyes ,she not sure if its because she is happy as her husband didn't force her or because of sadness as she has to suffer till death in this loveless marriage

OS - Dare To Date Her (Dare 2 )
OS - Dare TO Marry Her ( Final Dare ) 
OS - What  is love 2
OS - Love Me Like You Do 2
SS -Love In Trouble ( Sanam Re 2 )
SS- Intezar ( Sanam Re 3 ) 
SS - Kashmakash ( Sanam Re 4 ) 
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OS - Bolna Mahi Bolna


    Main Phir Bhi Tumko Cahunga

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hi there! awesome thread! tfs! superb stories! Looking forward 2 ur new stories! Big smile

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Ek thapar Meri tarf say bhi

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