OS : Love Me Like u Do (completed)

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                 " The HOTTEST couple in town MSK and Sameera Kapoor "

              Geet stared at the page 3 headline of newspaper . HER Maan with someone else . So foolish of her how can she say her Maan . The biggest businessman of India The Maan Singh Khurana can't be her but what to do with her silly heart who dare to fall for him ...

        She still remember that day when he saved her from those goons . After that he gave her job as she was searching for one badly . He didn't ask about her qualification just appointed her as his secretary . With time she keep falling for him deeply . People say he is rude arrogant but she saw the real maan beneath the rudeness , who love his Dadima beyond anything , who always visit orphanage and spends time with kids . How can she stop herself from falling for this man ? ...

.   Yes he is very cold hard person but situation make him like this . He lost his parents at early age . His father's best friend and business partner cheated his father took all property , they came on road even no relatives came to help them . His father couldn't bear it and died in heart attack . Soon his mother also passed away . At the age of 13 he saw all this . With his own hard work he reached where he is now the number , one businessman ...

     How can she thought that he will love his plain secretary ' you are mad. just because you love him you thought he will love you too never ' .

            So what he is rude with everyone but never shouted or rude with her , even he always try to make her smile when she is sad that site only witnessed by her only . He always support her , moreover fought for her . She remembered the incident when he fired someone because he was misbehaving with her . Not just that . He always took her with him at every party or dinner meeting...

              ' but that doesn't mean Maan sir loves you . Yes he can't love you . Why would he? Who are you ? You are just an orphan . He was doing all this because he felt pity on you . It was only pity nothing else .Sameera is perfect for him . She is rich beautiful most of all Maan sir likes her . She is made for Maan sir not you ' Geet thought with a painful smile 'don't be selfish Geet . You should be happy for him . Now you have to stay away from him have to forget him at any cost ' with this determination she went out take coffee for Maan ...

.    She took a long breath and knock the door ... there he is sitting in his chair and reading what she was reading earlier . It was easy to say that she will try to forget him but seeing him looking at Sameera's photo with a smirk on his face it hurts her so much . She put the mug on table and about to go but Maan stop her ...

             " we are going for dinner at 8 pm make a reservation at xyz hotel "... his gaze still on newspaper ..Geet clutched duppata in anger

   " i can't go" came a instant reply from Geet

.    " ok you want to go other hotel then fine i will tell clie... " before he complete she said quickly

            " no i mean i can't go but i will make the reservation Sasha mam will go with you "

             " why? " This time he tossed the newspaper aside or say throw it down and looked at her with confusion ..

          " i have other plan" Geet quietly answered without looking at him fearing he may caught her lies ..

            he didn't back out and asked her with little anger in his voice " What plan ? "

               " its personal "

            now he is boiling hearing her answer how can his Geet says no to him .? What personal thing she is talking about ..." can i know what so personal Ms handa?"

             " no you can't . I don't want to share my personal life with my boss "...

. This just blow his anger . He got up from his seat and came face to face with her . First time Geet is seeing Maan sir angry on her and she is feeling very scared.

              " Don't you dare hide anything from me . What so personal just tell me? What so important other that going out with me ? " ...

.     But she just stayed silent . She doesn't know what to say . She only want to stay away from him

                  " it's my life what i do or don't is none of your business "

             " you are wrong Geet . what you do and don't , its my f**king business" he was fuming now ' how dare she disobey me ? '

              " look sir i just want to say its my life so i will do what i like and Sasha mam will go with you . I am sure you won't face any prob..." ...

    " you will go with me that's final " Maan told her firmly...

.   " i won't " she argued with same voice ...

             " don't argue with me . I don't like no for an answer and i want you not Sasha . Just go and be ready at 7.30pm "

              "you can't force me " now he is getting on her nerves ..she wants to avoid him at any cost but this man is behaving stubbornly..

            " oh yes i can" Maan stated with an arrogant smile...
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             " you have no right to force me in anything . You can't control me just because you are my boss " she is losing her control now ...

.     "you are wrong , very wrong Geet . I can control you i can do anything with you because you are MINE "

            Her heart skipped a bit with his declaration... ' why he is talking like this ? ' Maan grabbed her arms and pulled her closer

           " don't look so shocked . When i saved you that day your life became mine . So don't you dare bring personal word in front of me because you are just mine nothing can come between us " ...

.     " i am not some property that you claim as yours when you are with Sameera "

              " yes you are not some property but you are MSK's property and i am not with Sameera " he answered calmly but Geet gets angry more and lost her clam ...

              " oh yes you are not with her then who is with you in that paper? , who was with you last night party?, who danced with you ? Whom you gave lift huh tell me? "

          He smirked , jerked her toward him . She collied with his hard form both were fuming , their lips just mere inches away from each other...

     " why do you care? " He asked her roughly , his lips almost touching hers " Tell me Geet? "

             " Leave me " She struggled meekly. It's too much for her . She is so close to her Maan ..' no no don't think like that . He is not yours ' ...

             " Just tell me i will leave you " He asked again

            " There is nothing to tell " Geet said quietly still struggling to come out from his grip .

             " Fine i tell you . You care because you LOVE ME my caty eye" .

            She stopped moving and stunned began to deny "I don't lov..."

.   but before she can say his hot lips claimed her soft ones. He was kissing her roughly . She tried to deny the hot sensation but soon she gave up in his passion . Both were lost kissing each other , he stopped when she was out of breath , both eyes closed ...

            " you love me Geet "

          She snapped her eyes open and pushed him hard . Maan shocked seeing her reaction " what are you doing? You are with Sameera " she almost shouted at , feeling disgusted to herself for carried away like this ...

       " she is not with me you are . She is just a bloody game "

             She confused hearing him . "GAME? What game?"

             " yes game , she is Aman Kapoor's daughter "

              now everything is clear . Maan sir is playing with Sameera to take revenge against Aman . His biggest enemy, whom he hate most because he was the one who destroyed his lovely family...

.    " what you are using his daughter to take revenge ? How could you do that? How could you play with someone's feelings?"

             " feelings huh really Geet . She is just like her father and yes i am using her to destroy that bas***d " he has fire in his eyes .

                 " whatever but its wrong to play with someone to take revenge"

           "common Geet they deserve it " ...he is getting more angry now . She is his , isn't it logical that she will only support him not those .

          " NO that girl doesn't deserve it " she argue. She took a deep breath and asked slowly " What are you going to do? "       

     A dark smile covered his his face which scared her to the core ..

             " i will marry that bitch . Will take all property and after 3 months will divorce her saying she is characterless " She felt a sharp pain in her heart ..

.      " Marriage you...you will marry her? " she is beyond shocked

              " yes but i wil..."..

             " you disgust me how could you plan so dirty? " She feels like slapping him but controlled..

          " what are you saying that man played ugly, that man deserve it and you love me , you should support me in all this . I was going to tell you tonight..." before he continue... She stopped him

           " whatever my feelings for you i won't support you in all this nonsense "

            "but Geet"

              Geet raised her hand " i am not finished , i am not yours and never be yours " . With this she turn to go but Maan can't see her going like this , so finally he confessed what he always wanted ...

              " I LOVE U "...

        Geet just stopped there . She couldn't believe her ears . So long she waited to hear this . How many times she was dreaming about this moment but never in her dreams she said what she said him in real. She turned slowly and said " LOVE ME LIKE U DO"

              saying this in a painful voice she left the cabin but maan knew very well she not just leaving the room but him also...Edited by Keepdreaming - 2017-12-17T00:39:44Z
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first time im writing something plz do forgive my mistakes enjoy guysEdited by Keepdreaming - 2016-04-30T21:31:04Z
Posted: 2016-04-22T02:35:05Z
Good Start...
I loved it... Waiting for u to continue more...
Posted: 2016-04-22T03:17:40Z
hi ..
nice story ..
geet in love with maan but maan went to samera..maan also loves geet but for revenge he is going to marry sameera ..
nice story ...
want to have more updates of this story as last look incomplete ..what maan going to do now ... i even posted this msg on ghsp thread ..

thank u 
waiting for next part 
Posted: 2016-04-22T04:30:31Z
very nice..
do continue soon
Posted: 2016-04-22T04:37:31Z
When I first read this OS ,
I was so fascinated thinking who could the writer be and when I saw your name in the list
I could just not figure out which story you've written
OS was simply Beautiful and Soulful
The fact that Geet loved Maan but thought that he loves Sameera she wanted to step back
its only when Maan told her he wants revenge from Sameera and her father did Geet realize
Maan can love her but his revenge is just as important to him

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