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~Kahani Sirf Teri Meri~

Having you in my arms, a warm heart just cried

Never thought of missing when tears were dried

Your Eyes left with me when the world's love light lied

Only the pale stars above watched the broken hearts tied

By Faiqa


he was having her hand in his

Darkness enveloped them seizing their world, his eyes remained fixed, she stood there like a star which was his north star all along, her hand in his softly and firmly...with a silent, beautiful, unfeigned, devout,, unsaid promise...A man who never believed in fairy tales and love, stood as tall as could be justifying his act, winning or losing didn't matter anymore and wanted to let the whole world know about that too. Indeed, It had been a long and arduous journey to find her, to find himself ...Finally, he broke the chains of his own demons to open his heart for her and only her...


He will hold her hand again...

dragging her forcefully, making her his but in the darkness, away from the world, in his rage, having a hold around her hurt wrist ... hurting himself in return but kept the Kahani in between


He held her hand again

as a promise...keeping his hand around her palm,enclosing her small hand in his warm firm grasp, shielding her, tugging her, walking slowly, making sure to be with her or in other words to keep her with him to face the world...with asilent, determined, unsaid, and a devout promise.To keep her with him safe and protective he stood there facing all holding her hand as astaunch supporter.

But ironically,even though,This promise was for six months but their Kahani, their story was written by pale stars above and it became eternal...because he makes sure of it.

Kyuonke Yeh Kahani  hai  bas Teri Meri

It's Magical!!!

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SBS [Offscreen Segment]




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Episode 170


On Dewali night when two people shared the most intimate moment by pouring their longing and yearning desires at each other, forgetting their surroundings'...yet one got distracted because of his tempting and ambiguous feelings which had no meaning for him and had no place in his life. Those scared feelings shook one innocent soul that night who just got acquaintance with these new rising desires without knowing the name of em and the very next moment she had been told to suppress em for her own good'...as these had no meaning for someone'...someone who she thought is her strength, who she can look up to call her own'...Trust was shattered that night brutally and needs to be amended tonight to move forward'The same soul is standing alone tonight and ready to give in against her will yet her voice is not only heard by Devi Maiya but also by someone else who is ready to take her in his strong embrace securely and safely'...by distracting all the ambiguity in her'...

Khushi is standing without her Partner in deep convulsion and thought of relinquishing the contest against Mighty ASR was demeaning against Shyam's brutality.She closes her eyes with the pain he caused her on her body and soul and only one name she remembers to recall HER mother Devi Maiyya..Anjali's concerns, NK's disappointed words and guests provocation makes ASR to step forward for his Love as ASR can never stand to see his Khushi defeated or crippled and above all in tears. Lights turns off while NK misses Nanav and Anjali leaves Khushi alone.Khushi all alone, cut off from all is in total darkness, moving away, defeated and desolated when suddenly her dark world is illuminated by bright light , totally unaware of who brought light into her world as he is in shadow..when suddenly spotlight brings him on the surface and everyone looks at the stage with an open mouth'.. Arnav comes from darkness to light '..to acknowledge her love for him..to rescue her from losing'..Indeed she is his pride'..his Maharani'..

Khushi looks at him obliviously and uncertainly while he looks at her lovingly..They both share a moment before her Maharaj,her Rajkumar appears in between lights towards her with a determined proposal"Tumhara akhri performance hai Khushi'.."[This is your last performance Khushi'] 'Pause..while Khushi looks down in confusion'..and he continues with a winning smile because he is asking permission to dance with her,"pura nahin karogi'.."[ will you not complete it?'..] This is interesting part..Khushi does not make a move, It is Arnav who walks towards her..softly  tells her to complete her performance  ..Khushi looks at him astoundingly'..and so do the others..with "O" face..


Appropriate song for depicting their inner turmoil...as The Music begins and the dance starts ...Khushi turns and seems she is ready to leave but Arnav holds on to her hand not letting her go with determination and anger and she responds her turning her face"teri meri ,meri teri yeh kahani hai mushkil"...He makes her twirl into his arms wants her to lean on him... .."ek ladka aur ek ladki ki yeh kahani hai naye'do lafzoon mein yeh bayan na ho paye"...Khushi follows and a small smile seeps on his face...Khushi avoids him and his desires and tries to move away...

While Arnav is determined, continuingly expresses his state of mind openly pouring his yearning desires at her by caressing her bare body and holding her in his arms securely trying to awake her trust in him and she does put her hand on him"sara din beet jaye..sari raat jagaye..bas khiyal tumhara lamha lamha tadpaye..Yeh Tadap keh rahi hai mit jaye fasle mere tere darmiyan jo hain sare." His yearnins and longiness since from the beginning made him restless and today he can't stop expressing em.

He guides her and she glides her hand on his face as this is hard for her too...she gives in for a moment when he picks her in air and then glissades her body against his hard visage...Their cravings for each other are burning both of them ...

But Khushi has been incinerated once,[Diwali] she walks away from him singing  "Ek Duje se hue Juda jab ek doje keh liye bane "..but Arnav is trying to stop her from leaving , yet amazingly Khushi does not see that  but responds back to his unsaid desires with raising hand..as she can't  walk away from the magnetized pull of true Love ..The love which keeps calling out to her,pulling her in its center...She walks back to him and holds his hand gazing attentively into his longing eyes while darkness prevails holding their yearnings only in between em away from the world,


"teri meri baton ka har lamha sab se anjana..." to Arnav who has been waiting patiently with overwhelming desires for her, remembering every moment when they were in each other's proximity  ...


But the unbelievable events of past are making it hard for her dance peacefully meaning she can't follow his moves blindly...,"har ehsaas main tu hai ..har ek yaad mein tera afsana.." she is shaken, distracted, scared,concerned,and ambiguous about his feelings and her place in his life because he did hurt her badly...as this whirlpool is pulling her down way deep but he holds her hand first keeps it all the way down to pull her out of it assuring her he won't allow that as this is another sign he will never let her go..or fall..[I must say they both are awesome at this step]

She walks away again... and He does not stop her...gives her time to decide...She is standing in dark and he is under the luminous light and is waiting for her to join her...

She turns around and eyes meet with him, every single moment of their meeting reels in front of eyes...


Lights luminous her heart and She turns back,  eyes full of questions seeking out answers from Arnav ...from her Maharaj...with a certain RIGHT..along with Raba Ve...but this is the same moment when Arnav steps towards her...before the dance and now she is doing the same...

Khushi was the one who had turned first to walk away from Arnav at the temple , now walks towards him and  remembers that it was he who held her unflinchingly and didn't let her fall when she tripped from the ramp and took the brunt of the fall ..She who had held out her hand with his key"key to his heart" and he who had placed his heart in her hands trustingly , only for it to be shattered but  now offers it again , This time he accepts hers and want to be accepted , twirls her, into his arms, into his life...just like the that rainy night...The hands which had let go of her is now steady as they pull her back up..Arnav's who had grabbed and pinned her not allowing any freedom, always trying to sway her about her status is now appeased to give her the freedom and respect she wants and gazes serenely while she twirls around him ...

Whatever happened ,This does not mean he has forgotten her as they are still bound together while she is roaming around...Their palms held on tightly as their bond is unbreakable..meaning she can still rely on his shoulder..The very same way the night her heartbeat got entangled with his... 


The doubts, the raging uncertainties, the million questions, the pain and many sufferings that he caused her ,...her eyes seeks to find answer in him, Arnav understands her hesitation , the reason why she is pulling herself back ..He knows he has a lot to redeem and there is only one way , by apology and seeking forgiveness..He is attritional ,he looks at her with eyes of no mask ,just a tinge of genuine and sincere apology ...


He moves towards her seeking another chance .. The moment a beam of light bursts through her by dispersing all the clouds of scruple, mistrust, dubious feelings and..She remembers his kindness and tenderness and With that her passive feelings , which were ruthlessly suppressed leaps forward and catches her in the vortex of her emotions ,Khushi with complete trust ,places herself in his hands again by closing her eyes  in an absolute, complete faith and trust knowing that she can rely on him ...just as Arnav closes his eyes too for the subtle and elusive happiness. The evasive serenity that he had been seeking and longing for is finally in his arms in the form of Khushi ..Arnav has glimpsed his paradise ,his peace in Khushi as Khushi has sensed her strength, her support in him !!

This is the moment where two bodies are merging with one soul...The moment which made him to carry her to break her fast with the shunk to announce they are one is reaching to the next level...

[formation of heart in between em at both times...merging one heart ,one soul, 2 bodies ]

 Both become aware of one another's longings, neither of them let go off each other at this point . Khushi lets go as she leans down  by placing her entire trust and belief in him and Arnav does not allow her to fall this time, He gently pulls her back up..Places her hand on his shoulder as if providing her the support and gently holds her other hand as the yearning memories of Diwali Night brushes to the surface ..They share an intimate moment which is too intense and private ..A Moment all of their own !! ...

But among the others around em..as soon  as this reality hits,  Khushi steps away from Arnav to stand under the spotlight, hesitantly accepting the recognition and applauds  while her Rajkumar, her pillar of strength stands in the shadows watching silently, scintillating  in pride relishing their moment of victory as she glances back at him shyly, acknowledging and acquiesce him quietly !!


I must say...The Dance setting and routines was absolutely brilliant with smooth transition and intensity to notice any flaw..A hand of applaud to the entire TEAM..πŸ‘β­οΈ

Arnav and Khushi walks in between guests receiving praises while my grabber is he is cool while walking behind Khushi.Payal embraces Khushi while praising Arnav which takes Khushi's attention towards his Rajkumar who looks at her relaxed without all the burdens...


Everyone is baffled about the situation yet Naniji and Anjali smiles seeing her Chote in this avatar...while "dushman" is busy in twitching...Anjali asks someone to pinch her as this is a dreamy moment for her.. Akash is delusional about his Bhai..while his mom ,James Bond ki Nani is being astrologer for future..They all gather around Arnav with questioning eyes...and he acts so well with his eye brow lift with confidence to make em fool..."What"

Anjali answers confoundly, "What nahin'What the"...But Naniji is more interested in knowing about behind curtains, Yeh bataeye..keh who ka ka raha..."[Tell us what was it actually all about?]

Arnav is so adamant ,"there is nothing to tell.."Akash remind him of his non interestong habits of dancing and Mamiji inquires him for losing over Guptas...Anjali and NK reminds him his bet" We have to have win at any cost" Arnav leaves everyone bewildered with new challenge to cope with "waise bhi har chees haar jeet keh liye nahin hoti..."[ After all not everything is for winning or losing] I hope they all can handle new and improved Arnav...


 Love the way they used NK, as first he acted as a catalyst in this chemical reaction who pushed Arnav into partnering Khushi evenly and , Second his Khushi fanaticism  almost deflected Shyam's suspicion away from Arnav ... but he awakes the demon within Shyam by telling him..."Nanav and Khushiji were looking too good together"...Dude the whole world knows that...

Khushi's vigorus Dhak Dhak has come back and whenever Khushi calls on DM,  her Rajkumar and his sensuous touch reels in front of her eyes to increase her heartbeat with uneven breathing by awakening her hankering desires...His open confession of how he feels about her and how she is his part is making her restless with her brimming yearning..


Arnav sharp eyes and ears on to look out for Khushi and the moment he finds out her whereabouts, he rushes over there ...Arnav is Yummilicious here as he remains standing by leaning in his serene avatar with His smirk while his temptalicious is on her laad gavarnor trip in her non stop car, stating decisively that  [koi Fadak nahin padta...] , his partnering makes no difference and pauses with surprise finding him looking at her lovingly ...which melts her all delusional and distinctive thoughts...

"ek ladke aur ek ladki ki yeh kahani hai naye, do lafzon mein yeh bayan no ho paye..."

Their  Journey Begins...today~~~ 

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The Eye of the Brave heart.Predator

The Natraj !!!

 Hawk always stays at distance but never loses its eye lock at its preyHe keeps following it in circles at the top yet never let it go out of his sight and that's exactly what Arnav is doing here.He,while standing patiently in the door by sending her a shiver through her spine through his eyes and now joining his preying voice with it.just like a hawk when he comes near to its prey ,he makes voices to send a tremor to make its prey fall in the quest of the CHASE

Arnav with his charisma is getting amused by listening Khushis flattering discussion over him very calmly ,while standing in the door.Khushi turns to a magnetized pull of him which is alluring her tempting eyes making her forget all of her frustration.He pulls her in the vortex of his loving and preying eyes without saying a word and she couldn't resist either.

Her scanty words disappears in thin air.Arnav questions her serenely while making tight  circles of his gazes on its prey,Koi Fadak nahin Padta tou ruk kyuon gayein...[If it doesnt make difference then why did she stop] Khushi startled with a tremor and drops her clothes as she is way familiar with his temper.Her luscious lips quiver in this process without any word. He knows his past actions and how these draw fear in her.He is up to a mission to win her complete Trust with lovenot the other way around.He continues in his melodious tone while being statue..,Kya huwa ..chup kyuon ho gaye..[What happened ,why are u quiet?]..She stammers out hesitantly.aa..aa..aap .[You..oo]

Arnav by tightening his close circle towards its prey walks towards her by mocking her in his husky voice,..Haan mmm..mein..[Yesss meee].. He approaches her without scaring her with his steady motion.He assures her in his smooth and the most narcotic voice,tum itna dar kyuon rahi ho mein tumhain kha thori hi jaoon ga[Why are you so scared ..I wont eat you]

He doesn't stop when reaches to her and in return she walks back ward naturally without looking into his eyesas she always gives in when she looks into his brown eyes where the woman inside of her can see and sense the hidden message since from the beginning.Now that message has transformed into a lethal anticipated desire of him which in return is throwing a tremor of prescience eagerness byawakening her hankering for him too.Arnav while walking with same pace ,tum hamesha peeche kyuon jati ho..,[Why do walk backward always]Khushi,because you always come forward..

She avoids his desirous passion by retreating backward yet she gets blocked by the dressing table.Her heartbeat is alarming her uneven breathing while she is standing at the verge of clash with her erratic heartbeats.Which is not gone unnoticed by him either.Her pulse rate increases by their close proximity and his breathing brushing over her face,But she doesn't want to draw back either...

Arnav with his burning gazes slightly steps backward with his famous smile. He is very much aware of his effect on her..He stops preying on her for a moment to make her feel easier a bit.and then gazes at her playfully,Khushi ..Thnx nahin bologi mujhe[Khushi you wont say thnx to me..] Tumhare isharon pe na sahi par tumhare saath tou nacha[for dancing with you instead of dancing at your tunes]She jerks up and looks at him directly and pays her gratitude very softly but as an opportunistic hawker ,he diverts her attention and tells her to get ready and comes down and leaves the room.

Khushi  takes a deep breath as shes been holding for a while by controlling her erratic heartbeat.But before she can even inhale ,he walks back in and frees her long,silky strands from the clipHer loosen long silky hair cascades downand covers her bare skinas he is covering her after lovemaking.

With proud smirk, Ab theek hai..[Now its fine] She gives him an astounded and a disbelief look as she never saw this side of himShe looks everywhere but him He continues by looking at her first and then saree and gives her a compliment,yeh rang tum pe utna bhi bura nahin lagta.. [This color doesnt look bad on you either]just like a newly wed where he admires his bride.

Khushi is flabbergasted at this unexpected compliment of his.They both share a look before he leaves with his famous smile as he is aware of his discern effect on her and she pretty  much got his uncontrollable hawking intentions too which made her to skip the rhythm  of her heartbeat.

Khushi stands there with her reeling heartbeat in ambivalent state

And then  changes her dress and comes down. Payal stops her while her eyes were searching for Arnav who was gauging her already...Both share their intense longing look without noticing their surroundings and prying eyes.He gently points out to her ear and she touches it in her ambivalent state to find out her missing earing .She gets flummoxed at her vulnerability but he enjoys his delightful treat by looking at his bride as he got its prey,his love ,his life right next to his heart.He intently watches her without losing her sight all the time.

Anjali announced the results which spread cheers among Guptas but Khushi was consumed all by one heart,a heart who showed no mercy to her haan nahin hai dil ASR ke seene main[Yes ASR has no heart] but today opened a new avenue, avenue towards his gallantly valiant ,loving ,caring ,altruistic , and a benevolent heart who is happy at her happiness.A chauvinist has turned into a chivalrous today. She got the answer of her accusation today tooaap kya jane kissi keh labon peh hansi lane ka such[What do u know about the happiness of bringing smile on others ] which is no other than a shocking surprise for her.He was melting her with his fixed stare while she was searching her answers in her baffled state.

Khushi is called upon to take the trophy.A quiet Khushi walks towards the stage but exigently slows down near Arnav who just can't stop throwing his smiling attire at her. She passes a quick under eye look hesitantly at him and commences her walk. She receives compliments by one and all but her eyes conscientious remain hooked to Arnav , a brave heart predator who has knitted her gently and firmly around the web of his heartbeats and now is watching her keenly and sharply...She thanked him and he received it graciously by inhaling her beauty.

Khushi returns to her home with her Natraj,her brave heart, by leaving her heart at RM with braveheart,her Arnavji.

She is sitting in front of her DM who is watching her child amusingly . While munching her uljhi jalebi[swrilled] she is still lost in his soothing touch . Her ambiguous thoughts are twirling around her concealed brave heart who always makes her speechless with his obscure and occult behavior . She remembers how he pulled her towards his heart and delved for his apology .He is the Knight who kept his shinning armor on her all the time.

Payal drags her out from her excavated thoughts and she quickly facades her delusional state with her chirpiness that she wanted to thank everyone. She doesn't mention Arnav's name timidly .Payal points out this lapse but cutely she refuses to accept it in defense.


In her pre occupied state ,She takes Natraj statue instead of Jalaibis plate in the kitchen.But this is the only way she could have a chat with the Natraj about her Natraj. She smiles that she was lying in this admittance of his name and accepts his contribution in her winning shyly,agar aaj aap nahin hote tou the Natraj ki Murti humare paas nahin hoti[If you were not there with me, then this statue will not be here with me].The Dhak Dhak starts ..to remind her that her Natraj, her knight was not there quixotically to save her from her insecurity all the time but is the real brave heart King ,her Maharaj, her Protector ..who she can trust  all the way.all the time and this very time is with her too in this act of Dhak Dhak,,,,

Other side ,Arnav the brave heart predator is holding a piece of his loving prey in the palm of his hand as he lost his heart while prying at her.If she is pondering at submission of his apology ,he is captualizing at submission of her trust on him.Today ,Arnav Singh Raizada accepted his defeat with pride as he is victorious bringing her in his orbit of Heartbeat..which he is feeling along with her...on the other side...and if that is not the sign of love, then I wonder what is ?? ...

Khushi will tell her about Roca and the ring iss ungli ki nus seedhe dil ko jati hai[The nerve of this finger goes straight to heart]

Side notes...Buaji got even with her opponent.Mamiji who got her Nandkishores powers right on her face.as she got defeated by all meansNice touch of this nutty game of Krishna in between these two😊


Krishna is playing another funny game with Natraj to spread the scare,a warning.by making Scorpion tasting his own little scorpion right at his back ...

Got Ya!!!πŸ˜‰


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Teri Meri -Meri Teri [New 2017] wrote this last year on fb


They danced like there's nobody watching,

He Loved like you'll never be hurt again

He embraced pleasure while giving a pleasure.

They danced to the beat of their own hearts

He glanced, touched, caressed, awoke desires in her

Tangled every sensation of lovemaking in every touch

Lovers celebrated their love by admiring each other

They danced like there's nobody watching.



A song started for depicting their inner turmoil which Arnav was holding for some time till now...as The Music begins and the dance starts ...Khushi turns and seems she is ready to leave but Arnav holds on to her hand not letting her go with determination and she responds her turning her face.

He makes her twirl into his arms wants her to lean on him... ..and she follows and a small smile seeps on his face...Khushi avoids him and his intentions and tries to move away...

But Arnav is determined not letting her go away, continuingly expresses his state of mind openly.

He continued pouring his yearning desires at her by caressing her bareness and holding her in his arms securely trying to awake her trust in him again which he broke badly on Diwali

...and finally, she turns around and does put her hand in him...A smile perks with a peace and she glides all the way down putting all the weight of trust in him..." His yearning since from the beginning made him restless and today he can't stop expressing em and she feels that heat to her core.

He guides her and she glide her hand on his face as this is hard for her too...she gives in for a moment when he picks her in an air and then glissades her body against his visage...Their cravings for each other are burning both of them ...Today the river wanted to join the ocean.The ocean who couldn't dent this love any more , the ocean who wanted to merge by himself with this river of love...

But Khushi has been incinerated once,[Diwali] she walks away from him again ..but Arnav is trying to stop her from leaving, yet amazingly Khushi t responds back to his unsaid desires with raising hand..as she can't walk away from the magnetized pull of true Love.The love which keeps calling out to her, pulling her in its center...She walks back to him and holds his hand gazing attentively into his longing eyes while darkness prevails holding their yearnings only in between em away from the world, sharing the bond of trust.


fb post 2019


@TeriMeri  @Arshi

By ArshiHamesha

Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time like his heart was screaming that When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer to you. The time I spend with you I look upon as sort of divine one, a dim twilight under the stars one, as it is singing a song of life to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. My heart beats faster when I am near you, my love grows stronger as you touch my soul.I felt the heat and the passion when you fell in my arms and since then I started to love and trust this growing feeling of LOVE in me..and I wanted to give myself to it...All of it: The desire is consuming me and I know you feel the heat in every beat too. Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away, and all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart. There's this place in me where every touch of you is printed, your breath has kissed it many times, and your whispers softly echoed whenever you have called me... It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me. We efface the bitterness by passionate love, without twists, without an aftertaste. When it is finished, it is not finished, as we are still here in each other's arms lulled by our love, by tenderness -- sensuality in which the whole being can participate. 

Fingers clasping each pair of its mate... captivating each others' eyes ... and all the colors of the world pass through our bodies like strings of fire. I can no longer think of anything but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you. I grasp you, I kiss you, I caress you, a thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me.. My heart to you is given: give yours to me; We'll lock them up together throwing the key of all bad memories. I want to forget my very existence in a deep kiss of you... just let me kiss you forever...Can I???

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Love .An unrest feeling

Love is an unconditional passionate commitment or more precisely just a powerful feeling. Without the commitment, it is mere infatuation. Without the passion, it is mere dedication .But with both its a lethal sense on which you have no control  as "It doesn't have any facial expression but a soft tender feeling which can be explored by souls only.and when souls open its avenue to it,it becomes permanent attachment and a divine one.

 Episode starts with the needy one sided love which shows an attachment from Anjali side only.She puts herself in trouble to remove Shyams trouble and a over protective brother does the same.He gives up his room and throws the theory of rituals in the dustbin to keep her safe.I wish he knows this giant scorpion is way dangerous than the small one who still had some shame and respect as he kept his ego chin up before he bid bye to all

Family's love and affection with each other is developing slowly and at the same time the tussle in between Mamiji and Payal is taking a new shape of love which I have no name if u have let me know.But one thing is sure the tug of war is getting its grip...


Shyam's suspicious lusty eyes over Khushi are making him losing his control as her interests in siting Arnav is raging his anger.His un calculated moves in this desperation is providing clues over clues to NK.I must say CV forgot everything later to connect this during its dragging time Shyams character in these epis is too dry or may be the focus was just the lead yet this is my feeling as his character is coming on the surface to bring a rift so they want to show more developing strong Love and attachment in ARSHI.Shyam's infatuated Lust which he calls his  Love is just his dirty desire and nothing else..The way he looks at her and the camera shows us really boils my blood in my veins...[This is the first time I don't wanna take all shots...so disgusting...😑]

Bromance Love is awesome.Love Akash desperation here for seeing Payal and NKs manipulations over that couldn't stop smiling.He is so cute and indeed looks lovely in red saree with Payal Jhankar.Nice connection as he is taking message to pyayal or Is it a warning sign as an alarming one for him after Shyams clues? I wonder why didn't they connect this later.

My fav part.NK's Love got unwrapped not only in front of Buajis Nand Kishore but all the desi galsπŸ˜†

A nerve wrecked Khushi with her brooding agonizing thoughts of Arnav, walks in towards the RM main door.She is  trying  to alleviate her rising turbulent  emotions with her sugar pill Jalaibi but in vain.. She tries trust worthy resource, Devi Mayya to vent out her pressure as she always pursues DM's  intervention in the matter of trouble .She beseeches protection from her Love...her brave heart.How can DM refuse her child's request and in return sends the ' gust ' of wind to assure her his protector is here and that speeds up Khushi's Dhak Dhak process.She knows he is here around her. She takes a big bite of Jalaibi as a tonic of courage in her quivering state and gathers all her shaking nerves to move forward.


Arnav is coming to close the door and here she is in front of  his resuscitator.Arnav, who is the reason of her wrecking nerves by creating havoc in her emotions without sparing a moment . The Man of her dreams, her conscious thought is standing right in front of her...And here she is his goddess, his divine Love right in front of him..

Both are surprised to see each other throwing off guards yet getting intoxicated in each others presence.Arnav throws an interested look at her nervous ,quivering state.A gentle,sensuous"Hi" .send her tingling sensation which brings a stammering" Namaste "from her mouth and that rages his hormones into playful mode.

Hes keenly enjoying her nervousness.Her almost empty Jalabi box is reflecting her restlessness emotive state which exuberances his delightful look with inner peace.He mischievously decides to play with his lady love.He asks her innocently with his sleek smile ,saman daine aye ho[ Are you here to deliver the packages?] Khushi in her shaky state first denies and later realizes her mistake answers in acquiescence in her palpitating state.Her fidget state lights up his face with amused smile.

He is enjoying every bit of his lady love and her antsy ,fearing with her unstoppable racing heart beat which is provoking him to go further.Such a considerate lover he is...Yummilicious!!!

Khushi passes him nimbly and walks into RM,His delightful eyes never leaves her sight and he halts her by his Husky voice,Khushi
Khushi's heartbeat begins to race as she stop , turns around slowly ,reluctantly and looks at him. Her open book face is mirroring the tempestuous emotions running through her violent panting.A shrewd and incisive  Arnav makes his moves towards her under his constant radar piercing gaze without leaving his contact on her.He comes  right in front of her visage , without showing any of his plait of emotions escaping through his sharp eyes.He curls his lips with slight motion of his neck sheer amusement is reflecting through his face seeing his undeniable effect on her...must say what a predatory move before throwing his next ace.

 Arnav in his relaxed mode ,holds up a closed palm without showing the content to Khushi. He slowly takes  the bag from her hands to grab what he is holding in it with an illustration of such a cogitative move.He does not let his gazes down from her as he wants to see the effect of his touch now.He knows his Lady Love very well...either she can pant up his anger or she can melt which she is doing since last night .If her touch mellows him down till raging desires, His touch burns her to awake all the sensuousness in her.Arnav holds her hand without  breaking  his gaze from her articulated face which is eloquently expressing her state over his melting touch.

  Arnav hands back the earring which she had lost last night.Khushi in enchanted state by his spell stands there staring at him dumbfounded while Arnav delves for the reason of her innocent starring at him by keeping such an impeccable innocence in his expression...What an artful predator he is ?..He decides to back down from his torture after seeing her convoluted and bewildered state .She indeed is lost in his orbit circling around over his beats.

There is only way to revive her from this compelling state is strating sparring her , challenging her, altercating her and that's what  The  loving, considerate lover Arnav is doing here. He gains her senses back to normal by reminding her about the bet ,"Tum jeet gayein sirf meri wajhe seShart abhi puri nahin huwi".[You won because of meso bet has no meaning]...This rejuvenates Khushi in no time.She rapidly  begins to gather  all of her missing gadgets and fires back by declaring that since the Natraj statue is with her and that stands to logic that she has won clearly.She continues in irritation,"aapko kya lagta hain aapke hine na hone se humain farak padta hai"[What do u think ,your presence matters].Arnav is just getting his gears up for this show and The very next moment brings all the happiness and peace of the world to his mischief heart which was impatient to hear this for a long long time from her...She  retaliates  irately ,"aap humain itna satate hain keh khabi khabi hum DM se parathna karte hain keh aap humain nazar hi naa ayein.".[You torment me so much   that I pray to DM that I never  get to see you ..]...Her confession that he is residing in her mind ,in her thoughts, and her heart is not more than a treasure to cherish for his life.He has complacent satisfaction with these words to his ears like a sweet Jalaibis which she munched on and he got the double taste after kissing her...

 A panicked Khushi being unaware of the effect of her intoxicated words on him sprints in .being unable to pull her off from his magnetized attraction  gives him a turn look one last time just to increase her Dhak Dhak..as he is stirring it along with her.by leaving an averted and engrossed Arnav with her Visage in his mind and heart

Arnav told her the same words after yelling at her after the dress scene,"tumhain kya lagta hai mujhe tumhare hone na hone se farak padta then forget it"..They both really had indeed covered a milestone. 

During mehendi , she appears to be happy but preoccupied by her Maharajno wonder she didnt call him LG today ,not even once. Her heart is searching out for that man who never leaves a stone to trouble her..either physically or mentally.The moment Anjali utters Arnav's name,Khushis longing eyes begin to sweep the hall automatically for a glimpse of him.She misses his flitting eye contact, his gazes,his admiration for her just like he does. ..But Arnav  seems set on tormenting her further for he does not make an appearance ...

But Buajis Sanka,Parmeshwari, Paagals eyes constantly keep searching only her Parmeshwar, Maharaj, Natraj who is fulfilling her wish  "Hum prathna karte hain keh aap humare samne hi naa ayein"...as it seems he sets his mind on tormenting her further without his appearance as she always did to him which made him wish for.."yeh tadap keh rahi hai mit jayen fasle jo tere mere darmiyan hai yeh sare.."..[This intensity and longing just wants to diminish all the distance in between us]

The non stop and real dance of the Natraj has indeed begun...for eternity...

Two divine souls with one heart beat...❀️

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Episode 173

Changing in Love... 

Seasons changes and transforms into a new one but not giving one or two slap of its existence .The same is in the relations in our lives .Time comes and goes by with new season ,bringing new attire and meaning along with it by shaping and naming new relations .Epi 173 and 174 is all about shaping new season of relations in IPK for future.

My major grabber... as yesterday if Arnav was so concerned and protective towards his sister ,today he totally put her aside as love is changing and shaping a new season within him as ,"Chote woh woh cheesain karne lag gaye hain jo phele khabi nahin karte thay"[ Chote is doing things which he never did before]...At the same time Anjali who is married and have a hubby but instead of paying attention to her hubby she was crying for her Chote showing way too much concerned about his absencekind a strange...Hmmm...interesting...She never does that when Shyam doesn't respond or call back in his absence of weeks. One thing is clear no matter what kind of change is there, Arnav will always give more importance to Anjali than Khushi even if he has to accept that change forcefully.

Bromance brought another level of change in season to show that Akash is indeed in love with Payal but its a seasonal color as he can't stand by what he acquires for.His pointing at NK is indicating direction of his Love in upcoming blaming season . Though it seems a funny scene yet left a mark with me.

The biggest change which is not acceptable is from Mamiji side as she does not want to leave her status from DIL to MIL.

Payal who is stubborn in nature is changing her season willingly through sacrificing her true season in front of this experienced , shatir ,player without gripping its feet as this storm will bring a totally new season for her which is not healthy at all.She admits this later to Khushi, "Khushi tum bohat khush kismatho jo tumhain Arnv jaise pati mele" [Khushi ur lucky to have a husband like Arnavji]So typical of our societal picture is shown today which is not willing to change its season for years


Khushi's Dhak Dhak is keeping the Spring season around her all the time as she was looking her Natraj in each flower of his garden.She pleads to DM to keep him disappear as he makes her senses go on haywire and all she wants to see just HIM.Anjalis worries for Chote are becoming Khushi's worries now.

Love Khushi and her innocence..."unse kahain gey kya,What the..."[What will I say to himWhat The]...She breaths in to her ventilator Devi Maya for not listening her wish and dont make him disappear...That song is coming in my head after seeing Khushis conditionfrom Reshma"Hai O Raba nayu lagda Dil mera..."[My heart doesnt confined in any anything]


 Khushis condition is like fish without water,"aap bas wapis aa jaye... humain bohat fikar ho rahi hai...[Come back quichI am worried about you] and that's what he want's to hear. ...and while she is rehearsing her dialogues in deep convulsion"Hum ne jo kaha hamara who matlab nahin thaaap bas was aa jaye hum dil se maafi mangte hai...[I didnt mean what I said..Just come back..I apologize from the bottom of my heart]...

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                            Episode 174

                        Did you miss me?

Khushi's condition is like fish without water,"aap bas wapis aa jaye... humain bohat fikar ho rahi hai...[Come back quichI am worried about you] and that's what he want's to hear. ...and while she is rehearsing her dialogues in deep convulsion"Hum ne jo kaha hamara who matlab nahin thaaap bas was aa jaye hum dil se maafi mangte hai...[I didnt mean what I said..Just come back..I apologize from the bottom of my heart]... Her DM brings her Natraj ...on a speedy delivery with such a mesmerized smile with the meeting notes in the BG score...just killing one...!!!

The meeting score changes into Piano Rabba Ve with Dhak Dhak...which confirms his presence...Both share a look when she starts exercising her right on him that why didn't he tell anyone how,where,when did he go?...He raises his eyebrows with happiness and amusement but while seeing her worried condition ... he stops her with his concerned yet soft voice by using their sparring dialogue,"Kyuon Tumhain kya farak Padta hai mere jane se?"[Why does it matter to u?] She replies in agitation,"haan Farak Padta haihum kitne pareshan hain.".[Yes it matters..I am so worried..] He asks astounded and delightedly in a very soft tone"mere liye...". Khushi in her convulsion state yet loudly,"haan apke liye.."[Yes for you] He pulls the breaks off Khushis bullet train by walking towards her as a predator by interjecting her yet without losing his gazes at her,"Oh really... She realizes her actions while moving backward till she hits the glass tableand denies by stammering with quivering lips,"woh pareshan..hum nahin..Anjaliji"..{worried me no That was Anjaliji]

 One part of a loop is getting closed hereWhen 1st time Arnav asks her"Meri sagaey aaj ho ya saal badtumhain kys Farak padta hai ...Khushi denied that timebut Today when he asks ,she accepted it "Haan Farak padta hai...[yes it matters to me] and later on Airport she will do the same"Farak padta hai kyuonke baat aapki hai...[It matters because its about you]

 He was about to say something when Anjali comes right at the spot worried and cryingMy grabber is Arnav first looks at Khushi with his corner eye and then pay Attention to Anjali but with annoyance...hmmm...interesting

 second important thing Khushi does not leave the premises either...She stays there keep watching her Man...Which is not gone unnoticed by Arnav either..and that gives him a chance heating the air around her ears to stop her feet,"sab log mere liye itna pareshan kyuon hain..."[Why is everyone worried about me?].."..acha huwa mein gya pata tou chala mujhe kitna miss kiya jata hai.".[How much Im being missed while I wasnt here] .Khushi flees from there irritatingly after this sweet cue leaving him with his sweet smile trailing her down as always.He got Buajis titliya in his garden for forever.as his satisfied smile spreads bigger on his face while trailing her up.

Khushi comes to dinning table and get another nuke attack by the letter "A " in her Mehndi.Amazingly the screen shot captures the owner of this letter right behind the view of her hand...My grabber is Anjali is watching her closely...hmmm...Good news..

 Other hand Arnav gets worried and astounded hearing Khushis message...He is happy to know how much he matters to her but gets blanched hearing her distressed voice as usually.He never wants her in any convulsive state no matter what..

Since Guest house "Khushi" is his other half.No matter what happened,or comes later he will always be there to bring the smile on her face as her smile is his life.He gets aghast when she says "I am orphan again...."...When she gets disappeared after Pag Phere...when she burns herself when her Amma cuts her phone etc.. all These happen while he tries to hate her...which shows how much deeply he gets affected by her pain.Later What Khushi tells Amma about Arnavji during Preetu wedding in GH ,actually that was all true but he never realized it...

Small but cute scene of Akash and Payal...which gets interrupted by elder ladies and My grabber is He seeks forgiveness in a childish sound and gesture and that tells me he will never have guts to stand up on his feet.Mamiji is using every weapon in her command to make Payal weak psychologically.I don't know why Naniji is not using her ammunition in her case.


He follows her in the Kitchen to ease her pressure by harassing her more...What a charmer he is πŸ˜³

Khushi is trying to remove permanent written "A" on her destiny...when the owner himself comes to claim his rights..Her Dhak Dhak speed is faster than Ferrari right now if Makers wants to replace the engine with her heart beat...I think they won't get disappointed...

Arnav by mingling his heart beat with her facetiously, Khushi mein tum se baat kar raha hoon...[Khshi I am talking to you].He himself is in unbelievable state to see his luck too kind to him today.He inquires her curiously about her phone call which she completely denies it frivolously. He gets charming with his spell bounded moves to get her in the corner.

He takes out his Phone and makes her dumbfounded,"Tou tum itne pareshan thin keh tum ne mujh se maafi mangi..."[So you were so much worried that you have to seek forgiveness].She gives him a perturbed and questioning look like she is asking him,"Why I should be worried about you..." and he takes this his responsibility to make her calm ,"I was ok I didn't get disappear for no reason..." she gets stumbled by his gripping and compelling move but still keeps her feet on the same ground and totally denies his allegations and tells him..."It doesnt matter to me where were you..." 

Her feet may be firmly catches the ground yet her hand screams at him"A" mister look at me..When she denies this is not her voice, he sees his name in her palm, Since how many days he wanted to awake her feelings for him, how many sleepless nights he had to be near her and today, he was part of hers, right in her palm...oh, how much he wanted to hold her hand..

He grabs her hand firmly by keeping his piercing gazes on her without letting it go for a sec and points at her mehndi,"Agar tumhain farak nahin padta tou yeh kya hai..."[If it doesnt matter to you then what is this]She rebuffs his all theories and insists on having A in her name.

 Didn't she just said "hum pareshan hain...aapke liye" and all...No wonder why he is so amused by this letter A and couldn't forget it either.

"to, humare naam main bhi "A" Hai"

I have A in my name..

 He is completely impressed at the lengths she will go to play this game.. .So what ! Her name too has this darn letter A ... 

His eyes gleaming with twitching lips, arms crossed across his chest and enoying this explanation of this amusing information . 
"Really,"??, Tumharay naam mein "A" hai ? 
You have A in your name..

Khushi, eyes squinting,a true challenger, trying to find the right vowel for this wheel of fortune...and Yes !!! she found one! 

. Guptaaa ...AAA... Hit the Jackpot !!! 

 See ? An ending "A" ? 

 it makes perfect sense ! Right"

How can one argue with such brilliant invention...

NK comes and raises the bar of his anger which didnt go unnoticed by her either and she takes the full advantage of it,She goes with him for sitting besides him.Arnav couldnt let go off her sight smiling with NK.This jealousy is boiling his rage with restlessness.He axcused himself from the dinning table after giving her a threatening look "enough  already..."

Khushi takes a deep breath peacefully as she was hiding her convulsive state behind her extra chatting.She knew his state and his warnings through his eyes but her moment of peace didn't last longer.While Gupta ladies bids bye to Raizadas , Naniji reminds Anjali to give Bangles to Payal which are in Chotes room.Buaji insists Anjali to send Sanka Devi.Anjali assures her not to get scared as he will be busy in his conference call..Khushis feet follow her heartbeat while brain commands to stop em.

Other side Arnav is pacing back and forth trying shaking off Khushis laughing and extra attention to NK.He steps out to Eternal Heaven while his "heaven" knocks his door...


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