Police complaint lodged against Mohabbatein actress Kim Sharma for all

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Posted: 6 years ago
Mohabbatein actress Kim Sharma is facing
charges of assault reportedly filed by her
house help after the latter mixed up clothes
during laundry. The complaint was
registered as the non-cognizable offense
under sections 323 [Punishment for
voluntarily causing hurt] and 504
[Intentional insult with intent to provoke
breach of the peace] of the IPC at the Khar
Police station on June 27. The complainant
has also accused Kim of not paying her
Esther Khes, who is a Santacruz resident,
joined as a house help at the Khar
residence of Kim Sharma on April 27.
Explaining about the incident that
happened on May 21, Khes revealed that
she had apparently forgotten to separate
light and dark-coloured clothes during
laundry. After washing, Esther realized that
a black blouse bled into a white tee. While
she alleged that she immediately realized
her mistake and rushed to Kim to inform
about it, the actress fueled up with rage
and pushed Esther.
According to the complaint registered by
Khes, Kim was accused of yelling and
manhandling her. Reports suggest that
Esther accused Kim of pushing her out of
the house and even using inappropriate
words at her. Speaking about the delay in
reporting since the complainant registered
it over a month after the incident, it seems
that Khes was waiting for her salary.
Confessing about the same in recent
reports, Esther claimed that despite her
attempts, she didn't receive her pay from
Kim. Hence after giving it a final try, she
decided to take the help of police on June
On the other hand, Kim Sharma, who is
facing these allegations, has although
affirmed that she indeed did tell her house
help not to return to the house, she also
added that she didn't beat her. Kim allegedly
reasoned that owing to her mistake of not
separating whites and the colored clothes
during laundry, she had to face a loss of
clothes worth Rs. 70,000.
As for the accusations about salary, Kim has
apparently maintained in reports that she
generally pays the salary on the 7 of every
month. And considering the same, Khes too
was informed that she would receive her
remuneration on 7 .
On the other hand, Khes has also reportedly
expressed her grievances regarding the
matter as the police officials haven't
summoned her or updated her on the
progress of her complaint.



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Posted: 6 years ago
These people treat their staff so badly. 
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Posted: 6 years ago
So you will be prosecuted for yelling at your domestic help? (I am not talking about beating , just yelling)
Then ladies from almost every family in India would be in jail  😆