Preity Zinta was more beautiful Veer Zaara than Aishwarya Mohabbatein?

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Posted: 2 months ago

Now I am convinced Preity Zinta looked more gorgeous in Veer Zaara than Aishwarya in Mohabbatein.  There is a certain beauty to Preity which is not artificial.  What do you think? smiley38


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Posted: 2 months ago

Not at all.

Preity is never conventionally beautiful, neither in VZ nor in any other movie. She is at best charming and super cute, not stunning or beautiful.

And comparing her face beauty with someone like Aishwarya is not a wise thing (on this forum) if one is Preity's fan.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Veer Zaara as a movie 

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Comedy Crew

Posted: 2 months ago

both are beautiful but veer zaara was a better movie than mohabbatein at least the couple reunited

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Posted: 2 months ago

Aishwarya Rai gifs - Page 3 | Celebrity Fan Clubs | Aishwarya rai,  Beautiful girl makeup, Vintage bollywood

Apna Time Aayega

Dude seriously? Not to say Preity was not attractive. But way too cute to be called beautiful in my book. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

They both looked beautiful in those films.

Posted: 2 months ago


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Posted: 2 months ago

Preity was cute

Aishwariya was beautiful 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by: Stone-Cold

Preity was cute

Aishwariya was beautiful 

also aish can dance classical and modern way. preity cannot dance at all. But preity had this cute pretty bubbly personality which was fun to watch. Aish's beauty and dancing skills, preity cannot match sorry. 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Veer Zaara role needed a divine beauty like Aishwarya Rai but due to **** SRK's decision not to work with her anymore due to Salman fiasco she was replaced by Preity Zinta.

Infact Yash Chopra signed 3 films contact with Aishwarya during Mohabbatein days. She later did Dhoom 2 with them but Veer Zaara was written for her. 

Preity Zinta was cute but not beautiful by any standard. Yash Chopra had no other option when he couldn't get Aishwarya for Zaara first and then later he offered her Samiya's role.

Zaara was written for Aishwarya Rai. 

Simi Grewal in her talk show also talked about it. Their 2nd choice was Kajol who refused to do the role. Later they went to Preity, their 3rd Choice.

Yash Chopra always wanted to launch Aishwarya in his Darr. She infact did a screen test. Designer Neeta Lulla said, Aishwarya was to play Kiran when Sridevi refused the role but Aish was busy with Miss World pageant hence Juhi Chawla was taken.

Yash Chopra then gave Aishwarya a woman oriented film Kasturi but the film was shelved.

Yashji then signed her for Maine Toh Mohabbat Karli with SRK but the film was again shelved and Yashji did Dil Toh Pagal Hai.

Aditya Chopra was very determined to take Aishwarya Rai for Megha. She signed a 3 films deal with them.


Yash Chopra's next directorial

& a 3rd film.

Preity Zinta replaced her in Veer Zaara

Aishwarya was first choice for Kajol's Zooni role in Fanaa and Sushmita for Tabu's role in the film but Aamir Khan refused to work with Aishwarya and he proposed Kajol for the film. 

Aishwarya Rai could have achieved so much more in Bollywood if she didn't have any affair with Salman Khan.

That Salman Khan affair harmed her career to a great extent in Bollywood and that opportunity was grabbed mainly by Rani Mukerji but Preity Zinta also took some of Aishwarya's roles such as Zaara in Veer Zaara and Nisha in Koi Mil Gaya.

Offcourse Preity was perfect for Koi Mil Gaya but for Veer Zaara she came on board from nowhere suddenly due to circumstances.

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