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Originally posted by aishu007

Nice update maithu . 
So Rishab was really rowdy like how Madhu named him.. 

So avinash was a jerk... I love Tina's character here.. 
Rk is so mysterious.. Why he was suddenly interested knowing that Madhu is a doctor..?? 

What is the thing bothering him.. 
Loved the update.. 

Waiting for the next part.. 
Update soon.. 
Thank you so so much Aishu
Heee yes! He is Rowdy here
Glad you liked Tina
Well the reason will be out soon why he is in need of a doctor

Next part by this evening
Thank you
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Originally posted by harini_

Awesome update,
loved it,
Madhu-Tina shares a nice bonding,
So Avinash was a playboy,Rowdy came to beat him up,
Rowdy character is so mysterious,what's bothering him when he heard she is a doctor why he followed her,
waiting for more Rishbala moments,
thanks for the update
Thanks Harini so much for this lovely comment
Happy you loved this part and TiMa bonding
Soon you will get to know why he was following her ;-)
Thank you once again dear
See you
Posted: 2018-04-19T03:49:15Z
Originally posted by Sujitharajan

Superb update dear...Wow rk disturbed madhu's mind in first meeting itselfWink
Rk is a local don and he is a mystery man...Tina got some information about rk and she told about rk to madhu...Now rk was stopping madhu and i think he need a doctor to help someone...Waiting for the next part dear...
Thank you so so much dear
Well she being full of calmness that thing disturbed her LOL
Yup! A mystery man he is ;-)
Nice guess about him stopping Madhu
See you soon with the next part
Thank you once again
Posted: 2018-04-19T03:49:36Z
Originally posted by varshajoshi17

Superb update 
So rk is rowdy 
Thank you so so much dear
Heee yes Rowdy Embarrassed
Posted: 2018-04-19T08:32:10Z

Here is the part 4!

Link to the previous part : Part 3

Happy reading!


Part 4

"Are you a doctor?" he repeated with his one hand on my bike and other on his waist band.
Why is he asking this?
If he needed a doctor he could have gone to a clinic!
I forgot that he is a rowdy and it is not easy for him to go.
"Student!" I said with shaking voice.
His hand immediately went to his hair as he thought something with his eyes wrinkling in the corner.
And then he turned again towards me as my eyes traveled from his hand on my bike to his face, then to his car and with my alerted ears, I can hear someone breathing heavily inside that car.
Snapping his fingers in front my face, he brought me back to face him.
"What do you need to treat a bullet wound?" And I think my face was of seeing a ghost as he looked an 'Are you serious?' look.
A bullet wound?
I feel like fainting but then the person who has it might be an innocent. Yeah it must someone else, may be the person inside the car as the one standing in front of me looks strong and good. No trace of any attack.
And being a medical student and a person who wants to be in help of needed people, I can see if it's possible.
But then he is a criminal.
I can't judge him like that because he is a rowdy but then I can't also trust what all he says.
Why didn't he go to the hospital?
What a question is this? He is a rowdy and he can't go.
"What do you need?" he asked again in his rude tone.
And me with my shaky voice said the necessaries that may help the person feel less hurt when the bullet is removed.

But before that, I asked "Can I see the person?" little by little the fear is going away but still I don't want to trust him, I don't know why.
"Here!" he said as he held my wrist and pulled in front of his car back door and left my arm!
Rude rowdy! That is what he is.
Massaging the place he held, I looked inside the open door to see a man losing his consciousness.
"He needs to be taken care immediately!" I said as the doctor instinct kicked in.
"What all you need?" he looked worried a bit but not a lot.
"A place to treat him!"
"Here!" he showed the car.
Shaking my head "This will not be easy if it is here and there is need of few more things!" I said as I pulled the paper he was holding and scribed few more things as the wound is on his shoulder and for now it is not that deep.
As the hospital where I was as a trainee had a police case of same nature, I remember what all should be done.
Even before I could ask if he wants I will go and buy the medicines, he was already on my bike.
"Running is not an option for you now! Take care of him! I will be back soon!" he said and left with my bike.

If look could kill, I think he would have been dead by now as I wasn't planning to run.
Being a person who will think of humans as humans and not some machines, I can understand the need of saving someone whoever it might be.
Good or bad, it is not in the dictionary of Doctors!
But he could have asked me, my permission for taking my bike, but no?
He is using it as if it's his.
Hope in his speed he doesn't lose my bad and things.

As I turned back to the car, I can see the man inside taking his breath in long terms.
I went near him and adjust him in a position where his shoulder could be straight as it will be easy to remove the bullet.
And I heard my bike sound and I was right, he was back here, that rowdy.
"Did you have everything?" I asked taking the bag he passed to me and settled halfly on the passenger seat.
"Yeah yeah!" he replied strongly but then murmured something where I just captured few words "... threated that pharmacian ... these things"
I'm sure he threated bhaiya, should I go to visit him.
I will think of it later, now the case in hand.
With all the care I could, I threated my first ever patient.
But that was not easy with him being always asking "Is it done? Is it done?"
I wanted to shout 'This is not your dealing Rowdy!' but then I just said "I need to concentrate, please wait.'
And finally with time, I finished.
"I have given him anesthesia, the time he wakes up, he might have pain. Give him this pain relief tablet." He just looked at me without any reply, taking the tablets "I... I'm saying this but it's your choice. Take him to hospital for a checkup."
"I know what to do!"
"You didn't know to remove the bullet!" I murmured inside my mouth.
"You can go!" he said 
And my mouth fell open to the ground.

I did all these things.
Well it's my duty as a responsible person but then not even a thank you!
I didn't expect golds and diamantes from him but a simple word! Even Thanks would have made it.
Passing by me, he closed the door, went to the driver side, got in, closed the door and then looked at me.
"I saw your address! You are living in the second street from here! You can go by yourself."
Thanks for the information!
I didn't know where I lived.
"Where did you see?" I asked alerted.
"ID card!" he pointed starting the engine.
And I pulled the bag and opened it to check if everything was there.
"There is nothing to steal in it!" he commented and moved his car.
He is partially right, there is nothing more than my ID, 500 Rs and few emergency things in it.
Then is he a thief? He says there was nothing to steal there.
What was he expecting to steal in my things?
He is a rowdy and this will be the last time I'm seeing!
I will not even remember about him tomorrow!
A mannerless rowdy he is! And that is what he will always be! A ROWDY!


Thank you buddies for reading
Let me know what you all thought reading this part!
See you tomorrow!

Next part : Part 5

- Maithili

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Nice update
Posted: 2018-04-19T10:22:45Z
Nice update maithu.. 
Who was the man in that car..?? 
Why Rk was worried about him that much..?? 
He made Madhu treat that man.. Seems like that man is someone important to him.. 
Waiting for the next part dear :)
Posted: 2018-04-19T11:43:42Z
Awesome update
Loved it
RK made Madhu treat the wounded man and did not say thanks to her, Madhu decided not to see him anytime but that won't happen

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