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Originally posted by ananya2010

Awesome update
Loved it
RK made Madhu treat the wounded man and did not say thanks to her, Madhu decided not to see him anytime but that won't happen

Thank you so much buddy
Glad you loved it 
She decided to not come face to face with him but then, let's see if it happens LOL 
Next part soon dear 
Thank you Hug
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Originally posted by harini_

Awesome update,
loved it,
Madhu treated a wounded man,Rk is so much worried for him,who was that person,
Rk is rude he didn't say thanks to her for treating that person,
Madhu is sure that she don't meet him ever but that won't happen,
continue soon,
thanks for the update
Thanks Harini
Man is not that much of a mystery one, soon in 2 or 3 updates, you will know
Rowdy had to be rude or not? Wink
As you said future has some other plans for them LOL
See you soon with the next part
Thank you
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Originally posted by maangeet.gmmg

great update
Thanks dear Hug
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Originally posted by maangeet.gmmg

superb update
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Originally posted by varshajoshi17

Superb update 
Who was in the car ??
Thanks dear
The person in the car will be soon revealed!
Thank you
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Originally posted by Sujitharajan

Superb update dear...Who was the man in rk's car?...Rk wanted to save his life so he made madhu to treat him...
Rk never says thanks to anyone...I am sure rk is a rowdy but he is not a thief...Waiting for rishbala's another meetingWink The story is very interesting dear...I am eager to know about rk...
Thanks buddy
Happy you liked it 
Soon the man will be revealed dear 
Heee supporting RK ,  I see LOL 
Soon the next meet ;-)
Thank you
See you soon

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Originally posted by --Evil_Angel--

Awesome update dear maithu..
Rk is as expected rude..
Didn't said thanks..
But made her treat the man..
Very interesting..
Loved it..
Cont soon.. !
Thanks dear for this lovely message 
Happy you liked the story!
Soon will update
See you
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Hello buddies!

Thanks for all the positive responses for this story!
I didn't think I will get these much responses!
Thank you!

Link to the previous part : Part 4

Happy reading!


Part 5

The time I reached home, my parents were already there, waiting anxiously for me this the first time I'm coming back home late without giving them any prior message.
So that was the time to tell them the truth but not fully.
Lying is not my way.
So just truth but not entirely.
"Helped a person who was in need of treatment on the street, on the way back home Maa!" I said passing her medoc "I'm tiered! Can we have dinner?" And without any other question, after I got freshen up, we all catches on our day except the fact that I excluded the rowdy part entirely.
And that was of not a big deal as I'm not for sure going to meet him!

But the thought of his face, his rude behavior, his way of treating me and especially him going through my bag was just not acceptable.
The thing is I'm used to be respected! And that is the reason I keep on thinking about his way of dealing with me even when I really don't want.
Ok! I'm forgetting him and sleeping!
Sleep! Come and take me for now!
Hello sleep!

I'm keeping on turning on my bed since half an hour and sleep is not yet near my eyes!
Okay! Going to use my Maa's technique.
I think it is the Maa mantra of every mother in this world 'Close your eyes and sleep will come automatically!'
And several thoughts started to run in my head and then I slept!
Don't know when but slept.

As usual the day was going from the morning and today, Tina said she will directly join me in the library after her fancy shopping.
So we went together from her house and then I dropped her in front of library and carried on with my work.

Who is calling me now! I thought to myself while pulling out my vibrating phone from the bag.
"Haan Tina!" seeing her name flashing, I picked her call and talked as calm as possible in a way only the person on the other side of the phone can get.
"Okay I'm coming!" I cut the call.
She is in need of money as she left her purse at home.
So closing the books and notes, putting all of them back inside my project bag, I asked the librarian to take care of it as I exited the library.

Crossing the road, I went towards the street not far from the medical shop and made it to where she was.
"Thank god you are here to save Me." she exclaimed.
I shook my head as I pulled the purse and handed the money to her and waited for her to pay and get her things.
When I turned towards the road, my eyes stuck to the faces of two men!
One that I never wished for and one I'm happy to see as he was not in a good condition last time I saw.
And I can see that his eyes were also on me as he called the man near him and pointed towards me and said something.
What is that rowdy telling to him?
Why in this world I have to face the person I didn't want to see?
I thought I forgot him for this day but no, he is in live to make me remember that I can be get used to rude behaviors.

And the next second, the man who I treated yesterday looked at me with an expression I can't say what it was.
He got up and the man by his side, the rowdy also got up.
"Shall we go?" Tina asked but my eye sight was fixed on the men coming towards me, us.
"Isn't he the one we saw at our college?" Tina commented pointing them "And the one with him was also there that day!" she added. "Why are they pointing at you and talking?"
I pulled down her hand and pulled her inside the shop so that we could escape from them.
"Why are you stressed?" she asked again.
"Can't you stop asking question?"
"If you give me the proper answers, I will!"
I looked behind and they were at the entrance of the shop with still their look glued to me, I can Cleary say that.
"Madhu! Are you okay?"
I wish we can disappear from here.
Why are they here?
The guy I treated yesterday isn't even smiling at me for anything.
Feel like a feeling of fear is creeping my body.
I should not feel like that as I didn't do any bad thing but then it is not going away.
And they are closing in towards us.

With all the tension I was going through, my Tina was adding oil into fire by asking questions and questions without any gap.
I can't open my mouth.
The guy who was by the side of rowdy looked at me curiously.
And the rowdy with no expression.
Then the other guy pulled up a bit of his shirt in the back as he was standing just at the arm distance.
And then he pulled out the knife and studied it as my mouth dropped down with Tina going all mum.
And as I looked at the rowdy, she was smiling at me. 
No not smiling but smirking!
But why?

"What" I started and even before I could complete or pronounce the second word, the knife entered my body as the man said "I'm used to hurt the person who saves me!"
As I looked down at the place where the knife was, blood started to come out in a greater speed than I thought as I screamed my lungs out.


Thanks buddies for reading this!
Sorry for leaving here but I don't want to continue more in order to satify my evil mind ;-)
Let me now your views!

See you!

Next part : Part 6

- Maithili

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