RishBala SS : Viraha (Part 7 - 25/06 - P: 17)

Posted: 2018-03-05T08:50:10Z
Hello buddies!

This story will see it's first part only after I finish the pending ones.
I'm posting the SP for now as to write the idea somewhere and to be sure that I get to finish it one day.



A hindi word with meaning:
The realization of love through separation

Her definition of love:
Love is freedom!
Love is trust!
Love is you!

His definition of love:
Love is waste!
Love is cheat!
Love is none!

Will there be a time when their definitions of LOVE become one?



Thanks for reading.
See you!
Love you all!

- Maithili
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Life is not that easy when happiness comes with struggles. Or might I say, struggles comes along happiness.
Years has passed since a long but still I feel I met him just yesterday.
Yesterday! No! Not yesterday! Its been almost 4 years.


She hurriedly came out with her bag in one hand and shawl in another.
"Can't you wake up earlier to get ready?"
Putting the bag in front, she climbed behind me "I wish we were on holidays every day of my life!"
Shaking my head "You are laziness personified!"
Showing all her teeth, she thanked me as we made our way towards our college.


"Excuse me!" I called the man who was passing by me "Sir!" he was still moving forward not carrying about anything "Black shirt stop!" I ran towards him and stood in front of him, catching my breath "Here!" forwarding the purse which fell down from his pocket when he was putting something inside.
Looking at me, with his black shades on and then at my extended hands, he pulled his purse with a force that made me to stumble.
... I murmured "Rowdy!"


Thank you for reading!
It might be confusing but you will get hopefully something different with this SS.
All guesses welcomed!

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If new buddies, just like this post and add me to your buddy list!

See you!

- Maithili


Posted: 2018-03-05T09:34:37Z
Another storyDancingSilly
Sneak-peek seems quite interesting..
Can't wait to read more..Tongue
Update soon..

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Posted: 2018-03-05T10:57:01Z
Congrats on the new story,
Interesting sneak-peak,
continue soon
Posted: 2018-03-05T18:38:25Z
Congratulation for the new story
Posted: 2018-03-05T19:49:56Z

Very interesting..
Cont. Soon !
Posted: 2018-03-05T20:49:26Z
Congratulations  for new story 
Sneak peak is interesting 
Posted: 2018-03-05T23:08:23Z
Interesting arrogant RK 

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