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Nice update maithu.. 
I think the man Madhu had met is Rk.. 
He seems arrogant.. 
Waiting for the next part.. 
Update soon.. 
Thank you so so much dear!
Your guess is right
Next part in few minutes
See you
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Sorry for the delay!
Here is the next part!

Link to the previous part: Part 2

Happy reading!


Part 3

"He is rude!"Tina commented as she came near me.
I should agree to her.
"Come!" and she pulled me with my hand, directing towards college.
I just followed her like a statue.
Well sometimes mind get to block on something and take time to work on and here, it's a lot more than than just few minutes.
I was in all classes but my thoughts were like 'Why did he behave like that to me? Who is he?' And then, I chided myself to concentrate on classes.

And the answers for that questions came in the form of rumour through my gossip lead Tina!
"You know what? The guy we met this morning, he came here to beat Avinash but left him with just a warning for troubling a girl in his locality." as we were heading back home.
I looked at her with lots of expressions as for 
1) She was talking all goody things about Avinash yesterday
2) She was at his house yesterday and she even said that the party went super well
3) Who is the guy she is speaking about now?

Getting my questioning gaze, she looked up at me and replied:

"Do you remember the purse wala(guy)!" I nodded "Him! He is a rowdy! A local don!" I looked at her with a questioning look "And I'm sorry for asking you to consider that waste fellow Avinash!" with a sad face "I didn't know he was like that! He was treating all of us so well yesterday, during the party! I didn't know he was a playboy"
I went to her side and side hugged her "It' okay yaar!"
"And you know what that man came here to hurt him but ended up by just warning him saying 'You escaped being in a place where books rule!'" and we got on my bike.
I'm not interested to know about him, so just hummed as she continued "He even brought a knife with him! It's when he was putting it back in his pocket that his purse got out."
"Oh I see!" Whatever he was putting, that is none of my business. But for my friend, it is not. Whatever things are interesting, she goes to the dept of that information to get everything. 
"No one knows his name as he is just adressed as Bhai even by elders!"
"Is our tomorrow's subject about him?" I asked sarcastically.
"Not ours but mine! I heard he is a mystery! A dark one, just like his dress!" and going into her thinking mode "I think he is new to this city else Papa would have known about him and talked at home!" And here is the another reason why rowdies intrigues her, she is a daughter of a constable and uncle talks about his every day work at home and I think she didn't hear about him. "I feel like he came here as an escape for his previous crimes or something."
I was thinking about him whole day, I mean almost whole day but the moment she started to talk more and more about him, I feel like there is some sort of negative thoughts creeping up my mind, regarding him.
"But then how come he came here for a girl of his locality! May be someone complained to him!" and she started to question and answer herself until we reached home.

"No yaar! Feeling tiered of thinking a lot! you go!" she said getting down from the bike.
"Okay!" I said as I pulled the bike past her house to enter mine.

And as yesterday, today also I was in library but for my own studies.
I'm doing research on medicines for cancer.
And for that a lot of works have to be done and that is what I'm doing!
Once finished, on my way back to home, I have to get pain relief for my Maa, for her feet from the medical shop opposite to the library.

Locking my bike, taking my bag, I got down from my bike and went towards the store when I noticed the same man from this morning, he was in a thinking mode.
If I can say, he was stressing himself for something, that is how it feels to see him.
He was not far from Brahim bhaiya's medical shop.
Not wanting him to catch me looking at him, and it is none of my business to watch him, I diverted my eyes from him as I stepped in front of Brahim bhaiya.
"Oh Madhu! How are you dear? How is your studies going on?" bhaiya asked.
"I'm good! You?"
"Everything is perfect! So when is this doctor going to open a hospital?" and from the corner of my eyes I can see the man turn sharply towards me.  Did I do something? No, then?
"After my studies bhaiya! I came to get Maa's ointment." I said not wanting to spend a lot of time here as a feeling of fear entered mine with the memories of what all Tina said this evening. It is the same  feeling stare as this morning! Like riping my skin off.
"Just a seconde!" he said as he disappeared in the shop.
Each second was like a year as he enclosed his steps towards the car behind my bike. I could see him. I could feel his stare on me.
Am I imagining? How can I turn to check? I will be get caught? Leave it! It's none of my business.
May be I should divert my eyes but then my mind is not listening.
"Here it is!" Bhaiya said passing the paper bag that I took immediately and passed him the correct amount of money that I have already prepared.
"See you bhaiya!" saying this, without turning on his side, I directed my steps to my bike as another person came to the shop.
I don't know why I'm tensed but I feel like it's not the right time to be all free around.
Reaching the bike, putting the bag in it, I climbed and started my bike and the car behind mine too started.
Oh no!
Speeding my engine, I moved and the car roared behind me!
This is not what I was expecting.

As I turned on the first street, the car was not behind me, it went on right!
I relaxed and left the breath I was holding.
And now I think I did the wrong move as the car was stopped in the middle of that street and all I could think of turning back my bike.
The moment I started to turn, he got down, the moment I started to turn, my bike was held captive.
"Are you a doctor?" he asked from behind.
I want to go away from here.
Leave me please! I wanted to scream.
"Rishab!" a man called from inside the car the moment I faced the man, the rowdy who stopped me from moving away.


Thank you buddies for reading!
Hope you all liked it!
Well, from now on I will try to make 50% of each part with our hero and heroine even if other characters are there!
Let me know your views!

Thank you!
See you tomorrow!

Next part : Part 4

- Maithili

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Posted: 2018-04-18T09:35:36Z
Awesome update
Loved it
The local rowdy is Rishab or someone else
Curious to know

Posted: 2018-04-18T10:34:28Z
Nice update maithu . 
So Rishab was really rowdy like how Madhu named him.. 

So avinash was a jerk... I love Tina's character here.. 
Rk is so mysterious.. Why he was suddenly interested knowing that Madhu is a doctor..?? 

What is the thing bothering him.. 
Loved the update.. 

Waiting for the next part.. 
Update soon.. 
Posted: 2018-04-18T22:25:00Z
Awesome update,
loved it,
Madhu-Tina shares a nice bonding,
So Avinash was a playboy,Rowdy came to beat him up,
Rowdy character is so mysterious,what's bothering him when he heard she is a doctor why he followed her,
waiting for more Rishbala moments,
thanks for the update
Posted: 2018-04-18T23:59:07Z
Superb update dear...Wow rk disturbed madhu's mind in first meeting itselfWink
Rk is a local don and he is a mystery man...Tina got some information about rk and she told about rk to madhu...Now rk was stopping madhu and i think he need a doctor to help someone...Waiting for the next part dear...
Posted: 2018-04-19T00:19:27Z
Superb update 
So rk is rowdy 
Posted: 2018-04-19T03:15:26Z
Originally posted by ananya2010

Awesome update
Loved it
The local rowdy is Rishab or someone else
Curious to know

Thank you so so much dear
Happy you loved this part
Well the local rowdy that was described by Tina was that black shirt guy and that is the same person Madhu meet now ;-)
Soon the next update be here
Thank you

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