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Nice part..loved it ..poor geet going theough ao much...maan is in his wirld of pari...geet going to HP for nandini wedding and ahe is thinking not to return back..hope maan soon fund abiut his pari isse pahele kahi bahut der na hojaye ..eagerly waiting for the next part 

Thank You for your encouraging comments dear Smile..wait and watch Wink
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emotional update
maan is so stupid and rude
geet is leaving
cont soon

Oh... welcome to ORP Thank you for your lovely comments dear Hug

thank youSmileHug
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Nice story
Loved it
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Nice story
Loved it

Hi Dear ...welcome to ORP Hug
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Sad update. Both were forced into this marriage but he misunderstood whole situation and poor soul suffering... 
Waiting for next Wink
Or koi thanks nahi pm k liye coz mujhe mila hi nahi Tongue LOL


Pakka..Mail nahin mila hoga...Kyon ki mujhe UPDATE PMs bhejke 3 mahine se jyaada ho gaye hain LOL...I couldnt send mails inspite of updating..will be sending it this week. Embarrassed

Very very hectic schedule this week Ouch...

Thank you for your sweet comment for PART 2 my dear Hug. I have made some additions in emotional self thoughts and some modifications here and there...Smile

Thanks dear...Big smile
I m good dear and waiting for your update... O re Piya is cute and I am waiting to know what you planned for both WinkDay Dreaming
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(Please excuse editing mistakes...will correct it one by one)

Geet gives one last peep into the Mansion...the same point where she was taken an arthi and asked to welcome into this place almost a year ago...and She takes a sad sigh... She bids Good bye to all before taking her backseat of the car that drives her to Hoshiyarpur.


Back to MAAN:

(Just after his workout session and his encounter with Geet)

He walks out of his Gym and  he getsinto his room all angry and fuming...and rush to take a shower...DAMN!!! ThatGanwar?? How dare she?

He is still lost in that touch..and breathing heavy...He snaps out of his thought...NO...NO WAY...

I can permit only my PARI totouch me as she is the one who touched my soul...I will meet her one day and Iwill never let her go...NEVER.

He is standing under the shower and closing his eyes..he again feels Geet'shug.. He could feel her cheek and her heaving chest leaning on his back andcould feel her soft palm making its way to his bare upper body...That incidentrepeating again and again in his mind...as if she is still standing behindhim  under this shower and repeating heracts... But his mind asks a very strange question..."why her hands were sosoft and so very gentle?" This is the first ever time he is getting to feel allthis... He rubs his upper part of his body rigorously under the shower as itsburning him with some unknown desire...NO NOTHING CAN ATTRACT ME TO ANY OTHERWOMAN... He consoles himself but nothing seems to work out...

He walks out of his shower wiping his hair...he is a bit calm now as if theshower water has reduced the fumes exhaling from his body. He rolls his eyes ashe recalls that ever since she has stepped into this home she had maintained thesafe distance and in this one year she never crossed his path. There werefew  times she walked into his room totell something or the other  but eachtime she did that, he shouted at her or insulted her and slowly she stoppedstepping into his room. Then what happened today?

He recalls what she told him whilst hugging him... "Aap Aa gaye? Patahain Main Aap ki Raah Dekh Rahi Thi?". Her tone was filled with innocenceand emotions. This was the first ever time she spoke like this...He getsrestless now as if she was emotional about something and he didn't even permither talk? He remembers her voice getting heavy and may be tears rolled down from her eyes but it got mixed with his sweaty body at that time...He again closes his eyes... Aakhir kya wajah ho saktha hain? when she did something like thiswhich she never dared to do before, then...there must be some valid reason.Damn..I couldnt find my PARI for the last one year and I showed all my frustrations on this Girl? What ever said and done she had respected his decision to and never ever crossed his path..He pushes his hair and again lost in all that hadhappened in the Gym...and some kind of regressive feeling that he should have dealt with the situation calmly and shouldn't have shouted at her like this...

DAMN...I really over reacted today...I must tell her sorry. Let me try and findout if something really bothering her. He slowly makes his way to Geet's  room andstops himself at the door...After stepping out of that room on their so calledsuhagrat, he never even for once visited here. The door is closed and he bringshis right hand forward to knock on it but unable to...he waits and composes forfew more seconds and finally knocks on the door but all he gets in return is acomplete silence. After knocking the door 2-3 times, he gently opens the doorto peep inside but she wasn't there.

Kahin woh Ghar chodke tho nahin challi gayi??? No...No I know she wontleave like that. I have to find her but how?? Just then he realized he doesn'teven know how she looks as he has never even looked at her even once ...Herestlessly takes his mobile in his hand to call her...but strangely, he doesn'teven have her mobile number...Now he has realized what a fool he has made outof himself... What's her name? Thanks god, he knows her name...GEET...Now, whomshould he check on this? What will he tell Daadi now? He cannot even enquirewith any of the servants as the news will somehow reach Daadi..and alreadyDaadi is more than upset with him.

He runs around madly checking each and every passage & corridors,Balconies and when he doesn't find her...he peeps into all the rooms one by one...especially the Gym where he left her behind... he comes down, goes back tothe garden area, kitchen..and so on...but he didn't find her. He is running throwhole lot of confusions now.


Back to Daadi-Shanti

Just after Bidding Good Bye to Geet... Daadi gathers all information aboutall what happened between Maan and Geet. Shanti is not able to decide whetherto tell it or not...Either ways, it leads to problems only and she decides totell Daadi...

Shanti told her all what happened between Maan - Geet and how Geet litterally collapsed after his behaviour...and Geet couldnt even bid Good bye to him because of his behaviour...Hearing all what shanti had said,  Daadi holds on her chestand sits down on the sofa next to her. Shati gets her a glass of water and rubs her chest and back...

Shanti: Memsab...should I call Doctor now?

Daadi: Dont worry...I am fine...Unfortunately, I am still alive afterhearing all this...

Shanti: Eisa mat boliye...Dhekiye..sab tik ho jaayega.

Daadi consumes a glass of water in one go and takes a long sigh and seems to be a bit relaxed now...but still she is really disturbed with all what's happening in her Grandson's life and more than him, she is worried for Geet now.

Shanti is not able to comment anythingfurther..Just then Maan walks down the steps and about to pass thro theentrance and he stops seeing Daadi and Shanti...He was expecting Daadi to be in her room and wondering what is she and Shanti doing in the seating area near the entrance of KM...could sense somedisturbances between them.

Maan takes blessings from Daadi and Shanti leaves them alone and  she didnt even utter a single word with Maannor she adressed his mere presence. It has never happened like this till date and that too after him coming back after a one month long trip..."Shantima"..that's how even he addressees her as right from his younger days,Nakul kaka and Shantima have bought him up and took care of him especially duringthe times when he lost his parents and Maan has great respect for both. Buttoday, both Nakul Kaka and Shantima have completely ignored him.

Daadi: Jeethe raho beta and she just takes a long sigh and continues...I amvery tired of ...she gulps as she decided not to further argue in matter ofGeet as its leading no where. I am going to sleep. Good Night...

Maan could sense she is just trying to avoid him as always whenever hereturns back from a long trip, his Daadi would be so curious to know so many thingsand for this she will stay awake regardless of the time.

Maan: Daadi...wont you sit for sometime and talk to me?

Daadi: There's nothing left to talk beta she takes a long sigh...you mustalso be tired. you finish your dinner and please go to sleep. Waise bhi kalsunday hain..so...take good rest. No one will bother you.

Daadi is talking too coldly  tohim...Maan is really not able to take her coldness...and why did she say"No one will bother you?" . Is she referring to Geet? He is really lost in her thoughts now.. He thinksseriously and never found her to have bothered him... She had really did a goodjob in keeping herself away from him apart from today...and...he just closeshis eyes to feel all what had happened in the Gym... He is scanning the entireground floor if he could get one glimpse of Geet. He is sure that she hasn't leftthe place and if she would have left, then the security guard would haveinformed him or Daadi. But still he could sense some kind of a silence hoovering over entire Khurana Mansion nowwhich is further hitting him...He is really tired with this trip and decides tomeet Geet next morning.

But there's no peace even at night, even his tiredness has lost in front ofhis restlessness...he is now all thinking about Geet...her hug..her touch..."PATA HAIN MAIN AAP KI RAH DEKH RAHI THI???" He hers her huskilytelling this near his ears...and he wakes up from his shallow sleep again.What's happening to me? On one side, that Pari is playing with my mind for thelast one year and now Geet...he is breathing so heavy...He checks the time andits 5:00 AM in the morning. He again moves to Gym and does a regourous workout session...he istensed...confused and restless. again this place is reminding him of all what happened yesterday night...and Geet's voice is still echoing here...He stops with the kick boxing what he has been doing and tries to calm  himself...I have to meet her...HAVE TO...He finishes with his shower and again get backto Geet's room

Maan goes again restless as he couldn't find Geet in her room. Even thoughthey maintained the safest distance and never came on each other's ways, hewould get distracted with her with the sound of her anklets and the clinging ofher glass bangles, Her giggles and out of the blue he would have heard hervoice...like she talking to Daadi, or Shanti or any other servants but again...YES...Her voice was really sweet which he never gave a serious considerationtill date...but there has been a complete silence ever since all what has happened in the Gym...he is really feeling as if he is living in a no man'sland even though people are moving around him. He is really despirate to meether for atleast once and apologise for his behaviour for yesterday but not able to find her anywhere and all negative thoughts are coming to his mind.

He finally decides to confront Daadima gathering all his wits and he movestowards her room. There's no other way left...what if Geet has left this place without telling anyone? He has to meet Daadima personally and inform her.

Today, Daadi decided to spend most of her time in her room asGeet is not here and the emptyness outside would eat heralive. Daadi gets alarmed seeing Maan entering her room.. Of late therehas not been much of personal talks between Maan and his Daadi for the obviousreasons known to both but looking at Maan today, she feels some changes in himas if he has too many things to talk  andunable to make a start

Maan: Good Morning Daadi

Daadi: Good Morning Beta

Maan: Daadi ..I ..I wanted to confess something...

and he immediately gets into a silent mode dipping his head and his eyesnot daring to look at his Daadi...but he has to continue where he just left andtake all what it comes from her...

Daadi could really sense some disturbance in him since yesterdayevening...is it because of all what happened between him and Geet? Does hereally care about the outcome? She is getting curious every sec to know what hewants to say or confess.

Daadi: I am listening beta...please tell me what's in your mind...

Maan: Woh Daadima...I...Geet...woh main...he is not getting rightsentances. I had shouted at Geet yesterday as she..she...

he closes his eyes and utter shocked to hear his Daadi completes hissentance.

Daadi: As she hugged you?

Maan just couldnt believe what he heared and his head dipped inembarrasment.

Maan: I..am not finding her anywhere...I wanted to..

Daadi finally opens up herself and she gets out of her bed ...stands close to him and starts shouting at him

Daadi: WHAT YOU WANTED TO ? haan? Boliye Maan? If anything else left thenplease continue...but for that you leave to Hoshiyarpur...jaayiye naa maan...aur nikaliye apna bhadas us bechari par...Let her maternal home alsowitness what their daugher has been going thro in this home..

Maan: Daadima... Kya kaha aap ne? She went back to Hoshiyarpur? How couldshe just go like this? Without telling me?

Daadi: That's what Geet wanted to meet you and tell you but once again youmanaged to win over her. You never even allowed her to say what she wanted tosay...or express herself.

He couldnt frame exactly what Daadima is trying to say..

Daadi: Haan..she was eagerly waiting for you...to meet you once beforebidding Good bye to you and leaving to her maternal home...

Maan is astonished to hear this...he is really rooted  to the ground.

Daadi: She couldn't take this pain of separation...you are coming back fromyour business trip after one long month and at the same moment...she had toimmediately leave and the fact of being away from you for another month wasreally hurting her...that's why the moment she got to see you..she hugged you.

Maan walks back and almost cornered to the wall...

Daadi: In this one year this is the first time she is going to her maternalhome...she has her final year exams and she has to attend her cousin Nandni'swedding.

Maan: Exams??

Daadi: Haan...us anpadh Gawar ladki ko BA Final exams dena hain.

Daadi is pricking him with his own words now...Another shocker for him...BAFinal? He was thinking she doesn't even have any basic education...What made himassume these things?

Daadi: Geet was so right. You dont know anything abouther...NOTHING...Absolutely NOTHING. Aur waise bhi...what will you do knowingabout her? Haan? Let me tell you one harsh reality...and you too will very soonrealise this... YOU DONT DESERVE GEET!!

Maan: DAAADI.. Daadi's words are litterally hitting him..

Daadi: Now she is away for one month...or may be she wont even come backhere.

 Maan nods for NO in a way notwilling to accept or face her absence here for ever.

Daadi: Maan...this is the time for celebration for you ...you havesuccessfully achieved what you wanted to achieve...

Maan: Please eisa mat kahiye Daadima...Main tho bas...

Daadi: Aap hi ne kaha tha na Geet se... "DOOR RAHO MUJHSE"...LoHogayi wo aap se door...Shayad Hamesha keliye.

He further walks back towards the wall behind...not able to swallow his own words which he had poured out on Geet on the previous day.

Daadi takes a sigh, calm down her anger and continues...Now, you are free again..YOU and only YOU...This is the biggest achievement of your life...now enjoy your life to the fullest... she tells this and turns herself away from him..

Maan clenches his fist and hits on the wall..He has been wrong..completely wrong...and he lifelessly moves out of Daadi's room as he is lost...lost himself...What has he gone and done? His memory goes back to the previous night. Geet came to bid him goodbye and somewhere she lost in her feelings to an extent that the moment she got to see him she hugged him and her hug clearly expressed how much she needed his warmth, care and pampering at that moment and all what he did is he shouted at her ruthlessly..... She might have left this place with so much of bitterness...How will he ever face Geet now? The fact she is going to stay away from him for one month is killing him...the fear of losing her forever is ripping him into pieces..

He drives out rashly...and he reaches a lonely place...comes out of his car and just screams his heart out... and it echoes back to him as if he is screaming at himself. he just sat there for hours...All alone.

PRECAP: Has he really achieved what he wanted?

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