MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 21

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(AUTHOR NOTE: I have never been to Shimla and it still remains my dream destination. But I have written down my personal experiences of places that I have visited like Ooty, Kodaikanal and Munnar.)

He again shakes hand with her..THANK YOU GEET...So, see you tomorrow...๐Ÿ˜Š

G: Hmm.. will call you when I am out of college...

Both of them exchange their contact details.

At Pinky- Geet home on same day:

Pinky returned home at 9:00 PM. Both sit for Dinner session...Today, Pinky was all happy..Geet is sure that Pinky didn't screw her date today

G: Arre Pinky, curious to know how was your day?

P: Hmmm...We went out to watch movie in a multiplex..It was so much fun...I had only one full medium bucket of Popcorn and a juice...that's it...The movie got over around 6:00 PM...And then me and Aadi were strolling around the mall...he got me a nice handbag..its in my room now. Will show it to you later...

G: Tik hain Tik hain...aur aage batao... (OK OK..Now tell me what happened ahead?)

P: At 7:00 PM we just had some bite in the chat shop..and then we went on a drive and had a mini walk around the market and we shopped small small things...

G: Aur dinner nahin kiya? (And you didnt have dinner?) ๐Ÿ˜ฏshe asks amusingly as she is not able to believe what Pinky is saying ๐Ÿ˜„

P: No yaar...I know if I insist on dinner then, it will eat off 2 hours of our precious time...As I promised myself, I didnt want to trouble Aadi today...Poor guy, he was still insisting for it but I said a clear No Pinky holds Geet's hand...sach main Geet..Thanks yaar...Today I actually enjoyed more than yesterday...๐Ÿ˜

G: Woh tho saaf dik raha hain..tumhare chere par...๐Ÿ˜‰ (Oh yeah..I could read it clearly on your face)

P: shoud have seen Aadi. He was all happy . Pinky is all excited today.

G: I am so happy for you both...God bless. Hmm..

P: Now You tell too look all happy today...Kya huva?

G: Nothing like that Pinky...By the way, You remember that stranger I was mentioning you?

P: Hmm..

G: Its none other than Maan...Who is incidentally Aadi's friend whom he introduced us today...I couldn't tell you that time and later you went out with Aadi..Geet shares further all what happened...and Pinky has been a good listener..

G: I mean, he is a very nice guy. I dont want to see his trip getting spoilt you see.

P: Geet..I dont know what to say in this regard but take care and please dont hurt yourself unnecessarily...Waise woh ladka wake main acha hain...Aadi was also talking positive about him...but only one problem and I dont want to remind you now. Pinky holds her hand and talks further...And so far as you are happy, I am happy my dear.

Geet again smiles and Pinky could easily guess the difference in her smile today it has all new glow added to it..and its very clear that Geet is in love with this guy. But worried what consequences it will lead her to.

It was time to sleep...Geet still has that red rose which was kept in the window side. Its has started fading but still she caresses it with her soft hands and thinks about all the incidents that happened today...How she fell on him again and their lips were close by a centimeter...She blocks her face with both her hands with shyness...Hey Babaji...why all these incidents are happening in my life? Why my feelings for him is getting stronger minute after minute where in I know very well that he has a girl friend. She takes her mobile and about to press the green button alongside his mobile number and holds herself back..

 She takes her mobile and about to press the green button alongside his mobile number and holds herself back

G ST: Geet....yeh tu kya kar rahi hain? Tum bil kul paagal ho rahi ho...(Geet...what are you upto? Seriously, you are going crazy) and she gently hits her mobile on her forehead and smiles at herself...

AT Khurana Bunglaw:

Maan takes his mobile to dial Geet's number...but holds on to himself...

He wants to be with her all the time if not at least hear her voice

He wants to be with her all the time if not at least hear her voice. He is all lost in his thoughts with all what has been happening in his life in just 2 days...he meets this sales girl and falls for her without even knowing her name. Today he came to know so much about her and again has fallen head over heels for her...GEET...he calls out her name with a blush..Uski aanken...haaye unmein doob jaane ka mann kartha hain...hamesha hamesha keliye(Oh yeah..her eyes makes me feel as if I should get drawn in them for ever.)...woh bhi kuch kam nahi... (And she is nothing less) she loves me so much and I am pretty sure that she must be thinking only about me and must be desperate to call me and talk to me but holding herself mistaking me to have a real Girl Friend. He closes his eyes and whispers...Believe are the one and only one...and will tell this to you when the right time comes.

Next Day...

Maan had some meetings lined up among the staff and suppliers, customers...he somehow managed to keep himself busy and he has been all the while thinking about his time that he is going to spend with Geet and continuously looking at his watch...On the other hand, Geet is also so very excited about the near future happenings. This is the first ever time she couldn't concentrate even a bit during the class hours..Geet is just done with the classes for the day and out of college around 2:30 PM and calls him right away and could hear a mobile ringing somewhere close by...and she just turns back and finds Maan to stand just behind her...

M: HIE..

She missed her heartbeat seeing him here so very soon..He was wearing a simple white shirt with 2 of the buttons left open and inviting her to openly drool over him.. Oh...why my heart is getting so weak? If this continues like this, then I am sure to get a Heart Attack. Hey Babaji..Please be with me...I want to live a long life and as I still have so much to explore.. ๐Ÿ˜ข She just finishes a quick baby talk with her babaji and immediately composes herself but fails to hide all her sweet excitement from him..

G: HIE...You here already? I thought you will be waiting for my call and then start moving from your place..

M: Hmmm...I just couldn't wait any more...

She looks back at him questioningly...

M: Well..I thought why not come here and wait for you? So that I join you immediately once you are done with the classes. Almost 30-45 mins saved by this and we get more time to spend together I'sit that simple?

she again blinks and goes speechless listening "Spending more time together" and in just 2 days Maan has become an expert in reading each and every expression of hers and smiles within.

She comes out of her little world listening to Maan calling out for her...GEET...Are you there?

G: HUN..Haan...Please give me 2 minutes and I will come back...

She leaves from there and A smile touches his face seeing her shocked reactions for every silly things and on other hand she amuses him with all sweet surprises...He patiently waits for her just to get himself amazed with another creative side of hers as least did he expect her to drive thro and stop in front of him with her Pink Scooty and a helmet covering her head and she looks completely adorable wearing it.

G: take the back seat...Jaldi

M: What? Are we going in this? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Ironically, Maan has never sat down in a scooty before. Its not that he has not driven bike when he has participated in races...Moreover he has been most comfortable in driving a car...and above all never taken a back seat behind a scooty and that too driven by a girl... ๐Ÿ˜ณ But more shocking is what he hears further from Geet...

G: Any problem?

M: No..No Geet..I mean..

G: Ap kahen tho Car main challe? Woh bhi Mercedes mein? (Shall I arrange a car? May be Mercedes?) She giggles...

M ST: did she ever guess I owe Mercedes?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎAll question marks written on his face...

G: HUH...MAAN..that was a JOKE...She remains silent and looks up and prays to her babaji... Inko itna bhi nahi samaj aatha?? Kahan phasadiya mujhe... (He didnt understand that it was a joke? What trouble you are putting me into) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜–

G: You see...I wanted to make you feel Ease...Wonder why you are giving such shocking expressions...As if you really owe a mercedes and you have been cought by me...

M: Woh...yes..I mean..

G: Oh Maan...challiye na...Deri ho rahi hain... (let us go..its getting late)

She senced that he is scared or not confident to sit behind her...You trust me na? with a baby face.

M: More than myself...he immediately voices it out and she is amused...I mean, the only issue is I have never sat behind ladies scooty..

She smiles at his plight..also, he looks really really cute in that confused state ๐Ÿ˜...Ab Jaldi kijiye na...He is in the process of taking his backseat and she still talks...dont worry...See...the place I am going to take you, you can reach there by bike, bicycle AND if you come there by an Auto, Car or bus, The vehicle has to be parked very far away and you need to walk for atleast 5 miles...So..Challen?

Hmm...He now takes the back seat quietly and she hands over a helmet to him...

The drive was quite smooth...He was initially worried about her driving skills but slowly started feeling comfortable. The drive was quite apart from her ensuring every now and then if he was fine and ok.

M: Where are we going Geet?

G: Hmm...Its a suspense...But you will surely love the place.

M: I am already loving it...he tells this very huskily coming close to her ears and she feels ticklish..

G: What?

M: I mean...I really began to love Shimla as a whole.

G: But you will fall madly in love with this place which I am going to take you.

They are getting out of town and moving towards remote down hill area...where the road gets narrow and steep with few bump ahead which doesn't give any advance notice. There's one such bump which Geet didn't notice and when her vehicle passed thro it, it happen to shake a lot and Maan accidentally fell on Geet's back and wraps her waist in order to support himself...Geet's heartbeat raises with his act...even though he is not done it intentionally, she shivers with his touch on her thin waist. whereas, he is thanking his stars and thoroughly enjoying this scooty drive now.

G: You see, driving on hills is not considered easy because of these bumps and ups and downs...You can hold on to my shoulders to get a better balance..and he smiles at her innocence and immediately listens to her and holds on her shoulder with a firm grip as if he was desperately wanting her permission and again Geet finds strange tickle when his hands with long fingers gives a firm grip on her shoulder...

They are nearing the place now and it looks simply marvelous...Its somewhere between high hills and the plains..its surrounded with full of mountains and small small water falls here and there and the clouds were thick and just inches right above their head..its just 3:00 PM but no trace of sun appears as if its late in the evening..

Maan...this place is always like this...formed with thick clouds above you and no trace of sunlight what so ever.. but yet bright enough to enjoy the surroundings. Isnt this magical? He was so lost in this place in fact it was so very peaceful and calm.

He just looks back at her as he is really lost in this place and her...Hmm...

G: You know there's one more thing very special about this place?

M: kya?

The tea which is served here...She points at a small hut occupied by a chai wala...and that chai wala is also over whelmed looking at Geet...

G: Kaka, kaise hain aap? (How are you?)

Aap kaise hain bitiya? Bohuth din ho gaye aap ko yahan dekhkar.. (How are you my child? Its been quite some time since I got to see you here)

G: Woh haan main Dilli gayi huvi thi na isliye...uske baad college aur padayi...waqt hi nahin mila. (Yeah...I had been to Delhi and then got busy with college and studies...didnt get time atall)

G: Please jald se jald 2 garma garam chai banadijiye.. (Please make 2 cups of hot tea)

2 min main chai tayyar ho jayega bitiya (I will prepare it in 2 minutes)

Maan has been listening to their non stop she interacts with all people around her..and how she enjoys tiny miny things in life..adding all smiles on his face.

G: MAAN...he snaps out of his thoughts when he hears her call...take your tea. Both take their respective tea served in disposable clay mug and both walk slowly to capture the surrounding places...

M: You had been to Delhi recently?

G: Haan...My parents are there na? I had off for a week and that's when I decided to meet them.

M: But why are you staying away from them?

She smiles at his question...well my parents wanted to give me not only the best of the education...but also make me more disciplined, independent, taking my own decisions, doing my things by myself..and being only daughter I was extremely pampered and this will effect me in a long run and when they enquired within their social network, majority of them had suggested a boarding school which is primarilly located in a hill station. Initially, I was missing my parents too. But slowly slowly got adapted to this place to the level that I decided to continue with my highter education here itself. My parents agreed mainly because Pinky's family is here..I love to be in a place which is close to nature and far far away from the city life

Maan has been so much lost in her talks...its 2 days past since he first met her and he got to know so much about her as if he has been knowing about each other for a very long time. They keep walking with slow steps sipping their tea and looking at he surroundings..

G: What about you Maan?

M: Well..I have been living in Mumbai with my parents and I have a younger brother..

G: have a younger brother? Must be nice to have one..She tells this as she misses to have a sibling.

M: Yes...but he is direct opposite to me...very mischievous...

G: Hmm..I guess that's how the younger brother/sisters are and so nice to have them around and them being mischievous adds more spice to it. She smiles thinking the wonderful time with her cousins Rajji and Titto who are much younger to her and they are so very mischievous

G: And what about your education?

M: Even I have studied in boarding school in Panchgani...

G: Panchgani?

M: Yes, Panchgani...its located just about 4-5 hours of drive from Mumbai city..Amazing place. Its not located in high altitude like Shimla but still its nature's own blessing. like you said, very very far away from the city hush bush. But never came across a place like this one in shimla.

She has such a broad smile as he acknowledges that he loves this place and continues to listen to him simultaneously.

M: And I shifted to mumbai to continue with my further education. Me too specialized in Business Management

G: Oh wow...that's interesting. She is all excited that there are so many similarities between them..even he was going to a boarding school and then Business Management...

M: We have to move I think as its getting late...

G: Hmm of course we are leaving from here but not now...and giggles...๐Ÿ˜Š

He is so delighted with her giggles...and a smile touches his face...but curious to know how and why...

G: What? But why? I mean, you have to go back the shop right?

I requested Pinky to take in see I had handled the shop all alone for 2 she happilly agreed. Hence today, I AM FREE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY...she screems with All excitement covering both her hands around her mouth and it was echoying due to isolation.

Oops...Dheere GEET..I guess entire Shimla has heard you.

She pats on his hand making a baby face

Her excitement is even more exciting for him as it proves that she is equally in love with him. what else he can ask for...This girl will really make me mad she doesn't fail to surprise me...Anyways, I was all set to visit her flower shop today if she was getting back there to work...and that way all the time around her at least during evenings..only issue is that Bald old man. ๐Ÿ˜ก(๐Ÿ˜„)

Here, roads are really small that only one vehicle can pass or two people can walk freely. There was a two wheeler which passed too close to them..she instantly hold his hand to support herself and he too holds her hand to further support her...He got so lost with her hold ...and so very eager to continue walking like this.. but taken back with what he just heard from her...

G: S..Sorry..that vehicle passed so close to me...that's why...She really wishes to hold on to him like this for ever but she stops herself thinking about his GF...On the other hand, he is not at all liking it to see her feeling guilty.

On the other hand, he is not at all liking it to see her feeling guilty

M: GEET...please dont feel can hold me..and I have absolutely no problem..

G: But..

M: GEET..I have no problem...especially when its such given situation...Am I clear?

He tells it a bit sternly now as he knows she wont listen that easily...and She nods for a Yes looking back at him with all surprises she is getting to feel.

She continues to hold his hand and walk together . Its the most wonderful thing to hold on to each other and walk like this...As if their long time sweet dreams are coming true for both of them.

Tears wells in her eyes without her own knowledge and she instantly wipes it hiding from him...But he did notice it...Oh...she is so very emotional. like Aadi had told me. I wish I could tell her right away but the right time hasnt come. I will convery my feelings and also confess reality about my background. He strengthens his grip on her hand to make her feel comfortable.

They stroll around the place for about an hour and Maan ensured he doesn't leave the hold of her hand even when she tried to pull away a couple of times as she was hit remembering about his GF...but still he won over this situation and never let her go of him at any cost...It was something Geet has been longing for and she is cherishing every moment with him...she takes these sweet memories imprinting it to her heart.

PRECAP: Another day in Paradise ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‡

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Originally posted by jasbirkaur85197

Day Dreaming WAITING

Sorry dearies., little busy...updating just started Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Lovely maaneet moments
Geet is still in guilty n she thinks maan has gf
Maan loving every minute of geet
Posted: 4 years ago
Beautiful one. Loved reading this.
Posted: 4 years ago
Beautiful update Smile well written.. Seems there love is blooming.. Maan nd siting back side of scooty Embarrassed they shared a little abt there family nd schooling, studies.. nice to read.. geet opened up to him nd she seemed comfortable in his presence.. they roamed with holding each others hand.. that's awesome.. interesting update.. continue soon..
Posted: 4 years ago
Fabulous update dear Lakshu ...waiting for more
Posted: 4 years ago
Fantastic update Maan and geet are really enjoying the simala I wish they will be together like this forever

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