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I am again here with a small sruprise for you all...Tongue

This is my Short Story which I had shared on Maneet Farewell Party Event Thread organised by Priyanka (Priya_21), Kalpana (Maaneetfavo) and Sanjana (SANJANA9167). This was the first ever time I had participated in such event and the name of the writers were kept confidential and only yesterday we writers got permission to post out shared stories on a new thread...and here it goes for all my sweet and supportive friends and readers..

Coming to FLOWER BASKET...I started it as an OS and it got long and long. THIS SS has already been completed ...but  I am re-posting it here but at a slow pace again...with further edits and may be adding few more dialogues which I missed...BUT HAPPENING ONE BY ONE.

Also, I understand that my updates are long time pending for my FFs, GEETIKA, JCL and H2NI. I had a very tough month of December untill mid of January due to lot of functions, events and also an unexpected short travel. Plus I had committed to complete Flower Basket which I was able to complete just 2 days back and when the event has come to end. Thanks to Priyanka and she had been highly understanding and supportive.

I made a comeback with a promise and determination that I will complete all my pending works...Please continue to trust me, support me and be with me...🤗



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(Text & banner by Priya_21 and same was posted in Farewell Thread. Thank You Priyanka🤗)

Charecterization - Scroll down
PART 1 - Scroll down

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Very Simple Characterization: 

Maan Singh Khurana: 23 Year old young and charming business man who has taken the responsibilities of Khurana's Tea Estate in Shimla
Geet Handa: 20 year old, blessed with innocence, natural beauty that anyone will fall for. Currently doing her final year graduation in Business Management in Shimla
Gaurav Khurana & Priya Khurana: Parents of Maan
Savithri Devi: Gaurav's mom. Maan's Daadi
Mohinder Handa & Rano Handa: Geet's Parents.
Pinky: Geet's Best Friend and her classmate too. 
Aadi: Maan's PA and also Pinky's Fiance and a good friend and well wisher of Geet.
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At a prominent flower shop in Shimla...

A 20 year old girl is just lost in her own world and has been sitting idol for quite some time at one of  the busiest flower shop in Shimla. .  She's GEET HANDA...a naturally beautiful  cute, innocent and bubbly girl who loves to live her life to the fullest  in way she wants especially doing things that money can never buy or give.  Its Sunday and she is just back from Delhi during early morning hours. It was a short trip just for a week to spend with her parents who are settled down in Delhi and she has been dropped back by her family driver all the way from Delhi to Shimla. She too has her own dreams of Mr. Right. Unlike other girls of her age who dreams of a Rich prince charm, she dreams of an ordinary guy. As per her, the guys from Richie rich family are Casanovas and they would marry a girl only to keep her as a show piece. Whereas a guy belonging to a middle class may not be rich money wise but will possess true feelings and commitment for the girl they love and ensure they marry her and get committed to her for their entire live. And she has been dreaming to have such a guy to come into her life. But with her recent trip to Delhi, she fears that her dreams shall never come true.

Geet's family originally hails from Hoshiyarpur. She has great respect for her family. Especially for her parents and her Daarji (Her Paternal Grand father). Geet's parents,  Mohinder Handa and Rano Handa are settled down in Delhi and rest all relatives still live in Hoshiyarpur. Mohinder has a flourishing business and has made a name for himself in the building materials industry. Even Rano contributes in his business to a great extent. He has been quite successful and has not only earned a decent money but a Strong Goodwill and reputation. Geet was put into boarding school in Shimla at a very young age in order to initiate self dependency and strict discipline in her life whilst maintaining a strong relationship with her parents and rest of her family. After completing her 12th, Mohinder and Rano wanted her to move back to Delhi for continuing with her higher education but she preferred to stay back in Shimla as she loves this place and its far away from the hush bush of the City life in Delhi. her parents mainly agreed for it as she is staying at Pinky's home who is not only her class mate but her dad Mr. Deepak Manchanda is also one of close family friend of Mohinder. Geet and Pinky belong to same age group and studying Business Management at St. Martha's college. Geet loves Pinky's family as for their simple life style and the huge flower and gift shop which they own where Geet also volunteers to work on part-time basis in good understanding with Pinky and Manchanda uncle and ofcourse Mohinder and Rano doesnt know about it as they wouldnt allow their daughter to work like this. That's why Deepak Manchanda ensures that either he or Pinky is always around when Geet works in his shop as he respects both Geet's as well as Mohinder's point of view.

Back to Flowershop...
Its a busy Sunday morning...this flower shop is going to be too busy till next Sunday as that day is going to be Valentines day and huge sales and advance bookings of flowers and gifts are expected during this week. Geet slowly started to divert her mind in arranging flowers and gifts, meeting customers and taking orders and so on...This last two years she has gained enough knowledge not only about flowers, plants and maintenance of the shop floor but also maintaining cash, accounts and stock. On Sundays, Geet and Pinky almost work for  full time at the flower shop until and unless they do not have any other personal commitments.. Geet is not herself since the time she is come back from Delhi... Just then, Pinky walks in 

Oye Geet...When did you come back? 

It was around 4 o clock early in the morning when driver uncle droped me. I slept for sometime, had breakfast and came here. 

Arre...should have woken me up na?
I came to your room and you were in your sound sleep. Didnt want to disturb you as it is Sunday anyways
 Aur batha...Kaisi hain re tu? about you? 
Kya hua Geet...Main dhek rahi hoon tu itni chup chup kyon hain? Is something upsetting you? until your previous trips to Delhi, You will be so chirpy sharing too many things about all what happened during your trip and this time you are totally oposite. Kya hua?
Woh...nothing Pinky. Forget about me...Tum Aur bata apne baare main...what all happened in this one week?
Oh...I am all excited...You know na...Comming Sunday is a Valentines day.

Geet Nods for a Yes hiding all her sadness.

And Aadiya is coming to Simla for a week. and I will get to spend this valentines day with him. Day Dreaming Pinky is all excited and goes to her dream land. It seems he has a new boss now and his boss is visiting Shimla around that week and Aadi has to be with him...and that's how he is going to be here. Day Dreaming 

All Geet could express is a smile.  but deep within her she is depressed and she didnt even hear half of what Pinky has been blabering.

Geet cutely looks up and fights with her babaji...Eisa main ne kya maang liya babaji? All I asked you is for a cute boyfried who will Madly love me and will go to any extent to be with me and spend time with me...And ofcourse who will be my valentine and who will be extremely serious about this relationship...she didnt even find one person like that? Kya main itni buri hoon?Makes a cute angry face...even this year, I will be left all alone on this auspicious day...again lost in her own world where as per her she is left all alone.

Oye Geet...Kya hua? Are you even listening to what I have been saying?
I heard you...Valentines day and Aaditya is here on that day...hmm... (Conveniently neglecting what she told about his boss)


but why are you so quite yaar? I expected you to tease me tickle me and what not...but you are not showing any reaction...what happened my dear?

Because I am jealous of you Geet pauts so very cutely...pulling Pinky's cheeks and laughs.😆

Ouch.. Pinky rubs her cheeks now..Thanks god my Geet is back...Pinky takes a sigh looking at Geet's smiling face and her naughty self.

Seriously lucky you are to have a guy like Aadi to spend this valentines day with...

Acha? tho yeh baath hain? And she tickles Geet...and both laugh out loud...and chit chat for sometime...

Ab batha...what happened?  Missing your parents kya?
She nods for a yes and its true. but there's some other reason too.
Woh Pinky...she has tears in her eyes...
Geet...I am your best friend na? Then tell me what happened?
Woh.. I heard my mama-papa talk with each other...
She is sad with what has been discussed between Mohinder and Rano on the previous afternoon. which is supposed to be a confidential conversation between her parents but Geet was just entering the home after meeting and bidding good bye to few of her close friends in Delhi.  Mohinder and Rano were making sure that Geet doesnt get to hear this for the time being as she has come over here on a short trip and doent want to spoil her mood.unfortunately Geet got to hear them talk.
Mohinder: Rano, there's a aliance for Geet and they are wonderful people. If Geet gets married into their family, they will keep her happy by all means.

Rano: What? Yeh aap kya keh rahe hain? She is just 20. and what about her further education?
Mo: Its certainly the right age for a girl where the parents start looking out for a suitable groom.  But we were more focusing on her further education. But Rano...we are so very lucky to get this aliance for her. Eise rishthe baar baar nahin aathe. Moreover, they wouldnt mind Geet continuing with her further eductaion.
Ra: Yeh kya hain? overnight you decide that you will get your daughter married and you are willing to implement it without even consulting Geet?
Mo: I have not yet given any word or promise. it has been decided that this aliance shall be discussed with their respective families and shall be taken further with the mutual consent of both the families. Moreover, I have not even shared Geet's photo with them. Coming to Geet...I will surely discuss this with her Rano. But not immediately. I have to think how to approach her and make her understand.
He rests his hand on Rano's shoulder and continues. We will never get such aliance for Geet once again. Even when we will be seriously sourcing for it 2 or 3 years down the line.
Rano takes a long sigh...for her Geet is still too young and the very thought of her marriage at this point of time makes her feel low. But she trusts her husband and his decisions. 
Ra: Can you tell me more about the family?
Mo: They were our neighbours in Hoshiyarpur.
Rano is blinking who it could be.
Mo: You wouldnt know them as they left from Hoshiyarpur to settle down in Mumbai very long time ago. That was few years before our wedding happened.
Rano is wondering what's happening to Mohinder. He was so much planning his daughter's further education and was even willing to send her abroad and today, he is in full talks with regard to wedding..She trusts her husband that there must be some valid reason for this. She curiously waits to hear what her husband has to say...

They are Khuranas. They belonged to a middle class family until 35 years ago and the entire family was settled down in Hoshiyarpur that time. It was headed by Pratap Singh Khurana and his wife Savithri Devi Khurana and their sons, Gaurav and Vishal. Papaji (Geet's Daarji) and Pratapji were very thick friends where as Me and Gaurav were thick friends as we belong to the same age group and studied in the same school. Pratapji was a highly ambitious person. He wanted to make a name in the construction industry.He started off a small business unit in Mumbai and started doing pretty good in their respective business. Hence their family had to shift their permanant base from Hoshiyarpur to Mumbai. Me and Gaurav had completed our 12th Std together and after that Gaurav was sent to London for his higher education and on completion he  slowly got invoved in his family business. and few years later, Gaurav got married to Priya whom he used to date during his collage days...Pratapji passed away due to  a massive heart attack and entire business responsibility fell on Savithriji and Gaurav. his younger brother Vishal is not much involved in family business. Our families somehow lost contact with eachother as we all got busy with our own lives. As on today Khuranas have occupied a huge  in business world not only in India but London, Paris, Hongkong and Singapore and few other countries.

I met Gaurav during the latest business event that happened last week. We instantly huged eachother in all excitement and our joy knew no bounds meeting each other after such a long time.  You know something, Gaurav has not even changed a bit even after his education abroad and being one of the successful businessman in the country. We had dinner together and we shared all the personal informations with each other. He is blessed with 2 boys. the elder one is 23 years old and the younger one is 19 years old. That's when showed eachother our family pictures over our mobiles and that's when he got to see Geet's photo and he was enquiring more details about her and gathering all her personal information.
Ga: "Bhura math maano tho ek baath kahoon??" 
Mo: "Haan Kaho Gaurav...from when there has been any formalities between us? Please go ahead"
Ga: "Main Apne bade bete ke liye, Tumhari beti ka haath mangna chahtha hoon". We have actually not started to source suitable aliance for him. You see...he is just 23 years old. But after looking at your daughter, I feel She will be ideal match for my son by all means. And hamare khandan ki Aapasi Dosthi, Rishthedaari mein badal jaayegi. Is se badi khushi ki baath kya ho sakthi hain?

Mohider got confused. didnt know what to comment. Actually, even he has not seriously considered his daughter's wedding for the timebeing as she is only 20 years old. He knows his daughter's interest in further education and also, she is not looking for a guy from a rich background. On one hand he is happy for this aliance for his daughter as he can be rest assured that she will be loved and will be blessed with a wonderful life when she gets married into Khurana's family. He is in a real fix now. 

Ga: Kya sochraho Mohinder?
Mo: Yeh tho bohuth hi achi baath kahi hain tum ne see..even I havent priortised my daughter's wedding yet as she is only 20 years old. I have to discuss with my family about it. Moreover, my daughter's primary objective as on date is in continuing with her MBA.. Please give me some time. I have to discuss with my family and get back to you.
Ga: Even I have to discuss with my family too but rest assured that my family will stand by my decision. Coming to Geet's further education, we will never come on her way, she can very well continue with her education after she becomes a part of our family. By the way, you take your time and I will request Geet's photo only after you take a positive decision hmm...and please keep in touch henceforth.
Both share their contacts and emails with each other.
Mo: And what about lunch at our home tomorrow?
Ga: Some other time Mohinder...I am leaving back to Mumbai early morning. Will catch up soon.

They both hug each other and bid goodbye...
Back to Mohinder - Rano...

Mo: Now you tell me...isint it a wonderful aliance for Geet? I know Khurana Family very well. They all are well cultured and expect the same from the Bride's family.
Geet overhears them by hiding from them. She too keeps this as a secret till her papa talks to her about it. But she is in a fix seeing the happiness in her dad's face and she wishes he is always happy like this.

Back to Shimla...

Geet is arranging flowers wilst talking with Pinky about all what she got to hear from her parents...and she is very sad and lost.

I am sure my papa will talk to me about it anytime. I am not in a position to tell a No as I love my Papa-Mama and no way I can disappoint them. You see they have always showered their love and given me the life that I always wanted to live and in return if I dont fulfill even this wish of theirs then I am sure I will be punished...she tells this in one go and takes a long sigh.

Arre Geet...I was so worried to see you like this thinking some unplesant incident has happened with you and that's why you are upset...Thanks God that allz well at Delhi...Now coming back to your short story from this short trip...Is mein udas hone wali kya baat hain? Seriously yaar...Now, its my turn to get jealous of you haan!! If I was in your place I would have gone crazy with happiness...

Geet looks back at her giving amused look.

Aur kya Geet? ...It seems to be an aliance from a rich & famous family

that's my point...they are rich people. I am not interested to get married to a rich Guy. Moreover, I dont even know him.
Then try to know him na??
Kya Pinky, you know me for this many years na...and you know what kind of  a guy I am looking at. I am so eagerly waiting for my Mr. Right and I am sure I will get to meet him. Mujhe apne Babaji pe poora abarosa hain.
Geet...ho saktha hain babaji ne hi yeh rishtha beja ho khas tere liye. 
Pata nahin Pinky...why Babaji is testing me like this. All I asked him is for someone who will love me madly...and such true love cannot be expected by a rich guy.

Its not necessary that all rich guys will have such see Aadi's new boss...Aadi has been boasting about him so much. It seems he is the most eligable bachelor and the richie rich girls from Mumbai are all looking out for their chances to trap him and date with him. But he has never bulged for anyone. Moreover, he is someone who has clean habits. It seems he never had any affairs or never ever dated any girl till date.

May be someone out of the blue yaar...anyways...I dont want to think much about it until and unless papa talks to me about it. Wonder what Babaji has in store for me.

A week has passed by somehow. Geet got involved with her daily routines of attending to her regular college and would spend rest of her quality time at the flower shop.  She happen to talk to her parents a couple of times but they  never spoke about this alliance due to some or the other reasons.
Its Saturday evening which will witness the eve of the Valentines Day this year...There's lot of work to be done. Pinky has got even more excited. Moreover, Aaditya will be here in Shimla in next few hours.
Geet and Pinky busy working at the flowershop 

Oye Geet heart is beating faster and faster and am not able to control myself.Blushing

Geet smiles at her plight.

Aaditya is coming to pick me up tomorrow morning and I will be back only after finishing Dinner...I am sorry yaar...tomorrow is going to be a very busy day and you and papa has to manage the shop all alone...

Geet hides her sadness not for handling the shop all alone but for spending this auspicious day all alone. 

Pinky, we have few shop assistants also. Me and uncleji will manage. you dont worry abut us. Enjoy your day hmm...

Tu kitni Sweet hain yaar...I will pray to your babaji that all your wishes comes true.

Geet smiles weakly 

Finally, the day has come...VALENTINES DAY and its a special one as it has fallen on Sunday this time. It has been very busy and hectic day. Geet has been fully involved in attending to customers. Of course the customers who walk in this day are so interesting and romantic...she has nick named them "Chirpy Love Birds". She is so excited to see the joy in their face when they buy something very special for their "LOVE" and its worth watching. Geet innocently prays to her babaji for the success of the love life of these "Chirpy Love Birds"
On the same day around 5:00 PM, A flight has just landed at Jubharhatti, Airport, Shimla which is almost 25 KM away from the main city. A young and dashing guy dressed in his casual dark blue jeans and half sleeves white shirt, walks out of the flight and takes a long breath with a sigh...its been over 10 years since he had visited Shimla last. He is all so excited to be here again...he walks out of the Airport and finishing with all the formalities.The driver is already waiting for him at the Arrivals section to receive him. Maan instantly recognizes him...

Aap Shambu Kaka hain na?
Haan Saab...Aap tho itne bade ho gaye hain...Agar aap mujhe nahin pehchanthe tho main aap ko kabhi nahin pehchan paatha.

Maan just smiles back at him 😊

Aap tho mujhe Maan baba kehke pukarthe the...hain na?
Shambu kaka smiles at him...haan sab...thab aap bohuth chote the...
Aap ke saamne main abhi bhi chota hi hoon...tho aap mujhe ab bhi Maan baba kehkar hi pukariye.

Shmbu kaka is all amused with Maan's kindness. No wonder his upbringing is worth an appreciation.

Maan takes the Car keys from him and decides to drive all alone...

Sab...Mera matlab...Maan baba...yeh aap kya kar rahe ho? 
He opens his pouch which is full of credit and debit cards. There's only one  1000/- Rupees note which he has been carrying and he gives it to him...

Please Keep it.. and he pats on the Shambu kaka's shoulder..
baba...what is this for?
Its because I love this place and I am here after a very long time...Moreover its a token money to keep quite and not to tell anyone that I am driving the car can take a cab for yourself...Maan calls out for a cab for Shambu kaka

Maan Baba...please...Malkin will shout at me if she comes to know about all this.
Dont worry kaka. I know very well how to handle her. I will take care... Ab aap is taxi main challe jaayiye.
Sambu Kaka has no option than to listen to him...He is in great fix. He cannot even call his Malkin now.

Maan has been driving all alone following the directions boards. He is driving a bit slowly as its relatively a new place and will gradually get back to his normal speed once he gets completely adapted to the place. 
He has entered into the city and he gets to see that the city has been crowded with pairs and lot of banners promoting valentines day here and there and there were so many red heart shaped baloons decorated every where...
Oh my is 14th Feb... Oh could you forget this day? How can you meet your girlfriend empty handed? Couldnt you buy her a gift from Mumbai itself? Huh? 

Its 8:30 PM and most of the shops are closed as its Sunday or its closed as its already close to 8:30PM. Luckily, he finds a flower and gift shop which is still open.

He has to park his car and makes his way towards this shop which is located on a slight hill and has to walk 20 steps above. 
Around same time frame at the flower  around 7:00 PM...

Ofcourse it was a wonderful day witnessing excellent sales records. Deepak Manchanda (Pinky's dad) is so very happy with the days turnover...But he seems to be too exhausted.

Geet did a marvelous job. really appreciate it.

Pleasure is mine uncle ji...but you really look tired and exhausted. please go back home and take rest

Beta...itne saare kaam baaki hain. Still some customers are there...and around shop closing time you need to sort out the stocks and return back flowers to the wholesalers, close the cash counter and what not? You have to attend college tomorrow. 

I will manage uncle ji... Anyways, there are only few customers left and I have attendants to help me. Trust me...I will handle it myself... See, I am not tired. I will be back home max by 9:30 PM.

Are you sure beta? 

Sure uncle please go home and stay relaxed. If there's anything specific which only you can handle then will surely call you on your mobile. our home is just 5 minutes walk from here. So, please carry on.

Deepak rests his hand on Geet's head...beta, I am so very proud of you and proud of Mohinder and Rano who are blessed with a daughter like you. But please dont over load yourself..if anything happens to you I am answerable to Mohinder.

Uncle ji...Aap Itni badi badi baathen na kijiye...I have to thank you as I have learnt a lot from you and I always consider this shop as my gurukul. The knowledge that I have gained here shall never be forgotten. 

This is what I really admire in you beta...he takes an envelope and hands over to Geet...

Uncleji..yeh kya?

Special bonus for all your hard work for today.

Is ki kya zaroorat hain? 

dhekho...its your hard earned money...Its sweet fruit for all the hardwork that you have done today hmm??He has few more envelops in his hand which he hands over to the sales attendants and other workers in the shop floor.

Geet doesnt want to argue further and takes it from him with a smile...thank you uncleji..Ab aap please jaayiye aur aaram kijiye.

After Deepak leaves from there, Geet is still involved in attending to some more customers who are still present there and completing some of the end-of day tasks at shop then the time is already 8:30 and Geet is attending to a middle aged customer at that point of time...

Around this time, Maan walks in...and stops at one point when he gets to hear sweet voice of a girl (Geet) and he makes his way towards that direction passing by different varieties of flowers arranged in bunches, baskets, plastic wraps ...and all of a sudden he got to see Geet's face in between those flowers and he is all lost in her natural charm and  sweet voice.

Her face looks so pure. She is dressed so very simple in her jeggings(Jeans leggings) with a simple yellow tops...yet she looks out of this world..He walks further and found her moving towards the cash counter whilst interacting with one of the customer... Maan is all lost in Geet's looks, sweet voice, actions and gestures whereas Geet is engrossed in her work and she is yet to acknowledge Maan's presence which she is still oblivious about as he (Maan) is almost hiding and watching her now

I would like to buy these plants...One each in Red, Orange, White, yellow and any more colours of its flowers that you have. My wife is so fond of gardening and she would love them... Tells the customer so very excitedly.

You have made the right selection sir...Its flowers are known as "Hilly Lillys" and its most fast moving plant of our shop...and she goes on and on...
Maan folds his hand and rests himself on a wall close by where he can get a clear view of her and can hear her sweet talks. He is all lost in her looking at her without even blinking.

These are the four colours of the flowers ...Very easy to maintain...She starts preparing the bill at the cash counter and feeds in the details into the system...Sir, its night time. If you want, we can arrange to deliver these plants to your home and it will reach you by tomorrow morning. You can write down your address and contact number here.. and hands over a letter pad and pen to him. 

No need dear...I am carrying it all the way to Chandigar.

CHANDIGAR? Oh no!!! Shocked

Geet asks in shock...doesnt know what to tell this customer now. 
Sir...I thought you are from Shimla. She takes a long sigh and continues Sorry sir but have to keep you informed that these plants grows well only in hilly vegetations...It will slowly die when its moved to the plains...Do you get me sir? Now, may I request you to not buy these plants? She tells this with a face dipped with innocence. 

The customer remains quite. Also, Maan is so lost hearing to her sweet gestures filled with innocence. If she wants, she can cheat on this customer but she is so honest and doing full justice to her job...hmm...this girl is really amazing...😊and he is further amused with how she deals with this customer further. see, even plants have life and can stay alive only when you give into their living conditions. Moreover, you are spending so much money na and also your wife will feel disappointed to see these plants dying like this. I am really sorry if I have upset you by any ways...Confused

The customer is so delighted with her honesty...Oh I am not upset with you my dear...In fact I am so glad that you told me the truth. I have never come across a shop like yours where people work with so much honesty...I really appreciate it..he tells this by patting on her cheeks...

Maan still has been looking at them from a distance and now he is fuming at this customer for patting her chubby and pink cheeks...😆 

How dare he? Those cheeks belongs to me and only me and no body have any right to even touch them... Angryhe gives angry filled glare at that customer...bina chuye baath nahin kar saktha hain kya? AngryHe knows that the customer doesn't have any bad intentions but still he is fuming within...and closes his eyes. Maan...what happened to you? You are here to buy gift for girl friend and you are all lost in this girl?...huh!!! Yeh ladki mujhe paagal kar rahi hain.🤢

Thank you sir...Geet smiles and a cute dimple appears on her cheeks...and of course her smile has its own advance effects on Maan who is secretly watching her.

TO BE CONTINUED...Embarrassed
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