MG SS - FLOWER BASKET - Last Part udt PG 42 + Note Added on PG 52 - Page 17

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Posted: 4 years ago
First of all congrats for the new story
Posted: 4 years ago
Yeh kya tha
I'm so so in love with this story
I was too lost reading it
That i forgot the surroundings
N was laughing like mad 
when i was reading 
Dadi opening maans gift
Lol...poor maan
His face must be quite watchable with embarrassment
But dadi took it in romantic way
Geet sad thinking how her parents were talking about her 
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by vrinda22

Yeh kya tha
I'm so so in love with this story
I was too lost reading it
That i forgot the surroundings
N was laughing like mad 
when i was reading 
Dadi opening maans gift
Lol...poor maan
His face must be quite watchable with embarrassment
But dadi took it in romantic way
Geet sad thinking how her parents were talking about her 

Welcome to the world of Flowers Tongue

Thank you so much dear Hug

Good you loved it, Maan and Geet very different... LOL

Yeah...Daadi now got angry only on her husband for not giving such gift LOL

Good you loved it...Embarrassed

Posted: 4 years ago
lovely update
oops hate rich guys ..poor maan don't worry geet don't reject you
wow our hero head over heel in love great
Posted: 4 years ago
Nice story Smile Geet waiting for someone who loves her loyally, both maaneet were in love at first sight.. geet's kindness nd honesty were awesome.. Maan nd daadi's part was funny nd nice LOL  they both met again at tea estate.. interested to read further.. continue soon.. 
Posted: 4 years ago

Edited by Vaidhumom - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago


The rest of the day passed by so slow and boring for Maan inspite of so many things to do. His lips has been chanting only Geet's name since the time he has come to know her name.. He is really lost in his magic world of his first love...he just met her yesterday evening and by today he has reached a condition where he cannot live even a second without her...

On the same evening around 5:00 PM he takes his car and makes his way to the flower shop...He slowly walks in and sees that Deepak is still in the cash counter...and Geet is not around...He hides behind one of the shelves where flowers are arranged and just in few minutes he takes a sigh seeing Geet walking in...

Geet beta...I have some important work outside will be back in an hour. You see...kal ka sales ka saara hisab kitab chukana hain..

Uncle ji...I am here so, dont carry on...

Thanks beta...and deepak pats on her cheeks...

Maan is so very wild seeing this...Why on earth everyone is behind patting her cheeks...huh..Is uncle ki tho main..Morning he was shouting at me in name of discipline and dare he touches my girl with a reason of patting her cheeks..Angry

Geet walks by the shelf where Maan was standing behind

He immediately grabs her hand and pulls her to his side...

She is shell shocked and about to scream out and Maan instantly closes her mouth with his palm...CHUP...BILKUL CHUP...he is all lost with the soft feathery touch of her lips on his palm...

Geet's eyes are wide open with shock...her chest is heaving up and down and she is unable to breath as his palm still covering her lips...she gestures him to remove his hand...he gently removes

You...she gulps You here? You wanted something?



I mean...I wanted to talk to you...

She just looks back at him without any reaction

Why are you avoiding me when we met in the morning and now?

Sir...its nothing like see, Morning I was with my classmates and now, I am at my work place...that's the way, why are you here? You needed to buy something else for your Girl Friend? and turns away her face

He smirks seeing her all tensed and jealous...All that discussions can be done, answer me...why you permit people to touch your cheeks?

Geet was innocently answering that question and then she couldnt get what she heard from him just now...KYA??

Yesterday that customer was patting your cheeks and today...this so called uncle ji...

What? It was just a pat in a sence its a way they bless us..Wait wait...why are you asking all this? and How did you know about that customer patting my cheeks yesterday?

Because I walked in much before you fell on me?

She gives a stern look to him..

He clears his throat and continues...I mean, I was already present in the shop floor much before you got to attend to me...

Huh...I am really loosing please come to the point...what do you want?

I wanted to know why you didnt ask me??


About my Girl Friend's reaction on receiving the special gift? Dont you want to know about it? He is all smirking and she gives a shocking look at him with her mouth open "O"...

Geet gets all wild imaginations about all what she would have done to him...hugged him...kissed him slowly slowly they are off their respective dress... and making their way to the bed...That's so very common in foreign countries and thats why they also include a pack of Con***s in the valentines surprise gifts..She snaps out of her wild wild thoughts..what ever may be, she cant listen all these things from him...she cannot bare it if he talks about what all she did to him...EEH...chee chee babaji

He is enjoying all her shock wave reactions on her face..He is so very lost looking at her..., you have come all the way here to tell me this?

Oohhh her eyes spitting fire... and her cheeks going red with if she was expecting him to come to meet her and without mentioning about his Girl Friend. Ohh she looks so very cute...he really wants to eat her alive right now...

Ofcourse see, its my courtesy to give a feedback...Dont you want to know?

She looks up cutely..hey babaji..yeh main kahan phas gayi? I whole heartedly accepted that he has a girlfriend...but yeh kya? Ab us moti ne...(She corrects herself even in her self talk LOL)I mean, us ki GF ne kya kya kiya, woh bhi mujhe sunna padega?Ouch She clears her throat...Why should I? She is your Girl Friend... why should I know her reaction? That should be a secret between you and her right? Looks away hiding all her embarrassment.

Because I want you to know...

Her mouth again wide open with shock...and he simply loves seeing her getting shocked for each and every silly thing..

Look I am least interested to know about it...If you are done, you can leave now.

She tries to move from there  and he pulls her towards him with such a force that both fell on the floor he fell down first and she hits on his broad chest..He wraps his hand on her waist taking full advantage of the situation..Their lips just a centimeter apart...he looks at her lips..they were naturally pink and feels like making those trembling petals all his right away and never to let it go...She is again lost in his eyes..which were initially gazing back at her and then she saw his vision moving towards her lips...and her cheeks gets deep red because of shyness...he is really loving to see all the effects his one look has on her...he sees some hair strands are falling on her eyes blocking his eye lock with her...he gently frees his  right hand from her waist and moves towards those hairstrands and tugs them behind her earlobes...she closes her eyes to feel his long fingers partially caressing her cheek and earlobes which increases her heartbeat all of a sudden which was loud enough for him to hear it...she opens her eyes gently into his and the harsh reality strikes her that he belongs to someone else and she immediately gets out of his hold...

Yeh kya kar rahe hain aap? She gets up and adjusts her self...

You were about to fall and I helped you...

And..And why did you push the hair strands from my face?

Woh ...I was concerned if you had any head injury as you fell on me with a thug you see... he controls his laughter to the maximum

She knots her eyebrows in anger...but her eyes clearly speaks an opposite language.

You still didnt ask me what was my GF's reaction...

Here he goes back to square one and she is really loosing it.

I know you wont leave me..ab bol bhi dijiye ki aap ki GF ne kya kya kiya? She looks away with disgust and closes her eyes and mentally blocking her ears not to listen to anything what he talks about his GF...but incidently her ears are getting sharper and she is able to hear it even more clerly than normalLOL

Mere Girl friend ne...

He comes close to her...and he pushes her to the corner..Mere Saath...He moves further and her heart beats faster than ever...and he comes close to her ears...Kuch Nahin kiya...

She turns to look deep into his eyes questioningly...and he moves away from her...

You see...I couldn't meet her yesterday...and that gift is still unopened.

WHAT? Geet asks so excitedly as if her life is come back and her eyes glittering with joy...he gives one stern look to her ...and then she composes herself and tries to give a sad pout...and he turns away and  again controlling all his laughter that's threatening to outburst out of him...LOL

I mean...what? Why? What happened?? she makes a sad face now...

She had to leave to her home town for some personal reasons..

Actually geet sighs that nothing happened between them...but still feels bad for him as he was so excited to be with his GF...Ooh...that's sad..did she contact you?

He nods for a NO. I got a Message when I was on my way to meet her. She had mentioned there's some emergency and she has to leave and she wont be reachable for a week and she will be back by next monday morning. She ended the message with an apology...

Geet is feeling like jumping away to glory but holding herself back to the maximum..She knows that there's no future with this guy but still her selfishness awakens within her knowing atleast they didnt even meet last evening and she takes a very long sigh...Least she knows that she is under complete observation under Maan's gaze.

But ...she should have called you na and informed you na? OR Maybe she is really in middle of something...Aap ko un ke saath hona chahiye...may be she is in trouble..

I dont have any other contact detail apart from her mobile. But rest assured that she is not in danger...

Geet Sighs and says..I am really sorry to hear this...I understand your entire trip to shimla is spoiled.

Hmm...but I still want to explore this place will you help me?

What? I am sorry...its not possible your girl friend will get upset if she knows about it.. Aadi is your best friend can take his help on this.

Dont worry about my GF, She wouldnt mind...Coming to Aadi is busy with his work...and Apart from Aadi I know only you...

We know each other only since yesterday evening..

But one sec is enough to know a person

They both again lost in each other...and he continues

and I dont know why I feel that you can really help me in this regard...And I found a true friend in you...So, friends? he brings his right hand forward shake hands..

Hmm..friends..and she gives a smile...

Sorry Geet...I know you love me like I do...but we have a thin wall which we have to clear...and for that we need to be good friends first...I am not in a position to propose you and all because of the silly mistake that I commited yesterday...and I will confess my true feelings once you start feeling comfortable with me and the first step towards it is this friendship between us.

Geet is not able to decide anything..on one hand she really wants to spend her time with him ...on other hand she is scared of consequences...

See...Please bura mat maanna...I cannot guide you on this...I have my college and this shop work...

You can take time in between...I know its not impossible for you

She is in deepest of her thoughts...and with a big fight between her heart and brain, she decides to help him..

OK Embarrassed

He again shakes hand with her..THANK YOU GEET...So, see you tomorrow...Embarrassed

Hmm.. will call you when I am out of college...

Both of them exchange their contact details.

PRECAP: A tour around together Wink

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Posted: 4 years ago
I am first
Ok maan went to meet her
And staring her secretly getting angry when he saw her uncle patted her cheek
Here geet imagination went wrong maan did not clear it uff yeh maan bhi na kuh kabar hogi toh gusa jarey ga
Awesome update
He asked friendship which she accepted
And excuses her self to guides him because of her college
Maan Tell her or you know something will go wrong na geet will beat you with broom Wink Edited by fariya20 - 4 years ago

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