~~~Maaneet 7th Wedding Anniversary~~~:Mod note Pg59

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Posted: 4 years ago
~~~Maaneet 7th Wedding Anniversary~~~

We r Welcoming u all to attend the grand Anniversary Celebration of Maan & Geet aka Maaneet...
The Most beautiful Couple of The most beautiful Love Story ...Who taught us to believe in Love...Who came as fictional Character yet become our own people...
Their love story not less than a Fairytale  ...we can't describe it by word ..& their Fairytale wedding also coming out from the Story book...
After Mehendi...Geet got in trouble but so what ;Her knight in shining armour is there to rescue her...Its not an ordinary way rescuing someone but its like a Prince Coming whisked her off in a horse like True King...
Yes Maan Singh Khurana was King for His Mishty...His Geet , His Khawab...
Some said Maan save Geet from everything...some Said Geet Save Maan's Soul...
Both r meant for each other...

Their Jaymala
 Its beautiful yet enchanting..They were thoroughly enjoying  each n every phase of their wedding & making it remarkable ...
The Naughty phase the moment Maan want to Tease Geet but bowled out by her innocent antic which make MSK's heart skip couple of beats....

Finally The Wedding...
Kanyadaan...Geet's Darji Did the Kanyadan but Maan make it divine 
The Simple gesture touching her hand on his Forehead as if worshiping her...Indeed he worshipped her with his Love ...She now bowled out oops nope she was falling in love with her Dusht Danav once again...
The coming MangalSutra ...

Geet's every dreams r coming true & Alive infront of her eyes ...She was living this moment with her Maan...
Then Sindoor Daan... 
Geet's eyes shedding unsaid tear of happiness love for her Maan...who make her Geet Maan Singh Khurana infront of whole world & Give her the respect She deserve ...& Maan's eyes r looking at her , his mishty who is glowing under his love ...who is making him enjoying this wedding fully...
He can proudly say now He is Geet Ka Maan...People called her Maan Ki Geet but now he become  Geet ka Maan...
oops both become Maaneet...
Now most imp aspect the Saptapadi ...
They Hold each other hands for Lifetime & for every life...They vow in front of Pious Fire that they will always stood by each other ,Respect each other & Love each other...
Their love grow with time ...Their respect multi folded with time...They face odd , Time test their relation & Their love but they come out as a Winner...
They came , They rule , they conquered us forever...

Now let's Celebrate their wedding Anniversary...
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Will update it more...

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Vm by Anu Gurti

Vm by Nisha Mehra

Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha, Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Teri Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Jaise Tukda Hai Re 
Maahi Ve
Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini
Baje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnai Re

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve 
That's The Way Maahi Ve

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Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali
Kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan
Haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain
Tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko
Nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

Mehndi laga rakhna
Doli saja ke rakhna
Lene tujhe o gori
Aayenge tere sajna


O mere sapno ke saudagar
Tujhko mujhse hain pyar agar
Toh chal mere sang chal chal


Preet Rang Haldi Prem Se Lagao
Shagun Subh Mangal Byaah Geet Gaao








Taakte rehte tujhko saanjh savere
Nainon mein bansiya jaise nain yeh tere
Tere mast mast do nain
Mere dil ka le gaye chain

Memories of Sangeet...

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Ishq se aage?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch...
Ishq se behtar?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch...
Ishq se upar?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch...
Ishq bina hum kuch nahi...

Ishq se uncha?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch
Ishq se badhkar?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch
Ishq se accha?
Kuch nahi kuch nahi kuch
Ishq bina hum kuch nahi...
Chaahe jo aaye
Leke dil mein ishq mohabbat
Sabko gale lagaana
Apne culture ki hai aadat
Swag se karenge sabka swagat!
Swag se karenge sabka swagat!

song ended here ... Wink

Meri Shaadi karwao

Can you believe your family also can become MEAN ... You all thinking family is support system for everyone life then how family can become MEAN for anyone...don't take wrong this is not any high voltage drama story of mine... this is love story of mine where my family become MEAN for every step...let's start from past

We always hear fairy tale story, some fantasy from girl side... but Boy also feel same... I just want her in my life... first time I seen her in interview candidates...

Here am also working as Trainee...

Her slow steps, clutching file tightly, few curls coming on her face again and again to the cabin for interview

Like which happen in films I feel same

Just waiting when she come out from cabin

Am just praying for stranger

She gets select

And I get chance to work with her


After few minutes she come out, little nervousness showing in her gesture, small smile adoring her lips, I just mesmerized to see her smile, don't want to go from here, but my dad oops boss of company call me to cabin..

First time I feeling why I joined as trainee, when dad offering me direct post in company, I surely select that girl... Now god going decide I can get chance to meet beautiful girl again in my life or not



You all excited na what happen next, I met with her not, if not met her again then how our marriage day come... I meet with her next day when dad calls me to cabin and I seen her, she also standing in same cabin...

Maan she is Miss geet handa

New trainee

She going work with you in next project

Take this file and first study the project detail carefully

Then start making design

Maan & geet : yes sir

Her voice like her name, sweet


Hello geet

Am maan

I forward hand in front of her, her soft hand touch mine, I feel lucky to hold her

Oh god

Man control own self

Where your thought going man


He lay down on bad and pick photo frame and caressed her face

Few hours more geet

Then you are mine


Thinking how our first meet reached to love


Day by day we come close, work help us to come closer, her idea, her smile, her cute innocent expression pull me like magnet... I just want to spend my full day with her

She is cute devil in my life, she make fun of me and I can't say any word to her, whenever I try to scold her she hold the ears and sweetly said sorry

How can I get angry on her?

She is just

How can I describe my feeling in words?

When each moment with her I feeling like heaven

Our first project dad likes so much plus client too

First time she hugged me in excitement and I want to hold her tighter

She little shied, when she realize what she did

Making situation lighter I ask about for going out with me

Geet kya tum mere sath bahar chalongi

Geet : date ke liye puch rhe ho

Full color fades out from my face due to her direct question

Her laugh makes me confused more

Geet : oh god maan

Am just joking

Of course we go out

Par kis khushi me

Maan : humara first project like by everyone

Geet : oh

That's great

Maan : this Sunday

I pick you

Geet : no

I mean I can come

Just message me location


My mom asking me again and again where you going

Maan : mom with friends

Mom : really

Tyaar toh ase ho rhe ho

Jaise date pe jaa rhe ho

His hand stops in mid and he quickly said mom asa kuch nhi hai

Mom : good

Hona bhi nhi chaiye

Mom word makes me confuse but now my main concentration on geet

First outing with her



She picking bangles and shown to him, it's looking good in hand or not

Khilti kaliyon mein dhoondhoon bas tere nishaan

Main na jaanoon hai aakhir ye kya karvaan

Tujhe dekhoon to aaye labh pe khushi

Khuda na kare ho kabhi dooriyaan

I want to hold her hand and make her wear bangles by own, but I can't now

First I have to know

What I feeling for her

Ye hai kya


click here for reading complete 

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Our second story about 
sb hum bta denge toh aap kya read karenge


"Please help me... Please help me..." The same voice echoes and he jerked off from his large bed. He was tensed and restless. Don't know why the hell he was hearing same voice from past 3 days. Keeping his sheet away,he allowed his chiseled form to rolled out of his bed. He went near large window and glanced at the moon who was ready to disappear soon. He assumed about the time and clenched his eyes but opened quickly as the same beautiful face was visible to him whenever he shut his eyes.

No doubt the voice owner is epitome of beauty that anyone could die for. Her craved features put his all sense on fire. This sensation was new to him. He felt ashamed even. What if anyone could find out about his this weakness. What if anyone knew how helpless he felt when ever that imaginary face appeared. His desires start waving in and made him forgot everything. Who was she? And why she was coming to his dreams? What Connection he have with her?

Questions were so many but no one was there to answer. How could anyone, when he didn't told about his constant dreams. Same dream every night. One beautiful Angelic face appeared in his dreams and asked for help. What trouble she was in and how could he reached to her. This question made his heart weltered. He want peace but who would help him.

He thought a lot and next day he called sketch artist of his Kingdom. He briefed and he painted as per his description.

"Perfect.." words comes out automatically from his mouth. His eyes just struck at her.

Artist bow down before him and left. He placed that portray in his room and stare for whole day.

Fortunately the great priest of their kingdom arrived the same day after completing his spiritual journey and he straight went to meet him.

"King Maan..." He addressed him and he come out of his trance. He realized his mistake and quickly moved towards him. He bow down before him and touched his feet. 

Great priest not only forgive him but blessed at the same time. "Live long like sun."

"I am sorry my dear saint. I was just lost..." He apologized.

Great priest interrupt his words. "I knew already and that's why I came here." He told him the reason of his visit. Maan stare him in amusement.

"It's true my dear saint? You know what's going on with me?" He turned so excited after hearing his words. Someone finally visit who could help him in getting the meaning of those dreams. Which stole his sleep from past 3 days.

"Yes we know everything." He confirmed.

"Then please tell me. I am so restless. That I never felt before." Excitement and Anxiety gripped him equally.

Great priest smile for a sec and then cautioned him before telling him the meaning of his dreams. "Think my Lord once again. Because this path is fill with danger and need great sacrifices. Would you able to?" He questioned him before telling him the whole truth.

But King was so anxious that he could go to any length. "I am ready for any type of sacrifice and about danger then Ma'am Singh playing with it since childhood. No fear stops me ever. You just tell me what would I do to get rid of this restless. I need peace." He replied confidently.

"Good. Then listen to me very carefully. Took this magical sand. This will guide you and take you to the place where your dream girl lives. Rest you will got to know automatically. But remember one thing. This route isn't easy. So in your absence the thrown turned empty which is not good for your public. They will be like orphan without their king. And your enemies ruined your city in no time. So before leaving think about it deeply. Then make your decision. Now I am leaving. It's my meditation time." He said and left his room.

King Maan kept that sand near his heart first. Finally he got a way to meet her but how. Great priest cautioned him. He was again in dilemma. He wouldn't leave his kingdom without king. But same time he can't ignored that call for help. Might she was in great trouble and only he was her hope. What if she died. No he can't take this blame on his name.

Whole night he was  disturbed and not slept for a second. But next morning he was smiling. Because finally he made his decision. Next day he called his court and all ministers. Before them he announced his decision.

"I am leaving my crown." He declared and all eyes widened with shock. "But you all don't have to worry about anything. This throne will not stay empty. I handed my all crown and responsibilities to the one who truly deserves. My younger brother Prince Dev." He told his decision and left all stunned. But no one raise voice against his decision. Dev was also good. But he was too young to handle all this.

"My Lord think once again. Prince Dev is very good but he is very young to handle all the responsibilities." Few of his ministers reminded him.

"I know he is young but he is my brother and I have full faith in him. He will never disappoint. No more arguments." He told all and called great priest in the court who done the coronation ceremony of Dev.

Maan instructed him before leaving and he listened him very carefully

"Brother when will you return and where you leaving?" He asked.

"Even I don't know." He replied.

"Then how can we reached you. Might you need our help." He was concerned for his brother's safety.

"This is my journey. You don't need to worry. Only took care of kingdom." He commands and sat on his horse. He used the same sand given by great priest. He blew sand in the air and sand start flowing in air. He followed that sand in full pace. After crossing a huge mountain and weird places he reached at corner of a large sea. Sand vanished in thin air. Now he again blanked. 

"This sand brought me here and now vanished. There is only a vast sea. Now from here where I lead, specially in mid night." He glanced all around. There was a darkness all around only a source was moon light which was shining bright. His stare caught something.

A human figure caught his attention. He leave his horse and walked into the direction of the strong rock on which that human figure was sitting.

"Finally you come." A very sweet voice chiming in his ears like sweet honey. His ears alerts and paced his step to face the person. He dumbstruck there only. Froze in cold water. The beautiful face he always saw in his dreams was present before him and in real. He stepped towards her.

"You are the one who calling me every night. I saw you in my dreams and imagination. But you proved me wrong. You are more beautiful then I thought." His eyes glued to her face. An epitome of beauty. Whose every part was sculptured. He stretched his hand to touch her but she stopped him.

"Wait my Lord. Before you proceed I want you to know something about me." She said and made him confused.

She jumped in water and disappear for some second. Before he could act she appears in her full form and his eyes widened with shock.


"You... You are not a girl but mermaid." Suddenly some words comes out of his mouth. He was in shock. The girl he really likes was not a normal human being but a mermaid, a human fish.

His reaction stole her smile. Her lashes lowered and voice died in her eyes. "I knew I disappointed you. What you thought and what get instead. But I have no choice. I need your help to save my people." She said without glancing at him.

King Maan was lost in his thoughts. He needs a little bit time but soon he controlled his emotions and went near him. He hesitate first but then he held her shoulder softly. A soothing hand.

"Tell me in detail. What kind of help you want and why from me only and how you find me? How you came in my dreams?" He showered her questions on him.

She glanced up at him, because his touch assured her that he was now willing and without helping her he wouldn't leave. "Few days back one wizard of human world entered in our world and stole our life stone. My world would get destroy if that stone not installed on it's right place. We only have one week to install it from which 6 days had passed." She said in low voice.

"I will help. Tell me where I can find him." Her helpless eyes and voice stirred something inside his heart and he wants to help her at any cost.

"It's not easy King. That wizard is very powerful. This will risk your life too." She cautioned him about the risk involved in this.

"Just tell me how would I reach him." He was determined to save innocent lives.

She opened her palm and give small bottle to him. "This is a magical portion which helps you in finding that stone." She told him.

"Thanks and relax now. I will return soon with that stone of yours sweet mermaid." He smiles and go very assurance of getting everything alright.

"Geetakshi... My name is Geetakshi or you can call me Geet only, my Lord." She told her name with smile.

He palmed her face softly. Felt her warm tears on his finger. "Don't cry. I will be back very soon and with that stone. No innocent will die because of someone's greed."

"But be fast my lord. Because we have to establish it before next moon appeared." She warned him about the time limit he have.

He wants to know more about her  it right now his priorities were to save life of her people and for that he had to cover a long and dangerous journey. He say good bye and start walking out of the water when she stopped him.

"Wait my lord." She swim to him. She opened her chain and towed in his neck. This is called a heart of sea. Until this stone tied in your neck no black magic harms you and you would be able to breathe under water as well."

He smiled and kissed on her forehead and bid bye. That bottle shines and Ray formed which guides him. Wizard was living on peak of mountain. Many magical creatures,huge and scary was roaming there and provide protection to him. But couldn't stop him. He killed every obstacle and reached inside the den of that wizard who was busy in some prayers. King Maan roared and called him for a fight. Wizard was powerful but in end Maan overpowered him and killed him.

He got the stone and paced his horse. Few hours were left in moon rising. If he doesn't reached on time her world would die. She would die and he would not let it happen. Maan reached near the sea shore. She wasn't there. Moon was rising. He jumped in sea and swim deep down. He saw so many mermaids but all was laying lifeless. His eyes were searching her only. He reached to her and took her in his arms. She was laying lifeless. Her eyes were closing gradually.

"Wake up Geet. Please open your eyes. See I brought your stone." He showed her and she pointed at one direction with her limp hand.

Maan leave her side and went inside. That area seemed like some temple. Four pillar enclosed one short pillar. One small metallic flower was over it's head like a holding of something. He slanted his head back to glanced at her and put that stone on the head of small pillar. The very moment a bright light sparked from the stone and lightened the whole area. Bright like sun. It feels like sun appears in that dark deep sea. That light sparked new life into all lifeless mermaids. Once again that dead place become full of lives. Geetakshi too opened her eyes gradually. There was dark den behind that tomb from which an old enchantress appears in to the light.

Geetakshi swim to her and both went near Maan. All bow down before him, showing their gratitude.

"Thank you my Lord. You saved our world." She told in soft voice.

Geetakshi stood silent next to her. Enchantress saw his eyes which were glued to her only. "She is our princess. Princess Geetakshi. Soon she going to rule our world after her coronation ceremony." Old enchantress introduced them officially.

"You need help I understood but why me?" Maan still needs answers of his queries.

Enchantress glanced both one by one. "Don't you tell him?" She asked from Geet and she nodded no.

"Divye maa he helped us. So great of him. But I think now his people needs him. He should go back to them." She said without looking at him. Stealing her eyes from him.

"Madame..." He asked for introduction.

"I am the guardian enchantress of mermaid world. I saw..." She was trying to explain but Geetakshi stopped her.

"Leave it Divye maa. Let him go to his world. He too have many responsibilities over his shoulder." Geetakshi cut her words.

"As you say princess. King Maan it will be honor for us if you will accept our hospitality for tonight." She offered him a stay to gave their thanks in a proper way.

Maan got agree as he wants to know what she was hiding from him. After their meal servants showed him his room. Because of his pendant he was able to move freely there. King was restless so he asked for Princess room and straight went their to question her. He knocked and she welcomed him. Maan confronted her and asked his all queries once again. Princess was silent which made more restless.

"Geet I help you. Save your people. Don't you think I deserve an honest reply for my queries?" He stare in to her ocean eyes.

She was hesitant but then she replied all his queries. Before that incident one day I saw you in my dreams and told all to our Divye maa. She told me the meaning of my dream according to which you are my soul mate and one day I will be able to meet you. Afterward that wizard came and stole our life stone. We all are scared as none of us survive on earth then how would we get back that. Then our Divye maa suggest a solution which she found from her powers. She told me if my love for you is true then I would able to contact you and you will come to help us for sure. Since that day I start calling you every night in your dreams and you came. Help me and my people. This is the only truth I have. But I know you can't stay here with a mermaid. You have a beautiful world where you would find a girl of your choice. Human being just like..." Before she completed and understood what exactly happened with her, she was already melting in his arms. Her lips was pressed underneath his and her set on fire. He held her and glued to him in his rock strong embrace and kissed with all passion and longing he had for her.

She tasted like a fresh mint with sugar, and it nearly drove him mad. He plundered, taking her mouth, groaning as her tongue slid  along his, claiming him. His heart thundered against his chest wall, wanting to tell her that she had owned him forever, since the first moment he saw her.

He had waited a lifetime for the woman he held in his arms, and he would never let her go. Releasing her lips reluctantly, he buried his face in the side of her neck, panting for air and struggling for control over his rampant covetous emotions. His hands slid down to her shapely ass, pulling her against him. "Geet of you think I am upset or don't like your appear the n you are wrong. Yes I agree my first reaction was not so good after seeing you but that was not my rejection. I was just wondering seeing you. I have heard about mermaids but no one knows about you. When I saw you I couldn't able to believe on my eyes that's why I reacted in that way." He cupped her face and rested his forehead on her. "If I don't love you then why I left my crown for you. I left everything just to get you and you saying me to leave you? Now tell me where should I go without you. Since first I saw you,my heart falls for you. Tell me Geet if you don't wanted me with you then why you evoked my sleeping emotions?"

Geet was scared but now her heart jumping in happy. She held his face and kissed all over. "I am sorry. I mistook your reaction. I thought you don't like me as mermaid." She confessed.

"We have heart connection. Appearance doesn't matter. We both love each other without seeing each other properly. Don't you think we deserve a chance too?" He asked and she nodded softly.

"But I can't left my people. My father died and now it's my duty to take care of my public." She told her wish to him.

"No issue. My kingdom have a great king in form of my brother. I will stay here with you my love." He open his heart and cleared her all doubts.

"Promise you will stay with me. You will marry me?" She was so excited and happy and herself proposed him.

Maan laughed on her childish nature and nodded yes. "Yes I will marry you and stay here with you till my last..." She sealed his lips with hers again. Both lost in their love.

On the day of coronation ceremony of Geet their Divye maa tied them in a beautiful relationship and gave Maan more powers to stay with her and spend their life with her. Both get married on the same day and he became a king of Mermaid World automatically. She placed crown on his head and declared him as a new king. Their love blossom and they lived happily in their new world.

True love knows no bounds. It will find a way in every situation. Maan and Geet found their true love and for which they broke all the barrier between them...

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before reading want to clear one thing
read own risk
isse hone wali koi bhi gatna
don't shocked or confused byi

thoda mjak toh bnta hai sbse




50th celebration !

Grrr..decoration not over yet , we have no time for arrangement , everyone doing ur work fast .servants starring angry voice owner with popped eyes , her angelic face was red because of angry , one her hand in her slim waist , other hand pointed to unfinished work to servants .

Why everyone starring me , I am not  doing any circus , go work soon..her lips moving one side to other side but everyone standing in their posture with seeing her cold face.

What ...

Oldman came stand next with her and placed his hand to her shoulder softly and her eyes look up to oldman.

Darji , why u smiling with irritated face.

Princess , everyone doing their work , why u scaring everyone through ur big eyes  with teasing tone.

Darji..in grinned teeth..

Darji :cool down , I am searching something, u will help ur , darji .

Haan..with slow voice but angry mood.

Darji: I am searching my cute princess smile, today I am missing her smile much with pout face.

Darji  u too...

Darji : Princess , ok tell me , Ur papaji arranged food items ,guest rooms

Haan ..

Darji: and  he bought 50variety of fruits for function with teasing look..

How many darji with grinned teeth..

Darji: 50 ... five zero  ..

Grrr...50 with murmuring tone..she left the place..

Darji why u teasing ur princess with chuckling face.

Darji: Brij , our princess stay only us just  two or three days after she was going her house with sad tone.

Brij: darji, whenever she going , she was our princess ever , she married woman .she need go back right but why u teasing her with 50 number .

Darji  chuckling face while brij understood his chuckling face..

Brij : Once again , they ..while rolled his eyes ..both never changed ..

Darji: true ..with smiling face.

She was walking in angry mood ..her little bro stopped her , she kneel down infront of him.

Yes, chintu ...

Chintu touched her forhead with concern voice: what happened di, ur face so red ..

Nothing ..

Chintu : I think u r hungry so eat this biscuit .. chintu gave biscuit packet to her , she take from him..

 50-50 ( biscuit brand name )biscuits ...

Chintu: yes , di, 50-50 ..its very tasty .u have it ..he ran out leaving her in angry mood..

50...with grinned teeth..

Bhabhiji...time god , u infront of me

What chandu ..with angry tone.

Chandu : bhabhiji, plz give  50 rupees change  with innocent face...

(Poor chandu hehehe)

Chandu ...with heavy shout voice..chandu ran out seeing her sherni avator ..


Why everyone irritating me ..why everyone reminded 50 ..witth irriating tone.

di....one young slowly enter sherni room while her eyes ball checking her sister ok or not ..

Now what u want ...with angry tone.. hearing her angry tone , she jerk up one sec..

di...with pout face.

Naintara..get out before I blast u ..

NT: di ..plz don't angry with me ..

Naintara , plz go out with calm voice but angry face.

NT lose her patience: Geet handa..everyone waiting for u ..

Geet : I am Geet Khurana... with angry tone..

NT giggled tone : really but today ur anniversary right even 50 th celebration .. not bad u still saying u r khurana not addressing ur  maiden name handa..wow proud of u..

Geet glare to NT : u shut ur mouth..

NT: Ok baba..today not only ur 50 th celebration  with teasing tone. today my engagement with my love with dreaming tone .so ready soon with warning tone.

Geet throw pillow to NT while Nt caught pillow correctly : because of u & ur idiot love ..i am in this state.. because of u only ..

NT giggled tone: yes pleasure is mine only .. come soon..left out before another pillow hit her.

Geet : babaji ..everyone teasing me ..  u punished ur favourite child . No babaji not u .everything happened because of my stupid sister fallen love with idiot khurana ..now I am blabbering & getting angry .if she did not love that idiot .i never married my monster khurana.. even, I never meeting in my life time .she comprised me , help her love , if I did not accept her wish , I never tied with him.yeah really worst day of my life  & my mouth became enemy &  turn my life into 360 degree..i never forgot that day ...

Geet  was arranging her dress in cupboard , her sis banged to her room & sat in bed with crying face.geet closed her cupboard & sat next with her, sis hugged her tightly and geet got fear seeing her sis in crying face.

Geet step away from hug and cupped her cheeks : Naintara..what happened why u crying with worried face.

NT: I am in love ..with sobbing voice..

Geet shocked face: what.

NT: yes, plz help for my love otherwise I will die without him  with sobbing face.

Geet shake her head : u just 21 years old even u did not complete ur studies .mainly our family against love marriage  with feld her hand to chest gave angry look .

NT: I knew then only I am asking for ur help , Nooone against ur word, Our family loving u mainly our darji . u r princess of our handa family with puppy face

Geet: don't buttering me with grinned teeth.

NT: u can only help my love & marriage .plz...with pleading face

Geet :fine , when u met him , he was ur senior or class mate..

NT :  he was very nice man  , he was living in delhi & I met him last week.

Geet : what last week ..

NT: love at first sight with blushing tone.

Geet grinned teeth: just one week , u fallen love with one boy even u want marriage with him if he was not for u , u go to extend  to die also ..its ridiculous Naintara..with angry tone.

Nt pout face: di , my heart saying he was mine so help me to propose him & talk about my love matter to our family with sturborn voice.

Geet : NT..i will kill u sure .u did not propose yet ..Nt nod her head positively with sheepish smile.

NT : tomorrow he going back to delhi after he left , I never meet him in my life time with fear tone.

Geet : its good for u..he was going back to his place..forgot him & move on ur life. U don't know anything about him. Within one week love .its not good both of u even our family also .

NT  eyes searched there & here & take knife from fruit basket & tried cut her wrist before geet snatched knife from her.

Geet : NT ..with angry tone..

NT: I will die..plz once time, u talk with him after u decided he was correct person for me or not .plz..

Geet : Ok.. Now  where is he..

NT smiled : temple ..geet rolled her eyes & both left to temple.


NT & geet step up from geet scooty and both were simple chuidhar but elegant in their simple look.

Geet : where ..with grinned teeth.

NT eyes searching her love every corner of temple, her eyes popped seeing her love talking with someone.. both eyes caught meet .geet noticed NT blushing face & his eyes strucked one corner.

Geet  mind : he is handsome  with little blushing face omg what I am thinking mindly hit her head . go geet talk with him .

Geet : u wait here..i talk with him. NT pout face while nod her head.

Geet leg move forward while his leg come up to geet side .both standing little far away from NT .

Geet : Mr.Khurana, I don't know anything about u & ur family , love happened anyone without gave any notice to heart , I want know everything about ur family background,characters, work & siblings.

Mr.khurana: sibling with one eye brow raised.

Geet: ofcourse ..i don't want after marriage , husband sibling tortured wife with warning tone.

Mr.khurana: oh ..u continues .. uff Hosihpur express with murmuring tone.

Geet :  will u accept marry my sister ? first are u  love with my sister ? with doubting face.

Mr.Khurana: my sister ..with shocked face.

Geet: yes, My sister ..are u love with my sister? If u want marry her? Otherwise don't play ur smartness with her , if u did it . u will face worth face of mine with warning tone

Mr.Khurana feld hand to his chest : I thought u asking about ur marriage ..yeah I marry u but not ur sister ..with straight face

Geet  turned pointed out NT :  hello Mr , she was nave & innocent unlike me , I know I am smart even beautiful than her  .its not mean u r cheat my sis after seeing me. What a cheap character  with red fuming face

Mr.Khurana placed his finger in her lip: chup bikul chup ... I am not ur sister love...man turned & pointed out one man, he was ur sister love. Don't worry about him. He studied well, he was working in KC & soon he was going MD of  KC London branch. So he was shy type , he have no girlfriend , he also love with ur sister & about his sibling , he have one brother & sister , both never torture ur sister in their life time .

Geet :his parents accept their love with doubting face.

Mr.Khurana: sure , they not like ur family against love with taunting tone.

Geet : Hello Mr. how dare taunting my family , they were right in their place.they against love marriage because of horrible past life but never against our happiness . without knowing anything don't talk about others with warning tone.

Mr.khurana: don't raise ur voice infront of me. I am happy ,dev love ur sister not u with rolling his eyes

Geet hit her foot to ground: u ..i never want see ur face in ur life time.

Mr.khurana: but fate not like that.. I am dev brother , ofcourse I want same wish like u but we meet their marriage function right .

Geet : leave our matter, talk about their love matters..

Mr.khurana: yes, I don't want waste my precious time with useless person ( geet murdered look to him)  & tomorrow my family come talk about their alliance , geet raised her eye brow . yeah they never reveal their love matter to ur family.

Geet : fine ..i am going ..i never want meet him in my life time with murmuring tone..left the place.. NT was dreaming future life with dev.& geet hell angry with dev bhai .


Handa haveli

Khurana family came to handa haveli to ask Nt hand for dev . handa confused sudden marriage proposal but khurana also old friend of handa, khurna left  hoshipur  long back year, they settled down in  delhi . So handa very well know about  khuarna family. They r happy for their alliance.

Geet murmur: dustdanav  not come ..thanks babaji.

Darji : I am happy for my granddaughter marriage with ur grandson but ..

Dadaji:but what , rajveerji ..

Darji : Amarji , my elder granddaughter not married yet , how could we accept ur alliance for our younger grand daughter even she did not complete her studies

Dadimaa: bhaisa, u did not mind, I give suggestion.Our elder grandson also not married , we love ur family & ur girls . I thought why geet beti marriage fixed to our elder grand son.

Everyone face glow brightly except one person none other our geet.

Geet (mind): god, what the hell ..they was tring fix my marriage with that dustdanv .. darji say No...plz...with praying with closed eyes.

Darji: savitri ji , we r happy for ur proposal . we r happy our both princess live in same family.

Geet heart blast : darji...with shocking face but seeing his happy face. She did not raise her voice against alliance.


Handa family fixed geet marriage  with her dustdanav with in one month but NT marriage with dev after one year . they want NT complete her studies. Khurana also happy accept their decision.

Next week geet engagement in handa haveli , their princess engagement  so handa did more grandly .

Geet cursing her fate: see babaji , today my engagement but still I did not see my dustdanav  I saw him .our first meet in temple not its not our first meet . we fight  started that day . I never thought in my dream also after our first fight , I am getting tie with him to my life time.

Nt hugged geet : di, we r going live in same house.. I am happy with excited voice.

Geet nod her head lightly and NT cupped her cheeks

NT: di,are u happy for ur marriage with  jiju with worried tone.if u did not like .plz say to darji. He stopped ur marriage arrangement.

Geet hit her forhead playfully : pagali , khurana was good person.yeah I am not love with ur jiju unlike u love with dev .our marriage was arrange marriage  but I am happy .

NT : di , u & jiju stand next with each other, everyone mouth open widely seeing best couple in mandap .

Geet : everyone came ..

NT: whom u asking ,our sasural or jiju..with teasing tone

Geet pushed Nt to outside her room and closed her door : dustdanav , he did not single call, khadus  with angry face.


Geet wore ring to her dustdanv hand with head bow down ..

Dadimaa: geet beta, look my grandson..dont shy ..

Geet murmur: dadimaa, I am not shy..i hell angry with ur grandson better I did not look his face.if I saw him, I will punch him surely .

Dadimaa: Maan beta, she was shying ,u raise her chin , making look at u with teasing tone.maan nods his head .maan lift her chin , look at her angelic face.

Maan: u look beautiful, his single word geet forgot her angry  even her angry face to blushing face.

Maan wore ring in her hand & put his hard lip in above her ring , she got gossbumps in her whole body because of single kiss .


Maan held geet wrist , geet look at there & here, if anyone noticed his holding her wrist, she struggled in his grip.maan enjoying her struggling blushing face with cute angry face.

Geet : ji, leave my hand ..

Maan left her wrist suddenly & geet face down murmuring if I said he left my hand..stupid, idiots , don't know how to romance.. next sec geet body pressed to his hard chest .maan pulled & hugged her tightly .geet tried push him but he was strong than her .

Maan: u r my finance now.. I have right with u with dominating  tone.

Geet angry raised & hit his foot through her chappal , sudden hit maan left her ..

Geet : Mr.khurana, don't try to dominating me ..its not good for u.

Maan smirked face: if I did it once again.

Geet  pushed him: dustdanav ..left the place ..

Maan: my jungle billi..with smiling face.


After our second fight , I got my result.. I am topper in my college. Darji gave big party to whole village . my sweet darji  but dustdanav  left for London  project work .after he came back our haldi function.daily our NT romancing dev through video call but officially I engagement that person who rarely called me , just said how are u , u eat ur dinner , lunch or breakfast & mainly we did more fight , he was happy whenever I got irriate .. my dustdanav.

Haldi day ..

I wish , he was first person apply haldi for me but he did not come  I know that.. some time I jealous with my own sister, she got best partner in her life, she called maan , once again she start her fight , he also replied her .. geet cut the call ..  dustdanav..with angry mood

some one jumped inside.

Geet turned look at sound came direction: who is this..

Person pulled geet forecily & closed her mouth before she shout and geet eyes open widely ..& person left his hand

Geet: ji..u ..

Maan: yes , me..apply haldi paste to geet cheeks, she surpised he came for apply haldi .maan kissed her other cheek, she got one more shock ..he jumped out from her room .

Geet caring her cheeks not insake of haldi because of first kiss .her cheeks turned to pink .


Our  Fifteen  fight , I got first kiss with blushing face.

Our marriage happened in grand way , more masti in my marriage . my bidaai time , I cried so much ,my family only  my world , I am going to other house . my face was swollen because of continuous crying , my sister in law & brother in law tried cheer up me  but my khadus hubby not say anything to me.

Maaneet room

 Geet was sitting angry mood in my bed , After locked door, he come sit infront of her in bed , he tried touch her veil , geet snapped his hand.

Maan : geet ..with slow voice.

Geet removed her veil with angry face: u r happy right, u snatched my family from me.. I hate u .

Maan: geet , first listen me and then blaming me.

Geet : I hate u , I love my family , they love me unlike u ..they never made me cry but u..i married arrogant person.. I hate u..

Maan get up from bed : fine , go change ur dress & sleep ..with angry mood ..left to washroom .

Geet slept in corner of bed & maan layed  next with her ..

Maan pulled sleeping geet in his arms and feel bad for seeing her tears mark in her white  marble cheeks .maan kissed her forhead : toofan mail never listen me.. I am trying say but  u shouting me , he pinched her nose. My sherni .


Geet made halwa for everyone ,khuarna prasing her cooking , everyone gave gift .geet not look at maan face.

sandeep: maan, when  r project start .

Simran : yes beta but don't start now after u come back from honey trip .. u  start ur project. Geet not interest his project work but hearing honey moon , her cheeks lightly pink but she angry with him .so thinking how live with alone in HM.

Dadimaa: simran , u don't  worry ur about son & daughter in law by the wall  mine & ur sasur going stay with them in hosipur .

Geet shocked : hosipur ..

Dadaji : yes beta , his project in Hosipur , so he stay hosipur atleast 8 or 10  months . so mine & ur maan dadaji , u & maan stay in hosipur until project finsh .

Geet : but office in delhi..

Maan: I will manage office , if  my presence must in office . I come to delhi & u stay in dadaji & dadimaa in Khurana farm house in hosipur .he just left place .

Geet eyes strucked in his way (mind): tonight he was trying to say about project but my big mouth spoiled our SR. oh no what I did it after our 20 th fight , I got more spend time with my family but I spoiled wonderful night .. I must ask sorry to him.

Geet : dadimaa , he come for lunch time with slow voice.

Dadaji: savitri , see my dil , how concerned about her hubby with proud tone  but geet in guility .

Simran : No beta, he not come to home, if u want u send lunch to his family.

Sandeep : why u send lunch , u take his lunch to office ..geet nod her head with bright face.


Geet come to khurana office , adi seeing geet , he receving her with happy face .

Geet : Adi bhai, where is he ..

Adi : conference room, mam.. u stay in sir cabin.. geet nod her head.

Geet waiting for maan room , she look at window mirror she wore gorgerous net saree,open hair,apply vermillon in her mang , marriage bangles in her hand , mangusltra decorated her milky neck. She was blushing seeing her dressing, first time she dressing for him.

Geet hearing maan voice , she turn up but her eyes popped , her maan hugging someone outside of cabin , she clearly seeing their image through window glass .

Maan get inside his cabin & surprised seeing geet but not expect her angry glare .

Geet  marched to near maan : u , I never thought , u r such a low person , last day u married me but today u hugged girl .. with angry glare .. before she moved out from cabin , maan placed his hard lip to her lip while she was shuttering her mouth insake of sudden attack , she forgot everything maan hand  travelled to milky waist ,his hand rubbing her waist in sensuously ,  ,her hand placed to his hair , she pulled him more. maan want taste her sweet but she did nt allow open her mouth .maan pinched her waist , her moan pain while maan enter in her mouth , both forgot their world , he left her mouth, his hot lips travelled to neck jaws..geet moaning his name.

Maan : she is my best friend samera & our client while bitting her jaws.

Geet realized , both in office & she just pushed maan from her and maan fuming face: what ..

Geet : office ..with blushing face..

Maan encircled his hand to her neck : no one disturb me & no one saw us also , this window one side view ,  we seeing outside view but outside people never seeing what we r doing ..

Geet : smart , but first have ur lunch ..& I did not like anyone touch u with possessive voice.

Maan smirked : jealous ..

Geet twisted her lip & serve his lunch , maan feed her through his hand & geet first hesitate but her hubby was stubborn nature , she bend down her head .. both enjoyed their lunch.


After two or three fight .. finally we landed Switzerland for our honeymoon, maan already schedule for every trip .first we went to carnival event .

So many beautiful event , more crowd in place. We enjoyed so much mainly I enjoyed stay near with him.. suddenly my eyes strucked some magic show , he did not notice me, I stopped in place. He just left to other side . my eyes searching my life there & here.. but I did not saw my soul image. That day I realized how much I loved him , without  him my life nothing ..i am crazily love with him .

Geet : maan  maan...with  moist eyes ...geet ran one side to other side  while shouting maan name.

Geet : maan, where r u... with almond eyes tears flicked while maan also madly searched geet in every place.

Both eyes meet their soul , both ran to opposite direction,maan want cocoon her in his strong arms same like geet want in safest place , her hubby arms, geet jumped to his arms , both stay in their hug until their heart became stable .geet heart beating fastly , both away from hug.

Maan: where u went ,u did not held my hand properly , u nothing for anything ..u just clumsy person .

Geet hurt hearing his angry word & her tears flowing heavily , she did not speak anything , he closed his eyes , dragged to outside both silently in whole driving .

Hotel room

Maan stand in balcony in angry face , he cursing himself ,why not today he scold his jaan,she is his life . first time seeing to her, he just fallen to her beautiful face,  even shocked she was his bhai love . time god no she was , she talk about NT not her , he stunned in  NT love confession her angry , respect with family , everything fallen more to her , he love irriate her, he love cute angry face. He only insist dadimaa  for geet marriage with him. He want her in his life . he want finish every work before their marriage so rarely speak with her ,he knew his jaan very well , she loved her family , he accept hosipur project because of her , he thought gave surprise in first night but his sherni failed ,every fight  he never angry with her but his love more deeply with her today he thought he lost his soul few minutes , he scolded her .geet wrapped her hand to his back ,her moist eyes drenching his shirt , maan closed his eyes .he pulled geet to infront of him , geet head bow down , maan lift her chin, her moist eyes locked in his  guility eyes .

Geet : sorry ..with sobbing voice.

Maan hugged her tightly : I am sorry jaan.. sorry ...with guilty face..

Geet hit his chest lightly : u left my hand then u scolded me with choking voice.

Maan cupped her cheeks while tears flowing in his eyes  : jaan, after u missing , my heart beating rapidly, hell worried for u r safety, if anything happened to u, I cannot alive jaan, geet starring him without blinking eyes. I love u & hugged her once again , geet smiled in her teary face ..

Geet : I love u too maan.. while hugging tightly

Maan  stay away from hug & wiped her tears with happy face : plz say once again ..geet nod her head negatively with blushing face.

Maan: plz jaan..with puppy face..

Geet : I love u maan..i love u lot ... maan placed his lip to her , both forgot their angry , ego & everything, in this world their only live now . maan scooped her in his strong arms & placed her bed smoothly . geet pushed him lightly .. maan thought she did not ready for next step , maan turn move before geet held his wrist . maan turned look at geet , he smiled ..she sit in centre of bed while her head covered with saree pallo like bride waiting for groom in SR  .he sat next with her, his hand removed her saree pallo from her head .maan index finger caring her face inch by inch ,she closed  her eyes & her body shivering insake of  his sweet torture. Maan layed geet in bed smoothly .he almost layed  above her just single inch gap between his & her lip, his hard breathe brushing her lips .his torture making her more weak , she open her eyes lightly seeing her love infront of her , he want she initate with him, she sensed his wish, her shivering hand touch his cheeks smoothly , her lip placed to his , her brave attack ,maan surprised after he got her approval , his hard travelled in her whole body , geet moaning name , she gave him place more ..his hand roaming her sensusal place. Both became one in all sense .


Our 25 th fight , I became completed woman , I am happy, got him in my life .

After honey trip , geet & maan, dadaji  & dadimaa come to hosipur . yeah their love increasing while their fight count increasing in same way .some time maaneet went delhi  stay with khurana family ,maan managing both office & hosipur project simulantenously with help of dev.

he angry with  me because I cut my finger in cooking time  but I made for his favourite dish but he did not understand my hard work . he just left place. I got angry .. I slept in dadimaa room , poor dadaji company to his grandson to our room . I just blabbering our fight after I got special gift .. My dadimaa said to dadaji ..dadaji said darji,darji said to brij , brji said to his wife, his wife said to NT.. My devil NT said my whole family .yeah both khurana & handa . after that everyone teasing me with my fight count. Today our first anniversary even our 50 th fight finished in our phone  conversation

Today my sister & his brother engagement mainly first meet anniversary  but he did not come from London, how dare , even his best friend samera also went with him, yes I knew both r just friend but I did not like her presence surrounding with him. He was mine , sirf mine.. i just fight with him & come to handa haveli . everyone sensed my angry , now start teasing me.. because of monster khurana, Monster name very sutiable than maan .. I hate u , Maan singh Khurana.

But I love geet maan singh khurana ..with placed his head chin  to her shoulder , geet smile crept on her lip & whispering maan..

Maan: no .. monster khurana, now u addressing me this name only.

Geet turned look at maan , her hand carring his cheeks  smoothly , last one month he stayed in London,he set up new branch in London.

Geet eyes moist and maan cupped her cheeks ...

Maan: I hate ur tears jaan.

Geet hugged him tightly : I miss u .

Maan : I miss u too, jaan..

Geet : u said , u did not come today with angry face , maan pinched her twisted lips .

Maan: I thought I gave u surprise .but u blasted me through phone with horror face.

Geet pinched his hard chest : u deserve it ..

Maan : don't wake up my devil through ur naughtiness, now we need attend enagement, tonight I make u mine once again..with winked eyes.. geet blushed face, pushed left the room while maan run behind her, whole family standing opposite to them.

dev: ufff..finally ur 50 th fight over , let we start my engagement .

Geet : Maan , don't  go that function, everyone teasing me . no one asked anything about my angry with pout face.

NT : then what we do .. if we interfere ur fight last we got nose cut from u & jiju.. few months before u did it , we forgot our experencice.

Geet sheepish smile to family .

Maaneet fight once again, this time geet come to handa havli with angry even crying face. Handa worried about her state , family tried talk with her but she did not open her mouth, darji finally called dadaji , he explained their silly fight . darji eyes smirked something .

Maan come to handa haveli with grandparents , brij tired stop maan meet geet , maan got angry .

Darji : maan , I never except ,what u did with my princess. I don't want my princess live with u anymore.

Maan: darji..with painful voice.

Darji: I am saying right , geet not come back with u.

Dadaji : rajveer ji , u insult my grandson , geet did mistake not only maan.

Darji : whatever , I don't want both stay in same place.

Maan: Darji, she is my life . no one  stop me , see my wife with angry face.

Brij grabbed maan collar : how dare ..

Bhai ... take ur hand from his shirt ..with angry face

Brij ; geet  , u support him with angry face.

Geet: he is my husband & ur  handa son in law, this is ur tradition treat son in law in this way . Brij remove his hand from shirt. Geet correct maan shirt .

Darji : Princess .

Geet : Darji , I never thought my husband by my own family with hurt face.

Dadaji: because of u geet , he got insult, without saying anything u came to haveli with angry face. U r sturborn nature , geet eyes moist eyes .

Maan: dadaji, don't say anything to my geet. She was right. She got angry .she come to her work . what mistook she did ..i am wrong not her .

Geet : No maan, I am wrong ..i am sorry ..

Maan cupped her cheeks : I am sorry jaan..

Geet placed her head to his chest and maan wrapped his arms to her ..family fake coughed.. both stay away from their hug . family naughty look to maaneet .

Dadaji twisted maan ear & darji twisted geet ear lightly  unison: u both fight each other whenever u want , but don't run out with each other, because of u we did whole drama for ur patch up .

Maaneet mouth openwidely : drama..

NT : yes jiju, drama.. how is our drama with teasing tone. But we decided we never interfere ur fight , every time we got only nose cut from u , both r perfect for each other no mad for each other . if we scold geet di , u getting angry with us, if we scold u , ur sherni geeting angry with us. Better, we stay away from ur cute fight with giggling tone.


Maaneet room

Geet head layed in maan bare chest while his hand held her waist close to him, her hand play with his bare chest , blanket wrapped them properly until their shoulder .

Maan: happy anniversary ..

Geet : next month only our wedding anniversary  with confused face.

Maan raised his head & look at geet face : last year , first time I met u in temple, that day was best day in my life. I got angel in my life . geet hugged him tightly .

Geet : not only our anniversary , today we need to celebrate our 50 th fight with giggled tone.

Maan :omg last one year , we did it 50 th fight. U count it with surprised face .

Geet : I never forgot any of our fight, after every fight I got  something specai in my life. Our first  fight , I got u, next fight, I  topper in my college ... our 25 th fight, I became urs in all sense with blushing face maan kissed her corner lip .

Maan : hmm today what u got .. I knew our naughty night  right , his hand travelling her bare body under blanket .

Geet blushed face & nod her head negatively & maan confused look at her ..

Geet take his hand placed her bare stomach : this time we got gift maan, our love .

Maan raise her blushing face through his index finger : really .. geet nod her head .. & hugged him tightly .

Geet : we r going to parents maan.. u r going to father as I am mother.. ur life inside me , our love inside growing me.. after I did fight with u , I am dizzing then I realizsed my period skipped last two months. I checked pregancay strip , I got positive result . we r going parents soon with moist eyes.

Maan cupped her face & kissed all over her face : I love u jaan.. his head move to her stomach & more kissed in bare stomach : I love u princess .. ur papa love u .

Geet caring maan hairs : mummaa love u ..

Maan : come soon, princess ..i am eager to hold u in my hand ..now start showering kiss to his baby

Geet  chuckling face: baby  mother also waiting for baby father love but baby father not gave love to baby mother . maan raised his head & look at geet  & once kissed her stomach.

Maan: baby ur mumaa jealous with u , so first I showering my love to ur mumaa then I  come talk with u more ..

Maan placed his lip to geet forehead : thanks ..i love u so much. U complete me .

Geet : I complete because of u, Mr.love

Maan: I love u , Mrs.love ..

Geet : maan, baby is prince not princess..

Maan: no..our first baby is princess only..

Geet : no..

Maan: yes..


If they start their fight once again, they never stopped their fight  with each other yeah their love increasing more more ever.. 

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