Maaneet Farewell Party Event - Page 3

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Posted: 5 years ago
sanju : mujhe toh lagta tha
ye bs priya rulati hai

priya : you again started sanjuLOL
Sanju : don't talk with me
why you not tell me isme maaneet alag ho gye haiCry
priya : i love when you cry and shout LOL
i feel my day get completed
sanju : dekha tune kalpi
ye ladki humesha asa krti haiAngry
priya : am loving it kalpiBig smile
favo : uff hoTongue
maaneet end me toh sath hai na
geet : suna maan aapne
ye hume alag kr rhe hai
maan : i also listen story have happy ending
geet : i don't liking going far away from you
maan : hmm

priya : don't worry readers
happy ending haiBig smile
hum maaneet ko kaise alag chod sakte hai
ye sanju na thoda jyada react kr deti hai Wink
see below post 
Posted: 5 years ago

Move  on ...


Maan  hand  shake  when  he  put  key to  open the door  of  his house  their  house  their dream  house .His gaze went to name  plate  of  door.

MR.Maan Singh  Khurana  MRS. Geet Maan Singh  Khurana


He never  force  her  to  change  her  name  but  she  is  always  bolati  thi  muje  to  apke  rang  main  rang  jana  hai  MSK..maan  somehow open door  of  house  their  house  they  make  it  with  their  love ..when  his  family  refused  to  accept  as bahu and  his  wife  .tab  muje  aur  geet  ko  papaji (geet  father ) ne hai  bahot suopport  kiya  tha  ye  chotasa  gharonda un dono  ke  sapno ka ...banane main

He  remove  his  shoes  out itself  a  soft  smile appear  on  his  face  He  remind  how  geet  hide  his  shoes  when  he  don't  removed it outside of house .after  her  strict instruction . ... Maan  ki  rukhi  suhki  zindgi  main  she come  as  beautiful  song  but today he lost ...he  gulp  in  pain he  feel his  heart  having  immune  pain.


He walk  to   A  big  window  of  living  room  its  geet  personal  space  she  want this  big  window  ...where  she  can  seat  and  usko  waha time  bitna  ya  fhir u  kahu  mera  intazzar karna  bahot  acha  lagata  tha ...kintne baar (how  many  time)  he  saw  her  sleeping  in  there  in  that  window edge  with waiting  for him...he  touch  that  place  he  feel  his  touch  u  he feel  this  touch  again  maan  ( maan  heart  ask  him)...few tear  gather  in  his  eyes  but  he control  that  and  move  on  from  that  place ...he  while  seat  on  sofa  ...two  seated  sofa  its  her  choice  so  whenever  they  seat  their  There  should  be  no  distance  between them  they can seat  very  closed  to  each  other .. don't  know  kaha  se  idea  aate  thei  uske  dimag  main  ...lakin  abhi  jo  distance  aa  gaya  hai  uska  kya  maan  (  again  maan  heart  ask  him)...he  stand  from sofa  that  touch  burn  him.


He  went  to  bedroom  side  their  bedroom  full  of  red  and  black  combination  its  he  think  always  its  world verse  combination  for Bedroom  but  black is  his  fev  and  red is  her ..he  is  ready  for  adjust  but  she  not  she  want  their  bedroom  should  be  both  choice ... Both  choice  like  now situation  also  both  choice's  their  room where  they  become  one in  all  sense  two  body  one soul.  he  chuckle  with  memory  of their  first  night  ...he


He seat  on  bed  and  lost  in  past  much  she  make  fuss ...she  is  hell  nervous  ..thou  they  have  love  marriage  but  she  always  be  shy for  intimacy  so  maan  also never  push  her ...for  that  he  wait  for  the  day  their  first  night ...She  almost  get  terrified  when  maan  removed  his  cloth  and  she  watch ahem  ahem ...maan  almost  coo  her  like  small  kid  who  is  terrified  with  unknown  fear ...She  so  much  scared  but  want  to  fulfil their  dream  of one  soul  she  want  to  become  one  in all  sense ...she  almost  cried  in  his  hug  ...that  night  he  love  her  like  he  loving  some  delegated  flower  ...but  after that  night  she took  perfect  u  turn  always  demanding  ...  Demanding  ...maan  come  out  from  past  ...that  time  her  demand  was  Love  and  today  her  demand  was ...move...he  stand  with  shock  ...he  almost  run  out  from  room.


He  took  deep breath  ...he feel  thirst  he  went  to  kitchen  side  and  took  glass  of  water  his  eyes  land  on her  radio  she  and  radio  deadly  combination ...he  took  that  in his  hand  and start it ...there  start  her  fev  song ...Arjit  singh ...

He  stand  their  ...


Tenu itna main pyaar karaan

Ek pal vich sau baar karaan

Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke

Maut da intezaar karaan


That  songs  lyrics  make  bleed  his  heart ...he  is going  away  she  is  going  away  ..fist  he  always  make  fun  on  this  sentence that  its  not  practical  aisa  nahi  hota   but  today  he get  the  true  meaning  of  this  words


Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake (x2)

Yes  he  also  do same  thing  na  for  their  love  he  refuse  khurana  empire  for  their  love ...fhir  ajj kya  ho gaua  ye  itna  bada  Ego  kaha  se  aa gaya  his  heart  again  ask  him..


Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan

Tu hai toh hai isme zindagi

Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan

Ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri


Is  he  really  live  without  her  uske  zindgi ke  har  ek pal  main  sama  gai  hai  uski  jaan  rooh  tak  chu  gai  hai  is  he  really  going  to  move  on...


Just  then  his  eyes  land on  calendar  he  so  much  laugh  on  her when  she  put  calendar  on  wall  ...he  called  him outdated ...he  never  saw  that  he saw  some  word  on  it  something  written  on  it .he  took  that  in his  hand  and  move  to  living  area  he  seat  and  look  in  it  so  many notes ...milk ,newspaper  ,gas ,society  maintence  ..he  flip  to  each  page  ...last  11  month  ki  each  and  every  things  ki  ..note  it's  like  diary  . Unki  marriage  life  ki  dairy  11  month  of  their  marriage  ...he went  to  first  page ...on  one  date  she  circle  in  red  but  no  note  on  that  date  ...and  date  is 25-  he  try  to  remind  that  date  kya  tha  us  din  unki  shadi  ko  10  din  hi  hui  thei  why  she  circle  like that ...


He  closed  his  eyes  and  try to  remind  hardly  ...after  few moment  his  eyes  open  in shock  ..her  first period  after  their  marriage  and  his  first  fight  ...he  lost  in  past from  more  geet  behaving  different  bahot  dur  dur  baahg  rahi  thi ...and  he  have  holiday  that  he  want  to  love  her  only  but she  is  not  giving  chance  ...At  last  he  almost  cage  to  wall  and  ki**  her  heard ...he  start  to  lost  in  her but  her  body  turn  stiff  ...and  he  took  as  insulted  ..without  any  word  he  went  from there ...He  have  to  ask  but  his  nature  he  went  out  and  come  really  late  in night  ...when  he  come  he again  found  her  near  window  ...  He  thou  angry  with  her but  he  took  her  in his  arm  and  make  her lay  down  on  bed  ..she  carrying  a  paper  in hand  ...


With  surprised  he  took  that  and  read  ...his  eyes  winded  in  shock  she  written  (  sorry  maan  wo  mera  wo  period  get  start  in  morning  so ...)he  closed  his  eyes  in frustration  what  he  done  ...bol  deta to  ye  nahi  hota  na na  saayed tumare  relation  main  bahi  wahi  hua  na  MSK , Your so  called  khurana  family  say  something  about  her and  u  believe sometime  eyes  se  dekhi  hui  cheej bhi  sach  nahi  hoti ,  do  you  try  to  check  its  true  or  not  or  else  u discuss  with  her  about  that  bas  khamosh  (silent ) ho  gaye  may  be  your  family  is  not  wrong  laking  syaaed  geet  bhi galat  nahi  hogi  to  ...u  RE  THE  ONE   who  brought  ego  in  this  beautiful  relation  than  she  follow  same  she  is  also  GMSK  na  to  ego  main  thodi  kam  hogi   ...maan heart  again  say  yes  bola  hota  to ye  hota  nahi  na  MSK saayead


Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin

Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley

Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake


He  again  flip  other  page  ...every  month  25 ,26  should  be  circle  ...he  get  that  ...he  search  for  ongoing  month  circle  but  there  is  none .. circle  nahi  tha  waha  ...he  get  confused  is she  forget  ...but  next  moment  his  eyes  winded  in shock , reality  hit  him  hard  ..he  come  here  to  take  his  certificate  and  cloth  because  they  are  filing  Divorce  case  tom...


He  punch  some  number  on  mobile  and  start  to  wait  desperately ...his  walking  as  lion  ...fro  and  back  his  heart  ruing  in  full  speed 15  min  door  bail  get  ring  ...

He  almost  run  to  door  and  before  she  react  any  way  he  took  her  to  washroom side ...He  put  somting  in  her  hand  and  show  her  washroom  side


Thou  she is  hell  angry  with  him..she  don't  want  to  come  here  but  his  voice  something  in it  ..and  now  his  face  ,eyes  saying  smoothing ...she  once  look  to  her  palm  that  what  he  put  in it  ..her  eyes  winded  in  shock  its  pregnancy test   kit ...Some  tear  appear  on  her  eyes  she  once  look  to  him ...he  assured  her  with his  eyes  and  ...she  entered in  washroom  ..



Tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake


He  feel  like  each  moment  turn  as  year  ...for  him  ...he  wait  for  her  but  door  don't  get  open  ..but  he  heard   a  cry  and  next  moment  he  dash  inside  wash  room ...


Her  eyes  shining  she  crying  and  laughing...same  time  playing  in  background  and  maan  took  his geet  in his  embrace  his  hug ...


Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein

Ki chehre se teri na hatein

Neendon mein meri bas tere

Khwabon ne li hai karwatein


Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein

Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake


Tere liye duniya chhod di hai

Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke

Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake




Yes  both  soul  Move  on  in true   manner  as  would  be  ma  papa ...


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Posted: 5 years ago
Maan : i love to hold you close to me
geet : i also feel secure in your arms
priya : but twist toh bnta hai
favo : no twist di
priya : but i love twist kalpiWink
sanju : dekh priya
here no twistAngry
priya : you really think sanju i stop LOL
geet : now from where twist come
Maan : relax geet
geet : how can i relax
maan : oh god
writer krte hai
sunana mujhe pdta hai
geet : maan 
you always take writer side
maan : then what i do
tell me
any solution
geet : Cry
maan : misthy i hate tears in your eyes
sanju : we too
but kuch writer na kuch nhi smjhte
priya : what you want to say
sanju : jo tune smjha
favo : not again please
friends ye toh sb chalta rahenga
you all read next story

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Posted: 5 years ago

No, please don't do this, please leave us in peace. She cries out of her helpless. Why are you behind us? Please leave him, please. I pleaded you.  She finally joined her hands infront this heartless monster, who not deserve her plead but she is helpless here to do that as she can't see her love getting beaten by this monster and she can't do anything other than pleading him. 

I don't need your pleading sweetheart but I want you fully, whole of you, by your body or soul of yours, all are mine.

He kissed her furiously saying this claiming his words on her. 

You are just mine, only mine. 

He has her cage in his arms and his men's beating her life there. Yes her life, her love. And she is crying continuously in his arms to see her love in this condition because of her. 

He was holding her close to him as he will not let anyone touch his jaan. Nor he would give pain or bruises on he soft hands by tieng her to something. Which are only to love him but she didn't and she isn't love him, why, why... he furiously heat on the soul reason with his foots.



Part 1


MAAN... she screams in so much anger and hatred for this man who is soul reason for her love in pain now. She looks at her love lovingly who is bleeding so much because of continues beating by his mens. 

Dare you screamed at me like that again, dare you darling, I love you madly, it's not mean you can scream on me like this. You scream as much as you want my name but that only with love for me and at the time of our honeymoon. On our married night, you get that jaan. When, I will be inside you. Will make you mine with your body and soul.

She disgustingly move her face sideways only to be taken by him harshly  ,He nibble her soft lips again, licking the blood on that, making her hissed in pain of his passion. And she wriggled yet again in his arms to get free which was not possible still she try, but all her straight leaving her body with the bleeding sight of her love.

You baster , leaved her now. Rajeev try to get up seeing his love is getting abused by this monster named MAAN SINGH KHURANA. 

As he try to stand but only got bitten again by his mens finally going into unconsciousness. 

Rajeev , no,, Rajeev, wake up. She tries to go there but he was not leaving her, he will not let her touch other man than himself. 

Rajeev... wake up lo...Before she says more got her lips lock in his own. And he passionately kissed her out of fury.

You will not call anyone these words, they are just meant for me, you understand jaan. You can call me love, dear sweetheart, whatever as your wish jaan. 

He calmly said her caressing her soft lips with his thumb. Wanting to taste them again but he have more works to do now and have her in there married night which is not so long, he smirk on his thoughts.

You are monster, you are insane. She spites her hatred on his face.

Yes jaan. I am. He calmly reply to her with pure devil reside in him which only want this angle for himself.

I am insane for you. He added roughly.

Take him out and do something of his body and make sure nothing should be finding by anyone, he ordered his mens. And geet gasp to hear like that of her love.

No, no you can't do this, she again try.

Yes I can jaan as he is hurdle in our way, he is coming between us.

No, please, maan leave him, I will do whatever 

You have to do jaan either he live or not.

No she gasp with anguish to think even on that line.

If he keep his mouth shut and don't come in between us, then I can leave him but if... He leaves his sentence glaring at her with his red eyes to see her pain for that boy. He wanted to kill that boy but he can't see her in pain. 

He took her lips again to calm down his anger. geet just lost all her all hopes now to live with her love happily.  


Part 2


khurana mansion was decorated beautifully for the marriage of only heir of family, MAAN SINGH KHURANA. This so sudden as 1 hour before only this thing was decided, their marriage, maan and geet. And all the arrangements have done in haste. But now everything is ready. Groom was in mandap and there comes a called her the bride to come down seat beside groom for further marriage rituals. 

Her parents are happy not for her but they was saved from getting humiliated in this society because of their daughter who is the reason to bring shame on them as she decline the marriage with her boyfriend whom she claimed to love  and he also don't show up. But she herself declined it first that why he also didn't come as they got called form his parents on that. They are too much furious and already had disowned her as they are on the edge of getting humiliated in guests which were present there. But khurana family who is well known in this city or business world saved them. And MAAN SINGH KHURANA got ready to married with their daughter after all this fiasco also. They are really grateful to him and his family which include his sister and his dadima along with his brother. 

Geet   got ready without any emotions, though she was ready for her previous marriage with her love. She dream so much for that. But all her dreams got crush by this monster who make his words true like he warn her before that she have to marry with him only. She cry silently again as she remember rajeev's state. 

Finally marriage take place with all people present there in front of god and fire. She take step to her parents to bide them as it is vidaai right now but her parents turn their face form her which hurt her really as what is her fault in this, this monster played his game, and here she is suffering in this with her love.

Mom. She called her once, her mother also not believing her or let her speak also , they only blamed her for their reputation, which was on high place that their love for their daughter or there is any love for he now she is suspicious or just mere responsibility which got fulfilled today with her marriage.

Her parents bless her not by heart but in the eyes of guests as they can't make them suspicious again on their behavior.

GEET just goes with her husband MAAN SINGH KHURANA. Not return again to this house as she knows her parents has abonded her now. 


Part 3


It is there marriage night now. She felt shiver run down in her spine to even think on this line but nothing can be done now as he will be here any moment to claim her. She is sweating badly in ac room also. 

Room door got open; she heard his footsteps which are coming her way. He came like lion entered his den and seat in front his pray which is sweating badly out of fear.  

Jaan.. She heard again this four words which felt like lava to her ears but she can't do anything, she have to hear this for lifelong. He lift her ghoonght and see magnificent beauty infront own eyes, he can't take his eyes off her; just continue to stared at her which make her uncomfortable. And she wriggles a bite and that got his attention. He holds her hand and she gasp with his touch.

Today I will love you like eternity, jaan. He huskily said his desire which form long time buried in his heart keeping his hand on his cheek to feel her soft touch on own self.

She quickly pulled her hands from his clutch with fear of what he said. Her chest start to move up and down with his intention and he look at it and desired filled his eyes.

He pulled her closer by her waist and almost makes her seat on his lap. She gasps with his move and try to wriggle out. But his next set of words make her stop her moves.

Geet just loved me tonight and forever and let me do also same, I will not do any bad thing with your parents nor this boy... he spoke dangerously each word speaking hatred for Rajeev. 

And she stop her moves and looked at him sacredly as she get the meaning of his words and knew that he will do what he is saying as this monster has almost killed Rajeev if nothing for her.

She sat silently there scared for his next move as she knows now there was nothing which she can do now. All things can done by him only MSK.

Maan smirk as he saw her stop on is words. His gaze turns more passionate to see her bare waist, he snake his hands there and she moan in pure bliss forgetting all things which shock her also and him. Now he will definitely make her fall for him head over heal like he is in her love insane. He smirks.

Geet look at him with opened mouth at his advancements which arouse him further. And he took her petals in his mouth giving her full mouth kiss and hold her hands keep them on his neck and she started to massaged him but not knowing how to kiss as this man only who stolen her first kiss but she didn't know how to kiss neither her boyfriend kiss her nor she let him do . They never crossed there limit before marriage. But, marriage which was never happens. 

Thinking of all this few tears flow from her eyes and he tasted that along with kiss. He at once angrily broke the kiss but control his anger for his jaan. He kissed her tears away making her looked at him surprisingly and she saw pure love and passion for her in his eyes along with care. She never notices his eyes before nor his feelings for her. But it was true now she get it. But she can't forgive for what he had done with her love, Rajeev. 

Maan again come to her lips and this time kissed them softly like eating some ice-cream.

Geet do the same which I am doing, he knows she didn't know how to kiss and he is the one to steal her first kiss and he will be the last one also. He feel proud to think that she is all his now.

Geet slowly reluctantly kiss him the way he does and she got lost in his lips and without her knowledge kissed him passionately, adding to his victory. 

He slowly makes her lay down on bed without breaking his lips forms her. And throw her dupptta on floor and started to take out  her necklace and that brought her out of her lost sense she gasp in his mouth , what she is doing. Before she comprehends he again kissed her passionately making her lost in him. 

He one by one took her all jewelries kissing on each part. And she lay there lost in his spell. He smirks on his effect on her and she was denying continuously. 

He stand up to take out his cloths and she opened her eyes getting out of his spell and immediately seat up and look at him with anger . 

What are you looking at me jaan. You should save our time by making yourself naked for me or I do that. Let me do myself as it is my right. 

He said authoratively coming closer to her. And she sacredly crawled back on bed. He gets on bed and pulled her close to own and pulled her all strings of her blouse making her back all bare for him. He took that thing throw on floor making her gasp in fear and she quickly hides her bare body from his piercing eyes with her hands. 

He pulled her hands from her ch*** and press them either side of her head on bed with his hands, and buried his face in her che**. 

MAAAN... No... Please 

She wriggles first but later got lost in his spell and reciprocates him giving him more access to her neck.

He took off her all cloths along with him and started to shower his love on her.

She was moaning continuously his name in pure bliss as he was showering her all over her body with wet kisses not leaving her single part also. And she is withering under him. She was tired of this resistance now which seems to not happening as her body was not listening her women hormones got alive with his touch which in past never happen with rajeev's one touch also though they never done like this but here maan's only single touch was doing some magic on her body blocking her brain completely. 

She finally let go of her guards as she feel truly loved by someone in her whole life which she didn't feel this feeling before which he was making her feel now, not even with Rajeev also. Not even her own parents have time for her always in their own world busy not knowing what she wants. They just disowned her which she thinking now from long time only they maybe wanted this. Few tears spilled from her hazels making maan look at her.

Jaan, he softly called her gaining her attention towards him. He kissed her ears away and she let him do that. As she really feel special when he done that.

On the other hand maan was so much enjoying their love making as she responding to his touch. He wants to love her till eternity like this. But her tears always make him restless, he feel pain. Why she didn't understand his pain to see her tears.

He again start shower of seeing he calm down. He loved her like she was some glass doll and will shatter once he will take wrong step. He kisses was soft. Bites are soft like he is controlling himself. He caressing her every part of her body with his rough hands making her moan is named in pleasure.

She just got spell bounded in his love. As he is treating her like some flower. She holds his back tightly with her hands let him know her will for making love. He got her signal and his kisses turn harsh now, he roughly started to kiss now on her every body part. He chews her b*****, nibble her. And she just is screaming his name in pure bliss like he had asked her before.

Finally he enter in her making her his with soul and body. She screams his named and few tears spilled on her cheek out of pain and pleasure.

Jaan.. You ok.. Did I hurt you.. He asked with all the worry and love in this world that she just cry out hugging him. How can someone love her insanely he proved that tonight. She thought. But will she be able to forgive for his sin; yes he did the sin only. Will she be able to forget her first love, didn't she did cheating to rajeev's love but he is her husband and it is his right, so from where this cheating come. She was in dilemma now, 

Jaan you ok. He asked her seeing her lost. He was caressing her bare back taking her in his arms. She blushes with the thought of her bare in his arms. It is the first time he see her blush for him. He feels so happy. 

She tries to move from there so that she can wear her cloths and sleep on her place but he keep his hold more strong on her not letting her moved a bit. 

Where are you going jaan. He asked lovingly.

I want to wear my cloths and sleep on my place, she coyly answer him what she want not meeting is eyes keeping her head down only.

Why you need cloths when I am here. He asked her cupping her ******. She moans with his touch and hide herself in his arms shying away with his comment...

maan please, let me go . She tries once futilely, still hiding in his arms. 

Nope. You are not going anywhere. I will not let you go away from me. You are meant to be stay in my arms. You are caged in my arms forever and ever.

With his words she looked at him lovingly and he took her lips in his own and both again got lost in their passion.


The end

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Priya : Chalo dohrate hai 
shaadi ke ve vachan
wo pal firse
jaha maaneet looking awesome stunning couple
Sanju : we just lost in seeing bothBig smile
favo : it's really dream come true wedding Embarrassed

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Posted: 5 years ago
priya : what i say about next story 
Favo : this is painful
but beautiful
Sanju : one girl give seven years to one relation
Priya : but her husband not able to love her back
Favo : but this is not about geet
so just chillWinkBig smile
priya : yes
so don't worry
you can readWink



Every love story will not b consider as fairy tale,ya having a happy ending.

It's a complex one so read at your own risk... the concept was from a Tamil movie.



Maan Singh KHURANA was a famous singer, who craved his name in the hearts of million fans, he himself compose his songs which touched the soul of his audience, his voice creates magic and his lines makes them crazy, not only in youth he created his magic in all generation people, because his song is a mixture of love,passion,music. He marked his name in people's heart. He is named as king of music, considering all his songs mostly carries love messages. But none knew he is still waiting to know what love is!!

Yes, even being married for almost 7 yrs ,he did knew what love is, he had a lovely family with his parents and siblings and a beautiful wife, he got his share of parents love sibling fight, and makeup, but still he was immune to the love which would consume yourself .he respects his wife, the way she takes care of him, his family ,she is a perfect daughter in law, perfect sil, even a perfect wife but she never was his lover.

Sameera Maan Singh KHURANA who was simple and sophisticated was married to maan before 7 yrs, like every other they're too was arranged one, Sam was maan's father choice, she can speak about business whole day but can never utter a word about music. Whenever they both shared their views Sam would end up discussing her day with him speaking about clients and meetings, being a soft spoken maan would hear her but he never tried to share his passion like she shares about hers, even after these years he respected her but love was a far fetch dream for him, but in case of Sam she openly said how much she loved him,his response always will be a smile. She always speaks her heart out to him, but he can never ever voiced his desire to her. Even when she expressed her love for kids, he gave in to her thoughts because he always does that. He never went against anyone wishes from his parents to his wife he always tried to fulfil all their wishes even its not in his like, like giving himself to Sam he locked his dream of love too in a corner of his heart. He tried a lot to find his love in Sam but she never touched that part of his heart.

But from last six months a pair of Hazel's were disturbing him, he tried his level best to forget her eyes but ended up memorizing her features in his mind, she craved her presence in his heart just by a simple smile, her thoughts about music always fascinated him, he never stopped himself from sharing his thoughts to her. She was like a breath to him when and how she became that both don't know, first she was a regular viewer of his live concerts who always comes to him to get his autograph, slowly she made her way in his heart. Both will meet regularly either at his office or her house mostly he would ended up driving her after the one knew when things changed between them...They shared from thoughts of music to love. Simple pure love the more he demand she would willingly gave herself to him. He never said he loved her not that he didn't but his eyes conveyed the words he want to convey, neither she confessed her feelings to him. Both knew what they were doing was wrong, but one never can say what is right and wrong in love. He knew he was married and was betraying sameera, but he want to fulfil his thirst for love which he got almost after 7 yrs of waiting. She knew he was someone else husband, but she can never give herself to anyone vowing the love she had for him. She is his only his from the moment their eyes met.

Days passed both were happy in their little world until Sam saw changes in maan, his most of time staying outside, smiling to himself, staring at his mobile raise a possessive insecurity in her. She made sure she kept a tab on maan and within a day she was before geet house demanding an answer for her involvement in his husband's life.

Sam took a deep sigh determined to throw the girl out of maan life thinking she rang the bell not knowing the shock waiting for few minutes door was opened before Sam blast the girl smiled and politely asked

G: aap!!??

Sam: tum koun ho!!?

G: ji hum geet hai,aur aap...

Before she continue both heard a voice which ironically belong to both.

Maan: geet aavo jaldi,i composed it finally must hear now...geet where r u!!!??

Geet: aa rahi hoon,

Before Sam ya geet could utter a word maan came out and dragged Geet not even noticing who was at door making geet hold on door loose and the door was left azar making Sam look clearly inside.

Geet too momentarily forgot about the unwanted guest and gave her full concentration to maan, they both laughed, sang the song together, enjoyed the time making slight changes in the tune which mostly geet adviced. After their long conversation when geet told maan that some woman came here they both looked at door but Sam who heard them saved herself before they watch her.

Sam left from there before they notice her, glancing a longing look at laughing maan Sam heart cried, he never was this free with her, there was always a thick wall btwn them, knowing how reserved he was, she never tried to broke that, but seeing her husband with geet totally surprised her, he was a total new man with her, the blush that adorned geet for every few minutes she could see was from maan teasing, maan and teasing was itself a new information. The way he asked her suggestions for everything he wrote he sang, hedid, says how simply geet blended herself in maan life. Being his wife he never asked her, but then she knew nothing about music, she was not a music person, still she liked his songs, didn't she!

She loved him selflessly didn't she!!??she was waiting for his love from 7 years then how can he love other woman!!??If he can love other woman he must love her too, she must be the only woman in his life, hiswife! Determined she left for home to get her love all for herself...

Yes, she just liked his work, whereas music was his love, his life, vowing herself she would also love music, will discuss with him ,will spent her time with him and will make her husband fall for her, if only she knew not the discussion about music but sharing of each other heart will lead  to love she may conquer his heart much before, shewaited for him for hours and when he came ,he directly went to bed saying he had his dinner with his frnd.sam smiled to herself knowing who his frnd was!? Without asking anything she just hugged him tight fearing to lose him, fearing to let him go to his love, LOVE!!!That was what exactly he calls geet, she never asked him to respond to her I love you, thinking he was always hers and one day he will love her. He did love one day sadly not her but GEET.

Next few days Sam tried her level best to win maan, she even attend music classes to know about music  only to get distracted and everything about music went above her head. When she tried to indulge maan in some talks about his upcoming concert .he softly said without hurting her, that there is nothing that she would help him, and concert is not a business meeting, saying he left, leaving Sam in tears knowing where exactly he was going and whom can help him. She knew she is losing her husband but desperate to get him back she opted the only way which according to her was left.

A day before concert Sam came to geet very well knowing maan will be busy in his stage work, she determined to get her maan back. Once again went to meet geet. The moment geet opened door,sam introduced herself as maans wife, leaving geet to paralyze in her place.

Sam: can I come in!?

Geet(composing herself):yes, plz this way.

Both made themselves comfortable on couch for the most uncomfortable talk of their life.

Sam: mein jaanthi hoon, maan aur aap,mera mathlab,maan aapse h pyar karthey hai,par mein maan koh nahi koh sakthi,mein unnse bohoth pyar karthi hoon,inn khey liye kuch bhi karoongi, mein music bhi sikhooogi,unkhey sath saari baatey karoongi,mein unnkhi dil mein apni jagah banalongi ,aap plz mere pati muje wapas dhey dhijiye, plz

Saying Sam showed her hands before geet like begging her.

Geet: mein maan koh kabhie aapse dhoor nahi karoongi, mein toh bas...

Sam: par maan khudh humse dhoor jaa rahe hai,jab tak aap hai,maan humari taraf nahi dheykenge,aap plz chale jaaye maan ko chodkar,chale jaayiye humari aur maan khi zindagi seh, hum sab kuch pehllle jaisa kardhenge, aap chale jaayiye...

Seeing Sam crying and her efforts to get maan back made geet guilty,she thought her presence in maan life affected his perfect married life, to make things clear she agreed to Sam,and as promised after the concert there was no trace of geet, she vanished like there was never a person called geet.

Maan felt like he was running in darkness,he tried his all contacts but always met a dead end, he even asked her frnds, her workplace but none had a clue about her whereabouts.

Days turned into weeks, weeks to months but there was never a news about geet, maan drowned himself in alcohol whenever he was alone. Surely he reached new heights in his career but he was a lost person, Sam every try went in drain, she wants to get maan all for herself in her process she even lost the maan she knew, she tried every possible way to get close to him only to meet his silence, frustrated she demanded a family thinking a child would bond him to herself. She even convinced after 8 yrs of their marriage, the whole family was happy hearing news along with maan, but yet Sam couldn't get his love. With passing days doctor advised its critical for Sam to continue this pregnancy so suggested abortion but Sam was adamant to have this child as maan was giving his time to her,maybe even he treats her as just a responsibility the thought he is with her was enough to make her go through this phase.

Maan was never the person to share his views with Sam,she asked for family he gave into her and she want to continue her pregnancy knowing it's risky yet he kept his thoughts to himself and silently took care of her,if not love at least he can fulfil her wishes thinking he took care of Sam in every possible way. But she didn't failed to see maan yearning heart ...his earn for love...for solitude he only remembered his days with her...she knew she saw yet she kept on trying ,she was adamant to make him love her...

The news of maan becoming father spread like fire in media and it reached geet too. The resolve to stay away from maan became stronger ,and she promised to herself never to look back from now, she had a reason to live now, thinking a small smile played on her lips looking at her son sleeping peacefully.

It's 5 yrs from the day he lost geet ,he was still trying to get info about her whereabouts, he was on his way to London as his detective said geet was seen there, without taking any chance he left asking his spy to get more info on her. Locking his seatbelt once again he drifted to the day, where he found why geet left him. it was not more than a black day in his life as he lost both his wife and child on this day, before leaving him Sam confessed how she asked geet to b out of their lives and she accepted, Sam pregnancy was always danger but the hell broke when she slipped a step from stairs on her seventh month, doctors tried their best but complications were more leaving no chance for Sam life along with baby. Knowing her end is sure Sam asked few minutes with maan and confessed her Convo with left him no where that his wife asked his love to leave him, he can't blame Sam as a human she tried to win her love, he can't even blame geet who put his happiness before hers. He always blamed himself for hurting the two women in his life if only he didn't gave inti his father demands...if only he didn't gave into Sam ...if only he could stop his heart to beat for geet...he blamed himself for the past five years for ruining two lives, yet he had  a chance to save geet so he tried everything to get any single information about her...and to day finally afterGetting the details about geet, maan came with thudding heart to get his love back, after almost 5 yrs he got her where about, as soon as he rang the bell ,a cute little boy opened the door, a moment later he squealed in joy, shouting and addressing him as dad, it didn't took maan a minute to knew that he was his son, his symbol of love, a and felt proud of geet that she told about him to their son, a surprised geet stood rooted seeing maan at her door step and their son screaming in joy seeing his father.

A few minutes later geet to flung herself in his arms unable to control her feeling, she cried for herself,for him,for keeping away their child of father love, even knowing Sam is no more, she didn't dare to go back to him. Blaming herself for his ruined marriage, but now letting all her inhabitants she cocooned herself in his arms, tofeel safe.

Sahan clapped asking: dad u will never leave us right!!?

Before maan could answer geet answered

Geet: yes Sahan, from now he will never.

Maan : sahan

He immediately went to those moments where he said how much he loved SAHANA a melody tune, it's a symbol of love, patience, good ness which were another name to that tune. Thinking how much his love mattered to geet he engulfed her in a hug along with sahan, silently promising to himself to never let them go. Responding to his promise geet tightened her hold on his.

That's it dear's...

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Sanju : katappa ne bahubali ko kyun maara
favo : Shocked
priya : sanju puri hil gyi
oh babaji
mujhe bhut dukh ho rha hai

in this sadness i want to dance
Sanju : priyaaaAngry
favo : i get it
priya : what
Favo : our next post

geet : aap kuch smjhe maan
Maan : hmm
Geet : tell me
Maan : just seen own self

Na na na na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na na na

O o re raja
Veeron ke veer aa
O o re raja
Veeron ke veer aa
Naino se tu na
Door ho na

 - Daily-motion 

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priya : aa gye aap sb wapas
video dekh ke
chaliye hum ab apni ek aur kahani ki taraf bdte haiSmile
Favo : you mostly all heard
jodiya upar bnti haiWink
priya : but sometime
kuch jodiya galat bn jaati haiBig smile
sanju : next story about ______________________?????????
how i tell you know
read kro byiWink

Geet : maan in end we surely meetBig smile
Maan : yes geet
its written in our destiny


Destined love

It was not monsoon season but today it was Raining heavily like all the above forces were either feeling to happy ya too sad with the happenings below, the high court was busy with people with their respective cases ,amidst of them at one corner a lady was thanking her lawyer for the hard work she put in to get her not only divorce but her child custody too, after facing a betrayal by her husband whom she loved, losing her child to him was not less than a death to her but her lawyer was successful in getting her son's custody. even her husband was not allowed to meet her son once in a while, all thanks to her husband wicked temper problems, even though she lost a relation, she gained her son, that's enough to make her breath .On the other corner a father was showing his gratitude to his lawyer for winning the custody case today he too lost a relation but got his daughter all for himself, she was only ray of hope in his otherwise deserted life after knowing how his wife betrayed him.


Unknown to the happenings the two kids ansh and palak was seated on a bench enjoying the rain ,they both looked at each other before they could continue their talk which was never ending they were disturbed by someone calling their names respectively.






Both looked at the source of sound on either side.


Boy ran and hugged her mother who was in tears yet she was smiling, and palak ran to her father who opened arms for her. Both the parents took hold of their child and walked past each other without even sparing a glance to each other or any other person ,why would they, when their life was in their arms, smiling, giggling making them forget about the cruel world. But the kids didn't forget to wave their hands to each other bidding bye.




...Few months later...


The ****** society was buzzing with activities, few where busy in their jogging, few where busy to go to their school, offices and clgs,, in midst of all these Mrs khurana and handa were yelling their lungs out, but none paid attention to them as it was daily normal thing for them, if they didn't fight a day the society people will feel that they were behaving abnormal. Sometime it was either their respective partners will end the fight ya the younger generation will do the honors but if by mistake Mr.maan khurana ya ms.geet handa tried to stop them, instead of stopping they will end up fighting with each other.


The society people often wonder why these four were always love to fight when Mr.khurana and handa were nothing but close frnds and the younger generation palak and ansh were adorned as cute brother sister. Many try to resolve their fight but they will find new reasons to yell at each other like yday geet had called the cops as khuranas were creating too much of noise in the name of jagratha, a few days before maan had literally wakeup all the neighbors at midnight as geet had parked her vehicle in his place of parking.


They can fight on everything and anything like just now Mrs khurana was blaming on Mrs handa that her dog wetted maan shirt on Mrs handa instructions. They were ranting on each other when maan and geet joined them. The sight of each other made them mad.


Geet: maa aap kyun iss dusht dhanav seh bath karrahe ho,iss khi dimag kahraab hai chalo app, muje late horahi hai clinic khey liye.


Maan: haan haan maa aap kyun iss khi Mooh lagrahi hai dentist khi naam seh insanon khi daanth tod rahi hai yeh,kahi aap khi bhi naa toh dhey.


Geet: how dare u to insult my profession?


Maan:how dare u to say I am mad?


Geet:sach sunn kar bura laga.


Maan: pagal hotha toh khudh kah business nahi samhaltha, itne bada contracts nahi milthey muje.



Geet: khudh khi tarref karthey kabhie takthey nahi ho aap,waise kisse patah contract mile ya churaya!?


Maan: teri jaisa nahi hoon duplicate dentist,mein sachii business man hoon. And their rattle begins one on one until they were disturbed by a voice.


Ansh: mama jaldi aavo mera school bus aajayenge


Palak: papa plz meri choti banadoh bus aajayegi giving each other a murderous glance both went to attend their kids. As usual both ansh and palak seated with each other in the bus to enjoy their journey.


Days were passing with their routine but maan noticed geet was not in herself from two day. She was not answering him back and was turned into mute not that he was disturbed by her but her caring nature towards palak when she was fever with no female around made him knew about her softer side, she was as caring much to his annoyance, when ansh told palak was down with fever, knowing he was alone she took no stone unturned in caring palak until his mother arrived. 


Not that he was ignorant to ansh, after palak he was the best child he met, whenever ansh was playing with palak he too joined them and enjoyed with kids yet he kept his war with geet.


Maan saw geet was walking in garden in her thoughts, deciding to know what the matter he too joined her.


Maan: kya bath hai bohuth khush lag rahi ho!?


Geet gave an annoyed look but didn't reply.


Maan: arey bolo toh,baat karne seh khushi dhugni hojayegi ,abh tum itna khush lagrahi ho toda hume bhi khushi doh.


Geet: maan plz mein ladne khi mood mein nahi hoon.


Maan: toh kya rone khi mood mein ho,tumhe dhek kar lagraha hai abhi rone wali ho.


Geet: maan plz


Maan: arey batavo toh sahi,kis bath seh chehra par barah Baja hua hai, mein ho sakhey toh madath karoonga pakka promise.


Geet :aap meri madath nahi kar sakthey, in fact iss prblm kah koi solution hi nahi.


Maan: aisi koi prblm hi nahi,jiskhi solution nahi hai bolo kya hua.


Geet taking a deep breath: kuch din mein ansh khi school mein father's son competition hai, aur ansh zid pakada hua hai uss koh part lehna hai.


Maan: toh,tumhari husband koh bhuladoh waise bhi itna kya kaam yaar abroad jaakar family bhool gaya





Geet kept silent,and seeing her maan knew something was there still to come. He waited for her continue and she did.


Geet: mein single mother hoon maan, 2 yrsback mera divorce hogaya but ansh koh maine jhoot bola uss khi papa abroad mein hai.


Maan just assured her to continue...


Geet: meri arrange marriage hui thi,mein aur dev khush they apni choti duniya mein par dev koh humesha bada admi bannatha,mehnath kah rasta chodkar uss neh kuch aur hi kiya jise mein kabhie bardash nahi karsakthi...,achanak seh woh lakhon khi paise lahne lage,kimthi jewar,bohoth kuch... poochne par ,ladne par uss neh finally accept kiya he was physically satisfying his boss nayantara who was married to an aged man. Tara meri husband koh sexually use karrahi thi aur dev paison khey liye...


She gulped the lump formed in her throat disgusted about the things her husband did for money,so I demanded for a divorce dev razi nahi tha uss seh ansh chahiye tha but with proof about his character I got ansh custody,aur maine poori kohshis khi ansh koh kabhie uss admi khi yaad na aaye but seems like today I failed, saying this she broke into sobs.


Geet: kash aap khi biwi khi tarah,dev bhi margaya hotha aaj yeh naubath hi nahi aathi.


Maan: meri biwi mari nahi hai geet, I was divorced too, par palak khey liye aur mere liye woh margayi.


Shocked geet looked at him puzzled.


Maan: sam koh humesha model bannatha,par uss khi papa neh uss khi shadhi kardiya,she was always complaining about life ,even tried to abort palak but I was against it. I tried very hard to make her see how beautiful our life is, but all my patience gave up when she went to audition leaving one month old palak to cry for milk, that day I decided enough to bare this woman who never cared for others let alone her own child. She was more than happy to wash hands from palak, so divorce and custody was easy for me. The woman who was never there for her child was considered as dead to me and my palak.


Geet: I am sorry,aap meri prblm solve karne aaye they,khudh apni past koh yaad karna pada.


Maan: hmm... it's ok, how about I join ansh for competition.


Geet: nahi maan,woh teek nahi hoga.


Maan: dheyko koi ehsaan nahi karrahi hoon,jab palak beemaar thi tumne rakka nah uss kah kyal toh abh meri bari.


Geet: lehkin...


Maan: meri maano toh,tumhe ansh koh batana chahiye apni papa khi bare mein,jitna chupavogi utna uss seh dard hoga.abhi khey liye prblm was solved but tum sochna zaroor, saying this maan left taking details about the day.


Unknown to them their father saw them sharing their past and present problems and it didn't take them more time to express their idea about marrying their children but most difficult task was making their wife's agree, they did had this idea of their kids remarry but seeing them fighting until yday they didn't dare to express their views but today they saw a ray of hope, without wasting time they tried to convince their partners even blackmailed them in name of ansh and palak so finally wife's had to bow their heads in front of their husband's wish.


Now as the elders were at ease they decided to talk with maan and geet but the outcome was what they expected, both refused point blank but elders didn't gave up as usual the emotional black mail in the name of ansh and palak worked. Even Mrs khurana and handa said how many more yrs they will be alive before closing their eyes they had to see their children settled.


So finally maan geet had to bow before them and even before father's day competition they were married. it didn't took lot of effort from geet to convince ansh as she said his father won't come ever and she lied to him about him being in abroad, and if ansh is ok maan can be his papa. it was more than the little kid could ask for even though he was hurt that his father left him but maan being to eb his father washed all his sadness and he accepted maan as his father. Palak was always fond of her geet aunty was sooo excited to get her as maa. Geet life turned a total 360 degree from geet handa to geet khurana



It was not easy to both of them to accept the changes in life but both maan and geet put their whole effort to make the kids happy, so by the end of month palak was more of geet daughter than Maan's and ansh was adorned by his hero papa.


see next post too for next partWink
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