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Posted: 5 years ago

Their days passed with kids and both got involved in each other activities without their notice,geet will take care of maan clothes and his much needed things like wallet, files, laptop and his hankie, along with kids special Punjabi bf which maan hates to core but for geet he will have that without any fuss, but noticing Maan's discomfort geet slowly learning Italian food, on the other hand maan avoided non-veg for geet,knowing she can't even stand the smell. He avoided taking it, if geet had any emergency he will drop and pickup her by strictly asking her to call him. They both mingled in their life's without much effort, their budding bonding was not hidden from the elders ,which made Mrs khurana on cloud 9,mrs khurana who was in the start apprehensive about geet was now totally relaxed seeing her dil taking care of her husband and kids, yes her kids none would say palak wasn't geet daughter seeing the bond they developed in short span if time, and her worry to have a waaris to solved with ansh ,yes the khuranas accepted ansh with open arms and he was elder grandson to them who will take legacy.


While palak was pampered by Mrs Handa to no ends even though there were always ready to show each other down in every single chance but as a family they were happy. They were blissfully unaware about the problem about to knock on their life's...

It wasn't rocket science for geet to know that maan was disturbed from two days, she let him have his space thinking some business trouble but he was still tensed even after getting a prestigious contract, true their comfort level was good but they didn't came that close to question each other about things to share, they were parents to kids but not husband and wife still,geet was in dilemma how to ask maan about the reason for his state ,she was yet to realize why his tensed state was eating her up!?On the other hand maan decided to talk to geet it's high time he must leave the decision to her so he decided to break the ice keeping his emotions in check.

After dinner maan asked for a walk in their society garden and a look at him she knew he was finally going to reveal what was eating him with in from days...they both silently took their seat on bench and geet had a nagging feel about the thing...


Maan: geet doh din pehle muje sam kah phone aaya, she wants to meet me,but muje samaj nahi aaraha mein kya kahroon... plzz help me 


It took a while to process his words and finally when they made sense something drastically burned in her and tears threatened to fall. She tried to form a sentence biting her tears back, once again her family was going to break more or less their past was always a wall between them and their future.


Geet: aap muje seh kyun... I mean ...mein kaise...mein kya karsakthi hoon iss mein.


Maan: just guide me, she was literally begging for a chance.


Geet: chance!?


Chance to get back in your life? Are u ok with it maan, she wants to ask but decided against it


Maan: to meet me,to talk...!?


What exactly was there to talk...It was not easy for her to reply but she did


Geet: toh aap koh milna chahiye,bath karna chahiye shayad...


Maan: par uss neh jo kiya...


Geet: maan woh past tha, galathi insaan seh hi hothi hai ,,so I guess everyone deserves a chance..So...


Even though she is convincing him to meet her but her insides were boiling with the thought of her husband meeting his ex-wife...


Maan: kya sab koh ek chance milna chahiye,chahe woh insaan kitna bhi galath ho...


Geet only hummed in response, if her inner fight wasn't less he added more, next maan dropped the original bomb


Maan: geet sam nahi,dev tumse bath karna chahtha hai, he desperately wants to meet u for


Shocked would be a wrong word describe geet's state, the most hurting was maan asking her to meet Dev, the thought Dev came back was never a problem, but the mere thought of maan sending her to Dev pinched her heart. Wasn't he affected that she was meeting her ex-husband the few moments her imagination about maan and sam literally burned her but here her husband was as cool as cucumber in sending her...


Geet: aap chahthey ho mein Dev khey paas jaoon. The word Dev from her thought didn't even settled well with maan, here she was questioning him about going to him.


Maan: tumne khudh kaha everyone needs a chance...


The hell he faced for two days he couldn't even put in words... if not for Dev begging constantly...his misted eyes and regret state forced human in him... he will never allow Dev to see his wife let alone meeting.


Geet;woh insaan khey liye kaha tha shaitan khey liye nahi, Dev kisi shaitan seh kam nahi


Maan: jab tum muje sam seh Milne bhej sakthi ho toh ...


Geet: aage math bolna maan,aap neh muje bathon mein uljaya ,aur apni mathlab khi bath nikaaldhi...bas mein nahi bhej rahi aap koh kisi khey paas,aap khudh bhej rahe ho muje uss insaan khey paas...


Maan: nahi ,mein bas ..

Geet cut his words: aap chahthey hai mein Dev seh milon,teek hai miloongi ,par yeh bhi samaj leejiye iss khey baad hum dohno mein sab kuch badal jaayega kuch bhi pehle jaisa,nahi rahega,...



Maan:nahi geet aisi koi bath nahi,tumne khudh kaha agar sam athi, tumse poochthi toh ,mujhse milna hai...


Geet: ji nahi,aap neh bhulvaya mujhse ,arey aaye koi sam vam meri samne,pooch khey toh dhey khey meri pati seh milna hai,aankhey nikaal kar uss khi hath mein naa dhi toh mera naam bhi geet khurana nahi!?She huffed making him shock with her words.


Before he could say something she again tangled.

Geet: toh kab jaana hai muje ,uss admi she milne...


Maan: woh tumhara wait karraha hai *****hotel mein.


Geet: toh chaliye,dhekthey hai yeh drama bhi.


Maan: mein..mein kaise...kyun tum jaa...


Geet: sochna bhi math mein akeli jaoongi maan,chaliye mere sath...


Maan tried his level best to stay behind of course he will follow and keep an eye on her from far but he wasn't literally going to drop off geet to meet dev ...the idea itself making him burn but geet heard none she took him with her and even offered to seat with them ...he was temped for a moment to see and hear their talks but dev requested geet for few minutes alone with him making maan to take a table far from them...


Maan was watching from a distance seeing geet talking with dev, most of dev talking and geet glaring at him ,at one point maan was tempted to rip dev hand from his body seeing him place his hand on geet 's hand which was lying on table...,he thought after sam he can't share his heart to anyone but now at this point of life ,it was clear his heart and life was in geet's control, she not only won his heart in few days but a life without her was unimaginable to maan, all he want to do is take her back home but he kept himself same reasoning it is just a talk, but his patience and reasoning broke when geet got up from table and dev held her shoulders more of threatening her than stopping, that's it he took long strides to punch him hard but geet slap stopped him few steps before them, he knotted his brows looked at geet she was boiling in rage and then at dev who was signaling someone, he was confused whom that lady was but his thoughts were broken by geet voice.


Geet: don't u dare to even look at my son, I have court orders ,don't u dare!!After giving him a disgusting look, she was about to move but seeing maan she stopped for few seconds but walked past him, confused maan looked at dev who was smiling at the same woman ,showing him thumps up sign his instincts told something was drastically wrong but he decided to confront geet first.


He found her waiting besides their car, he wants to know why dev called her but geet kept her silence, she asked him to drive but he didn't budge and was adamant to know what dev said... so finally she blasted him.


Geet: uss insaan khi patni maa nahi bansakthi,iss liye uss seh ansh chahiye apni virasat koh sambhalne ke liye,,uss khi himath kaise hui meri bache,khi sauda karne...


Maan: sauda!?


Geet: haan agar mein usse ansh dhoongi toh mujhe paise dheyga,abh tara seh shadhi Jo kiya,uss khi pati khi mauth khey baadh,par bachey nahi hai toh yaad aagayi apni khudh khi bete khi,,meri bete khi sauda karne aaya ...uss khi toh mein..


Maan: humara


Geet: kya!?


Maan: humara beta geet


Geet: ji nahi,mera beta aap kah koi Barosa nahi hai,aaj dev aaya kal sam aayi toh phir aap kahenge,kya mein sam seh miloon!? Mujhse nahi hoga yeh roz raz kah natak,iss liye mein jaa rahi hoon apne ghar.aur haan palak bhi mere sath rahegi abh seh.


Maan: tum pagal ho gayi ho yaar,mein kyun jaoonga sam koh Milne...aur mein kaise rahoonga tumhari bina


Geet: yeh muje yeha laane seh pehle sochna tha..aur abh hum...


Geet was about to retort when maan phone cried aloud seeing the number he attended it, only to get shock of his life, watching his pale face geet asked him what happened only the thing uttered scared her to death.


Maan: bachey ghar par nahi hai,poori society mein kahi mil nahi rahe!?


Geet asked him to drive home fast but maan was stopped suddenly with the image of dev smiling. Seeing maan immersed in thoughts geet shake him few times to get his attention, she gestured him to drive.


Maan: muje lagtha hai hume dev koh follow karne chahiye...Hearing again Dev name was pouring ghee in fire, seeing her red face he knew she wouldn't listen until he explains why and what, so he cleared what he saw there, so both decided to follow him, with much efforts they found his room number and before entering they heard voices from slightly opened door.


Dev: tum pagal ho kya tara,sirf ansh koh lana tha,iss bachi koh kyun laayi!?


Tara: dev dhey ko kitna cute bachi hai,humara poori family banjayega,tum mein,aur humara beta,beti cute family naa.


Dev: ansh mera khoon hai,mera hua but yeh ladki koun hai, hum aise kaise...


Tara: shhh ansh tumhara beta hai,yeh bachi palak tumhari patni khi beti hai ...aur abh seh humari...


They kept on arguing but ground slipped from geet and maan feet knowing their kids r in danger, without wasting a second maan called his friend abhishek who was acp and explained the situation. ACP assured him to reach soon and asked them to keep an eye on dev but not to make aware of their presence, it may lead things to difficult.


Maan and geet were waiting impatiently but hearing next words from tara made geet to Strom in room.


Tara: dev dheyko iss ladki koh hosh aaraha hai... I will inject her.


Tara was stopped by geet who was enraged seeing her going to inject palak,she slapped tara hard few tyms making her miss her balance, it took few minutes for dev to know what exactly happened ,he was about to hold geet when he too received a strong punch from maan.


Dev tried his level best to fight back but maan didn't give a chance to recover, he kept blocking his punches and gifted him few more. On other side kids woke up with chaos and was terrified to see their parents slapping and kicking someone. geet saw them and quickly took them in her embrace to console them, and it had enough time for Tara to get her pistol from drawer. She pointed at maan who was beating dev while he lay half dead on ground,


Tara: stop beating my dev...I will shoot.


Tara scream did draw attention of geet and kids but maan was still beating dev to his heart's content ,the man who not only dared to hold geet hand even laid his dirty hands on their kids, he was blaming himself for bringing geet here and putting kids through this ordeal, he just wanted to kill dev and didn't paid attention to the surroundings.


But the noise of firing caught his attention not once but twice, he turned only to find geet was standing showing her back to him, but she was slowly crumbling and Tara hand was bleeding. He again looked at geet and saw she was bleeding from shoulder, it took him few moments to understand that tara was about to shoot him, but geet took that bullet and sametime Tara was shot by Abhishek who was there, seeing her pointed pistol he fired at her.


He was still looking at bleeding geet unable to react until their kids cry broke his stance he immediately rushed geet to hospital with abhishek help...


Maan was pacing before OT where geet was getting treated. He seemed worn-out as it took all his energy to console much terrified kids about their mother condition. He called his parents along with geet parents and narrated what happened with them. Even though they were angry on him and gave their piece of mind but noticing his condition they composed themselves and attended kids who was still asking for their mother, after sometime doctor came announcing geet was safe just needed rest, asking them to wait until they shift her to room. Kids were calm after seeing their mother sleeping however they want to talk with her but Maan consoled them saying they can meet her tmrw and with much pressure he sent them with elders who were not ready to leave. But at last they left asking Maan to look after geet and Cal them if needed anything. Geet slowly opened her eyes and it took her a minute to understand where she was, and with that whole day events played before her eyes making her shudder. 


She was still lost in thinking what would have happened to maan, if she didn't came btwn, the thing that bullet would have hit him scared her to death, her moment made Maan to wake and he was delighted to see her awake ,he took her hand in his to make himself believe she was fine. He was about to call doctor but geet stopped him asking.


Geet: bachey!?


maan: safe hai, bahut mushkil seh ghar gaye hai.


Geet: Dev?


maan: dev aur uss khi biwi dohno jail mein hai,tensn khi koi bath nahi sab teek hai.abh bas tum teek hojavo hum jaldi gharjayenge ...


Geet: hum!?mathlab


maan: mathlab kya hum yaani,tum aur mein,goli shoulder par lagi hai naa,dimag par asar horaha hai kya!? Azeeb sawal pooch rahi ho?.


Geet: meri dimag teek hai,lehkin lagtha hai aapka nahi,yaad hai Maine kaha apni bachon khey sath rahoongi apne ghar,yaad aaya!?


maan: geet yaar abh tum pechli bath koh kyun laarahi ho,jo beeth gaya uss koh kyun phir seh beech mein laarahi ho,abh sab teek hai naa


Geet: mein,mein beech mein laarahi hoon,aapne laya meri kal koh mere samne aur kya kaha sab teek hai abh,kya teek hai,aaj dev aaya aap neh bhej diya muje,kal aap khi sam aayegi toh bhi aap muje hi bheyjenge Maan, aap kah koi barosa nahi!!?


maan: Meri sam!? Woh kaha seh aayi,aur mein tumhe kyun bheyjoonga,yaar sach mein tumhare dimag karab hogaya hai,tum rest karo mein doctor koh bulatha hoon,azeeb bathey karne lagi ho tum..


Geet: nahi Maan,muje nahi hoga ,jaise aaj dev aaya hai aap khey pas,kal sam aayi toh!? Mera kya hoga,mein kahi ki nahi rahoongi ,mein...



maan: Geeet,,,geet aisa kuch nahi hoga,plz trust me.


But she just turned her face another side unable to keep check on her emotions, she was not sure what she was feeling towards Maan ,and why the thought of going far from him bothered her.


On other side Maan desperately tried to console her, he needed her to trust him always like he will with her, he couldn't afford even the thought of losing her, yet he lived that moment few hours before just to understand she holds very imp place in his life, ya it won't be wrong to even say she became his life slowly and the moment he saw her in pool of blood his life stopped for a brief moment.


But he doesn't want to rush things, first step he wants to make her trust him. He slowly made her look at him, looking straight in her eyes he said.


Maan: mein nahi jaantha pyar kya hai geet,Jo sam khey sath mera jo bhi tha,woh pyar nahi ho saktha,agar hotha woh muje chod khey nahi jaathi, muje pyar koh jaanna hai,pyar karna hai,kya tum mujhe mere  pyar  khi safar mein sath dohgi...kya barosa kar pavogi mujh par?


Too overwhelmed with his words she just nodded accepting to be with him ,it's not she didn't trust him, just her insecurities made her talk like that, but hearing she was the only one whom he can associate love word made all her insecurities vanish.


Maan slipped besides her kissing her forehead silently promising to be with her till his last breath.


Everything happens for good Dev re-entry in their life made them realize their feelings towards each other, even Ansh and Palak were out of trauma seeing their parents love for them, their life too filled with ups and downs but they overcame every hurdle only to become each other strength.


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Geet : now a days am seeing 
he coming late
aaj toh inki class leni padengi

sanju : oh god my poor maan
going get scold
Priya : aaj bhut pyaar aa rha hai
Favo : wah sanju di
kya baat hai
Sanju : mujhe baki sb maan pasand hai
bs is priya ke chodkeWink
Priya : not again sanjuAngry

Maan : ek taraf my wife is angry
another side my daughter
let see what punishment i going get
babji save me

A little girl of around 7 years was pacing up and down frowning, her face contorted in anger with the clock ticking away every minute while a lady with hazel eyes, white-milky skin, black long curly hairs with a smile to die is sitting on the bed folding the clothes, glancing towards the little girl in every 2 minutes barely concealing the smile which was threatening to erupt on her pink petals.


  After almost 15 more minutes the little girl glanced towards the door and upon seeing him not coming out she roared in her little yet cute angry voice "It's been more than half-an-hour Mr. Daddy Singh Khurana and if you still didn't comes out then your punishment will double-up.

 ********removed due to writer demand*****crystal_flames(modified 29.01.2018)


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priya : we see many animated video
sanju : one more maaneeet fan try this
Favo : ek like
ek comment uske naam
humare maan - geet toh aur khi hi busy hai

Maan : Geet , where is my file..while searching file in cupboards.. geet ..where r u ..
Maan come from his study room , his eyes angry glare to geet .
Maan: geet.. with grinned teeth.
Geet turn look at fuming maan: what .. with angry face.
Maan: last few minutes I am asking u file but u watching cartoon film .
Geet : I love cartoon movie, why u disturb me .. go check ur file in ur cupboard as turn her face to movie once again.
Maan switch off TV through remote and geet marched to maan push him to bed while maan pulled her waist ..both fallen on bed .
Geet: maan, give me remote otherwise I don't know what I will do.. 
Maan: no .. 
Geet : last times, I am  saying give me with fuming face.
Maan naughty face : no ..

Favo: sanju di, I think maaneet not stop their cute fight .. now what we will do ..
Priya : let watch some cartoon. 
Sanju chuckled face:  u r PD not kid ..
Priya: SD & KD  , u love this cartoon .. its based on our maaneet .. let watch and then say ,


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sanju:kalpi where r u!!??
kalpi:i am here di
priya:lets go shopping!!??
sanju:yes we need to but lots of eatables to enjoy upcoming posts
priya:we need to pick tissues too
sanju:why!!?we r not going to read your updates priya we are going to enjoy our thread postsLOL
kalpi:di i am hungry lets goEmbarrassed
sanju:yes yes come we need to move on next post tooTongue

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Priya : aap logo ne gaane toh bhut sune honge
Sanju : par kya aapne kbhi koi aakhri gaana suna hai
Favo : don't shock
it's just about
priya : stop
before revealing
ye toh dekhne do reader ko
maan - geet kya sochte hai is baare mein

Geet : maan am seeing you
you getting ready from past an hour
chakkar kya hai
Maan : am rockstar
in next story
geet : kuch jyada excited nhi ho rhe aap
Maan : geet don't jealous
if you playing role of ghost
geet : am not ghost
Maan : oh
ya she is beautiful witch
Geet : maannn
Maan : why you shouting 
geet : aapne mujhe
chudail kaha
Maan : hindi me matlab toh yhi hota hai
geet : now see
what a witch do
she pick comb and start beating on his head.
favo : oh god our maan
priya : kalpi
ye kahani hai thodi alag
sanju : jo marke bhi na mar saki
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 A heart without love ...An incomplete melody ...A song which needs that melody ...When the melodies find their song ...the heart find the love .


The music of the piano filled d atmosphere, as he stopped playing he was applauded by the audience, but he was unfazed by the attention he received. It always felt empty though he had all d recognition being d best musician, he still felt lonely. He curtly nodded and left the stage.

As he was leaving a melodious voice of a girl stopped him,You did well , but u r still unhappy .Don't worry u will find ur happiness soon .He turned around but was surprised to see no one was there. "I must b dreaming I guess ", he thought warily. "Shall we head home Sir ", his loyal attendant asked him. "Sure ", he said.

He was guided to his car and d ride back home was silent again like every other day. He reached his mansion, full of servants no one to share his joy, to share his sorrows. He went back to sleep.

In his dream he saw that a beautiful young maiden was standing in front of him. Her beauty was not what attracted him but her melodious singing voice which he was drawn to. "You r here ", she said without turning back. "Do u like my song ", she asked. He recognized the voice to b d same as he heard coming down from the stage. "Who r you? he asked. "Have we met,before he could get the answer he was awaken by d sound of his alarm.

 He saw the time and decided to practice for his new concert. He thought about the dream and the girl , her song he tried to recall and tried to play it on his piano but no matter how many times he tried he ended up on d wrong note . Being tired, he decided to take a stroll. The weather was pleasant today, it was already autumn, and the leaves were spread across the path as he walked. Suddenly, he saw the same girl from his dream standing in front of him. He made a dash towards her. "Hey wait who r you ", he asked again. The girl turned to him and smiled. "I am d song to ur melodies ", she said. "What does u mean ", he asked baffled. "You will know soon ", and with that he lost his consciousness and when awaken found himself in his music room


"How come I am here ", he thought. "Oh so you r awake Sir ", said his butler,You r working too hard for the concert, you slept here due to tiredness ". "What do u mean I slept , I was taking a stroll and then that ...oh my head hurts ...That girl where is she ", he asked. "You must have had a dream Sir, you were here and never left anywhere ", and his butler said looking weirdly at his employer. Judging by his weird looks , he thought ,I guess he is right , I am taking too much stress these days ".Although no matter how hard he tried he could not forget that girl and her song . Where could he find her? Is she real in d first place? or just a figment of his imagination.

 He looked outside his huge window admiring d nature and noticed there is still sometime for fall to b there so d butler was right , it might have been another dream , but he was getting more curious day by day to know about that girl in his dreams . "Master, should I serve the diner ", his butler asked him.

"Yeah sure, I am hungry, I will join u in a while ", he replied politely.

He turned to look through his window, the moonlight and the tranquility it always attracted him. He liked d calmness of the nature. He was gazing at the moon, when he thought he saw here there, but then let go of the thought and headed for diner. Unknown to him , this time she was actually there , gazing at the moon like him and also looking at his calm face ,We will meet soon .I promise ", she smiled and walked away in the silence of the night .

"Master, pardon my slackness, I forgot to hand over this letter to u ", his butler said apologetically handing him a letter.It's alright, I will read it later ". After d diner, he went to his study, opening d letter in hand, he was surprised to read d contents. He was asked by d principal of a prestigious music academy to teach their students. "Students ...huh ...I will think about it later , I have better things to concentrate upon , and I am doubtful these young people will show any interest in the music I play or take it seriously ", thinking he left the letter on the table and went to sleep . He found himself gazing at the moon and in the balcony he saw her standing. Her long hair covered her face as the mild wind blew.

"You think young people won't understand your art, do u, confident r we ", she smiled.

He moved closer, "And what makes u think, they will beside that who r you ". "I am the song to ur melody, ur unsaid feelings, I can put them into words for you.

Why won't u answer me without any riddles ", he demanded. "Be a little patient, you will find me, why don't u accept their offer, meeting with people will help u recover from ur loneliness ", she replied.

"Who r you, why r u in my dreams , will we meet ever ? Are u a reality ". "That is for u to decide ", saying this she vanished and again he was awake. He thought for sometime then called d academy and told them he will join after his concert.

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Part 3

The concert was a success and like always Maan was appreciated for his performance. The past few days he had lesser dreams of that girl, but instead of being relieved he was more determined to find her. He looked at the audience and just for a moment he thought he saw her amongst them.

He looked at the letter in his hand and knew he better pack up to take up this new task. "So u finally have made up ur mind to take this challenge, I am happy for you. I will b waiting ".

Maan looked up at d huge building and the vast premises of the academy. He straight away went up to the principal's office. There sat a young man probably only a little older than himself, he asked him to take his seat, Hello, I am Samar.I am much honored to have a renowned musician like you as our faculty, the students will b delighted to have you ", he gushed. "It wills b a new experience for me to teach that is why I took up this challenge ", he replied.

"I know the salary is nothing in comparison to your talent but ..., he was cut by him,I am not here for money, I am here for my interest, if I find good students who r interested in this field I will happily teach them but I hate people who r just here for fun, I won't b lenient to them ", he said authoritatively. "Then you can begin whenever u want to , the peon will guide u to ur cottage we have for our staff members , my wife works here too I will tell her to show u around once u r settled and this is ur schedule ", he said handing him a paper . He went through the contents and nodded,I will b taking ur leave then .Thank you for having me ", and he politely smiled.

Maan was led by the peon to the staff cottage as instructed by the principal. The cottage was beautiful, indeed it looked lavished than any quarters he had seen in any schools .It had a beautiful surrounding. It was a double storey building with beautiful interior decoration. He went up to see the bedroom to b huge and had a beautiful balcony overlooking the surrounding. The peon put down his luggage and gave him a map of the essential stores for grocery and other things. "Is there anything else u would like Sir ", he asked before leaving. "No its fine, thank you, you may leave ". He remembered something and went back to the principal's office. "Ahh , I forgot to ask u something ", "Yes ",Could you tell me where the music room is , I would like to prepare for my first day and practice some of my new melodies there , if u don't mind ", "No not at all u r free to use them , I use them myself when I am free, he said giving him a key . "Umm , and if u find ...ahh never mind feel free to use ", he smiled .

Maan thanked him and left in the direction where he was directed to .

As Maan was about to enter he heard the piano playing, he checked it was half past five the students were in their dorms so who could it be. The curiosity got the better of him and he went ahead to check out. He was greeted by the sight of a beautiful intruder playing, she stopped and turned to look at him and he was surprised seeing it was her,Is it a dream ", he thought. "I am as real as it can get, wanna give it a try ", she chuckled.

 He looked up to her and in a spur of the moment she pinched his cheek. "Ow...What the hell r u doing ", he said angered pushing her away. "Just showing u that I am real ", she winked. "Who r you, he asked. She smiled and said ,Hi , please to meet u , I am Geet ".

Part 4

"So, now we r done with the introductions, right, She said. "I forgot to introduce... he said but was cut by her,I know who u r and y u r here, so if u doesn't have any more queries than shall we begin ". "Huh...begin ...begin what ", Maan said confused. "Your practice what else that is what u here for ", she said pointing towards the piano. "Um...why r u here and how come u were in my dreams to ", He asked her. "You sure ask too many questions.


How I do what it's a secret okay, I will tell u ", She said. "Is u a student here? ...judging by ur casual attire u can b a faculty but u look too young to b one ", He questioned again. "You can say in a way I am related to this ...but ...well forget it anyway I want to hear u play ...I am a huge fan of ur melodies .Please could u play something for me ", She requested.

"I will ", Saying this he started playing one of his recent melodies which he was working on , but as it was incomplete he stopped abruptly . " Why did u stop ", Geet asked confused. "I am still working on it, "He said. "What is it called ", she asked. "The last song ", he said. "The last song ...great.She was about to ask more when they heard footsteps ", Someone is coming this way, I have to leave ", She said already preparing to leave .

"Hey wait, where do u live, where r u from, there is so much I have t know about you ".Later, I will answer ur every query but now I must go and please don't tell anyone I was here ".Saying this she left,But... she was gone before he could complete. "Hello, u must b Maan , I am Arushi ,Samar's wife ,She introduced herself .

"Hello, please to meet u ", Maan replied politely. "Well if u don't have any other plans today, why don't u join us for dinner tonight, as u r still not settled ". "I might b a bother, its okay I will find some other way ".

Arushi smiled,There is no other way, there is no restaurant nearby , and no u won't b a bother , we r to work together , why don't we know each other and b friends

.Maan did not know the meaning of having friends he had been lonely for long so he accepted the offer,Thank you for inviting me, I will b there ". "You have many fans, does u know, she said. "Yeah , I heard this from many people , I am happy they like my music. "So, what r u working at ".

"A new melody it's not complete but I will play it in the annual concert once it is ",Maan replied . "That's great, b there for diner alright, I have to get going, She said before leaving. Maan found it a good decision to come here the people r cordial. Still every time he played d melody his mind went back to Geet . Who is she?

 Geet on the other hand entered a secluded area , standing in front of an old building she opened a portal ,Here I go ", and she got into that and made sure to close it so no one knows. "I know what I am doing can alter a few things, but I couldn't help myself from meeting u, and I am glad we met ".

Part 5

 Next day, after school Maan found it strange that Geet was not one of the students nor anyone of the how did get here he wondered. He walked towards the music room and again heard that faint music coming from it .

He went in only to see Geet again there, playing the music flawlessly .She looked serene playing the music, she was so lost that she did not notice Maan standing there. Maan was mesmerized hearing her music for some reason he was invariably drawn towards her , towards a stranger whom he knew nothing of , may be the curiosity is getting him drawn to her that is what he thought .

 Geet stopped playing and turned to see him standing. "I...I am sorry, I did not notice you standing there sorry for using your piano ", she apologized. "It's alright, you not only sing beautifully but you play well too,he said.Thank you but I am not as good as you ", "No you are perfect .Can I ask you something ", he asked.

Yes go ahead ".Where are you from how come you are here but no where around in school , I thought you might be working or studying here but it don't seem to be the case, he asked . "Umm...I cannot answer that ", Geet said . "Why not ", "It's because it's not the time ...leave that are you done with your song...may I hear it ", she avoided the topic.

 Maan let it go as she was not ready to reveal her secret to him. He started to play the music which she listened to calmly. "It's great when can I hear the final piece ". "Soon ", he answered.

Maan wanted to know more about her but it seemed hopeless. "I am sure this piece will be one of your masterpieces ".Where did you learn to play the piano like that ", he inquired with the intention of knowing something about her. "From my mother ", Geet answered. "Was your mother a pianist too...what was her name ".No she wasn't ... "Still you were playing like a professional Geet what was that song ...I have never heard it before.

Ahh...someone is coming gotta go bye ". Saying this she disappeared again. Turning around he saw Aarushi standing there. "Hi , is something the matter ...Did I interrupt your practice I am sorry I was just passing by and I heard someone..Was someone here with you ". "Ahh no, no one, you here for something, he asked. "Yes, here take this, saying this she handed over some papers to him. "What are these?, he questioned . "These are the schedules for the exam the students will have, She said. "Okay, thanks. Aarushi left.

He thought about Geet , why is she so mysterious . He was getting drawn towards here more each passing day. Her melodious voice still rang in his head. "May be I m getting mad, he thought. The more he tried to sort out her mystery the more confused he ended up being. Geet came back and looked around. She covered the magical piano she found which led her to Maan . "You are too inquisitive, She said. "You will get your answers soon. I'm not from your time Maan .We was not supposed to meet, but what can I do. My dreams always led me to you and then this Piano. No matter where you were. Though manipulating time is a crime but the time I have with you now is really precious

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Part 6

 Maan looked out of his balcony. The night breeze always soothed him, but somehow he was stuck with the thoughts of Geet . If she is not from this Academy how can she get here and roam so freely and why the music room, why she left before evening. "I should invite her to diner tomorrow, I'm really curious now. Who are you?

 He thought before heading to the bed . Dream Maan stood in a beautiful garden. He looked around and found hes in this very academy. He roamed further to spot a mansion there. "Was this here from the start, he thought. "May be I did not notice. He went near it to see a beautiful girl basking in the glory of the morning sunlight, "Excuse me, he called her. She did not answer as he went closer, he was surprised to see it was Geet .

"Geet , you live here, how come I have never seen this place , what's going on. She turned around with a teary smile. And soon in the next moment everything burned down to ashes. He woke up sweating badly. "What was that. He looked around to find himself in his room. "Was that a nightmare or a premonition? Everything looked so real and Geet ...

He was worried now for her. He waited for the morning to arrive. Geet's present Geet woke up and found herself in her room, "What if he comes to know about me. No I cannot see him broken. I should distance myself from him. The time is nearing. She thought back when she discovered this piano, when she played it she was taken to that different time.

At first it only took her to the academy seeing how much it has changed and then the date told her that it's not her time. Later it took her to him, his concerts and wherever he was. Her power of traversing dreams pulled her to him and then she did what she wanted and made him join here where she was or could have been. She lied down and awaited the morning. Next Day Maan was taking the exam.

All his students were good but none was near Geet . She was exceptional. As all of his students finished the tests he applauded them. "Very good all of you , I'm happy that you people are serious about learning music , this attitude of yours will make good musicians and composers out of you all , all the best . As for your results, I will be giving them to you by the end of this fortnight. Have a good winter vacation then. All his students wished him back and left the music room.

He then sat down to mark his students on their compositions. They were good but some needed improvement. He sighed after finishing his work. He heard footsteps and turned to the door to find Geet standing there. "You are back. I was thinking if you could join me for diner today, if you don't mind, he asked her. "Yes sure, she answered. Maan was delighted. "Let's go then. "Umm ... what about the song you were composing is it ready, won't you be wasting time entertaining me, she asked. "No its okay, it's done almost. I have another request to you. "What is it? "Would you please ...?Please sing you song when I play my music at our annual function. "I ...I can't, I'm sorry, she apologized. "It's okay, I'm sorry for being so abrupt, he said sadly.

Geet looked at him dejected, "You can record my voice if you wish, but I don't think I can be present in person there. "Is it fine by you, but I have to give credit for your voice so can I announce your name, Maan hoped

She will say yes but she denied, "No I told you not to tell or ask anyone about me , remember. "But, why. "It's a secret.

"Why is everything a secret about you? I want to know about you more. "You will know everything, are you going to keep questioning me or give me something to eat too, I'm hungry, Geet said diverting the topic.

 "Okay I guess you won't tell me anything no matter what. Let's go. "Umm ...I might be seen if I walk around the faculty dorms, she hesitated. "Don't worry Arushi and Samar have gone out for day in the neighboring city, so there's no one around, he said assuring her.

She breathed a sigh of relief. "Then I'm in,she said finally walking behind him. "Your house is really neat and clean. How do you get time to do all the chores from that busy schedule, she said looking around. "It takes no time, I like taking care of my things. "You need any help. Not much but I can cook a little too. "Nah, I will do it myself, you just make yourself comfortable, He said. After a few minutes he bought out the food.

Geet looked at the delicacies and then to him, "Please have it. I don't know how it turned out as I'm used to living alone. Geet took a bite and grinned, "It's delicious. Thank you for this. They ate and had a little chat with Maan revealing more of him but Geet talked the minimum. They bid bye, Maan made her promise to come by tomorrow and listen to his Sonata before he plays it in the annual function. Maan watched her leave disappearing into the mist.

Part 7

Geet's Present

She came back to look around and was in her time. I broke a rule again', she thought. "I cannot fulfill our promise Maan , I'm sorry. She thought about the time she got this piano. This piano was found by her in this old storeroom. She found that incomplete music piece with it. At first she tried but did not succeed, but later learned to master the piece. As she played it she came to this new world.

 Later she recognized the place. As her place but not her time, she knew it after going around a little. She understood that something has happened. Then strangely she got to the places where Maan used to be, by her dreams mostly and through this music too. She had been his fan even though he did not show she existed, so just for once she wanted to let him know she did and that is why she called him to this very place but now what. "It's hard to let go when you are here , but I know it's time to do so as there is no other way . You can't change anything anymore.

Maan's Present

 The next day he waited for the arrival of Geet but she never came, he thought maybe she is stuck up but then it happened the day after too. He started to miss her badly, it was then he realized that he has started to fall for her. His condition was getting worst and now he was getting worried. He fell asleep in the music room itself while giving the final touches to his piece.

Dream He was again in that beautiful garden and he again heard the same song, Geet hummed. He started walking towards the direction, he saw her there standing in the middle of those flowers and someone with her, someone familiar, he called out, "Geet. He heard her say something to the person with her and as soon as the person went she turned around just like the last time, "I'm sorry Maan, I could not fulfill my promise, Goodbye.

And she was gone in a blinding flash. "Geeettt,

Maan woke up panting realizing hes in the music room. "Maan, are you alright, he saw Arushi and Samar looking down at him worriedly. "I'm scared for her, I looked for her everywhere and now I can't find her, what should I do. "Who are you talking about Maan . Can we help, Samar asked. "Geet...Her name is Geet, Maan spoke. "What...What did you say, Arushi asked. "Geet...Please tell me if you know her, Maan asked.

"Do you mean Geet Handa, Arushi asked. Maan nodded, "Yes do you know where I can find her. "Maan is this some sort of joke, if it is I don't like it because she was my best friend, I still regret not saving her, Arushi said breaking down. "What do you mean by that, Maan queried.

"She is saying that because the Geet you are talking about died in an accident three years back, Samar said shocking him. "No, it can't be true if that is so, then who have I been meeting all this time for one year now.

 You people are wrong she is alive. I have met her in my dreams then in reality, she was here all the time. Remember you asked if there was someone here, it was her, Maan revealed.

Arushi searched her mobile and showed him a pic , "Is this the girl you have been meeting. "Yes that is her. "She is dead Maan , she was your biggest fan , she always wanted you to join this academy her father built but then in an accident three years ago , she died in flames . I wish I was with her when that happened, but I was too late .Her father left this academy giving the responsibility to me and Samar . I was the only who asked Samar to fulfill Geet's last wish for you come to this academy. Arushi remembered something,

"Geet used to tell me something about a power she had though I never believed her but I guess she did have the power to traverse dreams. She said she used to watch you silently from afar and will reveal herself and brings you here to this academy. "Please Arushi , tell me where she lived in this campus , she is in trouble, maybe we can save her and change her fate , I beg you, Maan said desperately .

Arushi nodded even if there was a slightest chance of what Maan told her to be true she will take this second chance to save her beloved friend. Samar consented as he wanted his wife to be happy. They went to the other side of the academy the same secluded area Geet went to. They went in and discovered everything was burned to ashes, but there they found a golden Piano. "How come this is not burned, they checked it and found the piece there which Geet played.

 "It's the same piece I heard her play. Let me see if this thing still works. He pressed the keys to check and it did work. He sat down and started playing this piece finding it similar to his piece, the last song. He read the title of this piece it was the same , first starting at a lower tempo he increased it , suddenly his surroundings started changing and he found himself in a huge room .There he saw the person he has been waiting for desperately , "Geet, he said making her turn around . "How come you are here, she asked nervous now. "Arushi told me, she wanted to save you, why you did not tell me anything. I wanted to tell you I love you and you decided to leave me.

Before Geet could answer they heard the fire alarm , "Maan you should go , please I don't belong in the future but you have one there so let me succumb to my fate, she cried worried for him . "No, you have a future with me, now come on Arushi and Samar are waiting for us, Maan said pulling her as the fire was now spreading they could Arushi's crying voice to save Geet , "Do you know how troubled she is once you are gone , you are lucky to get a second chance Geet , don't let it go , the future is waiting for you. She took his hand, she has seen herself how Arushi will cry and now she can't let her friend regret something which wasn't her fault it was an accident,

 Maan is right she has a future and she won't let it go. Maan played the piano but nothing happened. "You have to play it in a different way, wait, she said playing it, now the surroundings changed to the present and the room looked renovated. They heard a knock, "Geet dear hurry up, you will be late for your classes .Today you have to demonstrate the students together with Maan . She looked outside everything had changed she is a part of this future now. She turned around to look at Maan . "You are a part of the future now Geet , let's start afresh, he smiled . "It's all because of you, she smiled.


Maan played the last song at the annual function it was a mesmerizing piece which was loved by the audience. The music was more appreciated when Geet's beautiful melodious song mixed with it; it looked like her song was for his melody just like she said in their first meet. It was strange as now Geet lost her power to traverse dreams, like she only had that as it lead to her destiny, Maan .

 Maan and Geet got married to have a beautiful future together. "Geet what are you thinking, Maan asked his wife. "I wonder from where that piano came from and why it always led me to you, She said. "I think the same too. Well it made us meet so I think whatever its purpose was served,He said. "I think so too but where do you it went. "I guess to the rightful owner. Geet nodded resting her head on her husband;'s shoulder.

Maan hugged his wife to himself. The Piano disappeared and so did the mysterious sonata with the last song with it never to be found again .In another time and place; a man played the piano in a quiet mansion. "I composed it for you to save her as I could not. He looked at the piano, smiling, closing it moving out of his music room.

As he left the Piano was touched by a beautiful hand, "I am always here Maan ".

 Maan and Geet were blessed with a baby girl whom they named Prati,who filled their lives with happiness, glad to have found one another . Their musical journey of love had just begun and it continued to blossom for decades to come


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