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Posted: 5 years ago
priya : ab badte hai hum
apni dusri kahani ki aur
Favo : here
 it's little twist in this story
sanju : wo kaise
Priya : wait and just read own self sanju
Sanju : dekha babaji
ye dono mujhe kitna pareshan krte hai
now you both go
and let me read

maan ye teeno ase baat kyun kr rhe hai
kuch gadbad ki hai is writer ne
Maan : am thinking same
let see



maan:- pari I love u, I don't know from when may be always

 pari:- maan u must be joking we are friends yaar,

 I never thought about like that

maan- toh kya hua ab soch lo

 pari - maan u r not understanding

 ok let me make one thing clear to u .

 Look at yourself what are u without your father support.

that father who think u as useless that is actually true

 Maan- pari ...

pari - maan I want a person who can support me n fulfill all my demands and u can't don't that, you cannot even fulfill my simple wish I can't spend my whole life struggling and begging in front of your parents.

so just forget all this nonsense I hope u ll understand u ll always my best friend

character sketch

 maan khurana (MK)- he is vhella ...OPPSS...all thought he is useless, but he own a software company which no one knows about, he want to tell someone special about his achievements first. then his family.

 pari khanna (PK)- maan's childhood friend n his love, but for her only money n power matter. love is nothing for her.

geet malhotra (GM)- she owns construction company- malhotra constructions, hate double faced people. 2 year back she lost her family in accident. she love rahul but don't not know about his real intentions.

 rahul sharma (RS)- he is geet's BF a casanova want to live on geet's money

 raj khurana (RK)- maan's father, he is in hotel business, nice by heart but hate maan for wasting time in useless things. he want maan to join his business n marry with pari.

priya khurana- loves maan can't stand 1 word against maan a typical indian mom

mahesh khanna- pari's father, he want everything best for her daughter like all parents. he is best friend of raj, but he don't like maan & pari's friendship

supriya khanna- mahesh's wife she is no more



priya is working in kitchen and RAJ is reading newspaper sitting on breakfast table. after waiting for 30 minutes raj got angry.

 raj- priya I am waiting from last 30 minutes for my tea and breakfast.

 kya who aaj ki date main milega bhi ya nahi.

priya- raj kyun chilla rahe ho subhah subhah.

 raj- toh aur kya karu, mujhe bhookh lagi hai

 priya- tum toh aise baat kar rahe ho jaise pata nahi kitne din se kuch khaya hi na ho, can't u wait for few more min maan ko toh aya janne do fir sab sath main karenge breakfast

raj- oh madam jab tak apka ladla ayega tab hum breakfast nahi luck karenge bcoz 12 se pehle toh apka sehzada uthne se raha

priya- kitni baar bola hai maan k khilaf ek shabad nahi who bechara raat ko late aya tha

 raj- raat ko late ata hai aur din ko late uthta hai apka ladla khud toh kuch kaam karna nahi aur dusro ko bhi nahi karne deta yeh.

uske wagah se tum roj mujhe late karwati ho

priya- thodi der se chale jaoge toh pahad nahi toot jayega u r the boss

 raj- ya boss, who boss jisse apne hi ghar main ek breakfast bhi nahi naseeb hota theek se kya kismat hai meri

 priya- zayada natunki karne ki zaroorat nahi hai if u r getting late why don't u go she said cooly

 raj- hadd hai yaar n left for hotel in anger.

as soon as raj left maan come there

maan- mom mogamboo chale gaye office kya

priya- oye besharam tere dad hai woh

Maan- waise mom aapne kya soch k unse shaddi ki jab dekho lecture dete rehte hai yeh karo yeh mat karo

priya- bcoz he loves u and cares for u he want to be successful in life

 maan- mom plz ab aap mat shuru ho jao, I m hungry give me my breakfast. mujhe pari se milne bhi janna hai fir priya- toh aaj ka kya plan hai tum dono ka

maan- kuch nahi mom bas shopping then movie then disc

priya- maan what u have thought of your future

maan- mom give me some time plz priya- ok I ll not ask, I trust u

maan- I love u ok bye now I m going maan reached mall n saw pari waiting for him

maan- hi sweetheart

pari bye

 maan- why bye abhi toh hum mile hai what happen

 pari- where the hell where u don't u know I was waiting for u

 maan- come on sweetheart u know na how is mogamboo so have to wait for him to leave so got late. ok don't spoil your mood just enjoy your shopping.

 pari- ok fine today's shopping is from your side.

maan- ok boss anything for u. after finish with shopping

maan-pari were are sitting in caf

 maan- so madam enjoyed

pari- yes so much

maan- ok so wat are you doing tomorrow

 pari- nothing much why are u asking

maan- oh ok, can u come with me tomorrow I have surprise for you

pari- surprise what surprise plz tell me na

 maan- wait for some time sweetheart, come now let me drop u its getting late

 pari- but we are supposed to go disc

maan- we ll go some other time now u are tired, now go home rest n get ready for your surprise

 pari- ok

maan dropped pari in khanna mansion pari's father saw them together

mahesh- pari stop how many time I have to tell you I don't like that u spending your time with that useless maan pari-dad relax he is my best friend so just chillaxxx and went from there.

mahesh- I am your dad and want everything perfect for you daer. I can see that which you are unable to see, and I ll not let that happen.



pari- maan where are you taking me.

maan- wait for few more min sweartheart.

after sometime they reach khurana farmhouse pari saw all decoration and ask maan what is special

maan- first you come inside pari and maan enter inside pari saw candle light table set for two she get some doubts maan- I want to tell very important thing of my life which no one know but before that I want to confess something to you

pari- confess what are talking about maan

maan:- pari I love u, I don't know from when may be always

pari:- maan u must be joking we are friends yaar, I never thought about like that

maan- toh kya hua ab soch lo

 pari - maan u r not understanding ok let me make one thing clear to u . Look at yourself what are u without your father support. that father who think u as useless that is actually true

Maan- pari ...

pari - maan I want a person who can support me n fulfill all my demands and u can't do that, you cannot even fulfill my simple wish I can't spend my whole life struggling and begging infront of your parents. so just forget all this nonsense I hope u ll understand u ll always my best friend saying this she left from their leaving heartbroken maan


Maan this is really wrong

Writer how can leave our story in mid

Maan : geet Writer marriage get fixed

So we have to wait

Geet : Maan

But I want to meet you in story soon

Maan : geet ke babaji

Writer ek-do mahine na aaye

Atleast mujhe thodi shanti mil jaayengi

Geet : Maannn

How can youAngry

Maan : save me


You both please stop the fight

Hume sochne do


Favo : priya now what we did

Priya : first we have to congratulate our Preety

Finally she getting married

Favo : ya

Finally we also get some pieceWink

Priya : youWink

Favo : youLOL

Priya : preety we are just joking

Sanju : nhi preety

Ye dono tujhe sch mein bagana chahte hai

Priya : sanju stop this


Readers you have to wait.Big smile

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Geet : maan aapko yaad hai
when we locked in conference room
maan : hmm
Geet : maan stop doing your work
Maan : geet i have more important work than hearing your non-stop talk
geet : i hate you
maan : in this life it's not possible
Favo : kuch smjhe aap log
priya : ase kaise ye smjh sakte hai
sanju : samjhne ke liye
see little below 

Maan stood in front of the door of his room seething. He had spent three days away from home for work and so today he had better plans to spend the night with his wife rather than being locked outside. Why the hell did she lock the door leaving him outside? He wondered. It has been almost a year of marriage and over a year of dating and he was well aware of the wired ways of his wife. But why this? Especially when he is exhausted after a tiring trip.

"Geet he knocked.

On receiving no reply, Maan took out his phone and called his wife. He was surprised when his wife picked the phone.

"Geet, open the door he barked. And he thought it will work on his wife.

"Maan Sir, just in 5 minutes and the other end went dead.

Maan Sir !!!! What the hell is wrong with her? The last time he heard her call that was when they were in Jaipur for a meeting and she was rambling like a maniac, seeing Ms.William place a full mouth kiss on his lips.

"I am sorry I thought there can be more between us Maan sir. I am such a fool. I should have known you can never love me. I should have said yes to Kapoors' proposal just like dad said. I wa... rest of her words were lost in his mouth as he pulled her by waist and slammed his lips on her.

Geet joined his construction company as a Trainee and it was attraction at first sight for him that is what he believed at least. He tried his best to fight the attraction by fighting, condescending, belittling but eventually when his mind exhausted he admitted the presence of elephant in the room, well in this case the presence of love in his heart. It didn't take much time to convince her though. Intense eye locks, accidental touches, husky whispers and she was putty in his hands. He was all set to propose her after their Jaipur trip but Ms.Williams, who clearly lusted after him, had to spoil it all. But it was a good spoil though, as he became cent percent sure about Geet's feelings after that. So he didn't waste even a minute before kissing her. What followed that was history. Romantic (official) proposal, dating, family meeting, engagement, more dating and ultimately wedding. Now he is happily married to Geet Singh Khuranna for 10 months.

For the past 19 months he knew her, he realized that she can be extremely crazy when she wants to be. And luckily he knows the symptoms before her craziness commences. Her round almond coloured eyes brightens with gleam, she grins displaying all her pearl white thirty two tooth, her feet gets new spring and she keeps giggling looking at him. And fortunately or unfortunately he saw all symptoms today. Should he be alarmed? He should have guessed that something was wrong when she insisted that he wear his office clothes while having dinner as she wanted to go out. But soon after the dinner was over she locked herself in the room not even talking to him and it has been bloody 30 minutes.

"Geet I am going to go to the guest room he warned and even took steps away from the room when he heard the door opening.

As he entered the room it was completely dark and no signs of his wife. He wondered if it is a surprise similar to the one he got after their six months anniversary, where she decorated room with candles and flowers. But soon his questions were answered as the room looked as normal as everyday when he switched on the lights.

"Geet he called and this time he didn't wait long for a reply.

"Yes Maan sir he heard his wife ask standing in front of the doorway to his personal study/home office.

Again Maan sir? HE observed her vividly and was surprised to see the way she dressed. She was wearing a blue salwar that she used to wear when she was working for him.

"Geet what is this???  He asked giving her a wired look for holding a file in one hand glancing it and a pencil in another.

"Sir you called me here to work on the Mittal's project didn't you? she said nonchalantly walking towards him. "See here she said handing him the file, " I have marked few areas of discussion

Maan took the file still puzzled by his wife's eccentric behaviour.

Play Along. Live Your Fantasy.

These words were scribbled on the paper and all became crystal clear for Maan. He recollected how he confessed to Geet about one of his fantasies regarding her few weeks ago. "You remember that day when we were locked in the cabin while working at Mittal's project? I was pulled towards you like a bee to flower. You looked completely sexy in that tight fitting blue salwar and the weather was also romantic and I had to control, with everything I had, not to pounce on you. I wish we were dating at that time. I would have definitely had my ways with you. I still wonder what it would have been like to touch you then

God bless his wife. She is only trying to fulfil his one fantasy that has always haunted him. Maan grinned looking at the file but soon masked it with his usual expression that he has reserved for his employees.

"Why are you staring at me? Get to work Maan shouted.

Geet with a small smile turned and walked into his study. Maan followed her shaking his head smiling.

Once they were inside the study and he sat behind his large mahogany table, Geet, like the timid secretary she used to be, stood near him.

"Why is the file incomplete Ms.Handa? asked Maan giving her a fake angry look

"Sir... I... Geet fake stuttered

"I don't know why I pay incompetent people he mumbled under his breath. "Now go bring me black coffee he ordered.

Geet walked towards the door with extra sway on her hips knowing well that he was watching her. She closed the door of the study then turned to him with a shocked expression with her perfect mouth forming a perfect O.

"Sir I think the door is jammed Geet said knotting her dupatta.

"What? Maan marched beside her and tried opening the door. "Shit! Ms.Handa why did you do that? 

"But Sir how am I supposed to know? she asked looking as innocent as she looked the other day.

"Now we are stuck here till morning " Maan declared as he went back to hi seat.

"Whole night sir??? Alone??? she asked looking at him worried

"Do we have another option? he asked looking at the files.

Geet nodded a no and came to sit in the chair in front of him. "We will start working he said

After a couple of minutes, Geet closed the file and went to stand near the window. While admiring the moon, she hugged herself as the cold breeze hit her. Within seconds Maan was standing behind her, his body almost touching her.

"Sir What are you doing? asked Geet

"Why Ms.Handa you are cold so I am trying to warm you he said as he caressed her left arm with his palm.

With a gasp she turned around to look at him. "Sir please stay away from me. This is wrong she said as she faked to push him away.

"Why is it wrong? I am just trying to warm you he said as he moved closer to her, now their body touching each other.

"But Maan Sir... Maan silenced her placing his finger on her lips.

"Shhh Geet. Just let me warm you He traced her arms before he put his hand around her waist and pulled her closer.

"You are beautiful Geet he said putting a strand behind her ear with his free hand.


"So beautiful, so pure and so innocent " Maan said rubbing her cheeks with his thumb

"Oh your lips Geet... he sighed as he took her lower lips between his thumb and index. "I wonder how they taste Geet he whispered as he bent down placing a peck there.

He then very slowly traced her upper lip with his thumb. "Can I Geet? he asked looking into her eyes.

"Please Maan sir...

"Please what Geet?

"We shouldn't do this


He was about to kiss her, when she pushed him away and ran towards the table. Maan followed her taking slow steps and reached near her. Geet was pretending to read a file as Maan sat on the table. He removed the strand, which was hiding her face from him, away. She glared at him in return he only smirked.

Maan glided his hands down her waist and placed on her butt. "Maan sir. This is ... Inappropriate she chided.

"I know Geet he murmured pulling her towards him and locking her between his legs. "Don't you like me? he asked cupping her face.

"Sir I.,...

"Let me kiss you Geet, Please, just one kiss he asked.

"This is wrong sir she tried to reason

"Just one... with that said he pressed his lips to hers.

Maan opened his mouth taking in her closed lips. He touched her lips with his tongue and asked for her to open them, but Geet refused. Just like the old times, time before he taught his wife to master the art of kissing.

Maan pulled back his head and ordered "open your mouth Geet and just like the inexperienced one she was once, Geet opened her mouth and let him explore her secrets.

Maan broke the kiss when Geet became breathless. He looked at her smiling face and couldn't help but grin.

"Did you like it Geet? he asked lifting her face to meet his holding her chin.

"Maan Sir... Geet was not able to say anything so she just ran towards the couch and sat on it breathing heavily.

"We shouldn't do this Maan sir. We are not married Geet said

"There is no rule that states that only married people should kiss He said standing in front of her.


"Geet just tell me if you enjoyed he asked

"I... She was about to say something but then hid her face in her palm " I am shy she mumbled.

Maan removed her hands from her face and made her look at him. " I am going to kiss you again Geet he said before he repeated his act again. Only this time more slow and sensual.

Maan looked at tears in her eyes curiously. How can she cry at cue? Has she ever used fake tears to him before?

"Geet, Why are you crying? he asked patting her shoulder

"You kissed me without marriage. I had saved my first kiss for my husband and now I am ruined. " she cried dramatically

"Baby, you never told me these things when we first kissed "

Geet glared at her husband from the corner of her eyes and mumbled to go with the flow. Maan left out a chuckle and began to console his wife oops his employee.

"This is no bad thing Geet. If it makes you feel better then I will marry you " he said genuinely

"Really!! " asked Geet widening her innocent eyes

"Sure "

"Thank you Maan sir " She said looking at him

"Now, can I kiss you again? "

"Kiss!! " Geet gasped

"yeah " maan said moving towards her to hold her waist

"I... " Geet didn't finish her sentence as his lips captured hers


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geet : maan suno na
Maan : geet please tell quick
i have work
geet : babaji inki shaadi mujhse kyun krwayi
office se krwa dete
Maan : tb tak tum is swal ka answer dundo
mein bs aaya
Saiyan Tu Kamaal Ka
Baatein Bhi Kamaal Ki
Saiyan Tu Kamaal Ka
Baatein Bhi Kamaal Ki 
Laaga Rang Jo Tera
Hui Main Kamaal Ki


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Geet : maan you remember that day
when i tell you about our baby
Maan : yes geet
this is beautiful moment in our life

Geet : maan how much you excited to learn 
how carry the baby
uska diaper change krnaBig smile
maan : hmm

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Maan : geet am not going your home town
Geet : why
Maan : i can't forget your family
how much eat my brain
am feeling like
am come from different planetWink
geet : bs yhi tha pyaar aapka
sun rha hai tu betaCryBig smile
maan : geet he is just few months old
geet : toh
mera beta hai
mera sath denga
maan : geet stop your childish behaviour
geet : hawwShocked
maan : close you mouth
tum kaho mein kr duWinkEmbarrassed

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sanju : yaad hai aapko wo din
jb hum sb the bekraar
maaneet ki shaadi ke liyeWink
priya : then wow what a wedding night
we blushedEmbarrassed so much 
favo : kya magic tha woEmbarrassedWink

priya : par is kahani me kuch locha
sanju : bole toh maan ki bj rakhi hai band
favo : ye jaanane ke liye kre read next story

maan & geet : Shocked
ab kya kiye is writer ne humare sath
Maan : geet am telling you
am not going leave anyone
sanju : hum bhi kaha chahte hai
aap hume chode
favo : jaise hum aapko nhi chod paaye
priya : chodna hota rahenga
read story first

Geet breath  hissed  when  his  sinful lips  touch  her  nape  of  neck  she  almost  shake  like  dry  leaf, with  his  open  mouth  ki**  he  have  ability  to  make  her  weak   with  his  sinful  torture...his  every  touch  by  his  long  finger  or  his  M shape  lips  or  his  body  ...make  her  crazy  in desire  she  want  more  ...hell  they  are  newly  married  and  today  is  their  first  day  of  HM  as  well  as  their  first  night ...because  they  want  to  become  one  in  their  place  their  destiny  place  Kashmir  heaven  of  earth.


After  fresh  up  she  come  inside  in kitchen  to  make  some  coffee  for  them . they  took  beautiful  cottage  come  bungalow  for  them ...for  their  HM...when  she  all  busy  to  make  coffee don't  know  he  come  from  behind  and  his  hand  rest on her  waist  ...and he slowly nuzzle  his  face  in  her  thick  hair  get  of  smell  of  her  shampoo  and  her also  ...her  smell  always  make  him  crazy ...he  place  pick  on her  head  than  slowly touch  her  ear  and  travel  small  small  kis*  on  her  shoulder  side  ...he push  her  scarf little  bit  aside  to  get  access  of  her  nude  skin  of  shoulder...his lips  touch  their  and  he  get  that  she  almost  stop  to  took  breath ...he  try  to  push  her  top  from  shoulder  to  get  more  access   ,next  moment  maaneet  jump  on  their  place  with  loud  ring  of  her  mobile's have   tune  ...Papaji  papaji  papaji  ...


Maan cluth  his  teeth ...but  geet  can  so  easily shift  to  daughter  mode  from  wife  mode ...she  is almost  jumping  on  her  father  call  ...


Oh  papa  I  miss  u  so  much  ...yes  we  reach  hear  safely  ,yes  he  is  ok  ,me  also  ok  ...ya  have  wonderful  place  ...ect  ect  she  almost  forget  that  his  husband  is  standing  near  him  they  both  are  in  between  their  closed  moment ...Their  love  their  closed desires  ...he was  on  fire  ..he  want  to  make  love  with  her  desperately  and  ...he  almost  start  his  mission  but  ...his  so  called  FIL (Gabbar of  his  love  story  come  marriage )  get  entry  on  wrong  time .


6  hour  main  koi kaise  kisko  miss  karta  hai  he  gritted  his  teeth  but  he  cannot  do  anything  ...till  her  chat  get  ended  with  HIS  SO  CALLED  GABBAR  means  his  FIL ...he  on fire  with  his  need  ...oh  god  ye  gabbar  ko  kahi  gaayab  kar  do  yaar he  say  in  his  mind  but  next  moment  sya  no  no  god  meri  geet  bahot  sad  ho  jaayegi  ...he  make  face on  his  thoughts .


Now  it's  more  than  20  min  and  chat  is  not  ending  at  last  maan  control  his  frustration  and  went  to  bathroom  side  and  thud  he  closed  bathroom  door  with  thud...  That  sound  of  door  brought  geet  from  chat  she  is  so  lost  in  papa  chat  ..she  foregt  that  she  is  with  her  husband  on  their  Hm  on their  SR pinky  already  alert  her  that  papa  ki  beti  se  jada  she  need  to  be   more husband  wife's  their  moment  she  cut  the  call a nd  run  to  bathroom  side  to  monafy  her  angry  husband ...


She  mummer  babaji  please  save  me  ...and  she  with  shaking  hand  called  maanji  ...maanji ..maan  who  hell  angry  with  her  thou  he  hear  her  voice  but  ignore  it ...he  cooling  himself  mentally  as  well  as  physically also  (ahem ahem )...poor  boy ...he  make  him  dry  with  towel  and  wrap  a  towel  around  his  waist  and  come out   from  bathroom  he  passed  from  geet  like  she  is  not  present  there .totally  ignore  her ...but  poor  geet  almost  froze  in her  place  when  he  come  out  from  ...bathroom  his  aroma  plus his  soap  don't  what  he  use  ...always  make  her  dizzy  with  smell ..upon  that  he  caressed  his  wet  hair  and  result  is  come  water  drop  fall  on  geet  face  which  burn  her  more ...he  first  time  appear  on her  like  this  which  make  lsot  her  in  his  well  built  body  ...


She  don't  get  when  she  start  to  walk  to  his  side  and  come  really  closed  to  him  her  eyes  glued  on  his  hot body her  hand  itching  to  touch's  so  forbidden  for her  so  much ..sinful  So  dirty  thoughts  for  her  own husband  ( me saying  don't  worry  geet  u can he  is  your  own  property ).maan  smirk  on  wife  who  all  lost  in  maan  clutch  his  own  palm  to  stop  his  own  moan when  her  soft  finger  touch  his  taunted  chaste...she  touching  him  like  this  first  time  so  many  cracker  bust  in his  body  ... he  so  much  want  to  closed  this  distend  and  love  her  endlessly  moment  geet  rosy  lips  touch  his  skin  maan  almost  hold  her  hair  to  control  his  desire  ...he  going  to  pull  her  more  ... But  next  moment  shirk  of  mobile  and poor  geet  in  fear  harshly  bit  on  maan  chest  ...poor  boy  hissed  in  pain  and  cried  ahhh. geet teeth  almost  tear  his  skin ...


Geet  give  horror  look  to  maan  ...maan  gritted  his  teeth  he  going  to  say  something  mobile  get  silent  ...maan  come  out  from  geet  hug  and  walk  to  bedroom  side  with  anger  and  pain...its  again  her papaji  ...(gabbar  is  Back  )..


He  wear  his  cloth  but  bare  with  upper side  ...ahh  the  injury  is paining  he  feel   brake  that  mobile  ...ahhh my  HM  going  to  flood  in  this  mobile  thanks  to  Gabbar .poor  maan  first  love  bite  form  geet  turn  an  injury  ...just  than  his  wife  dash  in  room  ...she  have  sorry  face ...she  come  with  medicine  before  he  stop  her  she  applied  a  medicine  on  his  ...chest  he  hissed little  with  contact  of  that  medicine  but  that  bought  tear  in  geet  eyes ...her  eyes passed  what  is  in  her  mind  ...maan  cannot  stand  for  her  tear  ...and  he  took  her  in  hug ...geet  blow  some  air  on  that  place  ...maan  push  her  more  to  himself  now  both  glued  each  other  and  both  body  start  to  react on  their  need  ...maan  once  look  to  her ...till  now  they  don't  even  share  their  ki**.


Maan  bend  little  to  her  lips ...but  stop  I  mid  first  he  check  for  her  mobile  and  when  he  don't  found  anything  he  took  deep  breath ...and  slowly  bend  geet  side  ...geet  closed  her  eyes  in fear .love  and  desire  their  first  k**. Maan  first  kis8*  her  forehead  than  softly  her  eyes  than  he  come  very  close  to her  rosy lips  which  is  always  tempted  him  from  first  meet  of  their ... He  slowly  brush  ...his  lips  to  her  lips  ...a  current  passed  from both  body  moment  maan open  his lips to took  geet  rosy lips inside  his  ...his  mobile  ringed  loudly  ...(  gabbar  is  back  gabbar  is  back ) ...and  poor  maan  froze  on  his  place  ..their  first  kis*  get  failed  like  anything ...


Geet  irritated  with  and  horrified   maan  gulp  hard  ...geet face  turn  hard  and  angry  with  maan  select  tune  for  her  father  number  she  ...stamp  her  feet  and  went  out  from  room ...


Maan  cried ahhhe  almost  pull  his  hair frustration  .


He  took  call  and heard  ...u  tackle  me  with  marriage  but  HM  ka  bhool  javo  MSK...its  challenge  form  Mohinder  handa  .


And  before  maan  say  anything  line  get  dead ...


Its  mg  love  marriage  geet  is  single  parent  baby  so  mr  Handa  is  always  possessive  about  her  ..and  result  is  no  kis*  till  today  he  chided  on  his  luck  . Mr.  Handa  always  hate  him.  Because  geet  love and  attention   get  divided  because  of  maan  .maan  try  his  best  to  come  in  his  good book  but  Mr.handa  aloofness  toward  him not  help it.


Other  side  geet  fuming  in  anger  who  could  be  give  name  as  gabbar  to  iN  law  ...she  took  deep  breath  but  he  is  not totally  wrong  na  papa  bhi  till  now  accepted  him ..she took  deep  breath .till  now  maan  also  come  down  he  want  to  say  something  but  ...geet mummer  sorry  and  hug  maan .both  seat  on  sofa  both  souls  so  much  effecting  with  each  other  closeness.  they  so  much  want  to  do  but  alas  ...both  souls  terrified  with  mobile .at  last  geet  make  mind  and  switch  off both  mobile .


Maan  mouth  open  in  perfect  O  shape  he  look  her  with  disbelieve  till  now  he  make  his  mind  Hm  to  dur  ki  baat  hai  sr  bhi  nahi  hogi  but  geet  action...


Poor  souls  before  come  out  from  shock  geet  almost  stole  their  first  k***than  next  easy to  maan  and  maan  took  geet  in  arm  bedroom  and  both  lost  in their  passion  that  moment  come  when  they  going  to  become  in  one  all  sense  ...maan  once  look  to  her  like  asking  her  permission  ..  maan  bend  to  last  step   ...but  next  moment  maaneet  face  turn  white  as  ghost  when  ...hotel  landline  shirk  in  loud  voice ...


Edited by priya_21 - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago

Maan : geet what r u doing ..with chuckling face.

Geet eating big size cake piece : ..maan.. with munching cake in her mouth.

Maan: geet , kid also eat neatly than u with rolling eyes.

Geet show her beaten cake to maan : u eat , maan..its so yummy ..while wiping her chocolate lip through her tongue.

Maan chuckled face: yuck .. u eat ..

Geet  murmur : how robot know taste of food ..

Priya: yes geet, how he knew taste of chocolate ..

sanju: then u know with raised eye brow ..

favo : uff.. maan and geet fight never ending like they also LOL..

Guys u enjoy edit , i enjoy their fighting LOLLOLLOL


Edited by maaneetfavo - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Maan: hmmm
Geet: maaannn
Maan: haan geet bolo mein sunn raha hoon
Geet:maan muje darr lagraha hai...
Maan:darr!?Par kyun geet kya hua...
Geet:maan yeh priya na phir se new thread open kiya humare liye..Patah nahi iss baar kya karne wali hai aap khey sath...
Maan:mere sath!?Uss bechari ne humesha mere sath accha hi kiya geet..Tum bhi naWink
Geet: haan haan uss priya ne aap khey sath bohoth accha kiya bas muje hi humesha rulathi hai...Iss baar uss se bolo muje ek hot boy friend chahiyeLOL
Maan: boy friend!?Geet tumhari dimag teek hai mere hothey hue tumhe bf chahiye..Hot wale...Angry
Geet:haan kyun nahi priya ne aap koh kitni gf diya list lambi hai maan...Bas muje bhi ek doh chahiye hot and happening waleROFL
Kalpi:sanju di yeh kya hai...
Sanju:yeh priya ka banaya hua khichdi...Chalo next post par chal they hai
Priya: looking confusedShocked

Edited by SANJANA9167 - 4 years ago

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