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Chapter 27


"Kirsten?" Maan looked questioningly at his best friend who was spinning around in his chair.

"Hey chunky monkey chocolate dip" Kirsten stood from the chair and hurried towards him, Maan smiled as she threw her arms around and enveloped him. "I missed thee very much"

"I missed you as well" he chuckled as she released him.

"Urgh! You ruined my hot factor rate, you're back to your cane" she scrunched her nose and rolled her eyes. "Anyway, when do you return to work?"

"I was just going to email Aaron now" he answered. "It's been a while"

"Mmhmm" she nodded. "Jay proposed to Eliza last week" she informed.

"Wow, that was fast. Didn't they just start dating 5 months ago?" he asked.

"At least they know each other hot chocolate, you... you were going to marry a stranger"

"I didn't say yes" Maan countered.

"You didn't say anything at all" she chuckled.

Maan shook his head at his friend.

"I don't see why they said no to the hot shot bitch" she mumbled thoughtfully.

"Maan" Gaurav knocked on his office door and looked in, "Kirsten" he grinned.

"Hey!" Kirsten waved enthusiastically.

"Are you both busy?" Gaurav looked between them.

"Nope, we were just catching up" Kirsten answered shaking her head then turned to Maan. "By the way, we both need to go out soon. I want to try that new dessert place by the..."

"You can certainly take him but I need to interrupt now" Gaurav cut in.

"Yes dadaji?" Maan looked away from Kirsten and focused on his grandfather.

"Geet is on her way to see the outhouse, seeing as its going to be your office I wanted your input"
"Hot shot breadstick is coming here?" Kirsten stood eagerly.

"Hot shot what?" Gaurav frowned in confusion.

"Eeeks, come on my day just got interesting" Kirsten grabbed hold of Maan's wrist and tugged him. "I so cannot wait" she giggled excitedly.

"Kirsten..." Gaurav tried to call her back.

"You, oldies aren't getting involved in between my breadstick and my chocolate bun" she called out as she hurried down the stairs still tugging on Maan's arm.

"Kirsten, you're going to make me trip over myself" Maan grated trying to keep up with her pace.


"Um, you think they can afford you?" Zarina asked as she glanced around the Khurana Bungalow.

"We'll have to see, won't we?" Geet answered as she climbed out of the car.

"They've asked for a quote on turning their outhouse in a modern office" Zarina walked besides Geet reading the notes on their tablet as they approached the gates.

Geet found the buzzer and pressed it.

"The gates are open!"

Geet looked ahead wondering who that could possibly be and shook her head internally seeing crazy head Kirsten waving as she stood by the doors.

"You look annoyed" Zarina commented as they stepped into the garden and walked in the direction of where Kirsten stood.

"I am" Geet replied.

Geet noticed Maan stood beside Kirsten as they got closer, he looked uncomfortable.

"Breadstick" Kirsten grinned widely.

"Crazy" Geet nodded in acknowledgement.

"Hi I'm Kirsten" Kirsten introduced herself to Zarina, "and this is my best friend Maan Khurana. He's the client" she added.

Zarina smiled, "Zarina, Geet's partner on this project"

"Come on through, we'll show you the outhouse" Kirsten took over not giving Maan a chance to speak, but he was glad that she had taken over. Had she not, it would have been awkward.

It seemed he and Geet barely acknowledged one another, it was more of them averting one another's eyes.

"How'd you know them?" Zarina asked curiously as they followed Maan and Kirsten around the bungalow and down the path that led towards the outhouse.

"We're working Zarina, right now I'm your boss" Geet replied.

"Ice Queen" Zarina frowned and glanced around. "Garden is nicely kept"
"That's my dadima's favourite thing to do" Kartik appeared suddenly.

"Holy shit" Zarina yelped breathing heavily. "Where did you come from?"

"Oh I was waiting for Geet" Kartik grinned. "I wanted to ask you about..."

"She's here to work" Kirsten pushed him aside. "Get lost!"

"Hey, it's because of me she's here. I recommended you" Kartik informed.

They started bickering very loudly.

"Maybe we should leave them here" Zarina suggested looking at Maan.

"Um yes, sure" he nodded and walked towards the outhouse.


"How many rooms is it that you want done?" Zarina asked as they stepped inside.

"I wanted an office away from the house" Maan answered. "The out house hasn't been used in a number of years, we've had it cleaned and its been taken care of but its unused"

"The dcor is a little dated" Zarina commented and looked at Geet.

"How many rooms is it?" Geet questioned and glanced over finally meeting his eyes.

"There's a kitchen, dining and 2 living rooms downstairs, there's two bedrooms upstairs including a guest room" he replied.

"Which one is going to be the office?" she asked.

"The spare living room" he pointed, "there doesn't seem to be any need to have two living rooms" he added.

"Mind if we take a look?" she asked.

"No, please go ahead" he gestured.

Geet and Zarina walked on ahead and entered the living room.

"This would need a full makeover" Geet commented glancing around. She grabbed her tape measure from her bag and started measuring whilst Zarina made notes.


"Where is she?" Kirsten ran into the outhouse.

"She's in the living room taking a look" Maan answered. "Seriously, don't you have better things to do than argue with my teen brother?"

"He started it" Kirsten argued back.

"Where is he anyway?" Maan asked.

"I may have kneed a certain part..." Kirsten murmured.

"He's 18 Kirsten" Maan rolled his eyes, "You are a decade older than him" he emphasised as if she needed remembering.

"Don't remind me of my age" she scowled. "I want to see what she's doing" she walked ahead but he held her arm stopping her.

"Let them work" he told her.

She pouted but stood still waiting for Geet and Zarina.

They walked out about 10 minutes later, they then walked across touching the wall and walked into the next living room. After another 10 minutes, they returned to the hallway.

Before Geet could speak, she was disturbed by a phone call.

"Mind if I take this?" she asked.

"No, its fine" Kirsten responded.

"Zarina will speak to you" Geet gestured and walked out the outhouse.



"Geet, where are you?" Suneel asked.

"I'm at an appointment, why?"

"My car's broken down. I'm at the garage, I need a ride home" he answered. "How long will you be?" he asked.

"I'll be done in about 15 minutes, it was just a consultation appointment. Where's mum?"

"Your mother's gone shopping for dinner" he replied.

"Okay, I'll be there in about 20 minutes" she cut the call and turned to head inside when she noticed Gaurav Khurana walking down the path.

"Geet" Gaurav held out his hand.

Geet offered a small smile and shook his head, "Mr Khurana".

"Have you decided on what is being done?" he asked as he walked ahead towards the outhouse with Geet beside him.

"My colleague is recommending some ideas we have discussed" she replied.

"Have you decided?" Gaurav looked at Maan questioningly.

"They've got some great ideas" Kirsten cut in. "I love the two idea of joining the two living rooms and making it a big office"

"It's his office, it should be his choice" Zarina chuckled.  

"Neither of the rooms are being used and it would be good to have space for the computers and tv screens" Maan responded.

"What's your budget?" Geet questioned. "The breaking off the wall and joining will cost extra as we'd need to hire someone to do that for us"

"What's the quote for this job?" Gaurav asked intrigued.

"You're looking at starting price 12 lakhs" Geet responded, "Any problems that arises after wall is broken down could lead to 18-19 lakhs".

Gaurav looked surprised, so did Maan and Kirsten.

Maan did the mental calculations, if it was around 18-19 lakhs, that is equivalent to a quarter of his pay as an analyst but he also did need an office.

"With one job, you earn 18-19 lakhs?" Kartik asked as he overhead the conversation as he was entering.

"Sorry I can't answer that, business policy" Geet smiled.

"How about I intern, will I get to know?" he asked cheekily.

"No because as intern, you'll be fetching coffee" Zarina cut in, "I interned" she added.

"But look at you now" Kartik grinned. "You're working with the Geet Pearson"

"I've got somewhere else to be as well, you've got my card right?" Geet looked between Gaurav and Maan. "Why don't you think it over and let me know if you'd like to go ahead?"

"Would it possible to get some drafts of the outhouse emailed so we can see what it looks like?" Gaurav asked.

"Yeah sure, I'll get one of my colleagues to send something over. Zarina will take the email address down" she pointed. "I've got to head off now" she said.
"Thank you for your time" Gaurav said passing a smile.

"It was nice seeing you again breadstick" Kirsten spoke.

"It wasn't such a pleasure" Geet winked.

"Sour face can joke" Kirsten responded arching her brows in amusement.

"Bye, it was nice to meet you all" she said politely and walked out without a backward glance.


"So, what do you think?" Gaurav looked at Maan once Zarina had left taking their contact details.

"Maybe but for one room it seems expensive" Maan responded.

"But you do need an office" Gaurav pointed out. "What do you think if we get the outhouse done?"

"I'm going to be stupid to even consider it dadaji, I'm not going to blow my year's wage on the outhouse. I won't even be here for long, it's only as and when I'm needed at the office"

"Which is really majority of the times" Kirsten cut in sitting down on the sofa. "Look Aaron is going to need your assistance once you're off sick leave. There is a back log and Kevin isn't cutting it right now" she explained. "Also with the time difference, it can mean you having to come here from the bungalow in the middle of the night" she added.

"Kirsten is right" Gaurav agreed. "Maan, we're certainly not poor".

"Dadaji, I'm not borrowing money from any of you guys"

"I don't have any money" Kartik pulled out his empty pockets.

"Kartik" Gaurav passed a disapproving glance his way and turned to Maan, "Your parents money, my money, your dadiji's money is for you boys, if we don't spend it on you boys who do we spend it on?" he asked.

"Dadaji, it isn't a sum of maybe a lakh or so, you're probably looking at 70-80 lakhs for the whole outhouse, possibly even more" Maan countered.

Gaurav sighed heavily, "We have no one right now to spend it on, you don't take money off us now that you're working and Kartik doesn't have any needs either. I earned for you, you parents earned for you but now you're..." he looked away sadly.

"Dadaji..." Maan looked at his grandfather.

"It can be your own house, you're still going to live with us. But if you're having a late night, rather than having to walk to the bungalow and climb all those steps, you just sleep here" Gaurav suggested.

"I'll think about it" he promised.


"Tara called us over to the bar" Suneel told Geet as he settled into the car. "Your mother's going to head over there".

"Mmhmm" Geet hummed as she reversed back, done a turn in the road and rode down in Tara's bar's direction. "Did you find out what happened to your car?"

"They're looking it over and it should be available by Tuesday" Suneel replied. "Do you mind if I borrow your Ford Fiesta MK7?"

"As long as you don't scratch it" she joked.

"You're not using it much" Suneel commented.

"Because I've got my red beauty right now" Geet tapped her BMWi8's steering wheel proudly.

"Have you sold your Mercedes?" he asked.

"Yeah, Richard Johnson bought it off me" she replied.

"I don't see the point of buying a new car every year" he shook his head.

"I've got money to waste" Geet chuckled.

"When's your next flight?"

"I've got three weeks off, the new financial year starts and I had 3 weeks' worth of annual leave left" she explained.

"Are you staying at your apartment?"

"Yes because I don't want to walk and see you and mum making out wherever you wish" Geet scrunched her nose. "You're both old".

"Being old doesn't mean we don't have it in us" Suneel teased. "I'm still very much youthful, age is just a number".

"Dad!" she scowled. "Shut up!"

Suneel laughed harder.

"I see why Tara moved out as soon as she was 18" Geet muttered.


"Dadaji, dadaji" Kartik called out running behind Gaurav as he walked back to the bungalow.

"What, Kartik?"

"Can I intern for Geet Pearson?"

"I thought you were joking and you said you wanted to intern with Maan at his..."

"I know" Kartik cut him off, "But dadaji, what would you go for? The hot models or dead people?" he questioned.

"Good point" Gaurav laughed. "But son, do you think she'd take you on?"

"Maybe apply online?" he shrugged. "It'd be good experience and you never know I might like it" he added.

"I can't see you with a paint brush in your hand" Gaurav chuckled. "It's a laborious job".

"Can I just apply? It's an internship. There is always a probational period of 3 weeks, if I don't like I can leave" he explained.

"Only do it if you're going to take this seriously, this is her business son" Gaurav responded.  


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Chapter 28 

Life always has unexpected surprises planned

How you deal with the surprise is a talent in it self. 


Applauds filled the bar as customers hooted and whistled at the newly engaged couple. Geet smiled gently as the woman gladly showed off her big rock with pride to her friends and family, mindlessly her thumb brushed along her left ring finger. 

She looked away from the newly engaged couple when she felt a nudge from her brother in law who'd arched his brows questioningly. 

"Nothing" she muttered taking a sip of her cocktail. "Where are my parents?" she asked looking around. 

"They've gone to eat in the kitchen" he pointed. "You want to eat something? Tara cooked Bolognese today"

"No thanks" she answered shaking her head, her eyes roamed towards the couple. "How many times have you witnessed your customers proposing?" she questioned. 

"Not many do it in a bar, but we've had a few since we opened up the bar" he responded. "Every proposal reminds me of Tara proposing to me

Geet chuckled, "You wish, I still remember you being so nervous to ask my sister out. It really shocked me that you actually proposed her. 

"Tell me about it, I'm still surprised myself Sean muttered, "I always count my lucky stars whenever I look at your sister he glanced over his shoulder and grinned seeing Tara walk towards the bar with their daughter cradled in her arms and Nick following closely behind. 

"Hi Gigi Nick yelled excitedly. 

"Hi booo Geet stepped down the stool and stretched her arms out lifting him up off the floor and swinging him up. "It feels like I've not seen my boo for days and days she peppered his face with kisses tickling his sides. 

"Gigi you only saw me yesterday Nick reminded laughing loudly. "When are you taking me to the water park? he cupped her cheeks. "You pwomised me 

"I know, I know. I'll get the tickets and take you 

Sean cleared his throat. 

"Alright knob, I'll treat you all 

"Good, you've got more than enough money to splash around he winked. 

"You're such a...

"Language Tara cut in. 

"I'm sure I recall a certain somebody have the mouth of a sailor Geet laughed. 

"I still remember that dirty mouth Sean joined in teasingly. 

"Well that dirty mouth has to be careful as she is now a mummy Tara responded brushing her nose against her daughter's. "Right baby girl? 

Theresa seemed to understand as she kicked her legs cooing. 

"See, my daughter agrees. 

"I agwee mommy Nick called out from Geet's lap. 

"What did you say you little monkey? Geet gasped and tickled. "You're supposed to side with me. 

"Gigi Nick laughed trying to push away her hands. 


"So, have you decided bhai? Kartik looked across the table curiously. 

"About? Maan questioned. 

"About getting the outhouse done 

"He's getting it done Kirsten chirped. 

"I'm only going to get an office done, nothing else Maan cut in.

"You're boring and being an ass Kirsten nudged him. "You need it all done, it needs to be spectacular she continued dreamily. "We cannot just have one office there that's modern and the rest of the house outdated 

"Yes and its not your money that is being spent Maan replied. 

"If you're that POOR, I'll let you borrow it off me Kirsten taunted. 

"I don't want to waste my money on something I won't be using. The outhouse is fine, it doesn't need anything. I'm only using it for extra space to do my work Maan reminded. 

"But they're correct Gaurav looked at his grandson, "you might as well use the space Maan, not to forget one day you're going to be married. 

Maan sighed heavily, here it goes again he thought inwardly.

"Yeah, you never know you might marry someone as hot as Geet Pearson" Kirsten chirped.

"Maan, your dadima and I have a family coming around next week" Gaurav started recalling the plans he'd made with Savitri.

"Oh please, don't" Maan shook his head.

"You're going to have to get married one day, Maan" Gaurav stated.

"I..." Maan started only to be cut off by Kirsten.

"You want me to call breadstick and tell her you'll get the whole outhouse done?"

"I'm not getting the whole outhouse done" Maan answered.

"Fine, I'll get it done" Gaurav countered.


"Maan" Gaurav stared him down.

"Fine, dammit" he muttered shaking his head. "I'll get it done".

"Good, now about next week..." Gaurav nodded his head.

"I've got some work to catch up on and Aaron is waiting for a call" he cut off Gaurav standing, he grabbed his cane and walked off towards his office.

"What do I do with him?" Gaurav looked at Maan's retreating back.

"Don't worry about him, I'll find him someone and he will marry her" Kirsten patted Gaurav's shoulder.

"As much as I love you Kirsten, I don't want your twin" Gaurav laughed.

"Hey, how do you know I won't be your granddaughter in law?" Kirsten answered.

"You've never seen Maan like that, love. Or else I would've loved you both together"

"Eww I love my hot chocolate but no, we are not going to be good married to each other" Kirsten scrunched her nose.

"Stop trying to match make me with Kirsten" Maan called out from his home office.


You say past doesn't matter

What was to happen, happened. There is no changing it.

You say it doesn't affect you

But what of the changes that become you?

The past always has effect on your life.

It can be a good effect or negative effect.

It is your own choice what sort of effect it has on you.


I'm a dreamer
But it's hard to sleep when your head's not in it
I've been restless
'Cause you disappeared and that's all that's missing
The Earth is loose under my shoes
There's an angel
And he's shaped like you, and I thought I knew him
There's a window
And it's dark inside, but the light was in it
This can't be love if it hurts so much
I need to let go, oh


The song belted out loudly through the earphones as Geet jogged down the path, she had drunk a little too much and wanted some fresh air before she climbed into her bed for the evening. The proposal that had taken place in the bar replayed over and over, it reminded me of what she was missing. She could have once had that but...

She sucked in a deep breath brushing her thoughts off, she wasn't going to let the past take over and remind her of what she lost. She never allowed her past to affect her, she used the past as a strength to push herself forward and come to where she is now, except she is missing the one thing she had always wanted. Love, family.


I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me


Disappointment filled her as she thought of the many proposals her parents had chosen for her. Due to her age and her job, they rejected her. Was it so wrong to be single and have a career?

She wished so many times that her mother had not agreed to move to India. She did love India but sometimes the country was backward in the thinking and it disappoints her whenever she sees that it is not the men but the own women that hold back this country.


I remember
How we danced so close, I would stand on your feet
And the phone calls
That would last all night, they were lifeboats to me
Our fading scars just shooting stars
They're here, then go


I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will...

I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me


Our human hearts forget how strong they are
And they get lost along the way, hey
It's not giving up, it's letting go
And moving to a better place


Geet slowed down to walking as she neared her apartment, she climbed up the steps and waved to Kieran the doorman and headed up to her apartment.

Stepping into the apartment, she glanced around.

The lights were switched off, the apartment filled with silence.

There was once a time, there had been another voice.

A voice that she had let go of.


I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me



"Geet" her name a soft whisper on his lips.

An instant smile came to her lips, she opened her eyes and was blessed with the sight of intense...


Geet switched on the lights of the apartment filling it with light pushing back the memory that had made its way forward. She unscrewed her water bottle guzzling down some water then walked across her apartment towards her shower. She was feeling nostalgic today because she was tired and needed some sleep, atop of that the drinks were messing with her head.


I will survive and be the one who's stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me




"Pearson Designs" Adhira answered the phone. "How can I help?"

"Hiya, I'm trying to get in touch with Geet Pearson"

"Okay, may I take your name and what it is regarding?"

"My name is Maan Khurana and it's regarding the appointment I had with her yesterday".

"Okay, bear with me a second please" Adhira clicked on the transfer button and called Geet's phone.

"Adhira, don't you understand the meaning of Do not disturb me today" Geet spoke without waiting for her to speak.

"I've got Maan Khurana on the phone" Adhira informed.

"Take a message, I've got a client to meet in 10 minutes that is going to sue me if I don't fix the f**ked up mess Rishi created for me" Geet answered, "Take a message and tell him I'll call him later, also when Rishi gets into the office this morning send him to my office and he better have his resignation letter with him" she added.

"Okay" Adhira rolled her eyes and returned to Maan, "I'm sorry Mr Khurana, Geet is due to see a client in a couple of minutes. May I take a message please?"

"Yeah, sure. Can you please inform her that I will go ahead with getting the outhouse done and can she send me a full breakdown of the costs please".

"Okay, I'll pass on the message"

"Thank you very much, bye" Maan cut the call rolling his eyes at Kirsten who grinned foolishly.

"I better not regret this, it's going to cost so much money" he sighed.

"You're going to love it and whoever marries you will love that you can afford Geet Pearson, even I couldn't afford her" she laughed cheerfully.

"So you're affording her through me?" Maan arched his brows.

"Of course hot chocolate bun" Kirsten grinned widely.




"Kartik Khurana?" Aryan glanced around the waiting room.

"Yes, that's me" Kartik stood smiling widely.

"C'mon on in" Aryan gestured and went into the office.

Kartik looked confused when he noticed no one else was in the interview room with him.

"Something on your mind?" Aryan questioned taking a seat on the other side.

"No, I just assumed Geet Pearson would be taking my interview" Kartik responded.

"Oh, that isn't what Geet does. She leaves that to me" Aryan explained, "She's a busy woman".

"Ah... okay" Kartik nodded.

"Shall we get started?" Aryan questioned.

"Yes, please" Kartik answered eagerly, thankful that it was not Geet who was interviewing him. If it had been her, there was a slight possible chance that she refuses to interview him due to the connection between both families and the awkwardness that was between her and his family.

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I often wondered why Geet remained unmarried until now...with her beauty and success. Didnot think she had a bitter (assuming so) past. Maan's family is now working towards making way for his and Geet ... to meet, get to know ...without actually saying ot loud. It is definitely interesting to see how they see/accept each other. Love Kristen, Karthik...dadaji of all. I always picture Suneel as a cool dad and he has great rapport with family. You are awesome writer when it comes to sticking to their characters through out. Really looking fwd to their journey in this ff.
Posted: 2 years ago
Geet reached to have a look to outhouse 
Geet was annoyed seeing Kristen their she's gr8 help fr Maan bz she only whom speaking 
and making way fr Geet Maan just like his family
Geet did inspection and  told expenses 
Maan thought it's expensive but his dadaji want him to done outhouse and he told their money is also his kartik interested in joining Geet as intern 
Maan at last called Geet office and told they ready fr makeover his office 
Posted: 2 years ago
Awesome updates..
Waiting for next update..
Posted: 2 years ago
hmm wonder what happened in the past to geet...who was that person who she left or who left her and why//// seems impossible isn't;;  poor girl missing that love/care in her life...she has everything else but no one to share that with...
so sweet and down to earth maan is...he does not want to spend his parents and grandparents money on sweet...waiting eagerly for him and geet to connect up somehow...

am sure when they actually sit down and talk chat they will find a connection...

love geet's parents and sister/jiju and nephew niece...
Posted: 2 years ago
Kristen ..and her language so funny always..
So geet had a past love or sonething..
Posted: 2 years ago
lovely update
Geet works so costly

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