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Chapter 26


"Hello" Geet answered her ringing phone as she climbed the stairs and stepped into the airplane.

"Hello, am I speaking to Geet?"

"Yes speaking, who am I speaking to?" Geet questioned as she placed her hand luggage above her seat and sat glancing around the plane watching her staff prepare.

"It's Gaurav Khurana"

Geet frowned, confused as to why Gaurav Khurana would be calling her.

"You must be a little thrown off with me calling you" Gaurav continued.

"It's a surprise" she admitted slowly. "Aren't you able to reach my parents phones?".

"I wanted to speak to you" he replied, "we were looking to renovate our outhouse and we wanted you" he explained.

Geet smiled softly, it was almost a smirk really. She was good to decorate their house but not to be their daughter in law. "I'm at work right now but, if you call my office and speak to one of my colleagues, they'd be able to assist you in..."

"Will it be alright to book ourselves in for you?" Gaurav cut in politely.

"Hmm" Geet hummed noting it was near to passengers boarding. "Call my office and they'll book you in" she told him, "I'm going to have to go now, bye"

Gaurav thanked her and said his goodbye. He cut the call and looked at his daughter in law who arched her brows.


"She's told us to book ourselves in with her" he smiled.

"I do like Geet but she has two jobs, would she have time for Maan? For family?" Savitri asked looking between her husband and Rhea.

"Maa, you said she will be perfect for Maan when we first saw her picture" Rhea reminded, "You yourself said she's carries herself well, she's confident, elegant and..."

"That was before Rhea, Geet is still all those things and I think she's perfect but she has got two jobs" Savitri responded, "I want someone for Maan who would be his companion, his partner..." she voiced her concerns.

"Then why aren't we looking for someone to match Maan?" Rhea asked.

"I want only the best for Maan" Savitri replied.

"As do I maa, I'm his mother but I also know the expectations that I should have for my son".

"Savitri, our grandson is going to be getting the best with Geet if this goes as we hope" Gaurav intervened, "Rhea is right though, Geet is perfect in all ways and I've seen her the other day when I went around. She's able to balance her professional and personal life. I've seen the bond she shares with her family, she loves them fiercely" he informed.

"She's perfect and they've already said no" Savitri reminded.

"I've already cleared that out with Suneel, Geet didn't say no to Maan. She said no to us, we judged her when she mentioned her career" Gaurav informed.

"I'm worried for Maan" she sighed, "Whoever we have seen have said no, they only see his... Geet exceeds all of them, what if she..."

"Maa, you're going to worry yourself with all these what ifs" Rhea slipped her arm around Savitri's shoulder, "C'mon I'll make you a nice cup of tea"


Echoing screams

Whirring helicopters

Tears of the burnt


Maan squeezed his eyes closed realising it was yet just another nightmare. He threw off the blanket crawling out of bed and grabbed his cane. As he leaned against the tiled wall of the shower, his eyes drew to his wound and he winced.

Looking at the healing wound not only reminded him of the nightmare last month but it reminded him of what he had left behind. He stepped out of the shower grabbing his towel and looked at his bare chest in the mirror. His eyes followed each scar, each mark, each which told the story.

Not a day goes by that he doesn't remember his time at the army, if he could he would go back and do it all over again even if meant he ends up in this same state.

There was reason to fight, he fought for freedom, he fought for the people who could no longer fight, he fought for the children's safety, he fought to keep his country safe and now... he was unable to do it. He pinched the bridge of his nose breathing heavily, counting mentally to calm himself down. But the tears burned his eyes.

His routine had washed away since the incident, his work now involved sitting at home at a desk.


"I'm hungry" Kanchan complained, "I forgot to make something" she added rooting through the fridge in the airplane. "Whose steak salad is this?" she held out the container.

"I suggest you put it away" Geet looked up from her book, "and keep your hands off my food".

"I don't want to eat that" Kanchan scrunched her nose pointing towards the food containers that were for the passengers.

"You can have one of my wraps" Ashley told her, "but you owe me"

"Thanks" Kanchan grinned taking the wrap from her and ate.

Geet reached over and grabbed herself a pear, she ate as she continued to read her book.

"I need help, a child has been sick over the seats" Taylor pushed open the curtains and looked between the ladies.

"Geet" Kanchan and Ashley pointed.

Geet arched her brows, to which they answered together "We're eating".

Geet shook her head and chucked the rest of her pear away and followed Taylor to assist him with the sick child on board.


"Have you been avoiding me?" Shirley looked at Maan curiously. He had finally attended her session, 2 months after the incident.

"If I was to admit to it then?" Maan answered honestly.

"I'm just happy you're admitting to it and I'm glad you've been honest" she smiled. "Gaurav called me today before you arrived..." she informed.

"Thank you for telling me" Maan responded. "I'll talk about it but I just need space and time to get it sorted out mentally" he told before she even asked.

She agreed then moved on, "Gaurav spoke to me about wanting to take this friendship further with the Shergill's?"

"I don't see the point" Maan confessed. "She's out of my league"

"And what is your league?" she questioned.

"Someone who is as damaged physically" he replied, "They keep searching for unreal proposals" he shook his head.

"There's a downside to this Geet" Shirley added, "She's about 4 years older than you".

"Yet she's..." Maan paused noting the sheepish smile on Shirley's face. "She's not damaged like me" he said instead, though he was going to say she's beautiful. "She's got a stable job which allows her to have a hobby, she's a driven woman who excels anyone's expectations" he continued. "You know the saying, the whole world is your Oyster, I would say it's true for her".

"Whilst putting her up, don't lower yourself" Shirley told him gently, "She however, sounds like a wonderful woman, you mentioned she's got two jobs?".

"She's a stewardess and she owns a business, her business is her hobby" he clarified.

"Wow, that must keep her busy" Shirley thought over his response, "How does your family expect this marriage to work with her having two jobs? Isn't that..."

"It's not happening" Maan intervened, "And it's not because of her job, in fact if this were to go ahead, I'd be proud and I'd say it proudly that I'm pleased she has got two jobs. It shows her determination, her drive, she isn't on the back of someone else. She's independent and that is what we're all wanting for the women in our country" 

"I agree" Shirley nodded her head, "There's girls out there who are wanting to read and learn yet they're not able to because of the non-existent educational facilities in their villages".

"Whoever marries her will be lucky" he murmured.


"Aryan, Aryan, Aryan..." Geet looked at her colleague disappointed as he had yet again ordered pizza to the office. "You're going to make the others fat by ordering every time, every lunch"

"Geet, Geet, Geet come try this pizza" he chewed. "It melts in the mouth" he hummed.

"I'll pass, I've got an appointment" she informed, "Mum's here in the office helping out" she added then frowned. Marissa walked out of her office and towards the pizza box.

"Mum" Geet called out disapprovingly.

"One wouldn't hurt" Marissa rolled her eyes.

"You went out for dinner yesterday" she reminded.

"And I burnt it off this last night" Marissa responded, Geet caught on her mother's meaning and scowled as she noted that Aryan and the others had figured it out. Their chuckling was enough rile her even more.

"Mum! Seriously?" she hissed.

"Don't you have an appointment?" Marissa countered.

"I regret the day I decided to make you manager when I'm not here" Geet mumbled. "Zarina" she glanced over her shoulder. "You're with me on the Khurana's appointment".

"Khurana's?" Marissa questioned intrigued. "Khurana's as in...?"

"Yes, they called me last month. I suggested, one of my colleagues but they wanted me to handle it" she answered. "Anyway, I've got to go else I'd get stuck in traffic and be late" she excused herself and walked out the doors with Zarina by her side.

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wow update
Posted: 2 years ago
Fantastic update. Geet thinks that khuranas even now think she is not fit yo be their dinlaw. But they are changing and think otherwise. But maan thinks she is way out of his league and he is damaged goods whereas geet has everything going for her
Waiting eagerly for next update to see ho wher visit goes

Btw can I get the link to the blog feel like reading all the way to chapter 50 without putting the book / iPad down 

Will make sure to comment on them
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Waiting for the leads to meet..
Posted: 2 years ago
lovely update
Maan open up a little but very insecure about himself
Posted: 2 years ago
Thank you for updating...
Maan is so insecure about himself and he thinks that he is not fit for geet...
Waiting for geets reaction about again proposal...
P.s can I get your blog access please???
Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks for the update and plz pm me this story because i want to read the story on time 

Posted: 2 years ago
lovely update
finally maan admitting what he feels like his damaged body
thinking him imprrfect is understandable but he is too damaged emotionally too
liked his view about her job he is sensible and open mind

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