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Nice part and what a relief to know they were all rescued. Its an ordeal for all involved including loved ones who hope agaist all odds to see you again.

The ice is breaking between the families, its finally good to see them put the reasons for rejection aside and look at the situation in a new light where atleast friendship can exist.

However, will Maan too break the ice with Geet? Can't wait to know more!
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kyun ladkiyon ka job karna itni budi hai kya?

nice update...

loved it...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...
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Chapter 25


1 month later...


"Taylor, what are you doing here?" Geet lifted her head and stared at her colleague who seemed to have snuck into the meeting room.

"Geet, look I'm fine. I should be allowed to fly"

"Well the therapist hasn't cleared you" she replied flicking through her diary. "You can return once I have received a signed document from the therapist" she added.

"I'm growing bored at f**king staring at my girlfriend getting home after a long day of working, she's always boasting about this client of hers this and that" he cribbed.

"Well, answer the therapists questions in a way that you satisfy his damn test" Max cut in as he walked into the meeting room.

"I hate you all" Taylor stropped off.

"Love you too" Ashley called out laughing.

"Babe, I'm right here" Jaime nudged her.

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen..." Braden King walked into the room and looked around at his team and acknowledged them with a swift glance. "As you know we haven't been in the news for good reasons lately" he started as he walked to the front. "The airline has decided to compensate the families on that plane, tickets are going on sale in the hopes of getting customers back. We have lost a vast amount of customers" he looked around. "To cover losses and reduce the number losses being made, everyone's jobs at risk" he announced sadly. "Even mine" he added softly.

"What?" Max stood clenching his jaw.

"I'm sorry, the board didn't seem to have options. We're losing money, overnight thousands cancelled the flight, we're still being sued by some families despite the compensation offered to them" he explained. "The board is taking action as they see fit".

"We all lost someone Braden" Joshua spoke up, "Janine died, Kyle died, and other friends, we were there first hand, we're not asking for compensation nor are we suing anyone. Don't take our jobs, many of us lived that day, we know what losses we had"

Braden nodded, "I can't promise but I'm going to fight for you all" he promised. "I'm going to fight to keep everyone" he added.

Braden then moved onto other topics he had yet to discuss about.


Warmth so close

Stinging sensation

Smell of burning flesh


Maan jerked upright breathing heavily, his hands instinctively brushed over his skin and scanned his surroundings. He wasn't burning. It was just another nightmare.

He closed his eyes exhaling sharply, he brushed a hand through his hair, then reached out for his cane and climbed out of bed.

He was starting to manage without a cane before the incident last month, now he was back to using the cane most of the time.

Once he finished his morning routine, though done with great difficulty he joined his family downstairs. Everyone was at the table except Kartik who had left for college already.

"How are you feeling today?" Gaurav looked concerned as he noticed the frown and the occasional wincing as Maan walked down to join them.

"I'm fine" he lied offering a smile.

Rhea stared at her son sadly, she was his mother. She knew him and she knew he was lying. Since that day, his condition seemed to have worsened. She didn't say anything, she knew Maan hated being pitied or seen as someone who's weaker.

"What are you going to eat?" she questioned instead.

"I'm fine with cereal" he responded placing his cane by his side and poured himself some cereal in his bowl. "Kirsten is coming in about an hour or so" he informed.

"How is she? She hasn't been in a while" Savitri asked changing the course of conversation.

"She returned from Florida, they've caught the serial murderer" he answered. "I need to put together a digital file of his whereabouts and prove he was present at all crime scene".

"That'd probably take you all day" Gaurav commented.

Maan hummed nodding his head. "Why?" he questioned.

"Rudra called me a while ago, his niece turns 2 this weekend and they're holding a small barbeque, we've all been invited" Gaurav explained.

"I thought his house is getting done" Maan looked curiously.

"Most of the house is done, only the twin's nursery left. They are wanting to host it at their place because the workers just finished their garden. Aanya hasn't stopped talking about her garden" Gaurav answered.

"I'll call Rudra and speak to him" Maan stated, he was going to apologise to his friend for not being able to attend, he wasn't going to attend the barbeque especially, in this state. He was back to using his cane and his limp worsened.


"Don't say that Maan, c'mon I haven't seen you in ages man" Rudra complained.

"You came to the hospital a couple of weeks ago to see me" Maan pointed out.

"That isn't the same" he countered, "Our meeting wasn't under social circumstances"

Maan chuckled shaking his head inwardly, "Look I can't make any promises".

"Which means, you're not going to attend. I know you too well brother, I fought alongside you" Rudra reminded teasingly.

"I apologise, give Aanya my apologies" Maan responded.

"Aanya isn't going to be very happy, if you're not going to come to party then come down on Thursday for dinner" Rudra suggested. "Bring Gaurav dadaji with you, it'd be fun"

"I'll ask" Maan replied, his eyes drew to his grandfather who stood by the door and watched him silently. Maan bid bye to his friend and placed his phone on the desk. "Dadaji, what are you doing standing there?" he asked.

Gaurav shook his head noticing Maan straightening up and seemingly about to stand, he walked across the room and sat down on the chair opposite.

"I want you to return to Shirley and speak to her Maan" Gaurav spoke after a moment. "You had busied yourself with work, you're lying to me about your feelings. You're lying to your mother".

"How did you know?" Maan looked at his grandfather solemnly.

"I'm your grandfather, son" he answered in a way of explanation. And that explained it to Maan as he chuckled.

"I can't hide anything from her nor you" he stated.

"Then why do you bother son?" Gaurav laughed.




"There had better be someone dying for you to call me here so early Geet frowned as she arrived at her client's house narrowing her eyes at her colleague.

"Oh, I hadn't realised you've just finished a shift Adhira chewed on her lower lip.

"It had better be an emergency" Geet responded, she had just finished a 2 day shift and was knackered. She didn't get enough sleep on the plane due to two passengers who were fighting last night and she had to ensure they stayed away from one another. She had ended up using zip ties and watching over them until airport police arrived and took the two individuals away.

"Well I was watching over the work, when we went to do the nursery we found that the wall is quite weak and from the test, it seems the foundation for that room isn't as strong" Adhira explained. "And..."

"And?" Geet narrowed her eyes.

"The family had a friend stumble and break into the plaster..." Adhira answered.

"Okay, Who's working on this?" Geet asked, she had left Adhira to watch over the work whilst she was away.

"I had Aryan come and inspect it as well" Adhira informed.

Geet hummed, "Show me".

Adhira nodded and walked ahead, Geet followed as she scanned the garden which seems to have been completely to her standard, she also noticed balloons around the garden.

"Is it someone's birthday?" she questioned Adhira.

"Yes, Aanya is hosting a party for Rudra's niece who has turned two, their guests will be arriving soon" Adhira nodded. 

Geet was then led into the nursery where the problems seemed to have occurred.

"How big was the guy?" Geet murmured as she took in the broken plaster.

"Well I didn't ask"

"Seriously Adhira? You're going to ask which big fat ass stumbled into that?" Geet waved dismissively.

"That happened to be me" a voice piped in.

Geet glanced around and frowned when she noticed Kartik Khurana and beside him was his grandfather Gaurav Khurana.

"Rudra was trying to man me up a week ago" Kartik grinned cheekily and I... slipped".

"I see" Geet replied trying to keep a straight face and frowned at Adhira who seemed amused.

"How are your parents?" Gaurav intervened.

"They're okay" Geet responded, in truth she didn't really know. She hadn't been home the last couple of days due to her schedule and hadn't been around to visit yet. She learned from her mother that the Khuranas had extended their friendly hand towards them.

"By the way I wanted to ask..." Kartik started.

"I'm just here for a quick visit, I've just returned from a long flight and want to get home as soon as possible" Geet cut in, "Any questions, here's my card" she pulled out her card and handed it to him offering a small smile. She assumed it was for work reasons he had questions about.

She then turned to face Adhira and took her aside, "I'll send out David to have a look for me, do a breakdown of the costs and let Mr and Mrs Desai know about it. Don't do any work unless they've agreed to the new costs because getting this nursery done it's going to be more than what they've agreed on" she then spared a glance between the grandson and grandfather offering a small smile as she walked past them and out the door.


"You just missed her bhai" Kartik looked over his shoulder as Rudra and Maan walked into the nursery. Adhira had stepped outside to make some calls.

"Who?" Maan looked at his brother confused.

"Geet" Kartik grinned. "She was here, and damn she is hot" he murmured.

"Kartik" Gaurav arched his brows.

"Dadaji, she's beautiful. She looks pretty in her uniform" Kartik responded.

"It's a good thing your mother isn't here, she would've torn off your ear" Gaurav chuckled.

"How about I do it for bahu?" Dadima quizzed as she pinched Kartik's earlobe.  

"OWWW" Kartik pulled away hissing and rubbing his earlobe.

"How'd you know Geet?" Rudra looked interested.

"I thought you're hosting a barbecue" Maan responded changing the subject.

"Yeah, Aanya is just getting out the marinated steaks we've got. Dadaji, Dadima, why don't we step outside onto the garden" Rudra suggested. "We got our garden done, the team just finished it last week" he exclaimed and showed off his new garden.

"It's beautiful" Gaurav nodded his approval. "They've done a great job".

"Right, go on over there" Aanya walked out with a tray. "Grill them" she handed the tray to Rudra.

"Yes boss" Rudra laughed and walked to where the barbecue grill was already heating and started grilling vegetables and steaks. "Have you asked Adhira to join us?" he called over.

"Yes, she's said no and said she's heading off as her working hours have come to an end" Aanya answered as she handed out soft drinks. "I think your brother's here" she looked at Rudra.

"I'll go bring them around" he excused himself and went to greet his brother.




"Tessi Wessi" Geet lifted her high up making her niece squeal in excitement. "Who's my good girl?" she tickled her niece making her laugh even harder.

"Gigi! Gigi my turn" Nick tugged on Geet's leg. "My turn"

"Yes, yes" Geet laughed and passed Theresa back to Tara, Theresa pouted her lips when Tara had simply planted her daughter on her hips then looked back to Geet and held her arms out and wailed. Geet looked between her niece and nephew almost confused.

"Hey baba" Sean lifted Nick from behind making him laugh. Geet smiled and took Theresa into her arms swung her up jokingly.

"Who can lift higher?" Sean challenged.

"Yeah whatever" Geet rolled her eyes at her brother in law. "You're taller and I'm in my sandals today" she added.

"Boring" Sean stuck his tongue out.

"Yeah boring Gigi" Nick laughed.

"Oh really?" Geet poked his sides tickling him.

"Gigi no fair" Nick cried out pushing her hands away.

"We should get out the tickle monster and chase him right?" Geet looked at Theresa who just continued to suck on her index and middle finger.

"C'mon you lot, lunch is ready" Marissa called out.

"Give her here, I need to feed her" Tara held out her hands for Theresa who happily jumped now that everyone started heading inside.




"What are you ogling at now?" Savitri looked at her grandson.

"Geet's business card" he replied. "Can I call her now?"

"No, you can't" Savitri shook her head. "She probably assumed you wanted to call her for some work" she rolled her eyes.

"I really want a signed picture of..."

"I don't want to hear it" Savitri frowned.

"But dadima..."

"Kartik, she's a busy woman. She's got two jobs and she doesn't need to be disturbed by a hormonal teenager" she replied.
"Dadima" Kartik gaped.

"I'm surprised dadima knows what hormonal teenager even is" Maan walked into the living room with Gaurav.

"Your brother is the definition bete" she laughed. "Whenever you see him, he's ogling at women on whatever social media sites he's on"

"Instagram dadima" Kartik pointed out. "Why don't we get our outhouse redone? It hasn't been refurbished in a few years and it could do with a touch up?" he suggested.

"Why? Nobody even lives there, I don't know why we just don't sell it?" Maan replied. "I'd buy it off you guys" he offered.

"So you can turn into your own house and live there?" Savitri frowned. "No thank you, you're staying here right with us"

"Dadima, I haven't said that. But having an office over there instead of here would probably be a better idea" Maan responded. "Also, at least we'd be using the outhouse" he added.

Gaurav and Savitri shared a look contemplating over their grandsons' suggestions.


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Nice update..
Continue soon..
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Nice one
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Nyyyccc update...
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Amazing update dear 

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