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Chapter 24


"I can't wait to go home and sit in the bath for a very very long time" Miranda sighed as she walked into the locker room. "I was in the OR with Dr Bailey for 8 hours. My back is killing me" she complained.

"I worked with Dr Jenson and my patient flat lined 3 times" Katie informed. "My patient apparently isn't dying enough times according to his family. He apparently flat lines 3-4 times every few months when he comes to get his kidney checked" she added.

"Anyone up for a drink?" Patrick asked as he walked into the locker room all changed out of his scrubs and back into his jeans and shirt.

"You all can forget going anywhere" Dr Jessica Arrain called out looking around. "We've got a call, passengers from a missing flight are all being brought" she informed.

"Wait, the missing flight? Where the FBI were in?" Eric looked up from his pager.

"Yes, get changed and go onto the roof. We've got a lot of patients coming people" she ordered and turned hurrying to nurse's station.

"Anna, I need you to page Dr Oberoi, Dr Sanderson, Dr Yates, Dr Summers" Jessica stated, "I need them ASAP in the emergency area"

"But Dr Arrain, they're specialists and Dr Oberoi is with his wife and..."

"We've got 100s of people being brought in, I need them all here. Call the chief as well" she added and hurried towards the emergency room.


"Dr Arrain, can I assist you in..." April Jamison followed her.

"You can assist me by finding out patient details, and contacting their next of kin" Jessica cut her off.

"But... a nurse can do that" April frowned. "Dr... it's a teaching hospital"

"Dr Jamison, I know it's a teaching hospital. Right now I'm teaching you, contacting next of kin is very important" Jessica narrowed her eyes and strode off without another word.

"Damn you Hitler" April murmured and turned and walked off in the opposite direction.


Slipping on her gloves and being helped into her surgical apron, Jessica noticed the flood of patients being brought in by paramedics.

"Dr Arrain" Kiara yelled as she pushed a client into trauma room 2.

"What have we got?" Jessica asked as she joined Kiara.

"She's unconscious, pregnant. She has a wound at the back of her nape, a medically trained ex-army officer had tended to her" Kiara informed.

"Get me Dr Peters, I need him to check on the baby. We need the baby and mother alive people" Jessica called out to her staff who were assisting.


"My husband, where's my husband?" Adele O'Brian cried as she looked around. "He... He wasn't... he wasn't breathing on the way here. He was hit and..."

"Mrs O'Brian, we will find your husband but you need to let me check your wound" Alexa responded gently, she didn't want to upset the patient even more when she informed her that Mr O'Brian had died on the way to the hospital.

"You need to be okay to see Mr O'Brian right?" Alexa responded. Adele nodded and allowed Alexa to check her over.


Geet looked around herself, doctors, nurses rushed around as they attended to patients. She was hungry and exhausted. She had tended to the passengers as best as she could, after she had cleaned Maan's wound and cut out the infected skin she had bandaged it and checked on the wound every half an hour not wanting another infection.

It was after another 18 hours, helicopters had finally took notice of the smoke and the fire that had been made by the federal agents. Helicopter after helicopter arrived to take the passengers, a large jet was dispatched to pick up the dead passengers.

Geet turned as someone approached her,

"Hi, I'm Dr Jamison. Can I get your name and a contact number so I can call your next of kin so..."

"Is there a phone I can use? I'd like to call them" Geet interrupted. 

"Uh, yes sure. If you go to the nurse's station, they'll let you use the phone" April informed.

Geet nodded and walked down following the directions April gave her and asked the nurse there whether she can make a phone call.

The nurse pointed her to the phone, Geet dialled her mother's number and waited.


"What are you saying?" Suneel looked at the manager.

"Mr Shergill, all the passengers and staff who had been found were taken to the nearest hospital. We're not sure how many of our staff members are still..."

"Don't Greg, I don't want to hear it" Suneel shook his head. "I want to know the location, I'm going to fly out"

"We're making arrangements for the family members to get there free of charge" Greg assured.

"Suneel... what is happening?" Marissa touched her husband's arm concerned. They had been waiting here since the day they learned that their daughter was missing. They couldn't just leave.

Marissa had barely eaten, she had to coerced by Suneel to eat enough so she didn't make herself ill.

"I want my baby girl back" she murmured burrowing her face in her husband's shoulder. "I... I can't lose her..."

"She's probably..." Suneel paused, Marissa pulled back as she pulled her ringing phone out.

"Hello" Marissa swiped the tears from her cheek.

"Mum..." Geet breathed out in relief having heard her mother's voice.

"Geet" Marissa cried out. "Oh... baby girl. Geet are you okay?"

"Yeah, we've... we've all been brought to the hospital" Geet assured. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Oh my baby girl. I have been worried sick. We're on our way Geet. We're coming over there, okay"

"Maybe its best if you don't come" Geet responded.

"What? No, we're coming" Marissa countered.

"What is she saying?" Suneel asked taking the phone.

"She's saying maybe we shouldn't go" Marissa cried out.

"Hang on honey, let me speak to her" Suneel rubbed his wife's back and spoke to Geet.

"Hey baby"

"Hi..." Geet smiled. "I missed you all so much" she murmured leaning against the wall.

"Are you okay baby?" Suneel questioned sounding concerned.

"Compared to everyone else, yes" Geet sighed.

"Why don't you want us there?" Suneel asked.

"Because I don't want you guys to see what I'm seeing" Geet whispered. She has seen the passengers she'd come to know a little more personally break down after they had learned some of their loved ones were critical and some had even died.

"This could've been any one, it could have been me... I don't want you guys to see all this".

"We're going to be fine, you're still here" Suneel responded. "We're your parents baby girl, you shouldn't protect us from anything. We're your protectors" he added.

"Mmhmm" she hummed softly.

Suneel smiled, "We're going to be there for you" he stated.

"Okay" she answered.

Suneel smiled at his wife and nodded his head silently reassuring her that she will be able to see her daughter soon enough. His eyes were drawn to Gaurav Khurana and his family looking slightly distressed, they hadn't heard anything else other than what Greg had told everyone.

"Baby girl, there... was another passenger there, you remember Maan?"

Gaurav looked surprised at Suneel who'd smiled politely.

"He's being looked over" Geet answered. "Why?"

"His family are here with us"

"Oh, he was slightly injured and had a wound on his leg" Geet explained. "He was stable once we'd looked it over and now he is being looked over by the professionals" she added.

"Okay, that's good news" Suneel replied. "Have you eaten anything?"

"No, I just... I'm going to see if I can get changed and get something to eat" Geet said her goodbyes to Suneel and Marissa then cut the call.

"Is Maan..." Gaurav started.

"He's alive and being looked over by the doctors" Suneel informed. "Our kids are okay uncle" he assured, he noticed how Gaurav held his breath and the sigh of relief that had escaped his lips when he stated Maan was doing okay.

"I'm going to check with Greg as to when we can leave" Suneel excused himself.

Marissa turned and walked over to chair and settled down, Gaurav hadn't missed the distance that Marissa kept from his family. He walked over and sat down on the chair besides her.

"I'm sorry Mrs Shergill" Gaurav apologised.

"For what?" Marissa turned to him.

"We said no to your daughter and that hurt you" Gaurav responded.

Marissa cleared her throat, "If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?" she asked.

He nodded.

"Was it her age, her unmarried status at 31 or her job?"

Gaurav didn't have an answer, he was embarrassed and felt a little guilty.

"My daughter is always rejected for those 3 reasons" Marissa informed, "Nobody looks at her success, they don't see her for the person she is, she isn't considered a good enough woman to be someone's partner because of these 3 reasons"

"It wasn't her, Geet is a very wonderful girl. It was us elders, dear" Gaurav answered feeling ashamed. "We judged her without even knowing her, the fault isn't hers. It's in us"

"Geet had seen the look on your faces and said no, she understood the minute she stated her job" Marissa confessed. "Maan isn't who we rejected. He fought for the country, he was selfless and the scars were a sign of his selflessness"

"After we overcome this, I would like it if we could maintain relationship of friendship if not relatives?" Gaurav stared at Marissa looking for a sign.

She smiled and nodded. "We'd like that, Suneel doesn't have enough males in his life".

"Yes, I can see that" Gaurav laughed. "He's lucky to be surrounded by women"

Hope you've enjoyed this update. 

I am hoping to post another 3 updates before 2018 comes... 


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Sigh of relief that they have been rescued and being looked after. Both families have gone through tough time. It gave them some time to interact with each other. They behaved sensibly. Like their positive approach. Hope things get better soon. Looking forward to seeing both families interacting as friends.
Posted: 2 years ago
Relief after long time nice update
Posted: 2 years ago
great part
both family now thinking positive their outlook changed they now seeing and judging perfectly
Posted: 2 years ago
Relieved to know that at last they are taken care of
Now as the elders might become friends
Both might get chance to meet each other
This accident may be the turning point in the future
Waiting for the next
Posted: 2 years ago
Iam so glad that they found them!!! Finally both family's can take a breath as now they know where both their children are...
Geet has proved that she strong and can handle every situation. .
Suneel realised gauravs anxiety so checked with geet about maan...
Loved the way gaurav khurana approached marissa and hiw sincere he was about why they rejected Geet. .
I have a feeling that most of the mu between family's are solved!!!!
Posted: 2 years ago
Now now... What can I say about the ideas I am getting after this chapter!! 
Specially the comment about getting faster updates due to her job and geet coming to know that he wasn't the one to reject her, 
But then this has never gone as per my expectations, or hast it? I don't really remember actually!
Maybe sometimes.

Now I'd be rushing on next update and rant more after reading that...Big smile
Posted: 2 years ago
Nice ud
All were in hospital and injured getting treatment
Geet called hr mom and they asked about maan from hr she told them he is getting treated 

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