See you on another wave -2 - Page 94

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Posted: 4 years ago
Dee Erica Fernandez and Shaheer sheik. 
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Vani ...only that SM is a terrible actor.

Agree...just a pretty face I guess ?!

Vikas' choice of the KRPK couple might work too.
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Dee Erica Fernandez and Shaheer sheik. 
Shaheer seems good but Erica for a Konkan beauty...not so apt. she is too shrill as an actress.
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha see how restless the fandom becomes. Waiting waiting
Posted: 4 years ago
Bits & Bytes

"In my mind I am a Ph D" she giggled

He was not smiling, the look in his eyes caused her insides to bolt

"Trish" he ordered barely audibly

She gripped the smooth steel refrigerator door, her warm soft cheeks glowing with luscious color

"Ashwinn... your mother is at home" she whimpered... "I want to be a room mate"

He bend down and kissed her all over her neck, her body swaying in passion, eagerly inching towards him

"Touch me" he ordered cupping her neck, looking at her with smoky eyes

She reached and felt his chin

"That's 4 feet off!!" he growled

She felt her body slowly dissolve as she realized what he wanted touched

"I am going to have to teach you" he said smugly

"I am the expert at chemical reactions" she claimed

He plundered her cheek and neck as he felt the back of her head slowly, his finger tips rubbing her scalp sending 
the most intense sensations coursing through her entire system, she shuddered audibly, one after the other, he began to consume her completely in tiny erotic bits

He paused letting her catch her breath

And then kissed her fully...

And combined it with the scalp massage

She fell weakly on him

"Want me to hold you?" he offered softly

She nodded weakly, he picked her up swiftly

They heard footsteps so he let her slide down

Taking her glasses with him as she watched in shock, rubbing her almost blind eyes

"Ashwinnn" "My glasses" she shrieked

Mandira appeared exhausted... "Ashvin... what do u do to back up pictures in ICloud?" she asked

"Umm.." he composed himself, tucking her glasses in his pocket

"You dont wear contacts when we go out, now you did?" Mandira quizzed Trisha

"I never wore.. your son took my glasses" she said bluntly

Mandira was not expecting that answer

Ashvin burst out laughing...

"Umm..." Mandira squirmed unknowingly dragged into a intimate duel

Trisha stood pasted to the frig door

Ashvin took his mother's ipad and started  figuring stuff out

"Did u say "OK" when it asked you for additional cloud space?" he asked

Mandira was making herself some herbal tea

Trisha was stacking the empty greasy food containers.. to dispose off

"If I knew that I wudnt ask you. Do you use iCloud?" Mandira made small talk

"Umm.. no.. I dont think so may be the University does, I dont have that much photographs only" she said smiling

"Finally!!" Ashvin declared joyously

Trisha looked at him confused

"My Mom would take a picture a second... if we will let her" he grinned

"I have an active social life" Mandira was hurt

"So let her.. no?" Trisha said calmly

"thank u" Mandira nodded carelessly without realizing her DIL had accidentally defended her

"Do u want to know how many petabytes of storage she has?" Ashvin challenged

"what is  petabyte" she asked

"exactly!" Mandira used the girl's innocence to make her case

Trisha walked up to him

"My glasses?" she asked

"Later" he said
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by moonwearer

Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Dee Erica Fernandez and Shaheer sheik. 
Shaheer seems good but Erica for a Konkan beauty...not so apt. she is too shrill as an actress.

So Shaheer, Nandita Das ( types !! ), Lilette Dubey, Naseeruddin Shah ( as Father Shanbag maybe ) and find a good guy for Dadu too
Posted: 4 years ago
"I am the expert at chemical reactions" she claimed
And boy oh boy !! Does she prove it right or what ??!!

This Mandira lady needs to get a life ! Why does her Icloud bytes score over the young couple's romance Confused. She perhaps was a haddi in her previous janam and is completing the unfinished bits in this one !

Loved the authoritative 'my glasses' demand and the equally balanced 'later' Embarrassed The promise of more soon !

We will not be happy with a later from you Nisha. Please indulge with one more !!
Rightaway...Pleej !! LOLLOL
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

Originally posted by modernfamily

Originally posted by VeeIyer

So many little scenarios to think of and smile...In your mind Embarrassed
Mandira fluttering like an open book, smoldering in the backseat and the fumes floating to the front, being cut off mid sentence by Ashvin when she wants to take control of managing their affairs ...GREAT writing Nisha...the images just float in front of my eyes. I just need to put a real face to Mandira to enjoy it better LOLLOL

I hope you would be able to indulge us with the Dadu lunch update too as the wait is rather long. The dinner ended quite peacefully, with no drama, hence the request.

Lovely to see the young couple make progress in regular banter, eye locks and AshWin taking charge of Trisha's incomplete sentences ..."sentence finisher" !! Big smileBig smile

I once suggested Lillete Dubey.

Sudhi...that's a good choice...she will fit the bill perfectly
For Dadu I think Naseeruddin Shah ...
For Trisha what about someone dusky and not with the traditional good looks..Nandita Das types ???
And Siddharth Malhotra can do as Ashvin...what says ?? he would look good in rimless glasses Big smile

Siddharth malhotra for ashwin is great. 
I wad thinking of a chubbier dadu. Someone like rishi kapoor, maybe.
Trisha I don't know. You decide. I actually googled pictures of mangalorean beauties one day. I didn't know isha kopikar is one. 

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