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Posted: 4 years ago
Eagerly waiting for the next update. Trisha is visiting Dadu's place with hubby and MILDay Dreaming
According to Mandira Trisha meeting Mr.Sharanbir the first time.
Dadu likes Trisha seeing this Mandira will definitely be in a shock.
How will Ashvin feel that his Dadu adores Trisha will he be happy, mad or jealous?

Posted: 4 years ago
The husband finds his wife teadable and doesn't miss an opportunity to ruffle her. He wants her in the front seat, to ride up the elevator and subtly slips in that not only did he speak to Leela, but Trisha as well with the medical store tease.
Mama Narang is warming up trying to question how they plan to move there has to be a formal occasion to acknowledge them as man and wife.
Ashvin had earned his wife playfully not to seduce MJ, and now refers to the cat and reminds her the husband is not a great lover of cats.
He had categorically stated they were more than friends in Ullal. And now at every instance keeps referring to her as wife and it not about him but THEM...THEY will decide .THEIR life...
A lovely update. 
The image of a fluttering book left under a fan that is true to its form and flutters. And a sentence finisher who carefully listens to every word his wife speaks and a wife that speaks only in the company of those she knows and who admits that language is a big barrier to her communication 

Ye Dil mange more
Posted: 4 years ago
Dee I guess Mandira explicitly doesn't dislike Trisha or something, she is just not sure about Ashvin kind off. 
Well she tries to influence his decisions since like forever. 
Ashvin have a bad past with series of bad decisions like ten years ago and from then on she is trying to influence his decisions so that he won't do any. She likes Trisha in more ways but in her mind it is etched that Ashvin alone always makes bad decisions always always so according to her she is trying to help him make better decision than his bad ones. 

Well she is lost in that circuit but according to her she is helping Ashvin. 

Lot like if one of friend ever crashed his bike we will hardly give him bike repeating how he crashed his bike even after like years. 

What happened with Ashvin ten years back made Mandira overly protective super overly and now she tries to make his decisions good (well her perspective, his perspective is wrong). 
Posted: 4 years ago
Vikas i think she does it to Leela as well.
Dadu once asked Trisha if her Mother in law had started directing her what to do and what not. maybe that's how she operated with her husband too ...some of us are controlling by nature and it manifests in all our interactions.
Posted: 4 years ago
I guess Leela didn't get that much attention. 
But for Ashvin she takes special care even if Ashvin forgot it she will remember. 
Posted: 4 years ago
We fret and worry over the runt. We stand by the underdog. The fiasco at Ullal had far reaching effects and every set back compounded the issue.  The anchoring father figure who could have put things in perspective for a young man was also lost. she had tried her best but actually not helped the recovery of Ashwin.
Imagine a mom telling her grown up son you are not in love.. 
You need to listen smile and if asked give a perspective. 
Why does Leela blame Ashvin for the restrictions on her Manav interaction?
Is mama Narang training her guns projecting Ashvin just as she uses Dadu in the case of Ashvin?
To me she seems a bit confused after the mess the boys had landed in. She looks at his guilt as a big slowly swollowing Ashvin.
She needs to let him be.
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by modernfamily

Originally posted by VeeIyer

So many little scenarios to think of and smile...In your mind Embarrassed
Mandira fluttering like an open book, smoldering in the backseat and the fumes floating to the front, being cut off mid sentence by Ashvin when she wants to take control of managing their affairs ...GREAT writing Nisha...the images just float in front of my eyes. I just need to put a real face to Mandira to enjoy it better LOLLOL

I hope you would be able to indulge us with the Dadu lunch update too as the wait is rather long. The dinner ended quite peacefully, with no drama, hence the request.

Lovely to see the young couple make progress in regular banter, eye locks and AshWin taking charge of Trisha's incomplete sentences ..."sentence finisher" !! Big smileBig smile

I once suggested Lillete Dubey.

Sudhi...that's a good choice...she will fit the bill perfectly
For Dadu I think Naseeruddin Shah ...
For Trisha what about someone dusky and not with the traditional good looks..Nandita Das types ???
And Siddharth Malhotra can do as Ashvin...what says ?? he would look good in rimless glasses Big smile
Posted: 4 years ago
Vani ...only that SM is a terrible actor.

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