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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by sonalgupta2004

Originally posted by SAKIVIAM

Was Ashvin's education ever mentioned.

That incident happened when he was 19-20 ,he might be pursuing his graduation then, how would that incident have affected him.
Where did Ashvin study did he get to finish his education or he had to drop because of that incident.

Good question!!
Wait for an reply

I was thinking like, few scenarios on this. He was is some reputed college and once that case was filled against him he got TC and no admisson and family didn't try to help him. 

Or he got admission in one of top colleges abroad and was celebrating with friends and with that incident he couldn't go to college and no help. 

Ashvin is smart and he is not getting recognition in their company and was given one of lowest firms for him to handle which others don't even consider important. 

But yet Ashvin is working their only from years ,why did he choose that. 

Ashvin could have gone to some other job or started his own business. Their is some point about being recognised by family but is it alone holding him. 

Also it was mentioned Ashvin was good in many kinds of sports was he just good or he was pro at something which he could not pursue once his name came in an FIR. 

Devil's workshop 
Posted: 4 years ago
Ashvin never asked Trisha about her brother. Does he know that Sanchet's name was also on FIR and he ran away on that night? 
Dadu also doesn't know about this I think. Mr. Shanbag and his family too are in pain from last decade. One reckless act has changed so many lives Unhappy
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Posted: 4 years ago
Golden sands and casuarina groves
Salt laden winds and the ebb and flow of the wave
Were witness to the happenings that night
A night that twisted the course of several lives
Curious teens impelled by company and false courage ,
Teased and troubled a new bride
The distraught lass cried for help 
Prakash Shanbag did what he deemed right
A slap across the face of his first born
A FIR listing the others
His perception of city lads
The ways of the affluent
Had simmered and singed him
A lad has been interred in a grave
A life sentence it became for several others
Anger and resentment and the humility endured
Had prompted him to crave revenge
Another twist in their tale was scripted
Instead of hate for each other , 
Their hearts were suffused with love
The two in time realised that their life was meant with the other

Posted: 4 years ago
Last lines were just too perfect Sree
Posted: 4 years ago
Good morning and evening everyone
Will be busy this morning as having a havan and puja at home
Will come to read the update when possible... sabki nazaron se bachke
Posted: 4 years ago
Bigger and deeper

"How can I trust you and send my daughter?" Prakash asked haltingly in English

Ashvin opened his mouth or attempted to

"A man that plots an event in his mind for 10 years and carries it through stealthily. How can I ever trust such a man to keep my child safe?" Prakash whimpered

Trisha sobbed

Slowly, haltingly she translated that sentence for Ashvin

"You may not know, Vijaya is dead now, Sanchet is gone, Paresh doesnt come much. And here you are promising a pie in the sky for Trishu"

Trisha translated that looking at Ashvin directly

He cringed

"I worry for her safety. I am not even thinking about the love and happiness portion of your request. She will never get both. I just want her safe. I cannot willingly send her with you. A man who has the capability to plot such cruel deeds"

Prakash slowly staggered to the chef's stool in the corner.

"I called the cops because the young man's wife was afraid of what you all did. 
This is a small town. Honor and respect are everything. If my daughter was a waiter's wife and her hand was grabbed like that, I would hope the son in law's employer would help to protect her"

Ashvin cringed, as Trisha translated that complex troubling thought

"I will never hurt Trisha" he looked at Prakash but spoke in English

"I have heard that so many times son.." Prakash checked himself in shock, at the use of the word "son"

Prakash opened the back door and let himself out in the twilight

Ashvin was not in the mood to leave, Rao Anna came back and asked him politely if he would have coffee

"He only likes chai" Trisha said quietly finishing up her chopping

The OPEN sign was turned on a steady stream of diners flowed in

Ashvin drank his chai and waited for Prakash to return, Manjunath was the host, and the other waiters bussed the food in and out

Prakash returned around 9

Ashvin watched in astonishment as she worked quietly taking orders and instructions, screwing up quite a bit, causing spills, hurting herself as she touched hot plates, or reacting to spills
She didnt look at him, to him it felt like her father's words were taking effect
He could not imagine working or being in the kitchen day after day

The strong food odor, the sounds of stir frying the loud barking in konkani were all alien to him

The songs playing in the dining area loud with rhythmic beats too noisy and cacophonic for him.

Prakash was visibly surprised to see him, also surprised to see his daughter working away without looking at the young man

He was confused over what the young man wanted at this point

Trisha brought him water
She explained what was the most popular thing on the menu to him

Her father pointed to Ashvin and said something

She walked over to her sweaty, grimy hottie and asked him

"You want to eat?" she asked

"Will you eat with me?" he demanded

She blushed gloriously

"I eat at home only, we put in tiffin carrier and walk home" she explained

"I can drive you home" he insisted

"And eat from tiffin carrier?" she asked her lip twitching for the first time ever that evening

"I could" he said with child like eagerness

She lowered her gaze self consciously

"Aanu is sad" she defended her father's mood

He nodded

"You can eat and go" she said


She turned to peek if her father had heard the "Trish"

"I am happy you are OK now."

Manjunath brought a giant steel plate with sunken partitions with a lil of everything made that evening

He took the plate politely

She didnt know if he liked sea food and or coconut or the hodge podge of "Asian" and "Punjabi" mixture in the flavoring

Prakash didnt talk to him anymore that evening.

Mandira called Ashvin around 10 wondering where he was

When he said "Ullal" she flipped

He ate and left for the night, as he let himself out through the backdoor talking to his Mom he looked at Trisha 

Father & daughter wound up for the night, packed everything in the tiffin carrier after Rao Anna and the new guy ate

They walked along the beach, the crowd was thinning, the sand squishy and crunchy

"Walk on the side of the shore" her father switched places with her going over to the sea side

"I am a big girl now. I can dodge the waves" she smiled softly

"In my mind you will always be that little girl that was afraid of the roaring wave" he smiled softly

They walked quietly as cotton candy vendors and balloon vendors nodded and waved at him
Most faces were familiar to the locals

The peanut vendor lowered the lantern's brightness, to save fuel, she bend down and picked up a sparkly bright shell before the vendor walked away darkening their path

"Anna, ko shem aasa?" (how are you?) he asked

Prakash walked slowly, his feet sinking more into the wet sand, she showed him what she picked up, Prakash patted her head fondly

"We will soon have to move out of the house and keep all your shells in it" he laughed

She realized she had left some at Ashvin's too

"We should take the road side from tomorrow at night" she mumbled

"We are hungry, if we eat then we can even run in the sand" he promised

they walked quietly, the wet briny breeze kissing her glowing cheeks

Fishing boats' distant lights twinkled and bobbed against the night sky.

"Do you love that boy?" he asked as loud gurgling frothy wave hit his feet, drenching his legs as high up as his knees

She nodded instantly, hiding her tears behind the ocean spray.
What Trisha was feeling for this boy was bigger and deeper than what he had assumed... much like the ocean

Posted: 4 years ago
Ohh, what will father do now?
Mandira Narang you better not ill treat Trisha for your sons doing.
Ashwin you have lot on you plate to handle and prove. That's is when everything else goes your way and Trisha is coming back to Bangalore with you.
Thank you Nisha.
Posted: 4 years ago
Dear Mr Prakash Shanbag  
your Trishu loves the boy and has admitted to him much before he walked through your back door and offered to protect her as he loves her deeply. You have lost your wife and son and are wary of losing your Trishu. She has lost it all and is torn between the love for the two of you.
She deserves happiness and protection and love and care respect and compassion.
The Narang men will accord her that. They love, care and respect her for who she is.
Please act on the revelation you have had. The confessions you have heard.
Ashvin and Trisha need a second chance. An attempt to create their happiness together.
Best regards
Nishas fandom
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