See you on another wave -2 - Page 28

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Posted: 4 years ago
This meeting was as if ashwin was waiting for everything to get clear for trisha...
Posted: 4 years ago
How did that friend died?
Posted: 4 years ago
Finally! The Prince is here. It feels like it's been months
Posted: 4 years ago
Yay! Our hero n heroine meet again but sadly in a hurtful situation. Pl Nisha don't retire for a day yet. Ek aur update de do na. It wld be torcherous to wait for 24 hrs b4 u gv us d update on the meeting.
Posted: 4 years ago
And now i am sobbing with anticipation. How will he fix the broken heart. What a mess. 
Posted: 4 years ago
Too little too late CryCryCry
How apt these four words seem !!!
too late by ten years to redeem a situation...too late as the poison seeped into his system clouding his decision to avenge a slight...too late for an innocent girl who unwittingly is in the thick of things...too late for a father whose son ran away on being slapped...

But unless the abscess is lanced and the poison let out, how can the situation heal. Trisha has every right to rant and throw every possible accusation at Ashvin as he is guilty as charged. But I don't see her going off the deep end at all.

Both the protagonists are two gentle souls whom destiny has brought together in a tryst most unexpected and unanticipated . It is now in the author's hands to pen a conclusion to bring the story a full circle, as this is the moment we have been waiting for !!
Posted: 4 years ago
"What happened 10 years ago is my act of recklessness, please dont try to hijack it from me"
"You will not meet her to blunt the effect of my wrong doing. You will not make excuses on my behalf. You will not try to defend me" Ashvin was cold and firm""

This owning up of his wrongdoing and His clean apology to his wife realizing his yet another act of recklessness in ten years after that... ooohhh!!
Perhaps Too little, Perhaps Too late , Perhaps a little wrong in his admonition of his grandfather but nevertheless A MOMENT OF REALITY, where this guy after a solitary passage has transformed from being a boy to a man by doing the next honorable thing.

He hasn't got his redemption yet and Perhaps he will follow it with more acts of recklessness in making it right to his wife but by driving to Ullal straight over after his tete a tete with his Dadu and apologizing to his wife, he is confronting his demons in the demons den.

For all his deceit, he's a little too Honest , a little too Honorable. Ashvin Narang is one heck of a guy.
Posted: 4 years ago
Prakash shanbag is too hard on himself, the man who knows only one way to live is tormenting himself saying he hasn't done something right . He even let sharanbir Narang of His daughter's relationship with Jayadev straight. Sanchet did not run away because of one slap , he ran away because he was booked.

His apology to his daughter for the only way he knows to live was gutting.

Dadu Narang did not delay in letting his grandson know of his trips to Ullal. The old man knew that there was no more time to be lost.

Both these old men are waiting for Gods to be kind to them and let their children be happy.

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