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Posted: 4 years ago
And now it's also clear that what dadu did then was only to put a lagam to an uncivilised and uncaring teen...
And due to his indiference and strictness only Ashwin is what he is now
Posted: 4 years ago
Hmmm...the seniors have finally met and acknowledged each other. A very cordial meeting considering the circumstances.
Father Shanbag sings the same tune as his daughter. What is done is done... let us cut our losses and move on. Both with the incident from the past and the marriage his daughter has unwittingly got into.

Dadu seems to be made of tougher stuff. he is unwilling to let go as he has seen the Trisha his Ashvin has fallen in love with and though his grandson has not made any overtures yet, he is keeping the fire stoked up for him...Trisha is not going to be able to put this behind her with Dadu making regular starfish tips !!!

Speaking of starfish, I sense these two are connected to this innocuous sea creature in more than one way. Starfish have the ability to regrow and regenerate arms that have been maimed or cut off. In a sense both are trying to cut each other off their lives, and carry on as though nothing happened. They can grow four extra arms for all I care but they are now intrinsically a part of each other..

The status quo continues and  the Sunday stretches ahead looking for best flight rates for Ashvin to reach Ullal Big smileBig smile

One quick is not very clear what role Trisha played in the conversation. Was she aware of what was shared ?
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Posted: 4 years ago
Peace be with all is what Dadu Narang is hoping for. Peace for me and my daughter is what Aanu wishes.
Aanu  is unwilling to face the reality that the reason his daughter has lost her spirit is that she has been unable to forget Ashvin. That he is in the same state longing to atleast hear her voice we the readers have been told.
Ashwin has behaved very genuinely in his atonement stayed off spirits though it would have been easy to fall deeper into substance to recover from the memory of the horrid night.
There are several people interested in Trisha and sooner or later Aanu will have to let her become someone's. He has to understand that.
Jayadev with a wad of notes to lay on the table thinks he was the best option and now Trisha has a miserable future with the old man.
The old man adores her as if she were his own. He has been very caring affectionate and respectful in trying to understand her and is appreciative of her  poise.  for the way she has managed herself in game between grandfather and grandson.
Dadu understands people and the intent behind their actions. He reads meaning into silences and responses carefully and quickly worded.
Trisha should get to know the truth...decide for herself the stance she takes.
Interesting point about peace. Waiting for the claimant to appear on the scene.
Posted: 4 years ago
In the update where Dadu Narang compliments for the way  Trisha has been raised, it appeared as though Trisha had to translate some parts of the conversation. How were the two men able to have such a lengthy conversation without difficulty?
Was it that sentence alone that requires further elaboration?
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha when is the next edition up for release? Several of us with pre booked seats are eagerly awaiting the claimant as you can see.
Posted: 4 years ago
Too little too late

She sobbed  as her father's words replayed in her mind, as she walked along the shores the next morning at 11 AM. Aanu was at the restaurant...

It was raining moderately, the winds lashed and spiky jets stung her cheeks, as she tried to walk briskly

Prakash had after a lot of deliberation and thought, and staying up all night, told her in the morning when they chatted by the mandap
She had brought in the coral jasmine from outside, he was making his wick and rubbing the sandal log on the stone surface

Trisha would never forget this morning the rest of her life
Just like he always was, he displayed tremendous character and maturity and did not insult or blame Ashvin entirely though he could have
His words replayed in her mind

"Sanchet running away is not any of the boys' fault, if I was a good father, one slap could not have ended that relationship
If those 7 boys were bad, so was Sanchet
His greed has destoyed our family. Your mother passed away pining for her first born
This boy has not injured you... but... he may have hurt you.
No other boy in that group held their anger this way... if they had and had all plotted something like this I dont know what I could have done.
He has not physically harmed you (tears flowing freely) (swallowing with difficulty)
"I have not been a good parent in two cases, Sanchet and yours...
I will tell Paresh what all has happened in the last two months.

Trisha had broken down and cried at that point

"His grandfather said I did the right thing in calling the cops. But those are too little too late words, the damage has been done"

Placing a kind hand on her head

"I am stunned you went into this without asking questions. The restaurant is like a... umm... I dont know if there is any comparison with you even.
You are way more precious. How did this all happen to our family Trishu?"

She had been crushing a flower between her fingers through all this, it had turned into a pale orange pulp, mixing with her tears

"You asked me last night what I was saying to the old man. He is not my friend... I was saying, he should let go. I was telling him his grandson married with a purpose... a purpose other than love so he should not be paying any importance to
sewing this fabric back again" "I never want you to put your life in danger like this"

Trisha had never been threatened by Ashvin's presence or his actions. Her Aanu's words felt like a red hot spear twisting inside her gut

it was hurtful and blunt

Trisha spent the next hour walking in rain cursing herself asking why she didnt ask him why he married her or tried to dig more or ask any question
Why she assumed it was a harmless purpose

Why she believed he would not hurt her

Too many questions too late...


"Its not your place to intervene. You have no business going there. What happened 10 years ago is my act of recklessness, please dont try to hijack it from me"

"I did not tell her anything" Sharanbir argued

"I dont trust you. You should mind your own business"

"I know her. I will meet her if I want"

"You will not meet her to blunt the effect of my wrong doing. You will not make excuses on my behalf. You will not try to defend me" Ashvin was cold and firm

Sharanbir lowered his gaze

"I havent given you the right to interfere. Its too little too late."

"Oh I am not intervening I am making it better for her because.."

"Because you can come out as a hero? You can have her following you like a puppy dog?" Ashvin's red hot anger singed Sharan's form

"I dont have to tell you anything"

"Well... then... walk away and let me handle it. I will ask for your help when I need it"

He turned and stomped away

Sharanbir stared at his handsome grandson's departing form

Ashvin got in his car and began to drive...

When he reached Ullal it was past 11 PM
She had just helped Aanu to bed, she bend down to pick up his horlicks tumbler

A car parked outside... and a tall man got down

She didnt have to see his face to know who it was

She dropped the tumbler whimpering audibly clamping her hand on her open mouth

She leaned on the shiny red painted concrete pillar with the green trim, her belly churning into a tight knot, as she heart the gate open

And sobbed "Ooo"

He had driven as fast as he could to tell her himself, hoping he would get there before his grandpa, without realizing someone else in Ullal had already revealed it all

"I am sorry" he said with his head bent

"Why did you do it?" she asked
He had no answer...

Posted: 4 years ago
Don't know where it would end but this confrontation was needed
Posted: 4 years ago
Now ashwin will think that dadu disclosed everything and that was his purpose during ullal visits...Cry
He will feel more n more insecure about his reln with sharanbir...nothing does he know about how dadu was trying to hold trisha close to narangs...

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