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Posted: 6 years ago
good bye, MAM,seriously never felt so unhappy when any fav serial got end,this serial was always on top of heart after shanti,s character change,get better and better after that.its I think the only serial which gave importance to all characters and all couples plus its comical acts,made it more entertaining to me,unlike other typical serial which just base on lead couple whole year,may be that's the reason MAM was always average on trp chart.and other part it kept all its characters till the end except riya and portraying actor also,its quite impressing.really miss the whole team of mam.liked for bringing golu singh type character before ending,really loved him,the actor protrayed the character gracefully.loved amit when he cared for namita,s good and saved golu,whatever at the end they showed good cousin bond,also pretty and pari connection.bcz during starting their cousin bond was quite evil.good to see MAM ending at good note,but will miss it fore sure😭 Edited by darkknight420 - 6 years ago


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Posted: 6 years ago
Miss you Raghav, Kusia and Shantiya... good bye MAM 😭
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Posted: 6 years ago
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Posted: 6 years ago
This is the only show I watched on star plus, I am upset they have shut it down :(  they are shoving crappy shows like ipkknmd, Tu Suraj mein,yrkkh etc down our throats, and not giving a chance to realistic, comical and relatable show like mam is really sad..I know the serial dragged a little in between but it was entertaining most of the times...they had so many sub plots which they could have explored...but NO... so much for nayi Soch...if they had promoted the show properly and given prime time it'd definitely be a trp topper...I will miss all the characters especially Shanthi Devi, kushiya and Sarla who quit a while ago...here's seriously hoping for a season 2 !