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A very Happy Birthday to my hopeless FK pankhi. I hope your special day marks a beginning of another awesome year!! Heart
Keep your creative juices flowing and give us many more stories to love and characters to swoon over. Wink

So like every year, on your request I'm here with my fifth piece of writing on your Zaroon-Abeer and third as your birthday gift. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Heart


"I hope you enjoy your stay with us, Mr. Zaroon!" The middle aged man suited up in crisp black and white formals behind the reception desk spoke up while Zaroon scribbled some information left in the registration form.
"I really intend to Mr. Jason." Zaroon replied with a smile that reached his chocolate orbs and they twinkled.
"Your luggage will be taken care of by our chauffeurs." Jason informed him, handing over the keys to Zaroon.
"Thank you so much." Zaroon took the keys with a smile and pocketed them before turning around. He took in a deep breath, taking in the scent of wildflower aroma lamps hanging around.
Looking around the lobby full of people, he spotted his wife without much difficulty in a corner watching a life size waterfall fountain that hotel boasted of. Water tumbled down the rocks in thin sheets into the pond like man-made water feature. A variety of plants could seen growing around to give it a natural waterfall like look and they very well succeeded in accomplishing that for the long ornamental grasses and ferns looked just perfect with the rainforest setting. Small pebbles sitting around the stone steps with asymmetrical bushes had a raw, unspoiled beauty.
Snaking his arms around her waist, Zaroon nuzzled into her gorgeous ebony locks, taking in her sultry peach fragrance of shampoo before placing a deep kiss on the back of her neck.
"DADDYYY!!!" A united squeal made Zaroon shot open his eyes, both shocked and surprised. Are they here or I'm just missing them way too much? Zaroon wondered when an i-Pad in Abeer's hands caught his eye and surely enough there they were. 
His babies! Cupcake and Oreo as he loved to call them! Aaina Zaroon, their 6 year old daughter who was a perfect mix of best of her parents. Blessed with eyes as deep and mesmerizing as Zaroon's chocolate orbs, she had inherited her mother's beautiful complexion and breathtaking smile. When little Zaroon's reflection could be seen in her mischiefs, the maturity she showed for her little age was undoubtedly Abeer's streak. 
While Aazan Zaroon, their 4 year old second born was rather a bit of almost everyone in their family. With eyes as black and mystical as Sara, he had his Grandma, Gazala's flawless milky complexion. But, when it came to habits, he's a complete replica of his Grandpa. Be it be his cute chubby look or fondness of sugar, esp. Abeer's Chocolate delights. She literally has to hide the cookies in top shelves, away from the reach of Grandfather-Grandson duo, for one is diabetic and other, once high on sugar turns into this super energetic maniac who doesn't comes in anyone's control.
"Cupcake? Oreo?" He exclaimed, delighted to see them after long 6 hours of flight. Abeer smacked Zaroon's arm that was still wrapped around her waist. He immediately left her, cutely conscious of their kids. Ever since Aaina's birth, Abeer Zaroon made a point to make sure they don't indulge in something that maybe inappropriate for her innocent mind and they end up embarrassing themselves too. They were very particular about touches and guarded their tongues for being an inquisitive child, Aaina was a pressure cooker of questions, really! It was difficult at start, esp. for Zaroon who being a spoiled husband just couldn't keep his hands off his wife and their little princess Aaina, being an attention seeker, just like her daddy dearest, demanded undivided attention of both her parents without a fail. You try ignoring her and then you'll see what hurricane she would bring. This undoubtedly left them with very little time alone but who complained? Being parents was exhilarating, and Zaroon Abeer wanted to live it to fullest, keeping other needs aside for a while and they did. It was almost magically as to how their life revolved around the little being they created together. A gooey toothless smile of Aaina would be enough to light up their world. When her little arms would be around Zaroon, all his tiredness from day's work would fade away like it never existed.
Every night, watching her sleep, peacefully and secured between them was one serene experience which both of them could never fathom in words. For Abeer, it was almost like watching a dream with open eyes, a dream on which she had given up long ago, thinking herself to be unfortunate for the blessing of motherhood. But just the way Zaroon flipped her world around with his love which knew no bounds, he completed her as a woman too. He gave her Aaina.
As days passed, the new parents slowly learned to steal time for themselves. Late night coffee was a without-a-miss every night ritual when Aaina would be in deep sleep over which they would talk about gone by day, Abeer would fill him with little Aaina's new mischiefs, steal passionate kisses in between, make out a bit, weave dreams for a beautiful future together and if not anything else, then simply hold each other close and listen to soft lub-dub of their beating hearts, while cherishing the closeness and warmth. By the time Aazan was born, they had mastered the art of balancing Zaroon's ro-mance with their responsibilities as parents.  
"Mamu, Main bhi hu!" A cute munchkin came running from behind followed by Sara's voice, "Sambhal kar Emaad! Seediyaan hai." 
Well, this was Emaad Shahzeb, Sara and Shahzeb's little tornado and Zaroon's Marshmallow.
He popped up on the sofa, crashing between Aaina and Aazan while Zaroon shook his head laughing a little.
"Of course, my Marshmallow. But wait, Aap kab aaye?" Zaroon asked him in cute child-like tone as Emaad adjusted his Harry Potter like full rimmed, circular glasses which got displaced while jumping on the sofa.
"Bas thodi der pehle." Sara spoke up from behind, on Emaad's behalf.
"Sara!" Abeer exclaimed happily as her eyes took in her beautiful glowing form, "Shahzeb Bhai nahi aaye?"
"You think he wouldn't?" Sara shook her head hopelessly as she came to sit down on the sofa and Aaina immediately got up to adjust the cushions to make a comfortable space for her making both her parents smile.
"Mom ke saath hain, kitchen mein." Sara added.
"Mamu, Humare liye chocolate muffins banna rahe hai." Aazan bubbled over excitedly.
"Ahaan? Not bad. And what about strawberry smoothie?" Zaroon asked them, wriggling his perfectly arched eyebrows.
The cute realizing faces of Emaad and Aazan explained that they totally forgot about it and Aazan even hit his forehead with his little palm adorably.
"Leh? How Can You Marshmallow? Oreo?" Zaroon spoke up, looking at them cutely goggled-eyed.
"Abb bhaago! Jaakar Dadi aur Mamu se bolo that we want strawberry smoothie too. Come on fast!" Zaroon added with a cute urgency and there you go, Zaroon again succeeded in provoking them, like always. In no time, Emaad and Aazan were rushing down the stairs and Aaina followed them like a dutiful elder sister to make sure her little brothers don't hurt themselves while getting down the stairs.
"Sudhar jao Zaroon tum!" Sara shook her head hopelessly.
"Maine kya kiya?" Zaroon made a cute innocent face though he was everything but innocent.
"Aap toh kabhi kuch nahi karte hai Zaroon." Abeer rolled her eyes at his pretense but the next moment, she felt his hand sliding around her waist before he pulled her close.
"Don't worry Biwi. Tumhari yeh shikayat bhi jald door kar dunga main. Bahout kuch karunga inn do dino mein main." He whispered huskily in her ear as a beautiful crimson adorned her cheeks. Yes, even after being mother to his two kids and years of intimacy, she still blushed.
She looked up in his chocolate orbs, her emerald eyes soft and innocent but the next moment, he saw a mischievous glint twinkling in them.
"I can't wait!" She spoke up softly.
"Soon!" He winked at her as his baritone revved as soft shy smile spread across her lips.
Their trance was broken by Sara's whistle who was looking at them with naughty gleam in her mesmerizing black eyes. Zaroon turned to look at her cutely irritated for interrupting his ro-mance.
"Tum kebab mein haddi banna kab chhodogi?" He demanded, adorably miffed with her.
"Never!" She stuck out her tongue at him teasingly, "Nevertheless, allah kare tum dodo ko kisi ki nazar naa lage. I mean, tum dono ko dekh kar who would say, that you both are there for your seventh wedding anniversary." Sara spoke up, adoringly making the couple smile at her compliment.
Well, this was no lie. Even after six, soon seven years of martial bliss, Zaroon Abeer could still give the so-called newly wed, much in love couples a run for romance.
"And a detour to first honeymoon!" Sara continued cheekily and Zaroon winked at her.
"How's my Jellybean doing anyways?" He asked her. Well yes, he had one of those cute nicknames for every child in Junaid household.
Running a hand around her big swollen belly, Sara felt the 6 month little fetus moving inside her womb, "Just fine!"
"Kicked yesterday." She added with a overwhelmed glimmer on her face.
"Feels good?" Abeer asked her this time as her arm almost involuntarily went around her husband's waist while Zaroon held her securely from her shoulder.
"More than good. It's magnificent." Sara told them as moisture glistened her eyes.
"Aww.. I'm so happy for you Sara!" Abeer spoke up sincerely, with specks of moisture in her emerald eyes.
"I'm happy too." Sara agreed, dabbing the corner of her eye with the back of her hand. Hormones!
"Leh? Abb isme rone wali kya baat hui?" Zaroon wondered, before Abeer and Sara broke into giggles at his cute amused face.

Inserting the card in the lock, Zaroon opened the huge teak door of their suite, one of the most premium suites the hotel offered to be precise and their hide out for next two days.
Abeer looked around the posh interiors of the suite astonished. Though every inch of the suite oozed of luxuries and facilities yet it had an authentic Grecian feel to it with spotless white walls and little wood shelves. But what surprised her the most was the unique dome like shape of the roof. The flooring was of the finest white marble, so shiny that one could actually see their reflection in it. Big lavender colored pillow shaped sitting were kept in front of a polished teak low table. It wasn't like Abeer has not been to such luxurious suites before. She has, many times when she accompanied Zaroon to his business trips. But guess, she still hasn't got used to it.

Walking up to the huge wooden door painted in bright shade of pink, Abeer opened it and pretty lavender and white colored bougainvillea flowers welcomed her to the most breathtaking view she has ever seen in her whole life. The sea was a rippling blanket of brochure-blue. The sky was smooth like a curtain of silk. The seagulls were squawking and squabbling while flying towards the horizon. 
Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply, taking in that saline smell of sea and beach with some part smoky chicken and coal from the grill. Guess, somebody was having BBQ for lunch. It was when Abeer felt Zaroon's warm lips on her shoulder, she opened her eyes with a smile and leaned back to rest her head on his shoulder.
"Fabulous, isn't it?" He asked her, whispering in her ear huskily.
"It's breathtaking Zaroon." She replied softly, admiring the stunning view when suddenly he grabbed her arm before turning her face to him and she crashed into his chest. Abeer was sure startled by this act.
"Zaroon?" She gasped, totally taken aback.
"I thought only my kisses could make you breathless!" Zaroon accused her, cutely.
Abeer looked at him blankly for a moment before she burst out laughing.
"Oh My God." Abeer laughed, holding her stomach for it had started to ache. How cute was this man exactly?
"What is SO funny Abeer?" Zaroon looked at her irritated.
"You, my love." Abeer replied as she managed to control her laughter after much failed attempts. Looping her arms around his neck, "I can't believe you were jealous. My dear hotmess husband, your kisses are exceptional and trust me, the way you make me breathless, nothing in this world can." She spoke up in soft seductive voice and before Zaroon could utter a word, she toed up to close her mouth over hers.
He was taken aback for sure but melted the moment he felt her soft, warm, petal like lips moving over his urging him to respond back. Without giving it another thought, he pulled her close with his arms wrapped around her waist and reciprocated with everything he had in himself. Their lips moved at breathtaking pace while tongues fought for dominance, tasting the moist interiors of each other's mouths. Abeer moaned as he deepened the kiss further, clutching onto his white linen shirt.
It was when oxygen had been threatened to dangerously low levels, Zaroon pulled back half heartedly. 
"Oh!" Abeer exclaimed, panting as she dropped her head on his shoulder, totally dazed while Zaroon had to lean back on the railing to support them. 
"That was incredible!" Zaroon flashed a mischievous grin as Abeer looked up, still catching up on her breaths.
"I told you, nothing in this whole wide world." She replied, breathless and Zaroon engulfed her in his arms laughing.

About an hour later, 
Zaroon Abeer walked in to a cozy caf cum restaurant of Oia, Santorini as Zaroon took off his sassy blue reflector Ray Bans to look around for a table for themselves. Abeer had insisted on exploring the local Greece this time and so they were here, away from the five-star lunch houses with Michelin Chefs and polished crowd, to which our beloved couple have grown extremely bored. The air was thick with the aroma of brewing coffee, baking pastries and tangy sauce.
"I am definitely having an extra large mug of coffee!" Zaroon exclaimed, leading Abeer through the crowd to a vacant table he spotted on patio in open. 
Abeer chuckled, "So? You're hungry now?" She asked him teasingly, referring to Zaroon's proposal to spend a lazy, romantic afternoon together locked in room and make love endlessly. He had very well tempted her with his husky baritone and feather soft kisses too but then a loud growl of her stomach had explained well that Abeer was starving. She just had a couple of bites of Fish Chips served in flight in name of breakfast. 
Zaroon looked her with cute narrowed eyes, "Don't lure me Biwi. You know I'm craving for you. It won't take more than a few minutes to walk back into our room."
Abeer smiled coyly at his response as they settled down on a round table in corner. Unlike the hush whispers and giggles of posh restaurants, this place was bustling with chatters and laughter which was a pleasant change. People could be spotted bonding over mugs of steaming coffee and lunch. A young girl in bright summer dress with a white apron tied around her neck came up to their table with a wide smile.
"Kal apgevma! Ps to kneis? (Good Afternoon! How are you doing?)" She spoke up in fluent Greek while Zaroon Abeer looked at each other confused.
"Syngnmi. (I'm sorry) Good afternoon! How are you doin?" She repeated herself, smiling warmly. Her accent had a peculiar Greek touch which sounded a little strange but was understandable and how much Zaroon Abeer was thankful to that. After taking their orders amidst much laughs for Zaroon pronounced the names of a couple of dishes hilariously wrong but the waitress was a sweet girl for she not only corrected him, but also helped him to say them in right pronunciation. She told them that their order would take from 20-25 mins coz all the dishes they serve to their customers are freshly prepared.
While waiting for their orders, laughing and chatting among themselves, they enjoyed the live musical performance with bouzouki, which was a guitar like instrument and toubeleki, a kind of drum. An old couple was dancing beautifully to the tunes making Abeer go aww and soon other couples too joined the floor. Zaroon was amused as he watched Abeer, clapping and cheering for the couples excitedly when one of the ladies came forward, asking Abeer and Zaroon to join as well. Zaroon wasn't very thrilled abt the idea but could he ever say no to those cute puppy eyes with which Abeer looked at him? Never. Zaroon Junaid had to agree and surprisingly he enjoyed dancing, trying weird footsteps and hand moves.
Lunch came in soon after and both of them tucked into their plates, relishing the most delicious food served to them full of butter and tangy sauces. With tummy full with food and arms around each other's waist, they walked on the sunbaked streets of colorful Greece awestruck. Zaroon plucked a beautiful bunch of wildflowers from the bushes growing nearby and tucked it in her hair smiling. Abeer touched the delicate beauties resting on her ear softly before toeing up to peck his lips softly as thank you.
Taking her hand in his, Zaroon twirled Abeer around as she squealed. Her pretty pink abstract print dress flowed in full glory and not to miss that sultry side slit in her dress which gave him a very delicious view of creaminess hidden inside. With another twirl, he pulled her back in his arms as she collided with his chest sensually. Brushing away those hair wisps which were hindering his view, Zaroon caressed her cheek with his thumb before Zaroon leaned in every intention to kiss daylights outta his wife but a huge applause from the little children standing in shade interrupted them.
Abeer hided her face in his chest, her cheeks flaring tomato red with shyness making Zaroon and everyone else laugh adorably.

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"Where to next?" Abeer asked him as Zaroon tied the string of a beautiful shell necklace he just bought her from nearby hand made jewelry shop. It was an exquisite piece with little shells and a small golden star fish in middle. Abeer looked at the necklace in the mobile's front camera, caressing the shells before Zaroon peeped from her shoulder's behind and on an instant Abeer clicked an impromptu selfie.
"Kya yaar?!" Zaroon grumbled, looking at his creepy expressions in the selfie while Abeer laughed and laughed.
"This is so going on Insta." Abeer declared taking her mobile from his hands before he could grab a chance to delete it.
"DARE NOT!!" Zaroon warned her rather dramatically but too late, it was already 75% uploaded. Chuckling at picture once more, Abeer captioned it as "Best. Selfie. Ever." with a lots of ROFL emojis.
"Aww.." Abeer pulled his cheeks, for he had world's cutest annoyed expressions on. But was he really annoyed? Naah! He can very well be a clown for her, if that's what it took to bring such a vivacious smile on her gorgeous face. This was just a selfie.
"You'll pay for this tonight!" Zaroon winked, taking her hand in his as they began walking down the street and he loved watching how crimson rose up on her cheeks beautifully.

"Zaroon, you need to buy this!!" Abeer exclaimed, holding up a blue T-shirt with a cartoon Shark printed on it and guess what? Laying on the beach chair, the grinning shark, showing almost whole of that killer jaw, had sunglasses on with a fizzy orange drink in one hand.
Zaroon gave her the weirdest of expression he could come up with. Really??
"Abeer! I think you're forgetting, main do bachho ka baap hoon, khud 5 saal ka bacha nahi hoon." Zaroon reminded her what she keeps telling him, time and again.
Abeer made a face, "Come on Zaroon, you don't have any such cool T-shirt!" She reasoned.
"I've been deprived." Zaroon reflected, agreeing with her.
"That's why, Lets buy you this!!" Abeer spoke up excitedly.
"Alright then! Let's look for something more cool!" He rubbed the corner of his eye, knowing well that he won't be able to step out this shop before buying one these T-shirt.
They rummaged through the maze of T-shirts when Zaroon's eyes caught one and he pulled it out immediately, "Biwi? What abt this one?" He asked her, wriggling his perfectly arched eyebrows mischievously. Well, this one had an animated hot-shot bikini girl standing with a big pool ball tucked under her arm.
Abeer raised her eyebrow at him, "Depends on if that's me or Julia Roberts?" She asked him, folding her arms.
Zaroon looked at the figure printed on T-shirt for a few moments judgingly and then Abeer who had a stern look on her face.
She looks too gross to be either! 
Zaroon tossed away the T-shirt and flashed his cute innocent smile to Abeer, "We'll buy the shark!"

The children squealed as they played in the surfs and there was the smell of oils and lotions. Someone was walking a dog along the beach, and a vendor was hawking nachos. Since they had an early lunch, the sun was still bright and the water was rich blue against the golden sand. Around a corner, colored ice was being sold to kids and they slurped it merrily. Zaroon was smiling at the sight when, "Zaroon?" He heard Abeer's voice.
He turned around only to be left jaw hung. A low fire started somewhere down in his belly as his shameless eyes took in her alluring form in a push up black bikini top and an abstract blue colored sarong tied around her waist, giving him a delicious view of her flawless skin. Her ebony locks tumbled freely down her creamy waist, just the way he loved. Shells were right there around her neck, sneaking into that sinful valley between her voluptuous bosoms that were hidden behind the veil of her bikini top which was merely a delicate piece of cloth. It could be riped into pieces in a matter of few seconds.
His mouth watered when his chocolate orbs sailed down her enticing body to the sarong wrap up which being a semi-transparent cloth, made it difficult for him to take his eyes off her and that tiny bellybutton in between was urging him suck the sweetness out of it. Seven years into marriage and intimacy, still the way she excites him with her curves and beauty was crazy. Perfectly toned body, that hour glass figure.. Who would say she was mother to his two kids?
She walked upto him with a soft shy smile playing on her lips.
"You know, you just soared the already high temperature to highest?" Zaroon remarked huskily.
"Really? I thought, you were responsible for it." Abeer replied, chuckling a little.
Well, Zaroon was slaying every woman's existence, looking lethally hot in his black V neck and beige half pants.
"What is this even?" He spoke up, brushing his knuckles along her milky waist very sensually before locking his arms there.
"A surprise?" Abeer replied, biting onto her lower lip cutely and Zaroon had to shoot up an eyebrow.
"Surprise? Biwi, jhatke kehte hai isse!" Zaroon exclaimed cutely and Abeer laughed. 
"You like it?" She asked him, looping her arms around his neck.
"Oh I love it! Such a treat to my eyes." He replied winking at her and watched crimson tinting her cheeks.
Tucking away some loose strands of hair behind her ear, Zaroon kissed her cheek softly.
"You know what makes me fall in love with you again and again?" Zaroon spoke up, caressing her cheek with his thumb. Abeer wriggled her eyebrows, as if asking him what?
"Your innocence! The way you still blush when I kiss you or compliment you. It just melts my heart to watch you blush and not to forget, it makes me want to kiss you senselessly all over again." Zaroon confessed cutely yet his silky baritone had a knee wobbly effect on her.
"Well, in that case. You should kiss me.. perhaps, at the right spot this time." Abeer replied, looking at him with mischievous twinkle in her emerald eyes as she toed up, brushing her soft supple lips against his caramel ones.
"More than gladly!" Zaroon mumbled against her lips before sealing them together. They kissed each other passionately as Zaroon's ruggedness stroked her back in long firm lines, before pulling her closer if it were anymore possible. 
They didn't cared about the world around, just two of them and like all the other times, everything else melted into oblivion. Abeer moaned when Zaroon bit onto her lower lip lightly and deepened the kiss, very well swallowing all her moans and sighs for they were too toxic for his control. 
When they parted away in shear need of oxygen, Zaroon rested his forehead on her hers smiling, "I think.. I'm going to have hard time keeping my hands off you."
"That has it's own fun, doesn't it?" Abeer asked him combing his hairs cutely with her fingers.
"It does, agreed. But difficult." Zaroon replied, making a cute face.
"As much reward later in night." Abeer whispered in his ear seductively as his chocolate orbs gleamed with a twinkle.
"That can get me going for a few hours, I guess." Zaroon assumed, dropping some feather kisses on her face as a smile lighted up beautifully.
"After that?" Abeer asked him as she sighed feeling his warm lips on her skin.
"Kisses, maybe? Or perhaps a sizzling make out somewhere?" Zaroon suggested as he nipped the tender flesh of her shoulder and Abeer moaned his name softly, clutching onto his shirt.
"Sounds like a plan to me." Abeer managed to speak.
"A perfect plan!" Zaroon agreed with a cheeky grin.
"So? What's next.. in your plan?" She was finding it hard to keep up with her words for Zaroon's kisses were having a drugging effect on her.
"Sunscreens!" Zaroon replied with a frisky wink while Abeer looked on confused.

Holy Crap!! Abeer could only cuss under her breath when his intentions became clear to her. Giving each other a relaxing massage after a tiring day wasn't anything new to them. They did that quite often and not to mention, always ended up making love.
As his fingers did their work on her shoulders, Abeer couldn't help but wonder, what was with her husband who could make a daily necessity like applying sunscreen such a sensuous affair.
It was more difficult than he had imagined it to be. With her hair brought to one shoulder, the sexy stringed back of her bikini top had his libido raging to new peaks.
If he could have his way, Zaroon would just pull her in a corner and make love to her right there on the soft sparkling sand, under the bright sun. But that wasn't happening and he would have to wait till the sun's down and stars twinkle in the sky.
Abeer felt a sigh escaping her lips when Zaroon's fingers slided down her shoulders to spine.
Making random circles, his fingers glided smoothly all along her back and she had to bit onto her lower lip to hold back that moan which bubbled up in her throat.
Just to tease her, Zaroon pulled one of the delicate strings holding her top together lightly and Abeer could swear, air knocked out of her lungs for a moment.
Squeezing some more sunscreen in his palm, his hands made their way to her waist and Abeer let out a soft sigh she was holding onto as his fingers teased her weak spot, the bellybutton.
Tingles of pleasures ran through her entire body, when his rugged palms went for her torso.
"Zar.. rr.. oon." Her voice faltered as she tipped her head back, her head swimming in ecstasy. 
"Hmm?" He hummed huskily against her ear.
"Bas bhi?" She pleaded cutely.
"Itni jaldi?" Zaroon chuckled before turning her so that he could look at her. Her face beautifully flushed while her emerald eyes were helplessly dark and aroused.
"It's your turn!" Zaroon told her, pecking her lips lovingly, "You're not having all the fun alone."
Abeer smiled coyly, "Off with your shirt then!" She ordered him, cutely.
Zaroon pulled it over his head in one swift move. Rippling muscles, Dense manly chest, Finely chiseled abs and that milky white expanse of his smooth skin, Abeer gulped as her eyes took in the virile, majestic form of her lethally shirtless husband. Surely his morning work outs were showing results.
Zaroon absolutely loved the way she was gawking unashamedly at his body. Well, why not? This had cost him many precious early morning hours that he could've spent sleeping away or enjoy some extra minutes in shower.
"Like what you see?" Zaroon asked her, raising his mischievous eyebrow.
"LOVE!!!" Abeer exclaimed, widening her eyes cutely and Zaroon chuckled before pressing his lips on hers for a few moments. 

Peppy music with bright and breezy crowd dancing in shallow waters was how Abeer would describe their next stop. A cliff beach disco!
Holding hands, they steered through the dancing crowd to the bar counter. Abeer jumped up on one of the stools while Zaroon occupied the one right besides her. After placing their respective orders, which was beer for Zaroon and Cherry Punch, a mild vodka drink for Abeer.
They watched people swaying to the music which was mostly young crowd. The sun had started to mellow down, dipping into the horizon. The sky was painted in the most gorgeous shades of oranges and red with hints of pink. Rest of the afternoon after sunscreen and massage was spent lazing around the beach. While Abeer sun bathed, Zaroon spent the time playing some volleyball and his smashing hits did earned him huge cheers from the females around but they got burned when he blew a flying kiss to his wife.
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Sipping her Cherry Punch, Abeer looked around impressed. It was a stunning cliff beach with DJ patio on the top. Tall palms grew around the space with some native flora. The white sand sparkled gorgeously in the setting sun. Cute fairy lights were hanging around gave the place a very romantic feel. No wonder Greece was the most popular destination among newly weds for honeymoon.
The song changed from rock metallic to a softer romantic one and Abeer could already feel her body swaying to the music.
"Let's dance Zaroon!" Abeer spoke up and even before he could answer, she was already guiding him to the dance floor with his finger in her hold. On reaching, what seemed like middle of the dance floor, Abeer encircled her arms around his neck while his found their way around her back. She inched closer to him as tips of their nose touched, lips just a breath away. 
Twirling her around, Zaroon pulled her back in his arms when, "We're leaving!" He whispered in her ear and Abeer nodded with a sly smile.

--------------------18+ Mature Stuff-------------------

Back in Room,
"Let's go for a swim." Zaroon declared, upon breaking the kiss. 
"Let me change into swimsuit then." Abeer replied, caressing his cheek softly.
"Who needs that?" Zaroon asked her, while dropping some feather kisses on her neckline. His hands travelled up to the strings of her bikini top.
Curling them around his finger, "I've waited long to do this!" He spoke up huskily before untying them slowly, "Skinny dip!"
Abeer sighed as he brushed his lips on her shoulders before undoing the knot around her neck and her bikini top fell apart. Zaroon threw it away, mindless of where it went before reaching for the sarong wrap. Unwrapping it gently, he dropped it to the floor, before his chocolate orbs took in her bare form and his mouth went dry.
He should've been over that now, but he wasn't. In seven years, he has tasted every inch of her curves and voluptuousness, seen her all bared and aroused innumerable times still he loses his mind every time.
Her skin was gleaming like gold in the moonlight, making his heart beat speed up like a some hormonal adolescent. Abeer's eyelids had dropped to lowest. She still wouldn't see eye to eye when he would undress her. Keeping his finger under her chin, he made her face him, "Open your eyes Abeer!" He told her, his baritone revved. Abeer obeyed him as she slowly open her eyes, revealing her helplessly aroused emerald eyes to his chocolate ones and hot rush of blood to her cheeks, tinted them in beautiful pink shade.
"Undress me!" He spoke up, looking straight in her eyes.
Abeer smiled as she held the hem of his V-neck and pulled it over his head. Undoing the fasteners of his beige half pants, they let it fall to the marble floor without breaking the sensuous eye lock even for once.
Holding her hands in his, "We'll test what you've learned in our swimming classes Mrs. Zaroon!" Zaroon tucked away a few loose strands of hair behind her ear and Abeer smiled. They both knew, once in the pool, they would do a lot more than just swimming.
"Are you ready?" He asked her, stepping closer to her.
"Yes!" Abeer replied boldly looking into his eyes, though Zaroon could still spot the specks of shyness in her emerald eyes.
Shifting her weight slightly, Zaroon bridged the distance between their lips before jumping in with her. Abeer's arms went around his neck as they're head deep in water, kissing each other passionately. Their lips moving at heart stopping pace while their tongues fought for dominance. Zaroon loved how she tasted of sweet cherries, courtesy the Cherry Punch she had back in party.
When they finally resurfaced on the water, both of them were panting heavily. Drawing in a deep breath, Abeer wounded her supple body around his taut masculine one.
"It's freezing!" She mumbled, trembling under his hold.
"It isn't. Just the temperature difference!" Zaroon replied, moving his fingers through her ebony locks lovingly as he pulled her closer, more secured in the warmth of his arms. 
Abeer looked up at his face which looked almost angelic in lazy cool moonlight as water sticked to his milky skin, making it glisten with sparkle like of thousands of diamonds. Tossing away wet hairs from her eyes, Zaroon held her face in his palms before sealing their lips together.
She knew there would be no lazy, patient loving now. The need was mutual, edgier and more frenzied than it ever had been. Their hearts slammed against each other as he dived deeper into her mouth, taking and tasting every bit of her sweetness. Her body went limp against his and that was her surrender to him. Without giving another thought abt air, they slipped in the water again, their bodies entwined together.
The need grew stronger and greedy with every passing second. Bedroom was out of question. Coming up on the surface again, Zaroon picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the cool marble of the floor itself.
Coming up on her, Zaroon lost himself in her creamy voluptuousness. Abeer tipped her head back, moaning his name in pure ecstasy while his mouth tasted her sweetness. He loved how her perks were taut under him yet her body flowed lucidly like a river, ready to be submerged in the ocean of his passion.
Her nails dug into his shoulders, leaving crescent marks when he dipped down further.
Every cell of her body tingled with pleasure as he licked the water off her waist before going for her bellybutton. Her stomach churned with anticipation and his name burst out of her mouth as he devoured her weakest spot.
Down there she was cool and inviting, yet the heat of their bodies enveloped his mind like a mist. She was so soft, so moist that he felt himself loosing his mind. Abeer arched back as their madness reached a new peak with quiet moonlight pouring in. The thought of making him pay back did crossed her mind but shushed it to the back of her mind, letting him pleasure her tonight.
Clawing his hairs in her fists, she brought him back on her and slammed her lips on his. Pushing away his boxer briefs with her dainty feet, they got rid of last lace barrier from her body.
When she opened up for him, he filled every inch of hers with himself. Her hands fell lifelessly on the floor when they reached the peak together while Zaroon held her, before falling on her softly.

Moonlight on her face made her look both exotic and beautiful as she laid there gazing the stars in the arms of her husband. Her face was beautifully flushed with aftermath while her mind was still swimming in the waves of pleasure that their union brought in. Her lips were plump, thanks to his kisses yet looked every bit of appealing to steal more kisses.
Zaroon pressed his lips on the top of her head lovingly.
"I love you." He mumbled softly.
"I love you too." She whispered back, drawing random circles on his chest.

"My life has been nothing short of a heaven with you Abeer. I don't think I've enough words to thank you for coming in my life, for being my wife, for accepting my flaws and strengths alike." Zaroon spoke up, sincerely as Abeer tilted her head to look at him.

"Yeh aap keh rahe hai Zaroon? I cannot ever thank the almighty enough for sending you in my life. You've completed me Zaroon. You've completed me as woman. Aapne mujhe maa banne ke uss ehsaas se rubaru karaya, woh mohabbat di jiske liye main taras rahi thi. Maine kabhi khwaab mein bhi nahi socha tha ki mere paas aap jitna pyaar karne wala kaabil shauhar hoga aur meri do aulaad hongi. Aapne mujhe meri har aib ke saath qubool kiya. My past, my scars, my insecurities." Abeer replied, caressing his cheek lovingly as tears welled up in her emerald eyes.

Brushing them away with his thumb, Zaroon kisses her eyes lovingly, "Tum meri zindagi ka sabse khubsoorat faisla ho."

"Aur yeh meri khushnaseebi hai."

"Happy Seventh Anniversary Mrs. Zaroon!" Zaroon wished her smiling, his chocolate orbs twinkling with happiness.
"Happy Anniversary to you too, my Hotmess husband." Abeer wished him back lovingly before capturing his lips in a kiss.
It wasn't fiery or passionate rather a slow and loving one as if they were thanking each other for the beautiful life so far.

I hope you all will love it. Smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
Res. <3



Firstly, A Big Hug For Surprising Me With This Beautiful Piece Of Work! HugHug

Trust me, Ever since I elaborated the idea to you I've been dying to read what you might have in store for me.Big smile

So much, that when you msgd me saying there's a problem, I was like crap! This goes down too for trust me, your surprise gift was the very first I got. LOLLOL

I cannot say, how happy and proud I am of you.

Your tremendous progress as a writer, makes me so happy. This is something I mentioned to you the other day on the call too. Approve

Thank you so so much for working this hard for me, I love you so much.Heart

To Begin With, Zaroon Junaid is back to Greece with his wife for a romantic weekend getaway owing to their seventh anniversary. Aww, my Babies! Heart


Isn't Abeer such a cutie? Watching the man made waterfall standing in the lobby.

Zaroon goes up to her in a thorough romantic mood but seems his wife is in another mood. Tongue

Aww, I love how he calls his kids Cupcake and Oreo!

Aaina and Aazan are surely deserving of such cute nicknames. :*

I for one, loved how you described them! Aaina is a gorgeous mix of her mother and father. Embarrassed

I spcly love the mischievous streak from Zaroon and the maturity from Abeer. <3

While Aazan is a mixture of everyone and equally adorable. I cracked up reading how he and his Dadu love sugary, sweet things and Abeer has to keep those things away from their reach cuz Aazan turns into this uncontrollable maniac once high on Sugar!

I've seen this tendency in so many kids. LOLLOL

The bits where how Abeer and Zaroon managed their love and intimate life after Aaina was born were love. *_*

Exactly, parents should know their boundaries around their children and I loved how Zaroon and Abeer are so cautious around their kids.

The way Abeer smacked his arms was cute. LOL

Though, the way he nuzzled into her hair was so sensuous. Embarrassed

Late Night Coffee with kisses and make out was super romantic! No wonder till the time, little Aazan came into this world they knew to handle romance like a pro! Wink

It was overwhelming to read how their lives revolved around little Aaina when she was born. <3

Their baby girl slept in between them and both Zaroon Abeer would be overwhelmed to watch the little soul, they had created together. Heart

Spcly Abeer's feelings for she gave up the hopes to be a mother, but Zaroon turned her world upside down. Embarrassed

I loved how Aaina is an attention seeker like her dad! LOLLOLLOL

The hurricane she brings if you try avoiding her.

Poor Spoiled Zaroon who couldn't even keep his hands off his wife! ROFL

Aww, Emaad is another adorable munchkin. :*

I loved how he came up running saying Mamu Main Bhi Hoon! LOLHeart

And the way he adjusted his Harry Potter rimmed glasses. Cute! LOLHeart

Sara is expecting again and I'm so so so happy for her. Smile

The way Aaina adjusted the cushions for her Phuppo. There you go, definitely Abeer's daughter. Approve

Zaroon is no less in instigating kids. I mean how he brought up the strawberry smoothie and Aazan hit his head with his little palm. LOLLOL

Aww, Sara grew so emotional when she told them that the baby kicked. 

Abeer and her bond is so beautiful! <3

But Zaroon's cute reaction to her crying. LOLLOL

Definitely Hormones! Tongue

The bit where Zaroon says, "bohot kuch karunga inn do dinon mein main! was so so sexy! Blushing

Abeer's cute blushing and Sara's whistling with that Kebab mein haddi was adorable.

These two would never grow up.

Though Sara is right, ZA can give some serious love goals to the newly married couples. Wink

Okay, so I'm in love with the description to their room! So So Rich And Beautiful! Star

Give yourself a pat on the back for that babe! ClapClapClap

Greece has always attracted me with it's beautiful scenic locations, sea, sand, colors and those cute white dome shaped houses in cosy sunbaked lanes. I personally want to go to Greece for Honeymoon, after I get married and that's why I couldn't think of a better place for ZA and then your idea to detour them to the same place to create new memories was damn good! ClapClap

The description of their Beautiful, Luxurious Suite, The Backyard consisting of pool and overlooking the sea was such a treat to read and imagine.


You surely deserve an applause for that.

Nora Roberts influence is visible here. Embarrassed

Zaroon! ROFL

This man, is so damn adorable I swear! The way he got jealous when Abeer told him that it's a breathtaking view. LOLLOLLOL

Their kiss was right amounts of sizzling and beautiful. I loved it! Heart

Abeer is right, no one can make her as breathless as his kisses.

The way she referred to him as my love, was cute.

Sassy Blue Reflector Raybans For Zaroon! Oh. My. God! Silly

He must've looked oh so hot! Day Dreaming

Black V-Neck and Beige Half Pants! Silly

Personally I loved Abeer's decision to discover the local, authentic Greece than the posh restaurants and I'm glad both are enjoying it. Thumbs Up

He is a cutie pie, I giggled so bad imagining how adorably he must have got the names of the dishes wrong. LOLLOL

So Monsieur had other plans for the afternoon. The idea to stay locked in there and make love was definitely sexy! Wink

I'm sure Abeer didn't need to be convinced only if she hadn't been hungry. Tongue

The way she teased him and the way he cutely threatened her to walk back to the room. LOLLOL

Abeer's dress is gorgeous. Heart

I love the print, the color and the slit ofc.

She would've looked so adorable dancing back there at the cafe and Zaroon joining her. <3

So their sensuous dance on the streets was so romantic. Embarrassed

Zaroon wanted to kiss her, but the children interrupted them by clapping and the way Abeer hid her face in his chest blushing, Awwiee. LOLHeart

And I love love love that shell necklace with a star in the middle, he brought for her. So Thoughtful of my Baby! That too hand made. HeartHeart

Abeer clicking that impromptu selfie with the caption on Instagram. ROFL

The way she pulled his cheeks and Zaroon's thoughts to be a clown just to see a smile on her face was so beautiful. Day Dreaming

Their T-shirt buying session. LOL

I for one, absolutely loved the shark one Abeer picked up initially. LOLLOL

Very Cute and Very Zaroon. ROFL

Though his reminding her what ironically she does about not being a kid but rather being a father to two kids was hilarious. LOLLOL

Whoa! His second t-shirt choice was ROFLROFL

No wonder, Abeer was looking at him sternly.

How cute was she asking him if it's her or Julia Roberts and Zaroon's she's too gross to be either cracked me up so bad! LOLLOLLOL

Then comes, perhaps my second most favorite bit from the whole of OS. Dancing

Abeer walks in a Bikini, and Zaroon still is amazed as to after all these years, his wife can still make him drool like a hormonal teenage guy. Blushing

Her description from his eyes was DEADLY HOT and SEXY! Blushing *IF should have Fire emojis!* 

I was fanning myself throughout and now you don't ever dare say that I write descriptions beautifully! You aced it here babe! I doubt if I would've written such a lethal hot yet subtle description of Abeer from his eyes and that too not as a wife or as a mother to his kids but just as a woman from a man. ClapClapClap

The way he asks her, "what's this even? with his hands roaming around her body with Abeer terming it as a surprise and his Jhatke!

Oh God! So Cute! ROFL

Though I agree, Abeer's black bikini with that abstract blue sarong was deadly hot and beautiful! Embarrassed

In amidst of all things hot and sexy, that one thing which doesn't changes is their love and Abeer's innocence. Heart

The way Zaroon confessed that he falls head over heels in love with her when she blushes whenever he compliments or kisses even after so many years was so so so deep. Day Dreaming

I'm loving their kisses! Beautiful and Hot!

And Abeer's, perhaps you should really kiss me at the right spot! Wink

I'm loving the changed her! :*

And then Sunscreens!! Ohlala! BlushingBlushing

Abeer's Holy Crap was my reaction too after reading it! LOLLOLLOL

The mention about how they give each other massages after a tiring day and end up making love was so sensuous. Wink

And then Zaroon's Sunscreen Massage to his wife was G.A.D.A.R!

The way he touched, teased the whole of her body with those desirably rugged hands was FIRE!

Trust me, I sighed like a mad woman after reading that at 1 in the night in an AC Room. LOLLOL

Your words, Your Rich, Sexy Details were bang on here! ClapClap

I loved that bit, where he lightly pulls onto the string holding her top in place and Abeer's moan. Uff.

*Fanning Myself!*

How Zaroon wanted to rip off that delicate thing and make love to her right there in a corner, under the bright sun on the beach!! *Fans Harder!*

This man is lover goals! BlushingBlushing

And how cutely he reminded her that she's not having the fun alone. LOLLOL

His Hotmess Body! God! *faints!* Blushing

I have absolutely no doubts that he would've looked like an effing Greek God! And to top it your descriptions!! Day Dreaming

Abeer's saucer shaped eyes, his sexy like what you see and Abeer's LOVE was hot and adorable. Heart

Though I would've loved to read Zaroon Junaid's massage as well like I mentioned that day. Tongue

But this whole bit is my second most favorite from the OS. <3

The Cliff Disco, I loved the ambience and their dance but guess Mr Zaroon Junaid got too impatient.

I LOVE midnight swims, sensuous and romantic!

I loved how Zaroon untied the strings gently yet sensuously, like I say this man is lover goals and actually proves that men can take the lead without being forceful and pushy. BlushingBlushingHeart

I loved that whole small bit where he takes off her Bikini Top. Very Beautiful Yet Sensuous. Silly

Skinny Dip, Not Bad Zaroon! Wink

Then the next two sequences took my heart away, like I had mentioned that day on call. Heart

The way Abeer still shies and doesn't looks at him when he undresses her explains her unadulterated innocence which I guess, is loved by everyone.

I was absolutely floored how Zaroon asks her to open her eyes and look into his own. That authority he has on her is endearing. <3

And then the way he asks her to undress him. Beautiful. Heart

That surrender, That trust, That love is worth everything I ever had. Day Dreaming

Again, the bit where you mentioned from Zaroon's pov that though he should've gotten used to her curves, her beauty after so many years of marriage and intimacy but he isn't. Day Dreaming

I loved the terms : his mouth watered, his mouth went dry. Blushing

Ahaan! So they've been taking swimming classes. I loved how cutely Abeer realizes that once in the pool, they'll do so much more than that. LOLHeart

Their underwater kisses were LOVE. Embarrassed

I could imagine my babies, kissing each other like there's no tomorrow, two bodies tangled beautifully like a mermaid and her prince involved in a love dance. Day Dreaming

And then comes the real DEAL!

Okay, so after this you dare not say that you can't write love scenes like me cuz are you kidding me? This was so so so so to the level of Nora Roberts!

I Freaking loved it, Babe! You nailed it on the head.

Don't ever be upset if someone didn't praise a piece of your writing you worked hard on! ClapClapClap

I understand that appreciation means a lot but don't get disheartened if you don't cuz as a writer, you should write for yourself first. :*

The picture you posted of their indoor pool is so heavenly and to imagine they made love right there adds the extra edge to it. *_*

The way he devoured her, tasted her was literal TABAAHI!!

The passion, The love and the right amount of lust with which Zaroon made love to his legally wedded wife was FIRE! Blushing

Spcly the bit where they mated, their feelings, your words, those beautiful subtle in between the lines hints made it so so so BEAUTIFUL! I confess that from 29th to today, I have read this OS more than 20 times.

And their even more beautiful aftermath, laying in each other's arms in the moonlight acknowledging each other's presence.

I love how they confess their love for each other so beautifully every time in the aftermath of their love making.

Zaroon's beautiful words to her, seriously life has been nothing short of heaven for both of them cuz they complete each other in ways, they can't even imagine.

And the heartwarming bit where Abeer says he accepted her with her scars, with her past was heavenly. HeartHeart

That kiss as they wish each other.

I wish I could just show you, what I'm feeling right now.

Thank you so so much. I'm really really lucky to have you in my life as a friend, as a sister which I never had.

I love you, Bas. Hug

Keep Writing. 
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Posted: 2 years ago
Beautiful OS Nandini loved it 
Love you lotsHug 
Zaroon Abeer and their happy married life 
It can be a beautiful epilogue to Arrange marriage Wink 
I love how true love never gets wiped with time 
Even after 2 beautiful kids both still love each other crazy 
That's true love Big smile 
Zabeer are always treat to read from you 
Their pure love is really rare find 
Keep writing
Thanks for the PM Smile
Wish you a very happy birthday Shanu Smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
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Posted: 2 years ago
Happy belated birthday shanaya ...
Loved the os nandani..
Every bit of it...
Loved the cute nicknames and I can't tell you how I enjoy these family convos and Sara ka kabab me haddi nature..
Loved the dance and the surprise from Abeer..
Thanks for writing..

Edited by Bhatakti_atma - 2 years ago
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