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Posted: 4 years ago
I have roped this part of FF with Nov 12 2010 episode... But the flow of my FF is different. Please read it and comment.

Again, I am still recovering back to my writing skills. Pls forgive if there's any mistake. 

PMs will be sent later.

PART 25:

He immediately prepares to write a letter and he is confused what he is penning down is right or wrong... It may really bother Komal's mom. But he must do it to keep ensuring komal's mom is working in a safe place. 

Next day at Khurana Constructions:

Its sharp 9:00 AM and All IP employees walk into KC and Geet behind them. All of them are shocked with the Office ambiance and space and Amused with its looks, furnishing and interior designing. Geet is walking over here for the very first time. Least did she expect that KC is such a huge organisation and with so many employees.

Sasha (Chief Architect) and her Assistant Tasha and all other KC employees gather to see them.

Sashaa...Mera Matlab hain Maam, If I am not mistaken, they are working for the other organisation under KC, They had also come on the Pooja that day. 

Tasha, You mean, that mamooli factory which was taken over by MK recently? what are these people doing here? 

Sasha as usual in her bossy attitude. Hey stop. Where are you walking in? I guess you have lost your way to your factory. 

All workers look at each other confusingly. Geet was the one who had informed them that they all will be reporting to Khurana Constructions with effect from today. They all are trying to trace Geet ...

Sasha is still shouting on top of her voice. Why you people are here? To remind you, this is KC and how dare you walk into this office just like that? 

STOP IT...All IP employee take a sigh of relief hearing Geet's voice.

HOW DARE YOU Talk to us like this?

Sasha didn't recollect who is she. Tasha, Who is this? she looks familier to me. 

Sasha mam...I remember now. I guess she also works in that factory. She had also come down for Pooja the other day. Remember? Savithri Devi ji was giving her so much of importance and hype and also gave the pooja thali to her and not to any of us.

Now Sasha remembers her and she is fuming in anger and Jealousy. its you who on that pooja day got all special attention from Khuranas...and that's inspiring you to walk in here just like that? What do you think? This not a place for sight seeing. 

PINKY...Sasha screams for Pinky . 

HEY YOU...WHO EVER YOU ARE...MIND YOUR LANGUAGE. Geet's tough voice was enough for Sasha & Tasha to keep their mouth shut... We are not answerable to you. Mr. Maan Singh Khurana has informed us to report to work at Khurana Constructions today.

Sasha-Tasha and all employees are shocked to listen to her. Pinky just arrives to the scene. 

she slowly walks forward and continues...By the way next time when you happen to open your better ...OUCH ..she couldn't complete her sentence as she hits over a branch of an indoor plant which pricks her right eye and she was about to fall down when someone happens to hold her by her waist. Her eyes still closed and she is rubbing her right eye which is still pricking her...without even opening her eyes she could guess who it is...It was her boss.

On the other hand, Maan has been completely lost looking at her flawless face and her eyes which are disturbed as her right eye is still pricking her. He gently blows on her right eye with his lips which eases her and she slowly touches his face and opens her eyes into his. Geet looks back at him by slowly blinking her eyes...Where as Maan was just looking at her dark brown eyes without a blink. 

Their intence eye lock just takes them back to the moment when they met first in the IP office where Geet was climbing down a rope and they bumped on each other and ironically their thoughts are not going behind that point...i.e, their first encounter with Dev and Neha respectively and who are no where in the picture now. What is in memory is only now is about them (Maneet) and only them.

Why am I thinking about my very first encounter with her?

Why am I thinking about my very first encounter with him?

Maneet slowly snapped out of their position when Sasha-Tasha, Pinky and rest all staff were looking at them. Both are shocked with their own state of mind and slowly compose them self and Aadi just comes in front of them

All Arrangements done Aadi??

Yyyes ...I was arranging for Employee application forms which are mandatory to be filled in by new employees joining Khurana Constructions...Once done, I will place them in different departments. can take all employees with you except Geet.

Geet looks surprisingly at him...

Already a crowd had gathered there in front of Maan's cabin..and he takes this as an opportunity to announce. He introduces Geet...Meet Ms. Geet Handa..She will be reporting to me as Personal Secretary. with effect from today.

Sasha-Tasha and all other employees look at each other with shock.
NOW ALL OF YOU GET BACK TO WORK. he shouts at the crowd
He looks at Aadi..Aadi, you too carry on and do the needful required with rest of IP staff. Meantime, I will get this application filled by Geet and send it to you.

Now he turns to Geet...Geet, please come into my cabin...The moment she gets into his cabin...Geet..he loosens his tie..Oops I have not yet had my morning coffee. make it for me first then we shall fill in this form.

Sure sir...where is the pantry? 

Its right in that corner. Check with Pinky. She will assist you. she nods with a smile..

Once she leaves, he remembers his second day at IP...what a big mess was made when  there was no expresso machine in that office and what all followed between him and Geet...

Geet gets into pantry. It was not at all difficult for her to make an expresso coffee as Maan had got installed same to same machines in both KC and IP. All she needs to do is keep the coffee mug and press the expresso button in the machine...his coffee is ready in less than a minute. Even she recollects all what had happened over a coffee at IP...she had even cursed him on that day when she had to go all the way to coffee shop and get an expresso for him...and all those are adding to her sweet memories today and she smiles at her silliness. 

She gets back to his cabin with his hot cup of coffee..Sir...your coffee
Hmm...Geet...your cabin is next to mine... (pointing out her cabin thro the blinds). Your system is fixed...and here's your form which you need to fill and hand over to Aadi.

She just smiles and takes the form along with her and heads towards her cabin and slowly takes her seat...All confused and looks here and there and suddenly, her eyes falls on maan and again they get to see each other...she snaps in order to avoid any further eye contacts with him and she slowly starts filling the employment form... she is so much distracted with her cabin being adjacent to her boss...She cutely looks up...hey babaji...what are you upto? It was so peaceful at IP where my cabin was away from his and here...we have an adjacent cabins and that too with transperant glass partition with blinds and we can see each other clearly? Now how will I ever work?? ConfusedDead

Actually, this is the very first employment form that she is filling. where as in IP, there was no such formalities when she joined hands with Yash almost 3.5 years ago. She starts filling her form...she is really confused when she had to fill in the details about her marital status...there were only two options a) Single b) married  and details number of children/Age...She slowly looks thro the blinds to look at Maan...should I ask him? Geet...he will pin point at you that you are not able to fill in your personal details and you were calling yourself a COO during IP days?? She snaps out of her thoughts...She doesn't intend to hide anything and fills what ever is appropriate...about her current status and about her daughter.

Maan takes few sips of coffee and keeps glancing at Geet thro the blinds every now and then...he tries to avoid doing so but unable to...Is se acha tha main IP nahin bechtha (It was better if I had not sold IP)...atleast there her cabin was away from mine... Ouch he is really furious on the person who took over IP and downsized all the staff...he takes his phone to find out who the new owner is and immediately hells back...What all I had told Yash on that day when I had taken over IP from him and clearly told him not to interfare with regard to IP and mind his business he is not prepared to take those words back from the new owner of IP. He closes his eyes and unable to bare this restlessness.

On the other hand, Geet completes her form, fixes her photograph and walks into his cabin. SIR..I have filled this form...

Hmm..Aadi's cabin is just near the reception. You can hand it over to him. She turns to leave..and he again calls out for her name...Geet..

Yes sir..

once you hand over this form to Aadi, you need to go to our store room in the first floor. I want you to rearrange my project files which are piled up there

Ok sir..and she leaves from there..huh ...Atleast for sometime, I will stay away from that cabin she thinks..Ouch

Atleast for sometime, she will stay away from me...he rolls his eyes...Confused

Geet meets Aadi...

Aadi Sir...please check if all details are ok?

Aadi carefully reads each and every details that she has written in the form...about her name, Date of Birth, education, and Aadi gets very emotional seeing her marital status..she has scratched both the options (single/Married) and written widow over there...and blessed with daughter who is 3.6 years old...


Yes Sir.. 

I I Sorry to heear this...

She is surprised to see him so emotional...

I I mean...

She reads her form again and she understood what is he referring to and tears wells in her eyes as well...and she immediately wipes it off..., what ever help you need you can rely on me. hmm? He brings his right hand forward to shake hand with her...
Geet is so touched with his kindness. 

Thank you Aadi Sir Smile


Vicky walks in to his so called new business operations...He is all excited but an absolute fresher...IP is completely deserted and here, he is behaving like a pre KG kid who is trying to explore each and every classrooms and finally gets bored with the place and wants to leave from there... since he is not able to understand what has been the operations here till yesterday, what is he supposed to take over, what is he supposed to do on day to day basics. for today he just scans the place with basic information in hand and leaves from the place. 

challo dhen, today I will do the project which Daadi had assigned me...PROJECT KOMAL 

at Komal's school..
Vicky visits Nandiniji's school to find out details about Komal. He has got first hand information from the security guard sitting over there. He informs Vicky that there's a teacher by name Komal. LOL Vicky calls his Daadi and informs that Komal is actualy a teacher working at Kinder Garden School where Nandiniji is principal. Now, Daadi really gets furious and heads to her school. Daadi...I will be waiting for you here at Nandiniji's  school.

Back to KC...
Geet gets to find the store room in the first floor. It was pretty huge and very unorganized. full of dust. At least the shelves had the related purchases, sales, accounts, finally, she got the shelf that had project files. it was a huge shelf with about 200 files... full of dust and again its unorganized. it was really suffocating...she finds the switch for the ceiling fan and to her surprise, the fan was not working. she sees she cannot even open even a single window as its hidden behind some shelf or cupboard or so on...What to do its her boss order to organize this shelf and that too on the first day of her work at KC

At Maan's cabin..
He is still looking thro the he is restless that Geet is not there...Mujhe kya ho raha hain...yeh ladki mujhe sach main pagal kar rahi hain and I am helpless...he takes phone and dials store room extention.
Geet starts sorting out the files one by one and she suddenly remembers her encounter with Maan at IP store room she blocked his way, their SORRY told holding their hands..she snaps out of her thoughts when her intercom rings...


He remains quite...listening to her voice There is a silence for few seconds...Somehow she understands even his silence now...wonder how...


He rolls his eyes wondering how she came to know its him...he didnt know why he called her in first place...didnt know what reason to give. Suddenly his eyes falls on the wall clock...its 11:15 AM. and he nearly jumps out of his, he completely lost track of time. he is supposed to meet Komal at any cost..GEET...he shouts in tension..

Yes sir...she is wondering why is he shouting out her name like that...

Listen...I have to go out now. Will be back in an, get back to your cabin now

Yes sir..I will finish this current file be back to my cabin.


she keeps the phone...wondering why was he so tensed just for going out?? and Maan leaves to meet Komal

There Geet finishes with her current file and tries to open the store room door and she is unable to. Looks as if somebody has locked the door from outside. Geet screems for help...Darwaza Kholo...

Sasha-Tasha standing outside the store room and smile at each other...
Dekha dare she spoke to me in high pitch tone this morning??...yeh us gustaki ki saza hain.. how much ever she screems, no one in the groundfloor will be able to listen to her...Both slowly leave from there with an evil smile.

Geet loud as she could whist banging the door... but its not helping her..

Oops...she forgot her mobile in her  handbag that's lying in her cabin...she checks the intercom but she is new and doesn't even know which number to ask for help...still she continuously tries and almost dials 1-500 numbers...nothing works...

She is not able to open any of the windows...She is slowly getting engulfed in suffocation and faints..

At School...
Daadi and Vicky happens to Meet Nandiniji...

Savithriji (Daadi)...Aap yahan? What a plesant surprise? Please have your seat

Daadi is all angry at Nandiniji...Rehne dijiye..Angry With a tone full of anger and doesnt give any eye contact...

Nandiniji is taken back with her anger filled tone today

Savithriji..kya baat hain? Why are you so angry?

Hamen aap se yeh ummed nahin thi..


My grandson Maan keeps coming over here to meet Komal...and you are happily allowing him...

Oh...savithriji...pls...have your seat first...I was under assumption that Maan has kept you informed about it...


Nandini is really confused...the other day Savithriji was pretending as if she knows everything about Komal and what happened to her now??Ouch

Answer me first...why are you encouraging all this?

Ji...dhekiye..Maan really loves komal and enjoys her company...Komal hain itni pyaari..He took my permission before starting to meet her on regular basis...

Daadi is now giving an anger filled glare at Nandiniji..
Now, Nandini is getting little cautious unable to take those pricking looks..I too said Yes for it because I knew the depressive state of Maan... and I am so happy to see some happiness in him and all this is from when he has started meeting Komal in our school...and also, I took Komal's mom's permission...

Both Daadi and Vicky look at each other with their mouth wide open and they say together...KYA??? Shocked

Komal's mom has also approved it? Kaisi besharam ladki hai aur us ki ma bhi usse support kar rahi hain?? Chee...Angry

Nandiniji is really getting confused now unable to think and understand anything as she knows very well that Savithriji is a very kind hearted person and she would never speak about a child like this. 

Savithriji...please have control on what you are saying...Ouch

What control haan? You are allowing one of your teaching staff to meet Maan with her mom's permission and on top of all you are giving them permission to meet at your school...WAH? Kya Baat hain?Angry

Teaching Staff????Shocked

Yeah...Komal is a teacher here right? I know everything...

Oh...My head is spinning...Confusedyeah aap kya keh rahi hain?? Yeah...its true that there's a teaching staff by name Komal..but..

Dhekha...good you are accepting finally...

Nandiniji is just giving up...she suddenly checks the time...its sharp 11 30 AM

She opens the window which gives easy access to the play area...Aap ka maan kis se miltha hain? Ek baar ussse dheklijiye...

Oh...Maan is here? Us ki tho main...She looks thro the window...and her feet gets frozen to the ground...Vicky too looks and gets a shock of his life...


Maan meets Komal. He lifts her kisses on her cheeks but she doesn't respond..

She is more sad than angry...

Naraz ho?

She nods for a no..

Komal darling...

She gets little excited hearing this but doesn't show it..

I told you na..I will be busy with my office work and there may be few days in between where I may not be able to meet you.


Maan was moved with her sadness filled tone..

Haan beta..

Please dont leave me and go...

Maan instantly hugs her..

I have told you na beta..I will never leave you...Hmm? Trust me!

See...Mom is also so busy these days..she is not able to spend much time with me. 

He is really getting restless now...he was confused with what he has written to Komal's mom and sealed in the envelop but now he feels what he has done is right. He needs to ensure that Komal mom is safe at her work place.

Dont worry...sab tik ho jayega...

Ab...please give me a hug with a kiss and smile...hmm...otherwise...
She is not prepared to listen to what he is about to say and instantly hugs him and kiss him with a smile.

That's like my angel...Wink

He sits down in one of the seats that's built in school play area and makes komal sit on his lap. He gives her a box of chocolates..and another cute HELLO KITTY Stuffed doll. She really loved it.

Par paapa...I havent yet finished the chocolates which you had given me last time...
He smiles at her innocence. Its ok..take this. But yes you must still continue to have it only with your mom's permission hmm? 

Yes Papa..and she kisses him.

Also, please give this envelop to your mom...hmm??

Sure Papa...She always keeps it safe in her school bag.

Komal-Maan kiss good bye.

Daadi and Vicky have been observing every second of them...Both couldn't hear them as it was way far. Daadi had tears running down her cheeks seeing Maan all smiling, and happy when he met this kid. Vicky is equally emotional seeing this shade of his brother..but he is consoling Daadi now keeping his hold on her shoulder. 

Dekha Savithriji...yehi hain woh Komal jis se Maan Milthe hain....She started telling her all what happened right from the begging when komal first bumped on Maan till date.

Daadi closes her eyes...and instantly turns to Nandini ji and holds her hand. I really dont understand whether to say sorry first or thank you..
Rehne dijiye Savithriji...mis understandings hojathi hain..waise..who gave you the information that Maan has been meeting one of the teachers here? 

Daadi now gives a glare at Vicky...Nandini comes forward and pulls his ears...You did your MBA from US?? You need to go back to school? Shall I get you admissions in Komal's class?? haan??

Ouch ... Ouch Vicky really looks embarrassed...sorry Nandiniji...sorry Daadi.

Both Nandiniji and Savithriji smile at his plightLOL

Nandiniji, can I also meet Komal for sometime? just 5 mins..I will not tell her that I am Maan's grandmother ok? aur please, even you dont inform Maan about it.

sure..Wait...will call her here. Nandiniji calls one of the school attendants to bring Komal to her cabin.

Komal walks in...

Daadi and Vicky are so happy to see her. a cute little girl with angelitic smile and voice.

Nandini introduces Savithriji to Komal.. Komal beta...yeh na, meri best friend hain. Aap se milna chahthi hain.

Mere paas aao beta..Daadi calls her...

Komal cutely walks to her and Daadi instantly makes her sit on her lap. Komal is equally happy as she never had a grandmother around.

Aap ka naam kya hain?

Komal..Aur aap ka naam? She asks with her sweet voice.
Main...Main...Aap mujhe Daadi bhula sakthe hain...
Now Vicky carries Komal in his hands and...Aur main..Vicky...friends? says with a hi five
Friends and gives him a hi five

Daadi gets tears in her eyes seeing her innocent face and her life that's filled with sorrows that she herself is not aware of... learning about what Komal and her mom have gone thro in life and how god got them to meet Maan who's life was again filled with depression and that's the secret bonding them together.

Daadi takes a long sigh...Main bhi kya kya soch rahi thi...she laughs at her own plight.

Daadi and vicky out of school...on their way to their respective cars... Vicky beta...kya yeh wake main Maan the? ya main koi sapna dhek rahi thi? also, Komal is such a wonderful wonder she can melt a person like Maan...Vicky..lets not talk about it to Maan ok ? 

she pauses for a sec. By the way Vicky, what's happening on IP? How was your first day, first visit?

Kya looks so deserted. Mujhe kuch samaj main nahin aa raha what to do. Where to begin from and so on..

Yeah kya baat huyi Vicky? Its your organisation now. You need to take initiative and just start. You can do it my boy...

Acha...Daadi aap mere saath challiye tho...then you will understand.
Daadi and Vicky drive to IP..

at IP...
Vicky shows her the place. I have walked into all the rooms. I really dont understand how the flow of work happens here..atleast there should have been one person here who could have handed over me the operations and I would have taken it from there.

Daadi understood his point of view which is quite valid. She had to take the decision of downsizing all staff from here as the situation demanded...She thinks and thinks what to do. Just then the telephone rings and Vicky takes the call. 

Daadi puts the call on speaker mode so that even she can listen to the call.


Hello Sir...I am the translater for the foreign delegates who had visited your factory last week and they were so much interested in signing the contract with you...

Vicky is not able to say yes or a no...and he is blinking ...Daadi gestures him to say yes. 

Vicky says hmm..

My clients are still interested in signing the contract and place their first order

Daadi murmurs...give your email to them...

Can you please email me the contract and order details? My email is...

Who am I speaking to? 

I am Vicky...Vicky Khurana. 

We had passed the details to Maan Singh Khurana...

yes, he is my elder brother but I am handling this business with effect from today.

Oh that's great, when shall we meet further on this? 

Daadi again murmurs...ask them to come to our office after 2 days.

can we meet at our office after 2 days? we can finalize the contract then?

Sure sir...

Vicky and the translator exchange their mobile contact details.

Thank you sir...see you soon...and keeps the phone

Daadi...what is this? This place is so deserted...Aap bhi dhek rahi hain na? I dont know anything about this business operations. I cant even face bhai now regarding this.

Daadi gets into serious thoughts, Atleast Komal's issue has been sorted out...but your Maan bhai is still a big its time to know what is actually going on in his mind with regard to Geet. 

Daadi...I am talking about IP operations...and you are talking about Bro and Geet? Connection kya hain? Shocked

There's no connection but connect kar denge...Now, Its time your Bro knows who the owner of IP is...

DAAADI!!!!! Vicky shouts in fear Dead I telling a horror story to you? stop reacting like this. 

Daadi...Bro will kill me...Yes,,,its just like that horror story...I can very well imagine bro sucking my blood from my neck...Dead

Daadi hits him...Can you stop doing all this kiddish pranks? Angry

Geet has just joined more day and I will take this move.

What move? I still dont understand how are you going to solve IP and GEET-BRO  issue at the same time?

Wait till tomorrow evening and she winks Wink

Back to Khurana Constructions:

Maan is back to KC...heads straight away to his Cabin..

He sees Geet is not at her desk...Where did she go now? 
He waits for 10 mins...he gets restless...He calls body knows where she is. He searches for her everywhere...calls on her mobile and he could hear a mobile ringing somewhere...he rushes to her cabin and sees her handbag which has her mobile...Just then he remembers about the store room...he immediately rushes to the place and sees its closed from outside but not locked. He was about to leave when he could get the glimpse of light within the room thro the closed door. He slowly opens the door...and terrified to see Geet lying unconscious over the floor..

GEEET ...He screems out loud.

He bends down and takes Geet in his lap and pats on her cheeks...GEET...GEET what happened to you? She was soaked in swet...Thank God there was water kept on the table. He takes it and sprinkles on her face still patting on her cheeks...GEET GEET...

Geet slowly opens her eyes into his..deeply looking into those eyes which are so terrified and concerned. Maan instntly hugs her...and she responds by hugging him...

Geet could hear his heartbeat which has almost doubled and its pacing loud against her chest...GEET...he calls out her name so softly...Are you alright? He cups her face again and looks at her innocent face still dipped in sweat making sure she is getting stable now...I am sorry to send you here... and again hugs her tight..He didnt want to break the hug till he is sure that she is fine...

Sir...I am...I am fine...

I am sorry Geet..

I am fine...

Both their eyes closed...and not willing to let go of each other. A minute has passed and they slowly break their hug and their eyes meet that was filled with so much concerns for each other and a smile touches their face. 

Both slowly try to get up but Geet again feels some giddiness... dont seem to be fine yet..

No..No sir...I am fine...Its just mild giddiness. 

He slowly carries her in his arms and walks out of the store room...all the time looking at her...and she is feeling so uncomfortable and embarrassed if someone gets to see them...

Sir..please ...I can I can walk my self...please...

He is no way listening to her... Their eyes are not at all letting go of each other..

They slowly walk down to the reception...unaware about the crowd gathering them...Pinky, Aadi, Sasha, Tasha...and IP staff.. and so on...
Pinky is all shocked with what's going on with Geet...Sasha-Tasha are fuming in jealousy as they had planned something and it resulted in something else...

Now, the crowd turns to look at the other side of the reception which is the main elegant lady walking in her semi formal, all eyes glued on this lady who walks towards the crowd that's gathered.. 
She looks at maan with a smirk seeing him carrying a girl like this and that too in his office...Maan looks at this lady...and calls out her name...

Nayantara?? with a surprise...

Geet also looks at her and she thinks Nayantara...a name too familiar to her and  she is getting to hear this name almost after 4 years... 

Maan slowly brings her down...He calls out Pinky at the reception...Pinky..Please check on Geet...she had fainted and still not stable...Please check her on first aid...

Y..Yes Sir..Pinky is nervous and not able to understand what is going on.. Pinky takes Geet for First Aid Checkup...they pass by Nayantara... 

Nayantara scans Geet from top to bottom and smiles at her and amazed to see Maan so much concerned about someone. Geet too responds with a smile as Nayantara name is too familiar to her or can say close...

Nayantara slowly moves towards Maan and hugs him...which gives another shocking wave among the crowd gathered...He looks at Geet thanks god she had moved away from the crowd along with Pinky...and he takes a phew...He takes Nayantara to his cabin and closes the door and also the blinds.

PRECAP: Daadi shouts at Maan in front of Geet

Edited by Vaidhumom - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago

Hery    i  am  first  

dhamaka  part  di  

i  like  geet  ans  to  miss  sasaha  the  chudil LOL

maaneet  momnet Embarrassed   too  good  lost  in  them  

thanks  to  chudil  LOL

koaml  and  maan emotions  are  so  touchy  di  

papa  and  beti  love  it  
Edited by Mahimaan - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
nice update yaar...
really loved how the story is moving...
waiting for next part...
Posted: 4 years ago
Great part
At least Komal mystery is solved
Nayantara new entry, is she gud or bad
Continue soon...
Posted: 4 years ago
Great part.
Dadi and Vicky got to know about Komal.
Wonder how will Vicky handle IP. 
Loved Maneet scenes.
Posted: 4 years ago
A Lovely Chapter 

Daadi and Vicky came to Komal's school as Daadi was angry about the teacher Komal seeing Maan but when she learns about the child Komal and seeing just how happy both Komal and Maan are together she gets emotional 
Maan sends Geet to the storeroom to rearrange the project files and both of them have relief that they will be away from each other's view for a while 
Jealous Sasha and Tasha decides to lock Geet in the storeroom but their plan backfired as Maan came looking for Geet and found her unconscious 
Maan carrying Geet in his arms and Naintara walks in she is known to both Geet and Maan 
but how is she known to Geet 
waiting for those revealations 
Posted: 4 years ago
thanks 4 updating! congrats on 25 updates! fab update, well written! Geet at KC! Maan reveals she is is PA! Adi emotional seeing that she is widow with a kid! Dadi n Vicky get to know who Komal is! Maan tensed seeing Geet unconscious! he goes 2 help her! update soon
Posted: 4 years ago
beautiful update
daadi n vicky come to know about maan n komal
both becomes very emotional seeing interaction between maan n komal from far
maan find geet unconscious in store room n carry her in his arms 

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