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PART  - 6

Maan runs thru a mix feeling...He is finding her pain to be much more severe than his own...For the first time, his mind is seriously thinking about something  which is keeping him away from his past.

Next day he meets Komal on the usual timings...

She seemed to be a little lost... one of her class mate was jealous with Komal seeing her spending time with her Papa and she tells Komal that her papa will stop meeting her soon.

Beta...why are you so quite today?

She remains quite for few more seconds and...


Yes dear...

I wanted to ask you something...

She keeps quite for sometime...

What happened?

Papa, Where were you all these days? Why didn't you come to meet me? You know how much I missed you? She had tears in her eyes...Maan is really hurt with those tears...Didn't know what explanation to give...

I am SORRY...I had to fully concentrate on my business  and that's why I couldn't spend enough time with you.

Komal is still in tears...and he wipes her tears away...

Please dear...don't cry

She hugs him tightly and not able to control her tears...please papa...promise me that you will never  stop meeting me.

I Promise...I will never ever stop meeting you.

The time's up... he hands over a small envelope to her ...a letter for your mom...Please give it to her.

Sure Papa...she kisses his cheeks before leaving.

As per the usual routines, Geet picks up Komal and they both are back to Indian Paints office...

Mamma...Papa gave it...and hands over the letter to her.

After komal finishes with her lunch and goes to sleep...she tore the envelope carefully and opens the letter slowly.

"Hello Komal's  Mom...Hope this letter finds you all fine and blessed with good health. To begin with, you can address me with any name suiting your comfort level...But I prefer to call you Komal Mom...Just because you are her MOM!"

Geet has an unexpected smile on her face.

"Thank You for the Thank You Greeting...I almost went speechless for sometime after reading your note in the Greeting... All I would like to mention is...I am really proud of you for the love you have towards Komal and for hiding all your sorrows and tears just to see your daughter smiling...I can understand what it takes...I can understand what is going thru your mind at this point of time...Its not easy, I know that"

Geet stops reading for a while as tears rolls down her cheeks...

"I do not intend to stop meeting Komal... I can purely understand your concerns, I will be meeting her and I wish you will never stop me to meet her... Is Komal troubling me? The answer lays within your note that you had sent to me saying that Komal is a "Little Angle" can a Little Angle like her can trouble anyone? I am loving every single minute that I get to spend with her. Is she naughty? I doubt...I  guess all her naughtiness is reserved only for her mother she has never shown it on me."Wink

Hmm...Again a smile on her face...Smile

"And let me tell you...I never felt that I will find some happiness back into my life till the time I met Komal...and I am sure this will happen in your life as well... I could see that you are a brave woman...never give up on your hopes...You Take Care & Best Regards!"

Geet feels light at heart after reading this letter... For the first time, her mind is seriously thinking about something  which is keeping her away from her past.

Few days passes by...Komal is regularly meeting Maan and Komal has been a Mediator between Maan and Geet who successfully does a role of a pigeon, passing the letters between Maan and Geet every now and then...Embarrassed

One fine day, Geet gives a usual call to Yash from her Indian Paints office...

Hie are you?

I'm fine Geet and you?

I'm fine too...Yash, I just called to update you with what all happened in office for the day...

Listen Listen Geet...Shall we meet today? Need to discuss something very urgent.

Are you coming to office now?

No Geet...Shall we meet for a cup of coffee? I will pick you up from home say around 6:30 PM.

Sure...But Yash...All fine na?

We will meet and discuss Geet.

Geet keeps the phone down...She senses something wrong. Geet and Komal get back to home. She requests Uncleji to take care of Komal for some time and she leaves along with Yash

At the coffee Shop...

Yash is quite for sometime...doesnt know how to start the conversation

Yash...please tell me what's the matter? I have never seen you so quite

Geet...I dont know how to begin...

My family in Canada needs me. Papa is not able to handle his business all alone...he has been facing problems health wise. Hence I need to go back to them.

Yash...itni si baat? I will take care of the business operations here and will be in touch with you on daily basis...

No Geet...I have decided to sell Indian Paints operations...


I have to Geet

Yash, Is that the only solution left? Believe me, I will take care of it here...

I have to get back to Canada and I have no clue when I will return back. Papa and Mamma has been constantly calling me to come back to Canada... After my Bro and Bhabi's death in that car accident 6 years back, Papa and Mamma have no body else apart from me whom they can rely upon...I have no other choice left...I need to go back along with my niece and nephew. ...they will continue their schooling from there. I also need enough cash reserve...

Geet is quite and her contribution to Indian Paints has been limitless...she is personally attached to this organisation and yash as a wonderful boss

Geet...I can really understand your state of mind...But I am left with no other choice...

Istill remember the day we got introduced thro uncleji (Pinky's dad). it's been almost 3 years back...but seems as if it happened yesterday...I was really amazed by the way you handled my niece and nephew...I recall the plights of those people whom I assigned the responsibility of being the guardian of those two brats...But you have been handling them differently trying to deal with the situation understanding their child psychology...and slowly you transformed them to be such disciplined kids after you took the responsibility of being their guardian and also slowly helping me out with Indian Paints operations...I really owe you a lot Geet

Yash..Its  me who owe you a lot...I really fear my situation about mine and Komal's survival if Babaji didn't introduce me to Uncleji and you. But Yash, Are you sure there is no other alternative left?

Yash nods sadly for a NO.


Yash... you carry on with your procedures... I am still there to support you.

Thanks Geet

Who is buying Indian Paints?

I will be advertising it news papers tomorrow...I will meet few people and then decide...When I meet the right bidder, I will explain them about you so that you and Komal so that you continue to work with the same pace without any disturbance.

Dont worry about me Yash...I am worried about your papa's health... please ask him to take care and convey my regards to him...And dont forget, I am always there to help you.

Yash holds his hand on hers...THANK YOU GEET...I am really lucky to have a friend like you...I will miss you and Komal when I get back to Canada.

Me too Yash.

Next day...

At KC...

Maan calls Aadi to his cabin... this news paper post...Call this person and fix an appointment...

Ssure Sssir...But why are you interested in buying a paint company? Is it worth it?

Its simple Aadi...When we have our own paint company, our future construction cost tend to reduce when we combine the operations of both the entities (Khurana Constructions and Indian Paints)

Precap: Maan and Yash Meeting...and Maneet Meet...lets see how their first meeting turns to be Day Dreaming

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Please note: Had to steal some scenes and dialogues from GHSP Nov 2010 episodes...but my story line still remains different.

Will check on Editing / spelling mistakes later.

Yash has been meeting few people who positively responded towards the advertisement. But he was unable to strike the right deal...He expects at least 1.25 to 1.5 crores but he was not getting any serious buyer till now.

Finally, Aadi fixes up a meeting between Yash and Maan Singh Khurana. They decided to meet in a cafeteria and then discuss. Yash is so excited with the fact that the great business tycoon is interested in his business.

Hello Mr. Yash

Hello Mr. Maan...Pleased to meet you. I have heard a lot about you. Well...I thanks for your response towards the advertisement...To introduce about my company...

I know very well...Indian Paints company, its clients, and its line of business as we cater to the same market...would not like to waste my time on it.

Yash remains quite...

Coming to the point...I have got the full ground work and I know the net worth of your company including the land value, fixed assets, capital value, Business and stock market levels and so on...I would say I would give you 2 crores for this...

2 crores? But Mr. Maan...

Take it or leave it...

What is this man upto? I have calculated 1.25-1.5 crores and this man is offering me 2 crores..that's 50-75 lakhs more than I expected? Has he gone nuts?

But Mr. Maan...let me explain you something...

Mr. might have high expectations but I can pay you the actual value for your business and that's final...have no time for argument...I have to leave now as I have some other commitments...

Yash gulps his salaiva...FINE...I am fine...I am ok with it. So, when shall we sign the documents...


But Mr. Maan...I needed 2 days time to arrange for the documents...

Mr. Yash, When I am interested in a deal, I sign it immediately without thinking or even postponing to the next day...I have these key documents are prepared by my lawyer...Lets sign on it now and we shall sign the rest of the documents in next one or two days.

Both sign the documents. Maan gives a check to Yash with 2 crores written on it and signed by Maan. Yash takes it and looks at it in amusement.

Is all fine with the cheque? Do get back to me if any problem in debiting it into your account...Hmm

YYES...Mr. Maan...So when shall I take you to my company?

Your Company?

I mean Indian Paints Company

Mr. Yash...its no longer your company...Its MY Company from this moment...

But Mr. Maan...I am suppose to show you the company, introduce you to my employees and...

I will get it done myself...THANK YOU.

But Mr. are trying to push me off completely...I still have some rights till all the documents are signed.

Mr. Yash...the key documents are signed between us...and henceforth if you interfere in Indian paints business then you will be dragged to court.

Wait wait Mr. Maan...Oh friend, why do you get so angry that easily? Fine...I will stay away from this business completely.

He  holds Maan's hand...But Mr. Maan...Would like to tell you something about my staff and labours...I am emotionally attached to them...I consider them as a part of my family

Mr. Yash...I am not interested in emotional talks.


Mr. Yash...I am a strict business man...I dont want my time to get wasted further...

Ok...Mr you wish

Maan leaves from there leaving a confused Yash behind...This person is so will Geet manage to work with him...How will she manage taking care of Komal? Oh god!

Maan manages to be in Komal's school on time...he finishes spending some valuable time with her and then he gets back to Khurana Constructions... was the deal?

Aadi...I got it signed...Now Indian Paints company belongs to us.

That's great SS..Ss..Sir.


But need a secretary to support you now as our business operations are growing.

Yes Aadi...I have been avoiding this...but now I would need a secretary for sure.

Shall I arrange for an interview session?

No Aadi...not now...wait till I let you know.

OOk Sir...

Now...Let me visit this Indian Paints company

At Indian Paints...

As per the usual schedule, Geet and Komal finish with the lunch together. After komal goes to sleep, Geet goes to the Store room on the first floor to check on stock.

All the labours were about to leave for their usual one hour lunch break. One of the labour has seen the stock room open and he locks the room from outside.

Geet didn't realise this...she finishes with the stock checking and she comes near the door  and found it to be closed. She knocks the door but no response.

Oh no...all labours would have gone for their lunch break...what to do now? Komal must be all alone.

Maan gets into Indian Paints office. He asked his body guards to wait near the reception area and he carries on with the office sight seeing...

Geet is still stuck in that stock room...

Babaji...what shall I do? I need to go back to my cabin..

She finds a rope in one corner of the room which was strong and long enough. She ties the rope to the window peeping into the big office of the first floor. She ties the rope to the window base and slowly climbs down...

Maan is just standing close to that rope but did't notice it as he is busy observing the office. Geet slowly climbs down and at one point of time her feet touched Maan's shoulder. They both turn to have an intense eye lock...she loses her balance and falls on him...and with  a thug...both fell down to the huge pile of loose cotton arranged near by.

They both are lost in their respective past incidents whilst looking into each other's eyes...


Dev: Namasthe

Darji:  Namasthe...Aap Koun?

Dev: Ji...sometime back you had approached an engineering company to renovate your haveli...I am the engineer who has been assigned to do this work.

Darji: Oh..Aayie (Please come in)

Darji introduces Dev to all male members of the family...

Darji: Brij...inko zara apna haveli ghumao (Show him our haveli)

Brij: Ji Darji

Brij shows the haveli for sometime...

Dev: Brij ji...mujhe ek glass paani chahiye (I need  a glass of water)

Brij: Paani kya...lassi hi le aatha hoon (What water? I will bring butter milk for you)

While brij leaves from there...Dev takes a look at the haveli...Suddenly he hears a voice...

Rajji: Didi...Mera kitab vapas karo (Return my book)

Geet: Nahin doongi...Terah Saal ki hi huyi ho aur tumhen Mills & Boons kitab panda hain ?(I will not give are 13 and you're reading Mills & Boon)

Dev is lost in her looks...she was the most beautiful girl he has ever met in his life.

Rajji: Didi...I want to improve my English...That's why

Geet: Oye Hoye...Aur koi kitab nahin mila iske alava? (You didnt get any other book apart from this?)

Geet is holding the book in her hand looking at Rajji and teasing her by showing her tongue...and runs without looking ahead...and Bang..

Geet banged Dev with such intensity that both lost balance and fell on the floor...They both are lost looking at each other's eyes. Geet's one hand is on his shoulder and the other hand on his chest where as Dev's hands are covering her waist... their touch sending such shivers into their body which they never knew it existed in the first place.

They snap out slowly listening to Rajji...Didi...

Rajji: Didi...Aap tik hain na

Geet nods her head..she is not able to utter a single word with what just happened...She is feeling shy to turn and look at Dev...But wondering who is he. Geet and Rajji start moving from that place before anyone sees them talking with a stranger.

Dev: Ji Rukiye...

Geet and Rajji stop

Dev: Aap ka kitab (your book) He hands over the book to Geet with a soft touch...Once again sending shivers into their body.

Just then Brij comes there with the glass of water and lassi

Brij: Geet...Rajji...Aap donon yahan kya kar rahin hain? (What you both are doing here?)

Geet: Bhai..Mera book is upar wali kidki se gir gaya tha...usse lene aaye the. (My book fell down from the top floor window...just came to pick it up) She makes sure her brother doesn't see the book.

Dev is amused with her presence of mind...

Dev: GEET...very nice name as beautiful as her own self.

Brij turns to Dev

Brij: Dev ji...aap ko kahin chot tho nahin lagi?

Dev: Ji...main tik hoon (I am fine)

Geet: DEV...Hmm...nice name

By next day, Geet and Dev get to know more details about each other...

Geet is a BA student studying in a college on Hoshyarpur-Amritsar Highway

Dev is an engineer who has been assigned to do the renovation work.

Their first encounter marked the beginning of a new phase of their life...least did they know what lays ahead...what life and fate has decided for them.


Daadi: Maan Aap abhi tak tayar nahin huye hain? (You are not ready yet)

Maan: Daadi...mujhe yeh sab pasand nahin (Daadi...I dont like all this). I dont want to think about marriage for another one or two years.

Daadi: Maan Bete...Aaj hum ne kapoor family se milne ka vaada kiya tha...Aap ko yaad honi chahiye ke Khurana khandan main vaade nahin todthe (Today I had promised to the kapoor family that we'll be meeting remind you, khurana family never break their promise)

Maan: Par daadima

Daadi: Maan...I am just asking you to come along with me and just see the girl...we are not getting the engagement or marriage done today right?

Maan keeps quitefor sometime...

Maan: Tik hain daadima...I am coming down there it doesn't mean that I must like the girl...OK

At Kapoors...

Aayiye Aayiye...Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor welcome Daadi and Maan

Mrs. Kapoor takes their leave as Mr. Kapoor keeps Daadi and Maan busy with his talk...

Daadi: Where's your younger daugher?
Mr. Kapoor: She is studying in a boarding school in Shimla.
Maan is least interested to listen to their talks...he tries to escape from there at least for some time..
Maan: Ji...where is the wash room?

Mr. Kapoor: Maan beta...just go straight ...take left and keep going till you get to see the last door...that's the wash room

Maan leaves from there...reaches the wash room and freshens up by washing his face...While returning back to hall...he passes by a room where two ladies are was Neha's room and Mrs. Kapoor is getting her daughter Neha ready...

Neha: Yeh kya ma...I am not a show piece...Why are you decorating me like this?

Mrs. Kapoor: Are beta...they are coming to see my daughter...she should look good enough right?

Neha: But Ma...why so much jewellery? You said its a casual meeting and nothing else...but you are dressing me in such a way as if its my wedding today and you will send me off along with those people who have come to see me?

Mrs. Kapoor: Par beta...they are khuranas...You don't get such alliances every now and then...I don't want my daughter to look small in front of them.

Neha: Ma...I dont want to get into a relationship where my husband or his family rank me based on my appearance...Moreover, I have been telling you that I am not interested in getting married now...I want to complete my studies...please ma...I am taking this meeting as a casual one nothing else...and remember, you told me to meet them...that's it and it doesn't mean that I must say YES because they have come all the way to see me...please understand its not only my marriage, its going to be the beginning of my new life and I need to see my comfort levels with that person whom I am going to get married to.

Mrs. Kapoor removes all the jewellery from her and keeps it as simple as possible as per her daughter's wish...she is happy that atleast she has accepted to meet Maan

Maan smiles at whatever he has been listening...His first impressions about Neha has been impressive...and also  she wouldn't mind to wait for the marriage for another year or two. He tries to catch a glimpse of her if possible but failed. He leaves from there and joins Daadi.

In next 10 minutes...Neha comes down to the hall and Mrs. Kapoor accompanying her.

Mr. Kapoor: Yeh lijiye...Yeh hain meri badi beti Neha (She is my daughter Neha). Aur Neha bete...yeh hain Savithri Devi aur yeh hain unke pote Maan (She is Savithri Devi and he is her grandson of Maan)

Neha and Maan look at each other and happen to miss their own heartbeat.

Mr. Kapoor: Neha Bete...Daadi ke peyar choovo (Touch the feet of Daadi)

Neha comes near Daadi and Daadi holds her by her shoulder

Daadi: Is ki koi zaroorat nahin bete...

She looks at Neha

Daadi: Badi pyari bachi hain...aayiye...hamare paas betiye (Such a cute girl...come sit next to me)

Neha smiles...and sits next to Daadi

Both Maan and Neha stealing glances

Neha: Hmm...he is really handsome...will he like me? Accept me even if I am willing to continue with my education?

Maan: She is really beautiful...She seems to have all qualities that are essential for a Khurana Khandan Bahu. But wonder what she is thinking about me.

Daadi: Neha bete...apne bare main kuch batayiye

Neha: Ji...

Neha feels shy and smiles

Neha: Ji ...My parents and my younger sister are my world... I agree to what ever they say...

Mr & Mrs. Kapoor feel proud to hear this...

Neha continues...I am very simple by nature and have very few friends. I am currently doing my BA second year...aiming to complete my graduation with good marks.

Daadi: Hmm..interesting...Even I prefer to get my grandson married to an Educated girl.

Neha smiles and feels happy about what she heard from Daadi.

After some time...

Mr. Kapoor: Neha Beta...Maan bete ko hamara ghar ghumake dhikhao (Show Maan our home)

Neha: Ji Papa

Neha and Maan leave from the hall where all the elders are seated. Neha begins with the ground floor and then takes him to the first floor. Where there are 2 rooms for guests and a big terrace.

Neha:  Ji...Aap ko hamara ghar kaisa laga (How did you like our home?)

Maan: Hmm...bohuth acha laga (liked it very much) ghar bhi aur ghar wale bhi ( the home and even people living in it).

They look into each other to have an intense eye locks. Neha blushes thinking what he is trying to say...Moreover,  this is the first sentence he spoke and that was enough to make her shiver and she remains silent for sometime.

Maan: Neha ji, I am not a person who is talkative but when I talk I am straight  forward...I have liked you and found that you have all qualities to be my ideal wife.

Neha is restless...and she is really shy to turn back and look at him and unable to utter a single word.

Maan: why are you quite all of a sudden?

Neha: Ji...main woh...I

Maan: Neha can rely and talk to me what's in your mind.

Neha: Ji main woh...apni padai (My studies)

Maan: want to complete your graduation and then get I correct?

Neha: Ji...aap ko kaise...

Maan: Well...I got to listen to your mother-daughter talk when I was passing from the wash room.

Neha remains quite... amused with his understanding.

Maan: I have no problem in waiting for a year or two as I need this time as well. and WE both need this time to understand each other. Now tell are interested in me or not

Neha's joy knew no bounds and her happiness was clearly visible in her facial expressions. What else she could ask for...Maan was the ideal match for her in all terms and moreover he is willing to wait nice of him.

Maan: Shall I take your silence as acceptance?

Neha bluses and nods for an yes.

They spend some time on the terrace

Neha: Now, I will take you back to the ground floor. Will show you my garden..I love gardening...Neha and Maan are near the stares taking them to the garden...have lot of flowers planted and I take care of themmm...

she slips and about to fall down the stairs...Maan pulls her back with a jerk. She falls on him with a thug...both lost in each other's eyes. Neha's one hand is on his shoulder and the other hand on his chest where as Maan's hands are covering her waist...their touch sending such shivers into their body which they never knew it existed in the first place.

Their first encounter marked the beginning of a new phase of their life...least did they know what lays ahead...what life and fate has decided for them.


Maan and Geet lost in each other's eyes... Their lips were too close... A very strange attraction builds in but a glimpse of their own past incidents block their mind to imagine any thing further.

Yeh can I see that incident repeating with another way

Yeh can I see that incident repeating with another way

Both immediately snap out of each other.

Precap:  "Who the hell are you to talk to me like this?"

                 "I'm your BOSS"

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Maan and Geet lost in each other's eyes... Their lips were too close... A very strange attraction builds in but a glimpse of their own past incidents block their mind to imagine any thing further.

Yeh can I see that incident repeating with another way

Yeh can I see that incident repeating with another way

Both immediately snap out of each other.

Geet got up first and gestured to help Maan by giving him hand...but he refuses to give in.

Huh...such an attitude...Wonder what he thinks of himself. who is he? Must be a new client.

He got up and happens to see that Geet's long hair had few cotton strands...his hand instantly moving towards the strands to remove it...but held back himself.

Excuse Me

She turns to look around...

I have never seen an office where people use ropes to commute to the various floors from the ground level...

She is about to explain him but he doesn't allow her. don't tell me that there's no staircase in this office...

STOP IT...Will you allow me to talk?

There is a stair case...she points it out to him...Open your eyes and SEE...

Oh...There is a Stair case then...OK OK...So, you are specially appointed here to show your "CIRCUS" Skills.

ENOUGH...I do not owe you any explanation.

You have to

What?  What do you mean?

I don't want nonsense here...You might have got used to people laughing at you but I will not tolerate such silly acts here in this office.

EXCUSE ME! I am seeing that you are going on and on with your non stop talking without even knowing anything about me...Who the hell are you to talk to me like this?

I'm your boss

Geet remains silent for a while and then bursts out laughingLOL

Huh...I was under assumption that some screw is loose in your top-floor...but now I realise that Your Top-Floor itself empty...and she starts to laugh again.LOL

Maan fumes with anger as no one ever dared to even talk to him and this girl dared to call him Mad...STOP YOUR NONSENCE...He screams on top of his voice

Geet immediately stops

LOOK...I am your boss and hence I demand...STOP your non-stop rubbish...I hate people who are talkative as when they are talking, they lose control over their thought process...And you will only talk in front of me when I ask you for something...IS IT CLEAR?

He tells this and leaves to his cabin (That was Yash's cabin)

Geet is annoyed... What is he saying? Where is he going now? she goes to his cabin...

Excuse me Mister...

Dont you have a decency to knock the door before getting into BOSS cabin?

Mr. Yash Malhotra is my Boss...See...his name nailed on the door.

Maan Smirks...Mr. Yash WAS the boss of Indian Paints...Now I am the boss as YASH has sold me this company...We have signed this deal just today...Here it is.

He shows the agreement to Geet and her mouth is wide open in shock...

And you are his secretary...I mean, were his'll report to me hence forth.

I am not his secretary...I am the COO of this company. its your turn to check your top-floor...Leave from here...I have to check on lot of things and dont disturb me...and being my secretary, you need to ensure no one disturb me.


I said...Leave from here.

She remembers YASH was going to sell this company...But what's this...he didn't tell me after the deal was finalised with this JERK...Yash, When we get to meet next time, consider it to be the last day of your life. She murmerrs with all actions...She comes out of Maan's cabin. All labours were waiting out as they could hear the loud conversation

Madam Who is this person and why is he talking to you like this?

He is our new boss

Mahodaya...Yeh main kya sun raha hoon? (Madam...What am I getting to listen?) asks Pandeji seriously

Ji...Yash ne yeh company bech di hain (Yash has sold this company).

Kya? All workers start screaming

Aap sab shaant ho jaayiye...Yeh naye boss ko shor pasand nahin (Please remain quite...this new boss doesn't like noise)

Par baby...Manishah is getting restless

Listen everyone...carry on with your work as usual.

Maan comes out and listens what they all are talking

Nothing else is changed apart from the boss...and henceforth, we need to be careful with this new boss who is going to be around...

He's a master piece in taking over this company he thinks he has taken over this world...Its not his mistake...his state of mind is such...

Maan is fuming with anger with what she's instructing the workersAngry

Hence behave normal in front of him and dont react when he roars like a hungry lion.

You all continue to report to me for any it clear?

What's happening here?

Everyone turns to look was the new boss who is screaming at them...

Geet was again shocked...did he listen to what I told the workers? Let him..I dont care.Angry

Listen everyone...I am your new boss...MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

All stand with "ATTENTION" like soldiers in the war field.

Now...Who's handling the orders?

All workers point out at other worker standing next to themLOL

What's happening? I asked who is handling orders?

Its me...answers Geet

And production files...

JJJiii...Maaain...Answers Pandeji.

Look I need all updated files and reports in my cabin by tomorrow morning and I will not entertain people chit-chatting, gossiping and any carelessness in work...remember that...He gives a stare to Geet and leaves from there.

Everyone carry on with their usual work.

Mama...Komal woke from her sleep and she runs and hugs her mom

Komal tarah bahar nahin aathe (You should not come here like this)

But have never put any restrictions on me like this before

That was till yesterday everything changed in this office. listen to me carefully, you cannot keep running here and there. You need to be in one room at a time. OK!

She sees pandeji and Romeo...Pandeji, Romeo...please help me with Komal...I dont think she can move around like she used to do in this office till yesterday. Let her be with you people and make sure that she doesn't come out of your room till its 6:00 PM. I dont think this new boss will come to your cabin.

Komal bitiya...Come to our cabin...says pandeji...and she remains with Pandeji, romeo and Manisha for the rest of the day.

Geet and Komal leaves from office to home.

Uncleji and Pinky were eagerly waiting for her.

Uncleji knew that Geet was upset...he made special snaks for the evening...including pakodas.

Komal takes few pieces of Pakodas to the play area. Pinky joins her a little later...after Yash-Geet problem gets sorted.

Uncleji...I hate that Yash..I dont want to look at him again in my life...and If I get to see him I will chop him into pieces..HUH

Arre...Arre...why are you telling me all this? Tell this to Yash directly na...

She didn't understand what uncleji is telling...

Uncleji calls...YASH BETE...Please come out only if you are ready with your helmet and bullet proofs.

Uncle and  Pinky GiggleLOL

Yash is slowly walking in front of them...

Geet is staring at him with anger...

Geet bete...take this strong wooden stick to begin with and next comes knife...this will help you to achieve your target

She at once takes it to bang on Yash...she nears him and stops...

Geet...comeon...hurry up...we are waiting!

She gives him a stare with anger and thows the wooden stick to the corner. She turns her face away from Yash and folds her hands.

Arre Geet beta...I have never seen you so angry. Please listen to him for once.

Geet...I know you are angry with me...but for once, listen to me...Yash makes a pleading face

Yash...Do you even know what kind of a person you have sold your company? I have never seen a jerk like him...he doesnt even have basic manners to talk with people...and you know how rude he was? Tumhen woh namoona kahan se mila? (From where did you get that sample piece?)

Geet...Geet...He is Maan Singh Khurana...and one of the top business tycoons of India...And do you know something...he's also Pinky's boss.

But he's not a GOD...He is not the creator of this world.

Look Geet...he is not a bad person at heart ...but a very tough business magnet.


And you know something...I was so excited when he showed interest in taking over my business.

When people were not willing to pay me even half of the value of Indian Paints..he has offered me almost double of the actual value and he didnt give me much time to think and respond...he wanted me to take it or leave it...and I accepted it as It was an excellent offer.

But Yash...leave all this...why didn't you call me and tell me? I told you I am and I will be with you in your every decision in this regard...didn't I ?

True Geet...but I wanted to explain him about the company, workers especially about you... I wanted to come along with him and introduce you and everyone and explain him IN and Out of the business operations...but he didn't give me even one chance to do so. Immediately after the deal got finalised, he just kept me away from all this saying I have no more connection with Indian Paints company... he remained stubborn to manage all by himself...I really didn't expect this coming. When I insisted to join him, he threatened to drag me to court.

Now, I was really worried how and where to begin telling you this. I wanted to personally meet and tell you...and I came to know thro Romeo over the phone that thinks have completely lopsided in Indian Paints and what all happened there today. I am really really sorry dear.

Geet could understand his POV and state of mind...It was not Yash's mistake and any true business man in his place wouldn't say no to such an offer and what followed is not his fault atall.

Geet holds his hand...Yash...Its me who owe you an apology...Sorry Yaar...I was literally P-Off with that...that...HUH

Leave all this Geet...I am worried about you and will you manage?

Yash...I will face problem till the time she starts going to her school. Her school timings will be much longer than the summer camp what she's going right now...Will find a way out...dont worry.

Uncle interferes...and we are also dont worry Yash beta...

Thank You Uncle...Yash has tears in his eyes...

Yash...What is this? I have never seen you so emotional.

Geet...I have got attached to you people and Indian Paints...It will not be easy for me to leave you all...And above all, I will miss Komal.

Yash...I know it's not easy...I am sure you'll be back with new business in India and I will always be there to help you...but now, take care of your parents...They need you the most.

Thanks for the understanding Geet.

So, when are you leaving to Canada?

In next day or two.

Yash spends his time there till the dinner time and he leaves from there.

Geet is helpless...She thinks sitting next to komal's bed trying to put her to sleep...why every change happens in my  life without any advance notice?

Precap: Geet having tough timeOuch

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Geet is helpless...She thinks sitting next to komal's bed trying to put her to sleep...why every change happens in my  life without any advance notice?

Once Komal falls Asleeps...She walks back to Hall...Pinky checking her emails on her laptop.

Oye Geet...Not asleep still?

No Pinky...I am really disturbed thinking what lays ahead. Me and Yash have worked together in building shaping up Indian Paints...Yash took me as a COO of this company and everything lopsided within a day...I am not upset with Yash...but I will not be able to get along with this arrogant new boss.

Geet...As Yash said, he is not a bad guy at heart...he's a tough business man that's it ...He's owner of Khurana Constructions i.e he's my boss.

Geet is not convinced

All girls at office address him as DD...


Dhak Dhak...   

Dhak Dhak...Huh...I guess all woman in your office are me, He looks like one Ravan...I can very well imagine 9 extra faces attached to him and each face consisting of two horns and his mouth bleeding with 2 long teeth peeping out...Yuck...Blood Sucker.

Pinky smiles at her imagination.

I could only see arrogance filled in him instead of blood. I wish I could change my job but no job will give me this flexibility of taking care of Komal. I am really worried thinking what's going to happen.

I am telling  you...He is very strict when it comes to work but a nice person. I suggest you talk to him and sort this issue out.

Nahin Pinky...Atleast I will be able to hide Komal in Pandeji and Romeo's cabin room...but if I tell him the truth, he will make sure Komal doesnt even enter the office premisis.

Geet..I feel you must tell him once. Choice is yours.

Geet is in a confusion...Shall I tell him? I will see how he behaves with me tomorrow and then decide.

Next day..

Maan calls Aadi. few days I will be busy checking the operations of Indian Paints. So, you take care if the Khurana Construction Operations during my absence and call me if there is any emergency.

SS..SS..Sure Sir

At Indian Paints...

9:30 AM...

Geet is busy with her daily routine

She sees Maan heading towards Cabin...

Lo Aagaya Hitler...Ha ha..really, if he holds a gun in his hand and chops his mustachinto half, no body will make out the difference.

Maan stops on the way...

Ms...What's your name?

I'm Geet Handa

Get me a cup of coffee...and he leaves

Geet is going Mad at dare he tells this...

She asks one of the office peon to take coffee for him..

The peon takes the coffee in and next minute, the coffee is thrown out along with the tray

Yeh Saaf karo aur woh Ladki ko bulao (Clean this mess and call that girl)

Geet Madam ko sir?

I said Bulao (call her)

He rushes out  to call Geet

Geet knocks the door and comes in...

Yeh kya hain? (what's this?) I asked you to prepare coffee for me and you assigned this poen to get this done!

Excuse me sir...he has been making coffee/tea for all of us for the last 3 years. He makes it excellently.

I dont care...When I told you some thing, you need to get it done. Now make coffee for me.

Excuse me..I told you I am COO here...preparing coffee/tea is not my job.

Look Ms.


Whatever...I told you I am not here to entertain are not less than a secretary and its secretary's responsibilitiy to prepare good coffee

But I am not your secretary. If you want you can appoint one...

GEET...I told you not to argue with me...

I am not arguing...I have been COO for the last 3 years.

OK...give me answer for the following...Do you have any signing authority for this company?


Do you handle business operations...I mean are you responsible for the turnover?

No...but I coordinate orders

Do you take decisions on client agreements

No...but I handle the files and draft important letters. gave the are handling only drafting and filing letters, coordination and administration...which is only a basic requirement of  a Secretary. are a secretary and that's it.


Listen Ms...What ever you have been doing till yesterday its over. Today onwards you report to me as a secretary and no more arguments on this.

And every day, when I get into this cabin, you need to prepare my coffee and bring it to me within 5 minutes... Now get me my coffee...And remember...I take only one sugar cube/one spoon of sugar and reasonably strong.

She looks at him with a blank note.

Now go get my coffee...

She comes out and the office peon comes to her..Madam, you need not do all this. I will make the coffee and bring it to you. You take it to him

No its ok...he will be upset if he comes to know.  I will make it myself.

She makes the coffee as per his specifications and takes it to his cabin. He sips the coffee and spits out.

I dont like this coffe...its made with milk powder...I need an expresso coffee

But sir...there is no expresso installed in the pantry.

I will get it done...till then, you need to get my expresso coffee from outside...Go get it.

There is only one shop here...I will check it from that shop

Hmm..I need it soon as I will be leaving in next 30 mins.

Geet goes to the nearby coffee shop and gets the coffee as per his specification.

She comes back to office cursing him all the way.

Mujhe kya se kya banadiya is zalim insan ne (See where I was and where I am because of this merciless person)...AngryWhat Pinky was saying... "He's nice at heart"Confused by twisting her lips..My foot and bangs her feet. No way I am going to tell about Komal... He will definitely not approve.

Whatever I am getting from this Zalim Singh Khurana, I will ensure that I return it back to him with interest. Huh...I have never hated some one like this...I HATE HIM..I HATE HIM TO THE CORE

Where is this Girl...She calls herself COO and she takes such a long time to get one cup of coffee..

Sir...that coffee shop is always crowded. She needs to wait for her turn...Says Romeo

She gets into the hall and was about to bang on him but she controlled herself.

Her duppatta slides a bit from her shoulder. Maan's eyes invariably notices it...Geet adjusts it back

Sir..your coffee

He takes it and sips it...

Now for everyone here...I will be leaving for an important work and will be back in next one or two hours...When I'm back, I need all the documents to be at my desk. He again stares at Geet before leaving.

After he leaves... "when I'm back, I need all the documents to be at my desk" Geet mocks at him by repeating his own sentence by twisting her lips...all workers around start laughing and suddenly they stop. She turns around and shocked to see Maan had come back and gave a stare back at her. He slowly brings his hand forward to her and she closes her eyes tightly fearing what he's upto. His hands pass by her towards the carton box where he had kept one of the important file. He takes it and leaves from there giving a look to her. least there will be some peace for one or two hours.Sleepy

At the school...

Komal beta...tell me honestly, what is the status of your chocolate box

Papa there are only few chocolates left.

Are you taking your mama's permission still?

Yes Papa...promise I am taking her permission.

OK then, I  will bring you next set of chocolates.

Oh my Sweet Papa..and she kisses his cheeks more thing...promise me you will not get angry on me after listening this.

I will never be angry on you.

That's like my sweet girl...I will be busy with my business for next couple of days... I will do my best to meet you daily but it may not be possible some time as I need to be in office as well.

She remains quite and sad

I said, I will do my maximum possible dear.

She cries...but says..its ok papa...but please dont stop meeting me like one of my class mate told me.

No ways dear...she was lying to you...your papa will never do that.

He takes her in his arms and kiss her on her cheeks...

Its time to leave...See you ..bye

Bye Papa.

At Indian Paints...

Maan gets in to his cabin and as instructed by him, there were few files piled up in his table. He has been busy checking the files.

Geet had to pick Komal from School. She is not prepared to tell her new boss. She tells the gang of 3 (Pandeji-Romeo-Manisha) to handle the situation till she comes back to office.

Maan looks out for her

Hey look

The three turn around...

Where is Geet?

Sir she is in the wash room.

OK..ask her to meet me when she comes back.

Geet was back to office just 10 mins after that. Romeo had informed her that Maan was looking out for her.

She takes Komal to her room and gets her ready for her lunch.

She sees Maan from far

I must go to him before he finds a way to her cabin.

Komal beta, please help yourself  with lunch and go to sleep like a good girl OK.

Mama...please feed me.

Beta..I am really busy today...please understand.

Ok Mama...

And dont spill the food and don't come out of this room for now.

Ok Mama...

Geet kisses her on her cheek coincidently in the same place where Maan had kissed her in the school.

Mama...Aaj papa ne bhi yahan kissi di thi (Today papa kissed me in the same place)

Geet's face turns pink...She looks here and there not able to get what to say.

Komal..ab jaldi se khalo (finish your food soon)

She rushes to Maan's cabin had called for me.

Oh...finally you are out from that washroom? I wonder why women spend most of their quality time over there.

Sir...woh woh..

Leave it...I have better things to discuss.

Now who started the discussionAngry

I have checked these file...the clients files are not at all up to date...and what is this, you have entered all details roughly?

Sir...we have been maintaining only manual entries.

That's till, I need each and every detail in these files to be entered into an Excel sheet and word documents.

She comes near her...I need this to be done before you leave from office.

Sir...this will take very long time.

I said, you are finishing this and then going home

Its evening time...Komal was busy in Pandeji's room. Its 6:00 and time to leave. But her work is not even half completed. She calls Uncleji and informs him that she will be late and requests him to take care of Komal.

Romeoji...please aap Komal ko mere ghartak chod dijiye (Please drop her till my home)

Arre Geetji...Please dont tell me Please...I will drop her...don't worry.

Geet is busy and tired...not able to find an answer where all this is leading to.


Precap: Geet complaining Komal's Papa about her new boss.OuchConfusedDead

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PART 10:

Romeoji...please aap Komal ko mere ghartak chod dijiye (Please drop her till my home)

Arre Geetji...Please dont tell me Please...I will drop her...don't worry.

Geet is busy and tired...not able to find an answer where all this is leading to.

Its 7:00 PM...but still it will take another one or two hours for her to complete what she's doing. She looks at watch every now and then and worried for Komal.

Geet murmurs...I need to go home...Komal must be waiting for me...This Hitler doesnt have a family? ...wonder how his family members adjust and bare with him...he must be showing the same hitlorism over there.

Maan comes and checks on her...he also sees the clock. It was 7:00 PM already. She needs to go home now.

Show me the status...

Geet shows him the file and till what level she has completed feeding the information in the system.

You leave now...complete the rest of the work as soon as you come to office tomorrow.

Geet couldn't believe what she heard...This afternoon he was giving me lecture to complete this file before going home...what happened now? Is he concerned that I am getting late to go home? way...maybe he needs to leave now and only he has the office keys...that's why. Anyways thank god I am going home atleast now

Geet gets back home...she's tired by the time she reached home.

Mama...Komal hugs are late today

Sorry beta..I had lot of work in office.

Aagayi Geet beta

Sorry uncleji...late today because of the new boss.

No problem dear...Go fresh up. The dinner is ready to be served.

Geet freshens up and once done with dinner, she puts Komal to sleep and joins Pinky who is busy with her laptop.

Hey Geet...How was your day with the new boss?

Geet makes an angry baby face...I told you na...My opinion about him is same same..he made me do all odd works today...he claims I am just a secretary and not COO...he asked me to get Coffee...WOH bhi Expresso...Wah Wah..I had to walk out of office and get it for him and then he made me work on the files till 7:00 PM

Have a chill yaar...He is a follower of strict KC, COO is the person who is highly qualified...almost next to boss and to that matter, every company appoints COO /CEO/Director level position based on their high qualifications and experience...Its Yash who had given this designation to you. Now, DD has taken over this company and he's trying to mould his principles within Indian Paints.

Geet is not convinced...She is standing folding her hands and fuming with anger recalling what all happened in office today.

Oye Geet...why are you quiet...leave all this. Tell me did you talk to him about Komal?

What? No ways...he will never understand all this...Its better not to tell him.

Dekha..again assumptions...Please talk to him for once.  This problem will be solved...believe me, he's a very understanding person.

She comes back to her room...Komal was sleeping. Geet was not getting to sleep.  She comes to the side table and opens the take some novel to read. She has kept Komal's papa's letters in the same drawer as well.  Oh no..I have not replied to his last letter...Let me do it now.

She writes in a neat letter and wraps in a envelope and she gives it to Komal the next day.

Next day at Indian Paints:

Geet comes a bit early to finish off with her pending work.  There are few workers who have gathered in the pantry. Geet is curious what's happening.

What's going on here? Why you people have gathered here? Do you even realise what will happen when If boss gets to see you all gathered in Pantry?

Madam...we're seeing this new machine being installed...

Geet comes forward...and she sees two coffee/tea machine getting installed by 2 men from that coffee machine company. She is surprised...That Hitler did mention that he will get the coffee machine installed...never expected he will get it done so soon.

Hey Baby...I guess boss didn't want to bother you by sending you out in the hot sun to buy coffee every day...see how nice of him to get this machine installed in pantry...Manisha is all excited about the new boss.

Geet murmurs..oh yaah..he must be bothered about his coffee...That's it

Maan walks in and everyone get back to work...

He is busy talking over his mobile. Haan Aadi...I am just in the office and seeing the coffee machines getting installed. Let me check.

He comes near the machine and runs a check on it. Are you done with the installation?

Almost done sir.
Maan scans the workers who are standing there... You and You come here...he points at Romeo and Pandeji.

You..(Romeo) You need to see how this coffee machine works and you will be responsible for its maintenance. Is it clear? Now you need to learn this machine operations from these people.

And You...(Pandey) You will take care of required purchases for it...say milk, coffee powder, sugar, and so on.

He calls 2 office both are the one who will prepare coffee/tea for, learn how to prepare it. There are two coffee machines...the small one will be used for preparing coffee only for me. The bigger one can be used for rest all people here.

All workers are excited with the new coffee/tea making machine for them.
Hmm..Geet was amused how he takes care of every single aspect required for the daily working. Geet rushes to get the coffee for her boss. Thank God, At least I need not go out to get coffee.
She keeps the coffee at his table

May I know what's the status of the file?

Sir...Some more work is pending on it.

How long are you taking? Oh were busy watching the new coffee machine...Isn't it?

Geet gives a surprised look to him...Only he can think this way
Anyways, I will be leaving in next half an hour. I need it to be ready when I come back.
Yes...Yes Sir.

She comes out and how to explain him the difficulty of converting the manual file into a computerised one.

Maan leaves out...buys a box of chocolate for Komal and also buys a cute teddy for her.

Geet is still  busy with her file when few set of people walk in...They seem to be foreigners. One Indian guy among the deligates seems to be a translator.

Madam...these people have come here to meet Mr. Maan

But he's not here now...he'll be here in next one hour.

Maam We have come early to the appointment time...we'll wait no problem.

Please be in the waiting room there.

Geet is confused what to call Maan or not to call him...she decides to call him but then she doesnt have his mobile number...She calls Yash.

Hie Yash.

Hey Geet

Yash...I'm in a hurry...please give me mobile no. Of Maan

Geet all fine na?

He's not in the office and some foreigners are here to meet him

OK OK relax...Take it...Its XXX

Thank You...will call you in the evening Bye...


At the school...


How are you beta?

I'm fine papa...she kisses on his cheeks. I promised goes the chocolate box and here is a cute pink teddy...

WOW...Love you Papa...

Love you need to continue taking Mama's permission...OK

Sure...I promise. And Papa...Mama has given you this letter.

He takes it with a smile.

Maan's mobile rings...he's fuming seeing Indian Paints office number...These people dont leave any chance to disturb me.

Hello Sir...

Listen...I told you I will be back to office in one hour time..then why are you calling and disturbing me?

Komal gets scared...she has never seen him getting this hyper.

Now keep the phone...what ever it is I'm coming to office.

Geet is taken back with his rudeness...

Listen Listen Mr. Maan Singh Khurana...

Maan keeps quite...

You are my new boss but it doesnt mean you can talk to me like this.


I have called you so you listen first...You need not be rude without knowing the reason...I just called you to say that there are few foreigners who have come over here. What should I do? And If I didnt inform you this, you will blame me for not keeping you informed...

Listen Listen...I'll be there as soon as meantime keep them busy with some refreshments.

Thank You...and keeps the phone down...What does he think of himself? How rude can he be?

Maan at his mobile for a sec turns to see Komal. She seemed to be a tensed now.

Komal beta...what happened to you?


Oh...It was a call from my office.

Papa...Mama never scolds or even screams at me or anybody else.

Oops..I completely forgot...Komal might not be used to this atall

Mama kahthi hain..Gussa acha nahin hota (Mama tells me...Anger is not good).So...please dont get angry like this...

Maan hugs her...I'm sorry beta...Papa will not get angry...OK?

Komal smiles and gives him a kiss.

Ok..I have to leave now...Bye dear

Bye Papa.

At Indian Paints...

Geet makes sure the guests come over are taken care and feeling comfortable...she orders snaks and offers it to the guests along with refreshments. And slowly starts showing them the different divisions of Indian Paints when Maan comes over and continues.

Hello Everyone...

Hello Sir all had to wait...

The translator speaks...Not atall Mr. Khurana...We are early and moreover Ms. Geet was really helpful and kind.

He looks at Geet...she was not even acknowledging his presence.

I'll tour you to all the divisions

We're already done with it Mr. Khurana...Ms. Geet helped us with it...Thank You.

OK Then...lets sit down for the meeting. Geet...join me.

Oh no...what shall I do? I dont know how long this meeting will happen...

Romeo ji...I have to get into this meeting...Please Pick up Komal from her school if the meeting doesnt finish on time...You know her school right?

No Problem Geet ji...I'll bring her...

Thanks and samhalke.. (Be carefull)

As expected...The meeting dragged beyond the expected time. The guests leave from the meeting room. Maan still seated and arranges the necessary papers exchanged. He remembered what komal told had advised him today.

Geet is worried for Komal...She leaves from the meeting room and is not having a piece of mind till she gets to see Komal.


Yes Sir...She turns to see her boss...I am sure he's upset for me back answering him

Woh..woh main...

Geet is surprised to see him so confused...she has never seen him like this for the last two days.

I was busy and crowded that's why I spoke like that over the phone...I didn't mean to talk like that.

Well...its ok...even I shouldn't have back answered you...Anyways...I will make sure not to disturb when you are out...will SMS you if there's any emergency.

Hmm...That's a better idea. By the way, I am curious to know how you got my number...

Well...I got it from Yash.


Sir...Another thing...I am honest...My file work is not yet ready. I had to fully concentrate in attending the guests...They were foreigners and needed special attention. I will bring the complete file to you by 3:00 PM...

Its fine...but 3:00 PM Sharp...OK

OK Sir.

Even I am busy till then and I do not need any disturbance till 3:00 PM

Sure sir...

She leaves from there to check on Komal. She was munching her lunch.

Komal beta...Sorry...Mama busy even today.

Its ok mama...

Geet takes the tiffin box from Komal's hand and starts feeding her.

So, how was your day? Did papa come to see you?

Yes Mama...See...he has given me a new set of chocolates...and a sweet na.

Really sweet.

I also gave him your letter.

Oops...I wish Komal didnt give that letter...I have written down all my anger with regard to the new boss...Ouchand today the new boss has been behaving reasonably good to me...Leave will Komal's papa ever know my boss?

At Maan's cabin...

He slowly opens the letter...

Hello Komal's papa...Hope all is well from your side.

Sorry for my late reply...Was extremely busy with lot of things surrounding me...My work life has drastically changed and this inturn effecting my personal life ...You know the organisation I am working with belonged to my close friend? He appointed me to take complete incharge of this organisation and we have been successful working together for the last 3 years...But unfortunately due to personal reasons, my friend had to sell this company. I could understand his problem..His problem somehow ended but my problem has began with the new boss...I really dont know from which planet this new boss is from...such a jerk...doesnt have manners to talk...He thinks he has money and he can buy anything in this world...HUH...he treats me as if I am such a small thing...I have become a stranger to my own company where I have contributed 3 long years...I am having a tough time with this new boss...I HATE HIM...AngryBut what to do...I have to work with himOuch

Maan thinks...huh...poor girl...Us ke naye boss kit ho main ( this new boss...I WILL..)Angry

I have nick named him know something...the only difference between him and the Ravan is that the 9 extra heads are missing (Authour note: She writes same to same what she had told Pinky) He keeps yelling at people in the name of Discipline...Huh. I am used to taking Komal to my work place after the nursery hours..and we both leave to home together after completing the working hours. There was no problem in it till date...but now, I am forced to hide her within the organisation I am working...all because of my new boss.Angry

Well..the problems in my life doesnt seem to end...God is specially designing new problems to be thrown to my head...anyways..that's all about me...Didnt mean to upset you with this letter...just felt like sharing with you the situation that I am going thro...That's it.

Take Care..

Komal's Mama

Maan is fuming with Anger...Now who is this new person creating problems with this girl...I will teach him a lesson if I happen to get him.Angry

Precap:  Maan replies to the letter.

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PART 11:

Maan is fuming with Anger...Now who is this new person creating problems with this girl...I will teach him a lesson if I happen to get him.Angry

Geet knocks the door...

Come in...Maan hides the letter's the completed file

OK... To that matter all the files should have the same format... I need all the files in the same format...Hmm?


OK...Production file is the most urgent one...I need each and every information including the stock levels of Rawmaterials used and who has been supplying us...and so know what I mean?

Yes Sir

Again I need this by evening




GEET...I could understand your problem with the customer file...but the production file has much smaller task to do...

OK Sir...

Hitler back to track...He thinks its a small task...but I am the one who can judge it...same old job production fine to be converted from Manual to computerised file...New boss keeping me busy

Again the same day repeats...Komal gets dropped by Romeo...Geet working till 7:00 PM

Geet gets into Maan's cabin

Sir...please check this production file.

Maan checks it

Shall I leave?

He sees the time...its 7'O clock


Geet comes out of office...still waiting for the taxi. Maan walks her

Geet... I'll drop you home
No Thanks
Geet...its getting late...Its peak time and difficult to get taxi. Come..I'll drop you

Sir...its OK...I did  get taxi yesterday at this time...I dont need your help..will manage.

Look...I know what you girls genrally think...You must be thinking why unnecessarily take a guy's help...let me clear your doubt...You are not a  innocent 15 year old girl ...and I am not an Innocent 16 year old boy who is trying to find ways to make friendship with you...I understand we both are  matured enough to understand things and take quick decisions in life.

(Author's note: This dialogue is the best one I liked in the movie Rhythm...I have modified it a bit to fit into the situation)

Geet looks at him with a surprise...What did I do now...why is he again giving me lecture?Ouch

Now..comming to the point... I dont want to leave you alone here...See this road is so deserted this time...

She still  thinks.

Well...Lot of stray dogs around here...also  see that gang of rougues sitting down there...all their eyes on you...

She looks at them...those guys were actually staring at her as if they all are going to eat her alive.

Now choice is your's and I am leaving

Oh no...its right...if sir leaves from here and if I didnt get a taxi...I'll be in trouble...SIR...SIR..I'll come with you...makes a baby face

Maan Smirks...and opens the front seat of the car for her while he drives the car

Where is your home?

She softly replies...Jhanakpuri

Really...I am not able to understand this Man at all...What is he made of...Good material or bad or what is he? Only Babaji knows.

This girl is really funny though she pretends to be serious...and he smiles

They reach jhanakpuri area can stop the car here.

Thank You...and she gets down from the car.

Maan reaches home...

Bhai...Annie hugs him

Bhai...Vicky bhai is coming tomorrow.

What? He was suppose to come here next week.

Haan Maan bete...Vicky is coming tomorrow. He just had to give some project reports which he has submitted early...Hence he's going to be here early. He tried calling you but your phone was busy.

Maan has a smile on his face.

I will call him now...

Arre Arre...he has already boarded the flight...will reach here after 20 hours of long journey...You'll be meeting him tomorrow.


Maan gets ready for his exercises...He just thinks about the letter what Komal's mom wrote to him. Till date he would only think about Neha and the past incidences while exercising...and this is the first time he's getting worried for something else.

Who is this person troubling her?...I wonder why her life is full of hell

His muscles getting tensed thinking about her...whom he has never met before.

He finishes with his exercise...gets into his room, takes shower...finishes dinner and then wrote her a letter.

Next day...

A usual busy office.

Geet has somehow got used to the new boss now.  She makes coffee for him...and now arranging the files like how her boss suggested her to do. She is computerizing each and every file.

She walks into the production department to discuss new computerised file with Pandeyji...and one of the workers working on the top floor accidently spilled the paint on her dress.

Oh no...what have you done? Geet yells at that worker. My dress is spoiled how will I work now?

Madam...come with me...I will give you one of our new set of dress...It will fit you.Pandeji suggests

She had to agree to it as there is no other choice. She takes it and immediately rushes to one of the rooms.

Pandeji...I will go to that room and change. Please be outside and makesure no one comes near that room.

Geet rushes to that room and gets set to change her dress...

Geet...Where is this girl now? Never at her desk

Maan asks Romeo...Where is Geet?

Sir no idea

He checks every room calling out her name...Now he's about to enter the room where Geet is changing.


SIR...SIR...Please dont come here


SIR Please...I'm changing

Changing at this time? what happened? What are you doing here? And what if any of the workers just walks in?

Sir.. One of the workers spilled paint on my dress and This is the only decent room where I can change my dress.

Oh no...

What happened?

Sir...I'm done but not able to button it.

Can I come in?

YYEs...She says hesitantly.

He gets in and finds her wearing a white t-shirt and dungaree where she is still fighting to fix the buttons. He immediately goes and help her by buttoning it. His gentle touch sends shivers into her.

Maan too finds it strange as he has never been this close to any other girl apart from Neha. Both get to have an intense eyelock...again taking them to their respective past.


Geet: Rajji...Rajji

Dev has been busy supervising the engineering works at haveli when he hears Geet's voice.

Geet again calls out..Rajji...Rajji...please come here.

Dev is worried what's upto Geet. He knocks Geet's room door.

Geet:  Kya Rajji...Kab se bularahi hoon tumhe (I have been calling you for so long) since when you got into this discipline of knocking the door?

Dev remains quite.

Geet: Mujhe bahar jana hain aur is kurthi ka button nahin laga parahi hoon ( I have to go out and I am not able to put the buttons of the kurti) come help me.

Dev is searching for Geet within the room and finds her  standing behid the dressing  behind the  wooden partition. He goes there and literally mesmerised with what he sees...Geet had set her long hair on one side...her back exposed partially as she is fighting with the buttons.

Geet: Rajji...Jaldi se aao aur button lagao

Dev didnt know what to do...he goes to her and slowly tucks the button. He loved the feel of her soft skin and so tempted to kiss her back...

Geet: Arre Rajji...Why am I finding ticklish with your touch?

She giggles and turns to look at Rajji and shocked to see Dev. She was about to scream and Dev closes her mouth with his hand. Both lost in looking at each other. Again his touch is sending shivers down her but she tries not to show it and rather show her anger.

He slowly takes his hand out...

Geet: What are you doing here?

Geet is mad angry but Dev is so lost in looking at her that her anger also seems to be so sweet...and he smiles

Geet: Ek tho is tarah ek ladki ke kamre main aathe ho aur upar se muskurathe ho? (You are getting into a girl's room like this and you are smiling on top of that?)

Dev: Ji...Woh..I didnt know why you were calling Rajji...I just wanted to help you as she was not around.

Geet: Han Han...I know you city guys very well..You can go to any extent to trap girls...Now leave...if Brij sees you here that's will be buried alive here in this room.

Dev: and what if Brij doesnt come here at all? Shall I stay back here then?

Dev looking naughtily at her...

Geet: Woh...woh...

Dev comes close to her...She slowly walks backside till she touches the wall...Dev almost cornered her and blocked her...Their lips were just an inch apart...Her face turns pink she closes her eyes anticipating what's going to happen next...Dev smiles at her and slowly leaves from her room...but Geet still stanging in the same position still closing her eyes.


Geet instantly opens her eyes. Rajji enters the room...

Rajji: Sorry Didi ...Maa just told me that you were calling for me...tell me what do you want

She's still looking around and shocked to see Dev was not around and she blushes at her own plight.


Mrs. Kapoor: Are Maan beta...Please come in...

Maan: Woh Woh

Mrs. Kapoor: What happened?

Maan: Its Sunday..just thought of taking Neha out

Mrs. Kapoor: What is this beta. You both are engaged now...You are most welcome to take her

Maan: Can I meet her?

Mrs. Kapoor: Sure...she is in her room

Maan knocks Neha's room. Neha assumed it to be her mother.

Neha: come in...Maa...what is this? Since when you started to take permission to enter into my room? I have just got engaged and Abhi se paraya kardiya mujhe (You have started treating me like a stranger)...

She was complaining like a kid and Maan smiling at it...He searches her room and finally found her standing  behind the wooden partition and fighting with her dress buttons.   

Neha: Maa...Please help me in setting this kurti buttons...not able to reach it.

Maan didnt know what to do...he slowly moves towards her and literally mesmerised with what he sees...Neha had set her long hair on one side...her back exposed partially and she is fighting with the buttons of the kurti.

He moves further towards her and slowly buttons the kurthi...He loved the feel of her soft skin and so tempted to kiss her back... She turns around and shocked to see Maan instead of Maa

AAP? She screams and Maan closes her mouth with his hand.

Both lost in looking at each other. Again his touch is sending shivers down her.

He slowly frees her

Woh...woh...Maan was feeling bit shy now...I had asked Maa...she told me you are here in your room. And when I came needed help...
Neha smiles at his plight..
Neha: Its ok...just screamed I thought its Maa. I actually didnt expect you here at this time.
Maan: So what time do you expect me to be here?
Neha: Woh Woh...I mean
Maan looks at her with naughtyness in his eyes...she blushes unable to look straight into his eyes. He corners her to the wall and she closes her eyes anticipating what's going to happen next.
Maan: Its Sunday...I'm taking you out today..
She opens her eyes slowly
Neha: Par Ma..

Maan: I have taken her its OK?

She nods for YES and both have an eyelock again


Back to reality...Maan and Geet lost in each other's eyes. Maan's hand still on her shoulder.

Why am I feeling the same like that day?

Why am I feeling the same like that day?

Both slowly snap out of their thoughts and flushed.

Woh woh...I need to go out for an take messages on my behalf and SMS me if there's anything urgent.

Geet Nods for YES.

Maan leaves to meet Komal. They have a great half an hour time with each other. Maan hands over the letter to Komal...and he's back to office.

Here...Geet is finding it odd with this dress...she feels shy to go out with this dress. She again requests Romeo to Pick Komal.

Mama..Komal hugs Geet..

WOW...Mama..This dress?

Well my dress got stained that's why I had to wear this.

You look so pretty in this dress

Geet blushes...Thank you beta.

Mama..Papa's letter for you.

Thank You...Now finish with your lunch.

Both have their lunch together and Geet opens the letter after Komal goes to sleep.

"Hello Komal's Mama

Hope this letter finds you blessed in all terms.

Well read your letter and I am unable to comment...But dont worry...stay cool and be bold as you have always been...and just tell me one word  if this new boss troubles you further...I will ensure to beat him up until he bleeds."

Geet stops reading and gulps her saliva...Hey Babaji...No No...I dont want this to happen.Confused

"And...Regarding Komal...Do try to talk to him...He will say YES and if he doesnt tell it...I will make him tell it"

 "My only worry after reading your letter is if your new boss is misbehaving with you? Trying to take an advantage of you being a woman employee...Dont ever think you are alone...Do let me know of any problem and please dont remain quite."

You take care

Best Regards

Komal's Papa

She closes her eyes...yeh main kahan phas gayi? This Komal's Papa also seems to be an angry young man like my boss...anyways...let me think what to reply him now.

Precap: Daadi decides to keep a pooja where all staffs are invited.
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PART 12:

She closes her eyes...yeh main kahan phas gayi? This Komal's Papa also seems to be an angry young man like my boss...anyways...let me think what to reply him now.

She takes out her notepad...oh can I reply now...I am still in my office. Will pen down my reply after I reach home...By the way, now I feel its better to talk to my boss about Komal. I dont know why I feel he'll permit her to stay here after her school hours.

Maan comes around to check on day to day operations and his eyes fell on Geet. She was making all baby faces as she was still feeling odd and uncomfortable with her dungarees on. She was pulling her  pant before she walks every step. Maan smiles looking at her...This girl is really funny...wait wait...Am I smiling?

At KM...

Vicky Arrives sometime during afternoon and he has been warmly welcomed by Daadima and Annie. Vicky takes blessings from Daadi and hugs Annie.

Bhai...missed you so much
Vicky happy to see you after such a long time. So, how are you?

Daadi...I'm fine with your blessings and well wishes...Cant express in words how much I missed you, bro and Annie...By the way, where is Bro?

Vicky...its still afternoon and you expect your bro to be here at this point of time? He's in office bete.

Oh what Daadi...he should have taken a day off atleast for today...didnt he know his brother is coming back after two long years?

Arre Vicky bete...grow up and stop complaining...Maan has been handling business operations all alone..Moreover, he has recently purchased a paint company and he's busy supervising the new operations as well

Now leave it here...You have had a jet log of 20, go fresh up and finish with your lunch and take enough rest. You will get to see your big bro in the evening and I am sure you brothers have lot to talk.

Ji Daadima...Vicky hugs Daadi and leaves to his room.

Annie bete...I'm so happy to see Vicky coming back and to see our family get together again. I dont know who's bad eyes fell on our family which washed away all our happiness...I want to see maan settled in his family life...will it ever happen?

Daadima...please, what had to happened has happened...I am sure everything will be fine now.

Even I am living my life with this optimism...Well, I had decided to keep a special pooja on this occation. I had spoken to our panditji and he had assured it will help our family to a great extent. I was waiting for Vicky to come let me check with Panditji for a suitable date.

Daadi calls the pandit...Savithriji...kal bada shubh din hain...kal ke baad ek mahine tak koi shubh din nahin (Tomorrow is a suitable day for this and after this there's no suitable date available for a month)

Daadi keeps the phone...Annie...I dont want to postpone it for another one more month...I will arrange for this pooja to happen tomorrow Morning itself...Moreover, its Sunday. I'll invite friends, close relatives and all Khurana Construction and Indian Paints Staff as well

Par Daadi...why do you always invite these people? You need to maintain safe distance between employer and employee.

Annie Bete...If we are successful business people, its all because of the team of employees that we are blessed to have...its their major contribution which has resulted in success of our business. Is int it?

Jo aap tik samje daadi (As you wish Daadi)...Annie makes an inconvincing face and leaves from there.

Daadi smiles...yeh ladki bi na...She first dials maan's mobile number...

No...Maan will somehow not agree to this pooja...I better tell him in the evening once he returns then half of the pooja arrangements are done. Daadi calls Khurana Constructions first and she informs Aadi to pass on the message. Aadi bete, remember, you have to come early to help me with the pooja preparations. She then calls Indian Paints where geet answers the call

Indian Paints Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon...May I speak with someone who is incharge of your business.

Sure Ma'm...Geet looks around and Maan was not around.

Sorry Ma'm Maan sir is not around...any message for him?

No problem dear, I am his Daadima this side...

Geet immediately got up from her desk...

Hi Mam...Sorry Daadi...I mean Mam

Hey relax...who are you?

I am Geet...Maan Sir's secretary here.

That's great...Then I need to talk to you...Please dont tell Maan that I called over here.

No problem can I help you?

Well...I always invite all staff of Khurana Construction Group during important that IP has become a part of our business, would like to invite you and rest all staff for a special pooja that is going to happen in Khurana Manscion, that's your boss's  home.

Geet remains quite.

Geet, make sure you inform all staff of IP to be present  for this function hmm?

Sure Daadi...I mean Ma'm

No can call me Daadi.

Thank You Daadi

And Make sure you dont inform Maan about it...OK?

OK Daadi

Eager to see you all tomorrow.


Both keep the phone.

Daadi was wondering why did I permit her address me as Daadi? This Girl seems to be soft spoken and well cultured...need to see her.

Geet informs all workers one by one. Maan came back to his desk and Geet kept her promise of not informing him about daadi's call.

Meantime, Komal woke up from her sleep...she saw a cockroach roaming in the ground floor and she screams loud.

Geet and all workers turn to look at Komal. Komal is screaming non stop.

Komal...what happened? Why are you screaming like this? Keep quite.

Mama...Komal gulps her salaiva...Cokroach

Komal...go back to my room...

Nahin Mama...cokroach...

OK...go to Romeo and Pandeji's room...FAST

Romeo takes Komal to his cabin and hides her.

Maan comes out hearing a kid's screaming voice.

What's happening here?

Everyone including Geet pretended as if nothing happened and carried on with their usual work

I am asking what's happening here?

Why sir? See...we all are doing our usual day to day work

Geet...I just heard some kid screaming

Geet giving fake smile...KID and that too screaming?

Yes...I just heard

SS...Sir...Nothing like that, I guess you imagined.

Maan was not convinced.

Listen everybody...I wouldn't entertain any kid coming into this that clear?

There was a pin drop silence...

Now carry on with your work...Maan stares at Geet and slowly leaves from there.

Geet is all shocked...

Romeo slowly comes near Geet..

Mam what's happening?

Oh no, he hates kids...I cannot tell about Komal to boss...No way. Anyways, I will carry on hiding Komal till her school starts for full time.

Maan gets back to his cabin and bans his table...I did listen to  a kid's scream and how could these people deny such an incident didnt happen? A kid in this factory is always exposed to danger as this factory has all chemicals kept in different locations...and how careless can that person be to bring a kid into this kind of an atmosphere...huh.

He immediately calls Geet into his cabin...GEET...I repeat what I said outside...I dont want kids in this office...and you need to ensure this clear? He tells this with an attitude.

Geet nervously nods for YES.

Sir...its 6:00 PM? Can I leave?


Geet  and Komal make their way home.

Oye Geet...Pinky hugs Geet...So, you also got a call from Savithriji?


Maan Sir's Daadi

Oh...Oh yah...

Geet, we both will go ok...and also take Komal along...


Pinky was taken back. What happened dear? Why not Komal?

Pinky, boss hates kids and I dont want him to know about Komal..what if he dismisses me from the job?

Geet...grow up yaar, you are a mother of a kid. Who told you boss hates kids?

Geet told what ever happened today in the factory

Oye Geet...May be for some reason he woul d have told that.

What reason Pinky? You will never stop praising that Hitler...anyway, I need to do some other alternate arrangements for Komal.

Whatever challo, lets finish with dinner


At KM...

Maan enters the Manscon...


Hey Vicky...

Both Maan and Vicky get into an emotional hug much of changes in you after 2 years...

Haan bro...but you have not changed even a bit

So, how have you been? Sorry yaar, could not pick you from the Airport personally.

Oh bro...its ok... Thanks god its Sunday tomorrow. Lets  freak out for the whole day tomorrow.

No No No...

Both turn to look at Daadi...

Not Tomorrow...I have arranged for a special pooja tomorrow no body will go it clear?

But Daadi...what's this pooja all about?

I am happy to see our family are back after completing your studies and its beginning of new life for you...I want your bro to get settled in life...and so many well wishes lined up you see...

So, Daadi, you are buttering god hun?

Daadi twists vicky's ears...Whatever you think about it...but no going out of home for it clear?


That's better

Maan bete...why are you so quite...please say something...

Maan still continues to be quite...

I can understand Maan...I should have informed you earlier but I was sure you would have not listened to will give one or the other reason...

But Daadima...

I know Maan but its been almost 4 years since we arranged for such a pooja at home when your's and Neha's engagement was fixed and...Daadi stoped and didnt want to continue...

Maan didnt comment any thing and moves to his room

Daadi wonders...for how long Maan will remain in shell like this? Annie and Vicky come forward to console Daadi.

Maan finishes with his shower and just then Vicky knocks the door

Come in...

Hey bro...Need to talk a lot to you...

Hmm...tell me Vicky

Bro...Daadi is little upset that you didnt tell her anything before getting back to your room...

Nothing like that Vicky...Its just that I am tired after a hectic day

Bro...its not only Daadi but also me and Annie are despirate to see our Good old jovial Bro back...Please bring him back for us...Daadi is mainly arranging this pooja for this sake.

Vicky...its not possible...

Its possible bro...I know that you still love Neha and miss her a lot...but bro I understand what happened shouldn't have happened...But you need to continue with the rest of your life...I am sure Neha's soul will be disturbed till she gets to see you getting married and happily settled in life.

Maan remains quite...

Please bro...Please bring back those good old days...Bring a pyaari si bahu for Daadi who will be pyaari si bhabi to me and Annie...and you see our lives will change for good.

Vicky...its not as easy as you think...

I know bro...I admit that...but cannot carry on with your rest of your life like this...Please bro..

Vicky...I do not promise but I will try...If I get a girl who'm I find her to be a suitable match for our family in all terms...I will surely marry her...

Vicky smiles...

But dont tell what we discussed here to Daadi...she's already upset with me...I dont know how far  I can be successful in what I just said...I dont want to upset Daadi further.

Daadi just listens to their conversation and happy to listen both brothers open talk...Maan Beta, I know you will never disappoint me...I am atleast happy to listen your willingness to get married again. I will make sure to find a girl who matches you in all terms...leave this task to me. Daadi leaves from there.

And Vicky, you have completed your MBA, what is your next plan?

Bro...I am confused on what next...anyways, shall we discuss this after finishing with tomorrow's busy schedules?

Hmm...Anyways, take more rest...

Sure bro...Good night...

Good Night.

Vicky hugs Maan before leaving from his room

Next day...

Geet and Pinky get ready to go toKM

Komal a good girl ok...Mama will be back in 2-3 hours time hmm

OK Mama

Uncleji..please take care of her...will be back soon.

No problem beta...take care and do pray for yourself as well

Geet nodes slowly for a YES

Pinky and Geet leave to KM...

Pinky, I have to wait here as I have asked all IP workers to get assembled here in one place and we will get in, you carry on.

In next 10 mins, all IP workers arrived and they all got in KM and Geet followed them

At KM...

Maan Walks down the stares and takes blessings of Daadi. Maan was dressed in smart black shervani and looking dashing. All young girls wooing over him.

Arre Maan bete...Jeethe raho (God Bless)...Daadi smiles...I was thinking you will not take part in this pooja...I am so glad that you did

How will I ever disobey you Daadi?

Daadi touches his cheeks gently...I can understand your state of mind beta...But my one and only wish at this point of time is to see you happy...

Daadi sees a glow in his eyes...A glow which she was dying to see for the last 3 and half years...It was that moment when Geet walked in and Maan's eyes glued to her without his own knowledge...Daadi followed his vision and she got to see a beautiful lady dressed red.  She was looking like an angel who has been sent by God.

Geet came to the point where Maan and Daadi were standing

Good Morning Sir



Ji Daadima...she's Geet who assists me in Indian Paints.

Oh...oh yes, we got to talk yesterday.

Geet smiled.

Geet and Maan stealing glances from each other.

Daadima...I mean Mam...

I told you yesterday, you can call me Daadima...

Ji Woh...Ji Daadima...Shall I help you with the Pooja preparations?

Sure beta...those ladies are arranging for the can join them.

Ji Daadima..

All girls from Khurana Constructions (Apart from Pinky) were envying seeing Geet...especially Sasha.

Daadi was observing Maan and Geet's reactions...she observed that they were stealing glances from each other...this was happening to them naturally.

Vicky passed by Daadi and Daadi pulled him...Vicky do you like that girl in red dress?

Daadi...are you fixing a girl for me? Vicky blushed...Please Daadi, I am not prepared for a marriage right now.

Daadi hit him on his shoulder...Just look at her and tell me how will she match with Maan?

Vicky got to see her...

Daadi...she's so beautiful...who is she?

She's Geet...Maan's new assistant...and look at your brother...he's looking at her every now and then and same reactions from her side.

Vicky got to notice...Daadi...I really wish this works...

Lets work it out then...Daadi and Vicky smile and shake hands.

Precap: Pooja and Aarthi

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PART 13:

Vicky got to notice...Daadi...I really wish this works...

Lets work it out then...Daadi and Vicky smile and shake hands.

Annie comes and joins them...Hey what's happening?

Vicky is excited...Annie...Look at that girl in is she?

Annie scans her from top to bottom..hmm...tik hain...but why are you asking this?

We are trying to see how she will match with Maan. you know her family back ground?

She works as Maan's secretary with Indian Paints.

What? Daadi what's wrong with you? We belong to a high class and this girl is just an employee with us..and...

Stop it Annie...Vicky stops her...We are not interested in the girl's background...we are interested in the it...If things goes well, Bro will marry her not her background.

Daadi...All I would say is dont make fun of bro's life...First of all I dint like these employees been invited here and now you are trying to fix one of them for Maan Bhai...Not done.. and she leaves from there.

Annie...listen to me...Vicky calls her

Leave it Vicky...Annie is not matured enough to understand all this. and me know what Maan would like so lets go by it.

Daadi, to begin with, we need to know Geet's opinion about Bro first.

But how?

Let me try talking to her

Vicky bete...eisa na ho aap ki muft main pitai ho jaye (it should not end you getting beaten up free of cost)

Daadima...I am going to talk to her and not flirt with her OK?

Daadi nods and smiles at she's also curious to know what Geet thinks about Maan.

Geet was fully involved in Pooja preparations. She was arranging flowers. Maan was receiving important guests. Geet and Maan were looking at each other every now and then but not taking it seriously to their mind...And once when Geet turned to look at Maan and found he was not around and she looks around looking for him.

Vicky has been observing this and he is curious to introduce himself to Geet and know more about her...He comes close to her...Daadi hides herself behind the nearest pillar where she could hear Vicky-Geet talk

Cought You

Geet almost jumps with shock...and turns to look at Vicky...Ji?

Hi...I am Vicky...Maan's Younger brother...

Oh..hello...I am Geet I am working with Indian Paints.
Oh wow...So, you are the one working as a secretary to BRO right?

She nods for a yes.

Well..I must admit that Bro is a tough person to work with...he takes enmployees for granted and getting them work like anything...and

Vicky Sir...stop it...Geet is getting annoyed... What rubbish you are saying? Who told you all this? And you are his can you talk like this abought him?

Vicky smiling within seeing her response...Hey Geet Maam...relax...Well I have heard from few employees that he's a tough boss...I have seen him as a brother but this is the first time I am going to join hands with him in terms of business I am worried you see...

Vicky Sir...

You can call me Vicky

Sure and you should call me Geet...Not Geet Madam..hmm?

So, Friends? And brings his right hand forward guesturing for shakehand... and Geet accepts it...

FRIENDS...and smiles.

Geet...I didnt intent to disturb your peace of mind by talking about my bro like this...I am really concerned to get into this new phase of life and that to with my bro...that's it.

Well...Maan Sir is a tough person when it comes to business...and he need to be one in todays competitive world to achieve your business targets otherwise people around will take him for granted.

Vicky is amused with Geet and her level of understanding and so is Daadi who could hear their clear conversation.

I have been working with him for the past one week...initially, even I mistook his strictness to be arrogance but later I learnt that he's just doing his part of job.

Vicky is really impressed...This girl would be the best match for Bro
And who ever has given you bad opinion about him, has only grabed this opportunity to create some misunderstandings between you two be careful. are so understanding and matured...Bro is lucky to have a secretary like you.

Daadi leaves from there with a  smile she had to look after the pooja preparations.

I was seeing that you were searching for someone...Is it  so?  Any help required?

Ji...Yes...No...I mean...No...She gulps... I was just trying to look around if the Pooja has began...that's it.

Hmm...Well the Pooja will begin in next 15 mins...when all preparations are over.

The pooja begins on time and it goes on for nearly one hour. The pooja went on without any disturbance and with all good omens. The Aarthi begins and Daadi was given the First Aarthi ki Thaali by the Pandit to show it to Goddess. Daadi finished with it and she immediately passed it on to Geet.

Geet bete...give  Aarthi to everyone

Again... Sasha,Tasha and all other girls present there were fuming with Jealousy and they were talking with each other questioning why Savithriji is giving so much hype for this girl.

Geet carries on the Aarthi by taking the Aarthi plate to everyone and finally she comes to Maan.

Maan and Geet look at each other whilst Maan keeping his hand over Aarthi lamp. At that moment, Geet remembered that day in the temple and Maan remembering the last Aarthi which happened almost 4 years back which was kept few days after his engagement with Neha


Chaini, Geet's close friend takes Geet to a Ganesh Temple at Hoshiyarpur

Geet: Chaini...This is the first time I am visiting a temple. In my family we believe in Babaji and just visit to Gurudwarahs...If Brij Bhai or Daarji will kill me if they see me here.

(Aurthour's Note: Its just my assumption that Geet's family visit only Gurudwarahs...Followers of babaji dont mistake me)

Chaini: Arre Geet...Didnt you take me to gurudwarah last, its my turn to take you for a visit to the Ganesh Temple...believe me, you'll be blessed.

They happen to visit the temple when Aarthi was been shown to Ganesh Idol. All women and young girls present there were taking turns in showing Aarthi to lord Ganesh. Geet got her turn and while taking the Aarthi ki Thaali, her hands sliped and the thali was about to fall down when someone controlled over it and thanks god it didnt fall down. Geet looks at that person and surprised to see none other than Dev...Both lost into each other's eyes and both Geet and Dev looking at Aarthi ki thali together.

The Panditji comes around and bless them...Aap donon ki Jodi sada bana rahe(May you pair always be together). They again lost looking into each other's eyes.


At KM...Daadi keeps a special pooja few days after Maan-Neha's engagement

The Pooja was filled with fun with all close friends and relatives around. Daadi was making sure that Neha should feel comfortable in KM atmosphere. Neha's parents were taken good care about. Vicky and Annie were so excited to be with Neha who is going to be their "Hone Wali Bhabi" (Would Be SIL). Maan was guesturing Neha to come to him but she is shy and she simply ignores him..

The pooja begins and Neha and Maan sit on the either side of Daadi Ma and rest all get seated around the pooja area. Panditji calls for Aarthi

Daadi: Neha, Maan you both show Aarthi to God.

Neha: can I...I am still...

Daadi guestures her to have become a part of our family on the day you got engaged to  Maan...and you are my daughter first and Daughter-In-Law as second...hmm.

Neha's parents were happy to see their Daughter is going to be a part of such a caring and adorable family.

Neha: Par Daadi

Daadi: No more arguments...carry on with Aarthi and give it to all guests here...Shubh Muhurat beetha jaa raha hain.

Both Maan and Neha show Aathi together to the lord Ganesh, Shiv and Parvathi...whilst looking at each other.

Panditji bless them... Aap donon ki Jodi sada bana rahe (May you pair always be together). They again lost looking into each other's eyes.


Back to present...

Geet and Maan still holding the pooja thali together and both lost in that past moment of their respective lives and lost into each other's eyes...Maan didnt even realise that his hand is still over the Aarthi flame and he didnt realise. Geet got to see it and she got shocked...

Maan sir...please take off your are hurting yourself

Daadi, Vicky and Annie are standing close by but helpless what to do.

Bro...please take off your hand...Vicky yells at him

Maan doesnt listen and he's still looking at Geet...actually lost at that moment of that past which he's disappointed that it didnt last for ever. His grip on left hand over the Aarthi Thali tightened. Geet was trying her best to make sure the Thaali doesnt fall down as its a sign of bad Omen.

Finally, Daadi comes to Geet's rescue...

MAAN...MAAN...What happened to you? Why are you burning your hand like this? Daadi pushes his hand off...

Maan beta eisa kab tak chalega? (How long it will go on like this?) I have kept this pooja to pray for new beginning in your life...forget what ever happened and atleast now, go ahead with a fresh start of your life

Geet is also guilty that she was so lost in that moment which reminded of her past and she failed to notice Maan's hand got burnt.

Maan got disturbed and leaves from there. Daadi feels sad...Geet comes close to her and consoles her.

Precap: Maan disturbed...what next?Shocked

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