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So, when there was a Breast Cancer scare and Ram asks Priya to make a wishlist. Ram finishes all her wishes, except one. The Breast Cancer situation is now normal and before everybody gets back to regular life, Niharika plans to send Ram away to US, to separate Ram and Priya.

Part One:

Ram was at Priya's parents place to pick her up.

Ram: Sure na kal breakfast se pehle aajaogi?

Priya: Haan, pakka

Ram: Warna, main breakfast nahi karoonga.

Priya: I will be there.

Both do not want to let go off one another. Priya accompanies Ram to the car.

Ram: Tumhara ek wish toh abhi bhi poora nahi hua

Priya: Kaunsa?

Ram: Kisi ko zindagi deni hai?

Priya bites her tongue. Ram naughtily,

Ram: Kis ko deni hai? Be specific na. 

Priya: Woh silly tha, maine aise hi keh diya tha. Chod deejiye na.

(Ram notices Ashwin watching them from his balcony.)

Ram: Silly nahi hai,  but we will discuss about it later.

Saying this Ram makes Priya stand against the car, he get closer to her ear, by putting his hands against the car

Ram: You are sure, you will be home in the morning?

Priya is surprised, they have never been this close voluntarily. Takes a moment to settle herself against this closeness, put her hands on Ram's neck surprising Ram.

Priya: Pakka

Ram: Ok then. Hum aur aap milke karte hai breakfast kal subah.

They bid bye to each other and Ram starts his car and dials Vikram's number.

Priya retreats back to her parents home to figure out what is going on there.

Vikram: Itni raat gaye tune call kyun kiya?

Ram: Kuch nahi yaar. Aaj Priya apne parents ko milne aayi thi, maine socha shaam mein jaate jaate usey pick karte hue ghar jaaunga, 

Vikram: Par woh log maane nahi, ki tu unka daamad hai, aur bina khaye nahi jaa sakte aur sab tumhare pasand ka khana banaya hoga

Ram: Haan yaar, khana khaliya, sab acha tha, but Priya wanted to stay back the night, as she wanted to catch up with her parents and siblings.

Vikram: Acha tu akele laut raha hai, isiliye call kar raha hain?

Ram: Yes and no.

Vikram: Kya baat hai Ram? Priya ko miss kar raha hai na tu?

Ram: Kaise yaar, kaise pata chal jaata hai mere dil ki baat tujhe?

Vikram: Good going Ram, do you understand, you have started having feelings for her?

Ram: Kind of. But I am scared.

Vikram: Kyun?

Ram narrates the whole instance of the Breast Cancer scare and about Priya's wishes and pauses before the last wish.

Ram: Aur usne, apni aakhri wish batayi, jo maine abhi tak poora nahi kiya.

Vikram: Tere liye kaunsi badi baat hai, tu Ram Kapoor hai. Karde na poori.

Ram: But. Uska wish hai, ki woh kisi ko zindagi dena chahti hai.

Vikram:  Kya?

Ram: Haan.

Vikram: Beta Ram, time aagaya ki tu maidan mein kud jaye 

Ram: I don't know what she feels about me and She is a very important person in my life and I do not want to screw anything up, by misunderstanding her words.

Vikram: toh usko hi poochlona, what she menat by this?

Ram: I did, usne baat taaldiya.

Ram reaches home.

Ram: Sun Vikram, main ghar pahuch gaya hoon, apne kamre mein jaane ke baad call karta hoon.

Ram cuts the call and enters Kapoor Mansion, to find Niharika with her US jaana padega drama, Ram accepts half heartedly and goes to his room.

Ram calls up Vikram.

Ram: Vikram, I am flying to US, in few hours, apparently there is some sort of a crisis there, I don't want to go leaving Priya here.

Vikram: Toh leke jaana saath mein. Honeymoon-2 ho jaayega. Rather propoer honeymoon ho jayega.

Ram: Pata nahi ghar mein sab kaise react karenge, if I say, I want Priya to accompany me. Pata nahi Priya kaise react karegi?

Vikram: Usko call kar, and if she gets upset that you didn't inform her or if she gets sad that she won't be able to see you off, game on. The fire is on both sides.

Ram: Ok. Thanks yaar. I will call her. Bye.

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Wow... it's so interesting...
But you stopped at the wrong place yaar.
Thanks and Please continue soon.
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Originally posted by Sakshiashu

Wow... it's so interesting...
But you stopped at the wrong place yaar.
Thanks and Please continue soon.

Hahaha... The next part will be long and the last part. I will try to post it in the next couple of hours.

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So very cute... waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2017-07-12T10:57:31Z
Nice one...
Let's see what happen in next update...
Waiting eagerly...
Please continue soon...
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Part two

Priya: Maa-Papa, yahan pe ho kya raha hai? Koi mujhe kuch batata kyun nahi hai?


Priya's phone rings.


Ram: Hi Priya


Priya: Pahuch gaye aap? Itna low kyun sound kar rahe hai aap?


Ram: Haan, woh mujhe aaj raat ko New York jaana pad raha hai.


Priya: Kyun? Achanak? Aapne bataya nahi? Pehle se pata tha? Yahan jab aaye tab bhi nahi bataya aapne.


Ram: Tab tak nahi pata tha. Abhi ghar lauta hoon toh, maa ne kaha ki US jaana padega mujhe aur wahan koi badi si problem ho gayi hai.


Priya: Aise kaise? Aap pata keejiye na, ki aapka jaana zaroori hai ki nahi.


Ram: Nahi pata yaar.


Priya: Kab lautenge?


Ram: No idea. Ab jaaunga toh pata chal jayega ki, kitne dino ka kaam hai. Priya, Priya suno. I have my flight in two hours, abhi main ghar se nikal raha hoon, can you make it to the airport?


Priya: Yes, I will come, abhi nikalti hoon main bhi.


Ram is happy, he will be able to see Priya before he leaves. Priya tells her parents that she will see off Ram and will head to KM.


By the time Priya reaches the airport, her phone is completely discharged and Ram's flight already took off.


Priya is mentally blaming herself for having not updated her phone and the damn thing dying on her when she needed it the most. She goes to the counter to find out the flight has already taken off and is disappointed.


Before she was to leave the airport, Priya was pulled to a corner and she sees Ram.


Priya: Aap gaye nahi?


Ram: Main chala gaya, mera bhoot khada hai yahan.


Priya: Par aapki flight toh nikal chuki hai na.

Ram: Haan, mere paas do options the, yaa toh yeh mulakat yaa boring sa woh flight.


Priya: Thank you.


Priya hugs Ram and both are a little surprised.


Then the Jhansi ki Rani is back in Priya and makes sure, she arranges for Ram to get into the next flight and the boarding call is announced.


Ram: Bhaga rahi ho na muhje? Iska matlab hai ki tum nahi chahti ki main tumhare saath rahoon.


Priya: Nahi, main isliye aapko bhaga rahi hoon, taaki aap kaam jaldi khatam kar ke, jaldi waapas mere paas aajaye.


She realizes what she said and doesn't make an eye contact with Ram. Ram was completely taken aback by the revelation and gives Priya a hug and kisses on her cheek.


Ram: I have something planned for you.


Priya: What is it?


Ram: you will know, the next time we meet. Bye.




Ram calls Vikram.


Vikram: Haan Ram, what is the scene?


Ram: I think, she likes me too.


Vikram: Usne kahan?


Ram: Nahi, maine samjha.


Vikram: Arey waah Ram!! So, have you asked her to accompany you?


Ram: No. I need to understand the situation in US first, and uske baad, I will see what I can do.


Vikram: But, don't screw it up. You have a good opportunity here. Priya and you need to be with each other right now.


Ram: I know.


Ram boards the flight and is thinking about Priya. Priya is home and is thinking about Ram. (In my story, I don't want Niharika and Mamaji to know, about Ram and Priya's airport meeting.)


Priya is restless unable to sleep, but somehow manages to sleep. She gets ready in the morning and heads to her classes. She meets the Principal in the hallway.


Principal: Good Morning Priya, can you see me in my chamber for a bit?


Priya: Sure sir.


Priya meets the Principal in his chamber.


Principal: We have a new program, we have been giving coaching for TOEFL aspirants, we want to branch out to IELTS coaching as well. Normally, I would have to hire someone new who has been in the IELTS teaching, but I feel, because, you have re-joined and we are not able to give you many classes, why don't you attend the IELTS program which takes place in Cambridge for a week and the rest of the classes can be attended online and within a month you can take the certification and you can continue working here and start with IELTS coaching?


Priya: That sounds amazing, but my stay there and the cost of the course?


Principal: You do not have to worry about that. All the expenses will be on the institute, but.


Priya: But sir?


Principal: You need to sign a contract and the term would be for 3 years, you cannot teach anywhere else, neither can you leave us before that. But after the completion of the course, we will give you a 15% raise, because, you will be heading the IELTS program completely and will have to train any other people joining the program to help you out later.


Priya: That isn't a problem sir, but, I need to speak to my husband and then I will confirm. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


Principal: Sure Priya, I understand. But remember, the course begins from next week Monday, so, if you confirm in the next few hours, it would be ideal for us to arrange for your stay and take care of the tuition fees etc. Today is already Thursday.


Priya: I understand sir.



Priya is very happy, but worried as she has no idea, how Ram would react. This is once in a lifetime kind of opportunity, she will get to learn something different and being from a middle-class family, taking up a job at a very young age, she never imagined that she could one day go to Cambridge. She was eagerly waiting for Ram's flight to land. Then she remembered the kiss on the cheek Ram gave.


She started to analyze, does he love me as well? He probably only likes me, like, I like him too. I like spending time with him, so does he, nahi toh, mujhe subah drop kyun karte aur sham ko pick karne kyun aate? Then he didn't want me to stay at my parent's place, though he implicitly did not say it. Kuch toh ho raha hai.


Unable to understand what is going on, Priya calls Neha.


Neha: Hello Mrs. Kapoor!! Mujhe kaise yaad kiya aapne?


Priya tells her about all the events that took place from Ram dropping her in the morning to the Cambridge opportunity.


Neha: Congratulations yaar. Ram mana nahi karega. But, why did you guys meet at the airport? Both of you keep claiming, pyar nahi ho sakta humare beech mein etc.


Priya: Saath rehte hai toh miss toh karenge na. Pyar kin ahi pata Neha, but, I have started to have feelings for him.


Neha: Woohoo. Romantic waale feelings yaa. Sirf husband hai wale feelings? Kyunki tumhara koi bharosa nahi hai.


Priya: I think, main aage badne ke liye tayyar hoon Neha.


Neha: Yeh hui na baat. So, aaj raat ko aapko aur fatty ko disturb karna mana hai.!


Priya: Woh, toh New York mein rahenge, toh kya fayda?


Neha: Acha, toh woh, India mein hote toh kuch hota.


Priya understood what Neha was aiming at and changes the topic back to Cambridge.


Neha: Abhi kuch der mein land ho jayega uska plane, toh discuss karle na.


Ram: Hi Priya, I just landed. Kya kar rahi ho?


Priya: I was waiting for your call.


Ram: acha. Kyun kuch important tha?


Priya: Haan, hai, par, we can speak after you reach hotel.


Ram: Ek kaam karo, put your stupid phone on charge, I will give you a call in sometime.


Priya: Mera phone stupid nahi hai, bas thoda purana ho gaya hai.


Ram: Jo bhi hai. Hai dabba phone. Kuch important hai toh, I can talk to you while I reach the hotel, anyways, I don't have to drive myself here.


Priya: Nahi, aap hotel jao, let's do a video chat.


Ram: Acha. Kyun? Mujhe miss kar rahi ho?


Priya: Haan, but important baat hai, saamne baith ke baat kar pate, toh I would have preferred.


Ram: Ok. I will reach freshen up, grab a bite and call you.


Priya: Ok. Bye.


After some time, Ram places a video call.


Ram: Toh madam, bolo aisa kya important hai?


Priya explains her chance to go to Cambridge, how it was unimaginable and how she is getting this opportunity to live her dream.


Ram: That's fantastic news Priya. You should go. But do you think, you want to continue to work for three year there?


Priya: Haan, I like the place and I have known them for the past 6 years. Aap mana kardenge toh nahi jaaungi.


Ram: Kaisi baatein kar rahi ho? What did your Dad say? He must be very proud of you.


Priya: I haven't spoken to him yet. I wanted to make sure, you are ok with me going to Cambridge for a week.


Ram was taken aback to learn, a girl who has shared all her secrets with her father and no one else, has shared her health secret only with him and now this big decision, she wanted to be sure, he was ok with it.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor? Kya hua?


Ram: You should go, I have no problem. In fact tell your institute that they don't have to sponsor your ticket or your stay or even the tuition fees, I will handle all of that.


Priya: Nahi, iski kya zaroorat hai? They will pay na.


Ram: Yaar, itna kaam karta hoon, kuch toh kamai, apne biwi pe bhi udaane do yaar. Ask them to utilize it for building the infrastructure or anything that is necessary for the institute.


Priya: Are you sure?


Ram: Priya!


Priya: Ok. Ok. I wish aap yahan hote.


Ram: I wish the same Priya. Now go tell your parents' and tell everyone at home too. Koi bhi problem ho, toh let me know, I will handle them. Just share the curriculum and course details, I will arrange everything.


Priya: Ok. Thank you, Mr. Kapoor.


Ram: Main tumhari koi bhi baat maanunga, agar, tum mujhe, Mr. Kapoor kehna chod dogi toh.


Priya: toh kya bulaoo aapko?


Ram: Naam nahi pata hai tumhe mera?


Priya: Haan jaanti hoo, but.


Ram: madam, koi but nahi. Call me Ram ok?


Priya: Ok.





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very nice
progressing very well
eagerly waiting for the next part
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