Review - 1st and 2nd April - FINALE

Posted: 6 years ago
The finals reviews for this season.
Look forward to reading them
Posted: 6 years ago

Feeling emotional writing this review because today is the 2nd last day of Indian Idol. Honestly, I'm going to miss this wonderful & peaceful forum more than the show. Moving on to the episode I didn't enjoy it much..that Semi-final feel was lacking mainly due to the editing i.e too much focus on the crowd with repeated shots, scenes shown in promos were chopped off, hometown visits were rushed. I have to say that this year's Idol is probably the most poorly edited show I've EVER seen.   

Revanth: Is it just me or he looked tired?Confused I was expecting a lot more from him especially in a song like "Lakshya" which is power packed, but that energy didn't come through in high notes. Though, I LOVED his dance with the fans, particularly those little girls and I must say Revanth's connect with the audience across all age groups is truly one of a kind.

Khudabaksh: Surprisingly, I quite liked his performance. He was enjoying himself and the Bhangra was great too. As always, the struggles had to be mentioned which are SO not required in a singing competition. 

Rohit: He chose one of my fav songs and his rendition was pleasant. Nice to see him interacting with people..the guy has surely come a long way confidence-wise and I applaud him for that.Clap

Let the countdown begin for Grand finale..I'm SUPER excited!!

P.s Why was Sonu Nigam ruining his own songs? 

Posted: 6 years ago
It's difficult to judge a performance like this when you have a live audience and emotions are running high.
All finalists gave it their all and proved why they made it so far.

My thoughts on the contestants-

Revanth - I read comments saying he looked tired and that he wasn't at his energetic best. I beg to differ. I could feel the passion in his voice, it was visible in his performance. Though I think he should've chosen a peppier number, but perhaps this song best described his state of mind. His performance with the little girls was cute. That he's a brilliant performer is undisputed, but his dance was 'feeka' in front of KBs Bhangra today. His expressions were funny when his fans were talking. But when it comes to interacting with audience he's a pro.

Khudabaksh - this man has a way with words. Even today in the beginning he brought up that he was unknown and then in the end spoke about his 'maa' having worked in people's houses. He touches that emotional chord (and this sympathy) votes. But all that aside. He sang dil se. At times he went off key, but performing in front of a crowd like that for the first time is overwhelming. He seemed to have strained his vocal chords, he sounded hoarse. But for the first time I felt connected to his performance. And that Bhangra was mind blowing. If not a career in singing, he could earn a livelihood teaching bhangra!! But the shyness act is too much. He hugged the girl who called him bhaiyya, just made me believe he's not as shy as he portrays himself to be.

Rohit - what a transformation. From being under confident to what he did today - outstanding. His confidence has truly grown by leaps and bounds. And that showed in his performance. He's even started interacting with the audience which is phenomenal. We saw a different Rohit today. And this Rohit has already won. If you believe in yourself and are confident - nothing is out of your reach.

Sonu Nigam - even if he has nothing nice to say for Revanth, can't he atleast make something up? Atleast say something like pehle din se aur ab tak aap mein bahut improvement hai or difference hai. Don't praise but say something. Don't make your partiality/favouritism so obvious.
Go ahead and favour your favourites, heap praises on them, but atleast one statement for the other.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Tomorrow when Revanth has the winners trophy in hand or when he starts singing in Bollywood, Revanths fans will have the last laugh.

All I can say, I've always thought Sonu nigam was the best judge, I now think it's Anu Malik (and not because Revanth is his favourite). Sonus disappointed me.
Posted: 6 years ago
Am I the only person to feel like khuda baksh didn't sing live on stage and it was prerecorded.. I may be wrong but I strongly feel like this. I felt same with revanth as well in the precap.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by AV25

Am I the only person to feel like khuda baksh didn't sing live on stage and it was prerecorded.. I may be wrong but I strongly feel like this. I felt same with revanth as well in the precap.

I felt the same, its prerecorded i think
Posted: 6 years ago
I still can't believe the seasons come to an end. The only positive it's ended the way I'd have liked.

The episode was so long, and I was so excited to see the winner (though I already knew), I don't think I paid enough attention to the performances to review them.
Instead today I'll write a general review and whatever I can think of. Please bear with me, this is the last review of the season and I may write too much, or maybe just write whatever comes to mind without making too much sense (it's the excitement of Revanths win).

Today when the contestants were introduced the songs were all pre recorded like some have already said. The contestants were only lip singing. But why were the contestants dressed in monochrome? And that bubblegum pink on Rohit?? Why??? But I enjoyed that performance. It was a nice introduction. Though Rohit was clearly uncomfortable dancing.

I don't usually enjoy too much comedy so got bored with Sunil Grover. In the beginning it was fine, but it was too long. I wanted to forward it (but was watching on tv).

The next performances - only Revanths performance stood out and even that wasn't excellent. Khudabaksh and Rohit chose songs that were too slow, not apt for a finale.

I loved the finale outfits for the contestants, Revanth and Khudabaksh looked great. I wish Rohit was given a colour other than pink (though it's my favourite colour).

When the contestants spoke about how Indian idol has changed their lives and then their mothers/brother spoke for the first time it felt genuine. Though we've heard Khudabaksh say the same thing a zillion times. I liked Revanths 'khuddari' when he said he didn't want to talk about his past as a worker at a catering company or anything else, because it's a private matter. Infact it's the second time we've heard about his troubled past and both times he's not spoken about it and underplayed it. He truly, like Anu Malik said is a self made man.
Similarly what Rohit said was also heartfelt. We've all seen what a confidence booster Indian idol has been for him. I think his mother had tears of happiness/joy.

I couldn't sense tension on the finalists faces at all. They were all, especially Revanth enjoying the acts. We also got glimpses of their camaraderie.

When they gave gifts to the judges, you know they meant it. Farah has really mothered the contestants and that's something every contestant has said. The love Anu Malik showered on Revanth was different from other contestants. You could tell he was his favourite. Similarly Sonu has really pushed Rohit to his best. I enjoyed that moment too.

When Thupten Tsering came on, I was hoping and praying that Sachin/Sony would announce that they would sponsor prosthetic arms for him. I didn't see the point in calling him just like that. I hope even without announcing Sachin or anyone sponsors it for him.

The announcement of the winner was so thanda. I expected some josh!! But so happy Revanth won. I loved when Sonu hugged him. Acceptance at last.

Why were Mohit and Maalavika there? Shouldn't they have called all the top 14? And maybe they could've performed or something.

Anyway so so thrilled Revanth won!! Can't wait to see him 'rock bollywood'.

Congratulations to all his fans
Posted: 6 years ago
I wish this season lasts for some more time. Will miss the performances ,will miss their naughty acts & so on. I think this is the coolest season of all. I liked everything about this season . The  contestants were great. The judges were good except sonu Angry. I still can't forgive him. I was his diehard fan in my childhood. But recently in the name of improvisation he was ruining  great songs. So I shifted to revanthWink
 Coming to review. That was a great start for finale episode.  Starting with revanth then KB & last rohit it was like planned according to the winning order. I don't know who selected these songs but it's apt for all contestants. A wise selection by revanth for both pre finale & finale songs. Being a non hindi person he did his best. Here onething i have to say  if you take andhra  the education will be like mostly they concentrate on maths & science groups. If ant one takes arts then you can assume him to be a dull student. Also hindi though thought in schools.,there is no rule to speak in hindi. My main point here is most of andhra people don't know how to speak hindi. Even they don't watch hindi shows. So coming from such a place it requires tons of hardwork & passion to participate in such a big show & win it. So hats off to revanth. He  deserved to be indian idol cause of this hardwork . I felt somewhere revanth is full on confident about his winning. I couldn't find excitement to the level I assumed . It's not his fault cause he was confident of his winning. The contestants group hug was super.Their onscreen bonding is good. I got bored with rinku bhabi/ gulati's comedy. Instead I would have enjoyed  more comedy between karan & roli. Nice thought of giving presents to judges. Singing wise ok sometimes felt like recorded. But liked befikre by revanth.  Episode with  lots of emotional drama . Malavika in her fb chat after elimination said that she will be performing. It would have been great if they cut gulati's comedy &  put mohit & malavika 's performances. Overall a good episode. Best of luck revanth. Wishing to listen his songs in bollywood.
Posted: 6 years ago
The season finale ended in heart break. How I wished  to see Rohit hold the trophy! I love Sonu Nigam and I always adored him for being the singer he is. I knew how different he is from others due to his classical music background. I learnt classical since I was eight years old and I knew Rohit and Malavika are class apart from others. For me Sonu's choice is the best Rohit without doubt.
To me singing in Bollywood is not the ultimate .
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