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@ALL: You thought it was so sweet of Maan to have shifted to Economy for geet, didn't you?LOL

30.She Was A Tiny Little Storm...

He closed his eyes and held back the irritation. He had opened his laptop to work on some project but damn the leg space! He was a tall man and his legs had started aching in just an hour. He had to work, Adi was enjoying in Business class and he was stuck with this mad woman! What was he thinking when he decided to get here?

"Any drinks for you sir, ma'am?"

He looked up to find a skinny-pouty air hostess offering drinks. She batted her lashes a little more at him and he cringed. He picked up margherita and turned towards Geet to offer her one.

"Geet do you..."

He stopped, watching her sleep soundly leaning her head against the window frame in an awkward position. Ear plugs stuffed into her ears, she had some music on in her ipod and she had her mouth slightly twitched in a weird way. He smiled and turned back to the lady in waiting.

"That will be all. Thank you."

He closed his laptop and sipped in his drink, looking at her. She was a tiny little storm, not leaving behind any destruction but definitely leaving her marks, however small they may be. He rested his head on the back rest and closed his eyes, thinking of the time he had spent with her. She had once loved somebody and lost him and still she was moving on... Without anyone at her back. He opened his eyes and looked at her sleeping form once again but with a different feeling in him. She was indeed a tiny little storm with no beginning and no end. And he felt it... That intense urge to protect his little tornado that was so calm on the outside and so much unsettled in the inside. He stretched lazily and his laptop slipped. He caught it on time and frowned at the problem he was facing now. He adjusted himself and checked the time. They were lucky that they had a 1h30m halt at Iceland.


She yawned and walked around looking for something to eat. Iceland, true to its name, was very cold. She had woken up only when the flight attendant had announced their landing. She had been so surprised to find Maan with her that had really made her question herself.

Kanha, Monster Khurana actually exchanged class with that lady? Jeez... what does he want?

She knew somewhere deep down she had her answers but she didn't want to dwell upon it. Dwelling meant thinking and thinking meant questioning her own beliefs and to have her beliefs shattered, she wasn't ready. She wasn't ready to embrace sleepless nights and a disturbed mind. She had had enough. As such leaving her baking classes had been a tough decision.

She switched on her phone and found so many messages from Pooja. Curious, she checked all of them, asking the same question.

-Raj saw you with a guy at the airport. Who is he?

-Geet... reply the moment you switch on your phone.

-Damn it! This curiosity is killing.

-What are you hiding woman?

-I know you are in flight but I can't stop thinking.

And there were a few more from college and Ana too. But first, she had to reply to Pooja.

"He is Monster Khurana, Pooja... he was in London. Met up with him. thats all!"

She pressed the send button and wondered where Maan actually was! She looked around and found him talking to Adi some distance away.

Adi Sir is here too?

She headed towards them and heard Adi's giggle.

"he he he hi are you?"

"I am fine Adi sir.. you were accompanying Maan to London?"

"he he he yes.. yes...Its a surprise we found you there."

Her phone rang with Pooja's name flashing on it. She rolled her eyes. Her friend wasn't going to sit in peace. She excused herself and walked a little away to answer all her questions.

It was only when the boarding announcements were made that she convinced Pooja to keep down the phone and switched off hers. She found Maan waiting for her.

"Let's go.." she flashed a smile, pulling her jacket closer to herself and looked confused.

"What happened?"

"I haven't collected my boarding passes! Oh I have to go back then.."

She turned to leave when he held her by her elbow, "they are with me!"

"What? How?"

"You gave it to me while we were getting down. Now come on."

She bit her tongue at her realization and sighed in relief. She walked alongside him, enjoying the people around her. Adi joined them as they walked in.

"So Geet, how is college?"

"Ohh thats fine Adi sir... learning a lot of stuffs. How is everything at office?"

"Totally fine. Are you interning anywhere?"

She kept talking to Adi about her college and projects when Adi excused himself and went ahead.



"Where did Adi sir go? Won't he be travelling with us?"

Her hands went around his arm once again like it was so natural to them and he accepted wholeheartedly.

"Yeah he will but he has got different seats from us!"

"Ohh I see. I think you should go back to your business class."

"Why?" He raised a brow at her.

"Well... Because I saw how uncomfortable you were there. I have travelled alone so you really don't have to worry about me!"

He just looked at her with that lopsided smile, "Who said I was worried about YOU Miss Handa?"


She fumed! He was right! He was definitely not thinking about her when he said those words.

That Monster! He was so bloody dead! Selfish kahinka... grrr hate him. Thats why he took my passes... Smooth!!!

"Anything for you Ma'am?" the beautiful new air hostess asked.

She frowned, sitting in the most comfortable seats of the Business Class, "No thank you."

The lady nodded and turned to leave.

"No wait..." she called back.

"yes Ma'am..."

"Could you get something to eat?"

"Right away ma'am..."

She gaped at the gourmet food served to her... chicken with rice and fajitas and so much more!

Do they serve these in economy??

She looked to her side and found Maan missing. He had just dumped her on her seat and went ahead to talk to someone he found on the same flight!

That Jerk! Wait...let him come back!

Her tummy growled and she decided to eat first and deal with him later!

She had been lost in the taste of her food when he came back and plopped himself beside him and stretched his legs.

"Ahh... so relaxing!"

He looked at her frowning face and smiled, "Enjoying?"

"You monster! I can't believe you did this!"

He pushed down the backrest and smiled, "when you don't listen to me in a nice way Geet, I have to resort to my ways!"

She twisted her lips and relished her food when something struck her.

"Adi sir isn't here?"

"He is happily occupying your seat!"

"What? That's so mean!"

"Well... he insisted! We had only one seat left. He exchanged seats with you."

"Why are you so crooked?" she complained.

"Because I love doing things my way!" he closed his eyes and relaxed his shoulders, "order anything you like Geet. And for once, stop cursing me."

She opened her mouth to get back to him but the food was too delicious to be frowned upon.

Kanha, see what he does when he gets mad? Is he crazy or what?

They came out of the JFK airport and his car was quick enough to reach him.

"Okay Maan..I think I would head home. Bye."

She yawned and it was just early morning. Getting back to New York felt like home.

He looked up from his phone, "You are not going to the estates?"

"Oh.. No. just want to head home first."

He walked ahead and opened the door for her, "Hop in. Will drop you on my way!"

She shrugged, "No Maan.. Really.. I can go on my own. Your home is totally opposite to mine.."

"I am heading towards office actually..."

"What? You just landed.." she couldn't believe he could work after hours of flight but his phone was vibrating continuously she observed now.

"Yeah got some work. Now stop acting weird."

The cool New York breeze took away her tiredness as she rolled the window down and took in the view. The last time they had been out in the morning was when dadima was in the hospital. She looked at him, busy with calls and emails and didn't disturb him despite being tempted to ask if he still thought of dadima!

Of course he does you fool...

She was surprised when they stopped in front of his office. He hopped out and left, not before instructing the driver.

"Drop her home and let me know when you do."

And then he just turned to her, "text me when you reach. Okay?"

He was gone but he left a lingering warmth in his wake. They drove away but she couldn't help thinking. Wasn't he the one who refused to drop her home that night in the pub? Wasn't he the one who refused to acknowledge her? Wasn't he the one who hated her only because she was a stranger?

Things change...she realized today. They have come too far. The path they were travelling has taken another tangent altogether!

He sat in the meeting when his phone vibrated.

Thanks for everything.

He smiled...his little tornado that she was.

"Take Care.

He thought that was it until he received another text from her.

"You too.

He didn't reply but then there was nothing he could have replied either. He was not a very keen conversant!

Yeah Right!

His brain kicked him for being so manipulative but then he ignored. He was one who could easily shift focus in work which he did, forgetting the woman who has suddenly become so close to him.

She sat on the bed, holding her kanha with a feeling so alien.

"what is this Kanha? Monster Khurana is being so nice. I have never been in a situation where I just cannot deny..."

She kept her Kanha back on the table and her eyes fell on the feather that he had gifted her when Aawara had torn the one that dadima had given her. She fell back on the bed and gently caressed the softness on her face, feeling ticklish.

"Kanha, I feel so happy...Do I feel right? The week had been so great with Pooja... and Raj... but it scares me at times, this feeling of everything good..."


She breathed in sharply and wiped the worry off her face as she stepped into the estates. Days had been gruelling with college reopening and the problem she had at hand. It had been over a week since she had come back from London and she hadn't been to the estates even once. Ana had visited; they talked about the Grad Party and about Raj and then got busy in their final year of college. And after much insistence, she had thrown away her excuses and agreed to visit one evening.

She stepped into the porch and found Awaara sitting quietly by the steps with his head hung low. She knelt in front of him and caressed his head.

"Hey...what are you doing here?"

Awaara looked at her with his glassy puppy eyes and then let out a low whimper, as if he were upset about something.

"What's going on Monster Puppy?" she got up and walked inside hearing noises.

She had been at odds with the husky since the day he had torn away her feather but the voices inside just made her curious because she knew it was definitely Kabir.

She stood aghast when she found Maan and Kabir glaring at each other and Ana in the middle, trying hard to stop them!

Were they fighting?

"Bhai, just let me do something of my own for once! Don't dictate me around." Kabir screamed.

Her eyes popped out hearing that. For the first time she saw Kabir raise his voice against Maan. And again, for the first time, she saw him angry... red eyes and that nerve on his forehead popped out in stress.

Maan sighed and clenched his fists, "I am not dictating. But I have every right to stop you from doing something stupid!"

"Bhai, Kabir, please stop. We can discuss this later right! Keep your office stuff back in there and come back home."Ana screamed and got ignored.

"Ohh Maan Singh Khurana knows nothing but to drive everyone as slaves." Kabir scoffed, "You just can't bear the one time I try to do something better than you.."

"Kabir..." Maan growled, "don't say things that you would regret. You know what you are doing isn't going to yield anything to us..."

Kabir gave a sarcastic laughter, "when did you ever think of anyone besides yourself han? That is exactly why you are still a loner... everything is a deal for you... even relationships!"

The room went silent and the only sound audible was Ana's gasp. She looked at Maan and Geet did too, not quite getting the context. But she knew whatever Kabir said would have definitely hurt him and that look on his face almost broke her heart.

 "Kabir... Stop!" Maan warned.

"Why? Truth is painful right Mr.Khurana? It's always about your profits and losses, your ego and that is exactly why you never had any good relationship with anyone!"

His lips were pressed at the seams, his jaws clenched, his fingers curled into fists, she knew he was hurt. She knew him better now... because she could read those small signs of him.

"Kabir!!" Ana screamed, "Apologise to Bhai right now!"

Kabir looked away, "Shut up Ana."

And he walked away. He couldn't believe his brother would ever try to stop him when he was doing so well. He was angry when Maan just ordered the project to be shut down without talking to him.

Geet gaped at Ana and then back at Maan. His shoulder shrugged as he let out a breath and walked away as well, leaving a deafening silence in his wake.

Ana looked sadly back and forth towards the ways Maan and Kabir went and looked at Geet with pleading eyes. Before she could even reply, Ana ran away towards Kabir. She didn't want to deal with an upset Maan right now. He always needed his space, she knew well. And so, she chose Kabir first.

Geet stood alone in the hall for a while and shook her head as she walked towards the study, knowing well where he could be.

Uff! Guys! They need to fight and let the steam off...

She stopped in front of the door and decided to knock first. But then she let it pass knowing how his brain worked. She breathed in sharply and slowly opened the door, without making any noise and walked in. Crossing the antechamber, she peeked into his study and found him standing by his desk, his suit thrown on the armchair and his files sprawled open. He was trying to concentrate on his work but definitely he couldn't. Frustrated, he just pushed away the papers and ran his fingers through his hairs.

She tiptoed into the room, trying not to catch his attention but he was Maan Khurana after all.

"Go away Geet!"

She stopped and gaped at him!

How did he know when he hadn't even had his eyes open?!!

She opened her mouth to say something but he beat her to that.

"I am really not in a mood to talk to you!"

She huffed, "who said I came here to talk to you han? Mere aur bhi bahut kaam hain...get that straight!"

"then why the hell are you here?" he turned to look at her and spat out. He was really irritated.

She sighed knowing she just couldn't make up any excuses. They were never like that.

She raised both her hands in air and smiled weakly, "Calm down Maan. I know Kabir. He probably wouldn't have meant anything at all."

She ran her fingers on the discarded coat and straightened the creases.

"If you are here to advocate Kabir, then just get out Geet. I don't want to hear anything from you or anyone else for that matter. As such I have enough problems to deal with.."

She twisted her lips and banged something metallic on the table, catching his attention.

"Fine you Monster! I was here to give you this and I know you too well to let you be. Lekin Nahin! You are hell bent on driving me away. Theek hain... chali jaati hun mein.. bye!"

He saw what she left on the table when she moved away her hand. A keychain it was... a metallic camera stuck on a base plate with the caption "capture life" inscribed on it. It was silver and golden and it so beautifully captured his muse.

He smiled a little, almost forgetting everything around when he heard her sharp voice.

"and yes, it's not only you. Even I have enough problems in my life too... Everyone does... huh!"

She walked out only to be pulled back. He outstretched his hand, grabbed her by her elbow and dragged her back to him.

"oww...oww..." she stumbled backwards and hit her nose on his shoulder.

"ahh ouchhh...what are you doing?" she screamed and rubbed her nose with her other hand.

He dragged her inside and pushed her on the armchair. She fell on it with a thud and he leaned right over her, his hands on either side of the hand rest, caging her.
She rubbed her nose and looked up at his towering self. Smoldering dark eyes looked deep into hers, making her stop breathing for a moment. his breath fell on her nose and she shivered a bit.

"You were saying?" he smirked and she saw that faint lopsided smile.

A smile tugged in on her lips invariably but she wasn't going to have any of it.

"I was saying you are a very mean man!"

He shook his head and got off her. Plopping himself on the ottoman beside her, he gave her all his attention... she deserved that... she demanded that and he found himself in no position to deny his little tornado.

"Anything else?" he urged.

"Nothing. Because I know if I ask anything, you wouldn't tell."

"Very Well Miss handa... you seem to know me quite well, eh?" his voice was laced with pure amusement.

"That I do!"

He raised his brows, "Quite an observer you have become!"

She looked deep into his eyes, "yes a certain Maan Khurana has really made some impact on me!"

He froze and then felt it was a moment to remain silent. To capture Life in front of him!
>>So, did you like what Monster Khurana did?

>>Should I tease you with a precap?? Wink

He smiled and shot a brow at her, "So, You brought me a present, eh Miss Handa?"

Her head turned in a sudden movement and she gaped at that smirk, "Yeah so?"

He dangled the keychain in front of her, "You missed me that bad?"

He watched her lost and a slight blush pink adored her cheeks. He leaned closer, "Geet?"


"Stop thinking about me! Its embarrassing..." he teased.

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Chapter 29

Chapter 31

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Cute precap 
Update soon 
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