FF: Unconditional love

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Posted: 6 years ago
Chapter 1
It has been 3 days since Ragini gained conscience after her car accident. Nachiket her best friend from medical school had not left her side. Her rich parents had passed away when she was 5 and she grew up in hostels under the care of her uncle who never had time for her. 

The doctor had just told her and Nachiket that she would never be able to walk again without crutches as her right leg was damaged far beyond repair. She knew she might have to quit medical school. 

Nachiket was outside arguing with the doctor. 

N - you are giving up too soon

Dr - consult any specialist he will say the same. Ragini will never be able to walk without help

Nachiket promised himself he would find a way to help his best friend. Nachiket belonged to an affluent family himself. He was about to go to the states to complete his Masters. But he refused to leave Ragini alone. He knew she had noone to care for her. Her parents money gave her a comfortable life but she was always sad and quiet. She had no friends. It took him a year to make friends with her. He was in awe of her simplicity and kindness. 

R - nachiket you must go to Boston as planned. I will be fine. Chachu is going to get me a nurse. Plus with physiotherapy and the crutches i will be able to move around in a few months

N - i will go after those few months

Ragini held his hand

R - don't ruin your career. Your family has so many hopes for your future. They are so excited about your future. Plus you worked so hard for the scholarship. You deserve to move ahead. 

N - and you

Ragini smiled and a lone tear almost escaped her eye. She quickly wiped it but Nachiket saw her. It broke his heart. 

R - i will be fine. I just need some physio. Send me some good crutches and a brace for my knee from Boston as soon as you reach. Maybe by the time you graduate i will be able to come to the ceremony

N - you still have a year left at medical school

R - we both know that i can't be a doctor anymore. My disability wont do justice to my patients. 

N - you are not disabled. You are not letting go of medical school. 

R - Nachiket 

N - no. We will work as per the old plan. There will be a delay but you will also do your masters on a scholarship in Boston

R - and my dead leg

Ragini could not control her tears now

N - we will find a cure. You are so intelligent. You must become a doctor. 

Ragini looked away and began sobbing. Nachiket pulled her into a tight hug. 

N - i have 3 months till i leave for Boston. I will help with the physiotherapy. 

R - but Nachiket...

Nachiket put his finger on her lips. She could feel his breathe on her.

N - no excuses. Its my responsibility to get you all better. You leave that to me and follow my instructions. 

They sat there for a bit as Nachiket took her in his embrace again

N - Ragini you don't have a family to care for you. But i have a family who only wants to be part of my success. You have been there for me in all my failures and heart breakes 

R - heartbreaks..

Ragini began giggling. 

N - its not funny

They continued their friendly banter till Ragini fell asleep. Nachiket placed a kiss on her forehead and left. He felt very content. At night he couldn't sleep. All he could think about is Ragini. He got up with a jerk

N - i love her

He stood up on the bed

N - i so love her. I am such an idiot. All this while. Now I have to leave. But i can't stay without her. This sucks. What do i do?

Posted: 6 years ago
Yay a new story can't wait to read this 
Posted: 6 years ago
Nice start, pl continue
Posted: 6 years ago
Chapter 2
Nachiket reached the hospital in the morning with a big smile. He entered the room and saw a teary Ragini.

N - kya hua?

R - nothing 

N - tell me please

He sat close to her. Ragini hugged him and cried her heart out. He calmed her down after a while.

R - i don't think i am strong enough to go through this 

N - what are you talking about?

R - the medication and physiotherapy. Its so scary. What if nothing works. 

N - it will

Nachiket cupped her face and placed a kiss on her hair.

N - you trust me to make you all better?

R - yes

N - then leave it to me to manage everything. Just dont loose hope. You are my strength. You know i am as lonely as you. 

R - can i tell you the truth?

N - yes

R - i want you to succeed but i don't want you to leave me and go to Boston

N - i am not leaving you. Trust me to work it all out. 

Ragini smiled.

N - lets go to the garden for fresh air

Nachiket carried her to the wheelchair and took her out. He returned home at night. He lived alone in a expensive apartment owned by his family. Ragini would visit him often and cook for him. He missed her cooking.

The next day Ragini was to be discharged. Raginis uncle had arranged for Ragini to stay in a care facility. Raginis face fell and Nachiket noticed that. He told the doctor he would take Ragini and drove her straight to his apartment.

R - why are we here?

N - your recovery home. 

R - i can't. It doesn't sound right. 

N - you will. Its just for the next 45days. Then a surprise awaits you

R - what will people say?

N - you think i care?

R - but i do

Nachiket pushed her wheelchair in the lift.

N - rest for a week. Then the physio will come home and start the treatment 

R - chachu wont approve 

N - i never approved of him either. He is so moneyminded

They reached home.

N - welcome. It's a bit messy but i will clean it up asap. This was all last minute. 

The door bell rang

N - aao sunny tai. She will live in this house with you. She has been an older sister to me

R - where will you stay?

N - in the guest bedroom. 

R - i will stay there

N - the guest bedroom is basic. My room is well furnished 

S - Ragini suno baba ki baat. Tumko jaldi first class banna hain

Ragini smiled

R - thanks Nachiket. 

Nachiket carried her to theroom on the bed. 

N - rest and call us if you need anything.

A month passed by. Ragini was walking along with a crutch. Ragini and sunny tai became friends. Ragini called out to Nachiket whenever she needed him. Nachikets love was growing deeper while Ragini was clueless. It drove him crazy. He tried to drop a million hints. But she was in her own world.

Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for the update.
I hope Ragini gets well soon, and that Nachiket is able to tell her about his feelings. Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Lovely update hope ragini gets well soon and hope nachiket tells her soon that he loves her and ragini realises that she loves him aswell
Posted: 6 years ago
So fresh and lovely :) 
Thanks for coming up with a new FF - NR are beautiful! <3 
Posted: 6 years ago
Chapter 3
R - Nachiket its 45 days now. My surprise? 

N - you remember? I thought sunny tai was your new best friend

R - jealous

Ragini smirked

N - sad. I have to leave and you spend all your time with her

R - sorry baba 

N - its fine. Your surprise came 2days back

R - what is it?

N - i applied to a medical school in Boston on your behalf for you to finish your last year. 

R - and?

N - they accepted you

R - wow. Best news in months 

N - but you start next term

R - so, why are you sad?

N - we will be apart for a few months

R - better than being apart for years

N - still

R - cheer up. Lets spend the day together

N - sunny tai? 

R - just you and me

N - love the idea

R - lets go to the beach

N - anything you want

R - pav bhaji and kulfi from the stalls

N - done deal. Get dressed

Ragini took her crutch and walked away. Nachiket thought about something and smiled excitedly. He went and did some shopping before they left. They enjoyed the beach a lot. They sat staring at the beach when Ragini held onto Nachikets arm. 

N - i have something to say

R - yes

N - but i am scared to loose you if i say it

R - what did u do?

Nachiket smiled while Ragini frowned 

N - i have been alone most of my life and so have you. When i met you i liked your simplicity and caring nature. 

Ragini smiled

N - I love you

Ragini was shocked 

N - it's ok if you don't. I can understand i am not your type. I just had to say this. I sent your application to Boston cause i was selfish and wanted you with me. But you can reject and choose to stay here. Live in my house with sunny tai. I know i may have lost you as a friend but i can't pretend to not want more with you. 

Ragini looked away

N - sorry if i hurt you

R - i don't know what to say

N - its ok. I am leaving next week instead of next month. But you please stay at home and get well soon.

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