Kaira OS - Love Misunderstandings and Destiny Chp 2 - Pg 2

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Kaira OS - Love Misunderstandings and Destiny

A pair of hands enclosed on her eyes, a small smile came on her face but that soon changed into a frown and she angrily shrug those hands away, turning to face the person with a pout on her face.

" You are late again", Naira spoke angrily pointing a finger at him and than turned the other side saw her back was facing him again.
" Something came up in the last minute and I had to stay back in the office, I am sorry jaan, I really am you now how much I love you.", Karthik whispered huskily into her ears, puzzling her neck with his nose while back hugging her.
" No, I am not melting today, you always do this, first you spend all the time in the office and even when you come home you come home you are either with Mom or Mishri, first you used to find excuses to come close to me now it looks like I don't exist in your world, you know I should have never confessed my love for you at least you would love me instead of ignoring me." Naira spoke in a broken voice

Karthik turned Naira so she was facing him, She looked into his eyes and the tear drops that she held on to fell from her eyes, Karthik wiped her tears that rolled down her cheeks and engulfed her in his arms, she struggled to get out of his cage but he held her tight and slowly she relaxed in his arms.

"Why this anger sweetheart, is something wrong", Karthik asked calmly to Naira who was still in his arms
" Badi dadi and dadi were talking about our marriages, naksh bhaiya's, gayu Di's and mine, they told mom she should start searching for partners for the three of us", Naira pouted while remembering the conversation she heard today morning as went downstairs.
" That is good news isn't it", Karthik replied smiling
" You are happy as if they were talking about our marriage", Naira continued
" I am not that bad, you wouldn't choose me if I wasn't the best for you.", Karthik said with a smirk on his face
" why don't you go down and tell this to my family Mr. Karthik Kapoor", Naira stepped on his foot making him wince in pain
" Naira", Karthik screamed in pain
" You are completely useless Mr.Kapoor it has been six months for our relation and yet you don't have the guts to confess it infront of everyone, do a favour at least tell everyone about our love before I get married to someone else." Naira said her anger rising
" why didn't you say a word it is your family after all and do you think they will accept us instead they might put a no entry board outside for me." Karthik replied.
" I don't want excuses, before tomorrow you are going to tell my family that you love me." Naira announced with determination
" so that your brother kills me", Karthik asked her
" my brother isn't bad and he will accept us once he knows I love you" Naira told him in reply
" Madam Naira Singhania if looks could kill, I would be dead long back", Karthik said remembering the angry glares Naksh gave him each time he and Naira were close.
" before tomorrow, means before tomorrow, whether you go downstairs and announce it this instance or come back later in the evening." Naira said firmly
" I guess I don't have a choice", said Karthik hoping Naira would mellow down but on getting no response he went to the door but returned back and planted a kiss on her cheek making Naira blush and slowly sneaked out of the room.
" where were you bf I had been searching for so long" he heard Mishri's voice from the back of him
" I was finding for you sweetheart", Karthik replied going on his knees
" oh come l want to show you something", Mishri said smiling
"What," Karthik asked
" My birthday is next week, mom bought me two dresses, I want you to tell me which one is better" Mishri told him
" Gf I am a boy maybe you should get advice from girl maybe your Naira Di, she had good choice, and I need to go home" Karthik rushed from there before Mishri could stop him.
Karthik stared at the mirror practicing lines to convince the Singhania family
"Did I over react" Naira thought to herself but even the mere thought of lossing Karthik bought fear to her
Suddenly a knock sounded on the door and her little cousin entered
" what are you doing here Mishri", Naira asked wiping the tears that her eyes were filled with making sure the younger girl didn't see those.
" Bf told me I should take advice from a girl and you have a good choice so you will be the best person." Mishri replied to her elder sister
" okay I will help", saying that Naira went out of the room with Mishri.
" What is this? Gayu I am asking you something akshara spoke in anger
" I am sorry mami", gayu replied scared
" answer my question, do you love Karthik.", akshara questioned sternly
Gayu nodded her head posutively in fear as she saw the serious faces around her and suddenly everyone burst of laughing.
" you guys are not angry", Gayu spoke surprised
" you have found the best guy, Karthik is a gem of a person." Akshara replied
"Mom what are you saying that person came to our house we treated him like family and what does he do traps my sister in his love" Naksh spoke in anger
" Karthik is a nice guy Naksh", Natik replied
" but shouldn't we get to know what is in Karthik's heart", devyani asked
" gayu do you know what is in his heart", Akshara asked teasingly
Gayu nodded her head negatively
"My princess is such a sweetheart there is no person in this world who cannot love her and we can find out what is in his heart this moment" Natik replied
" what are are you thinking of" akshara asked her husband
Without replying Natik dialed Karthik's number
"Sir ka call" Karthik asked himself and picked it up
"Yes sir", Karthik spoke
" my daughter told me she loves you I want to know if you have the same feelings in your heart", natik asked
" yes", Karthik replied with mixed emotions of nervousness and happiness
" so the engagement is tomorrow" natik announced to his family and Karthik
Karthik danced happily at the thought of his engagement with Naira
"Why is everyone so happy", Naira asked as she saw everyone in her house hugging each other
" the thing is my daughter tried hiding something from me but I found out and my would be dammad also told what is in his heart and tomorrow is the engagement ", Akshara said in a teasing tone
" Karthik told everyone, tomorrow is the engagement" Naira told herself doing a happy dance in her head.

Everyone had been informed of the engagement it was only for family members
" Karthik that was very bad of you, you fell in love with our granddaughter and did not inform us", bhabhi ma spoke sternly
" sorry", Karthik replied cutely
" Stop it all of you you have been teasing him since he has entered", akshara told everyone
" why akshara he is stealing the daughter of this house he should pay the price", natik replied
" where is the would be bride" rose spoke up
" there she is" Martha announced and everyone's eyes turned towards the staircase where Naira, Gayu and Mishri were coming down.

"Should we start the ceremony", Rajshri question
" Rajshri bhen Karthik calls rose his sister so even he should propose all of us like my gulabo had done", rukmini announced
" but I only have one ring", Karthik said nervously
" Propose without a ring", varsha replied and everyone nodded positively

Karthik went on his knees next to Akshara and Natik
" Aunty, sir you both treated me like your son, gave me so much love, I am not that bad that in return I snatch the person who means life to both of you. I promise the two of you your daughter will always be yours and you both will have a son extra not a daughter less.",Karthik replied sincerely making everyone go aww on him.
Next he knelt down near Mishri
" Apko dhoka diya are your angry, but I promise you who ever I get married to you will always remain my gf." Karthik said sweetly
Karthik approached Naksh
" I know you aren't happy, but I give you my word I will love your sister more than my life", Karthik said playing a hand on his shoulder and received a hug in response
Slowly Karthik proposed the others and than stood next to Gayu
" I am so lucky to have you, first I got rose and now you I had always wanted a sister but now I got two", Karthik spoke happily while the others got confused

Before he could be questioned he went down and knelt next to Naira
" When you came down from the stairs I thought an angel was descending from heaven, you looked divine and I felt so lucky to have you. Purple lehenga I know why you choose it because look even my sherwani is purple, because I love blue and you love red and when the mix we get purple. I remember the first time we met, our first fight, I didn't like you a single bit at that time, but slowly I got to see a loving caring and angelic girl. A girl who was willing to give love without asking in return. A girl so beautiful it was hard to decide whether she was prettier from the inside or outside, infact I have not found this answer yet. During the wedding of yash and rose I fell in love with you. When you love someone you lay down your life for them and the day you told me that you love me I was so happy I know I have never told you all this, we proposed each other with mere I love you and our eyes did the rest of the talking." Karthik spoke with all the love he had

"Yes, till today even I never voiced out my feeling but today I will, tumhari awaz mujhe mandak ki tar tar jaisi lagti thi phir na Jane kyun melodious song ki tarhe lagne lagi. I don't know when was it people say you don't realize when you fall in love, they are right. Maybe it was when you helped me to take revenge from anmol in pungi's case, maybe it was your helping nature towards my family. Or it could be the time when the police came and I was so scared but no one saw except you. Maybe when we got wet in the rain. I don't know I really don't but what I do know is that I will not be able to live without you" Naira said picking Karthik up and hugging him tight and he too hugged back

Gayu clapped happily
"Love birds we still are here and engagement baki hai", said gayu
"I still can't believe this fatto told you all that he loves me", Naira laughed
"Me, you told everyone", Karthik said questioningly
"I told everyone, I caught you both romancing", Gayu replied hoping that Kaira wouldn't get to know the truth.
" I love you Gayu Di" said Naira hugging gayu
" And I love you", Karthik said dreamily resting his head on Naira's shoulder

Soon the ceremony was completed.

Hope Kaira fans liked it, waiting for the reviews.
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Aweesome story loved it !!!! Kaira are love!!! Will u continue this story? Well i hope so wish u wont end it now? Plz do another chapter !
Anyways loved it u should write more kaira storys
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Posted: 2016-07-21T22:12:14Z
ayiooo how sweet gayu is in this story at the end.loved kaira part too.naira always fighting Embarrassed
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Posted: 2016-07-22T02:23:31Z
Lovely story dear... I must say I was getting a little anxious mid way.
Wish the cv's will show Gayu to be sweet and understanding as you have but I have my doubts.
Plz do write more on Kaira.
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Posted: 2016-07-22T06:45:09Z
Loved it!!!!
My favorite line next to the last lovely exchange between KaIra was Kartik saying you will have a son more.. Not a daughter less!!! What a gem of a line!!!

May I steal this line for one of my stories please??!!!

Ha ha, jokes apart. Lovely work . I loved reading
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Posted: 2016-07-25T12:09:40Z
Loved the os.. Kartik confessing his love to naira was so sweet Embarrassed and him calling gayu sister was epic ROFL I wish that happens in the show.. I m so sure similar confusion is gonna happen in the show too as nk ak call her daughter as wellOuch
Do write more Star
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Posted: 2016-07-27T01:29:56Z
Originally posted by Kairalover123

Aweesome story loved it !!!! Kaira are love!!! Will u continue this story? Well i hope so wish u wont end it now? Plz do another chapter !
Anyways loved it u should write more kaira storys

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Posted: 2016-07-27T01:31:24Z
Originally posted by beatsdongandy

ayiooo how sweet gayu is in this story at the end.loved kaira part too.naira always fighting Embarrassed

I really hope they make gayu sweet in the show as well
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