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- | Chapter One | -

"Dad, i need money for my college." She said to her father, standing infront of him while he was busy in working on his laptop. She waited patiently for her father's reply.

"We earn money from our hard-work. We don't have it to waste over you. If you wish to continue your studies, earn for it yourself. You are not a kid anymore, you are 19 and can earn on her own." Rajesh shekhawat answered her in stern tone that gives a clear message, don't you dare to argue with me.

"Till we could, we gave you money but not anymore. You don't deserve such luxury. You are such a disappointment to us! Why would you expect us to waste our earned money on you when we can put better use of it and make your elder siblings future better, who are talented not useless like you-"

She flinched away at her mother's cruel, hurtful words. Though it wasn't something new to her. Her family members spat venom when they talk to her. She couldn't remember a moment where any of them was kind to her. And thats why she wants to be independent. She knew, she couldn't count her family member to be with her in her bad times thus she was making her future better. But for that she has to get educated first, for which she need money but her family won't give it to her.

With a dejected face, she come out of her parents room.

"Lets go, tannu. Its time for 'mission-search-job." She told herself, she grabbed her backpack and left the house for college.


"Hello, Taani!" Her best friends, Aryan and Aahana greeted her, as they met outside the college premises.

"Hello, Guys!" She smiled at them.

They went inside the college, trio were walking in corridor. Taani was busy in listening to what Aahana was saying, bumped into someone which caused her to loose her balance and fall backward.

She yelped and closed her eyes tightly, waiting for herself to touch the ground and feel the pain, but it never come.

A tingling sensation ran through her spine, feeling a stranger's hand wrapped around her waist. She opened her eyes and her soft gaze met the mesmerizing ones. She let her gaze roam over the stranger's face. Damn! He is sexy! She thought to herself, couldn't help but admire his sharp features.

"Taani, are you alright?" Aryan's voice broke her trance. She cursed him mentally for ruining the moment, then she gained her composer and look at the stranger, who had her in his arms and still staring at her, with those beautiful pair of chocolate-brown eyes.

"Dude, couldn't you watch where you were going? I could have fallen down and got hurt-" Being the brat she was known to be, she couldn't keep herself from snapping at him rudely.

The stranger's eyes knitted in confusion, then anger flickered across his brown orbs, not liking her tone. He wasn't used to anyone talking to him like this, nor he will tolerate anyone disrespecting him.

Someone has bad tamper.

She thought to herself and chuckled mentally.

The stranger made her stand on her feet and look at her, his gaze softened as he stare at the girl standing infront of him, dressed in white pants and pink top, she was one adorable girl.

"Bhai! What are you doing?" Aryan exclaimed, breaking his reverie.

"Bhai? He is your brother?" Taani, who was shocked after the revelation, questioned Aryan while her eyes were fixed on the stranger, He was wearing an armani suit and had a powerful aura surrounding him, she knew he wasn't someone from their college.

"If you were interested in watching news channels and business magazines, you would have known him." Aahana narrowed her eyes at her best friend.

"Will you stop talking in riddles and tell me, who is he?" Taani asked her in low tone.

"Let me do the honor. Taani, he is my elder brother, Reyaansh Singhania, Asia's richest man and country's number one business man. And bhai, She is taani, my best friend. And you already know Aahana." Aryan introduced them to each other.

Taani look at him, though she doesn't know any of singhania's personally except Aryan, she had heard alot about his brother, from him and from everyone else out there.

"Hello, Mr. Singhania." She greeted him plainly, not showing the affect he has on her, just in one meet. She was an expert when it comes to hide what she feels.

"Hell0, taani. And please, you call me Rey or Reyaansh." Rey held his hand out for her. Taani gave a small nod and shook her hand with his.

"By the way, bro, what are you doing here, in my college?" Aryan asked his elder brother.

"Nothing important. Princi invited me to be chief guest in college's annual day function, but i won't be in country at that time, so i personally come to meet him and explain my situation." Rey told his brother, he himself has studied in this college and it was his honor when he was invited to be a chief guest, but due to professional commitments, he won't be able to attend it.

"I will take your will leave now." Rey said to them, then he turned to taani. 

"It was nice meeting you, taani." 

He gave a small smile to her before he walked away from there. Taani turned her head little and watched him walk away from there, a small smile playing on her lips.

"He is amazing, isn't he? You know, i want to be like him. At such young age, he has achieved so much in life." Aryan's voice broke her trance. Taani gave a small smile in response.

"Lets go, its time for our class." Aahana said to them, as the college bell ringed.

"You guys go, i have to eat something first." Taani told them and walked away from there, her best friends shook their heads, knowing she can not concentrate on anything till she has her food.


Days rolled by, taani finally got a part time job at a cake shop down the street from her house. She was happy, it was a step toward her brighter and happier future. Her salary pay was not much but with few extra working hours, she gets enough to pay for her college and save some money as well.

"Hey, Taani!" Aryan greeted her with a bear hug.

"Get off me, hulk-man! You are squeezing me-" Taani gasped for air, pushing him off her.

"Sorry! But i couldn't control..I am so happy today." Aryan chirped happily.

"Ooh! So whats the reason of your happiness?" Taani asked him, she raised her one eye brow at him questioningly.

"Well, mom-dad are going out for a week and I am throwing a house party tonight." Aryan told her, he threw his arm around her shoulder as they both begun to walk toward their classroom.

"Oh-kay! So was that an indirect invitation?" Taani wriggled her eye brows and look at him.

"No stupid. That was a direct invitation. You have to come and if you didn't then trust me, i won't mind kidnapping you from your house." Aryan answered, giving her looks that says, he was dead serious.

"It won't be needed. I will come." Taani chuckled as she answered. But little did she knew, tonight's party is going to change her whole life.


Season 3!!!

I was getting so many requests to start a new season of his little mistress, So here i am.

Hope you guys will enjoy bratty yet adorable Taani And arrogant yet mysterious Rey's new journey.

Please do leave your feedback :)
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Me first!!! Big smile
After so long..
Now coming to the new season of his little mistress..
Don't know why I was expecting this. Wink and that too today..
Anyways it was really a good start..
As if I ever loved her family.. Ermm
Never ever I can love her family..
How can anyone be so cruel to their own daughter?!
But these shekhawats..
I loved the determination Taani have for earning on her own..
Aww that two cuties Aryan and Ahana are so good with Taani..
That falling moment was perfect.. Heart
Beautiful Taani & Handsome Reyansh ..
Perfect couple..
And how can I miss "nice to meet you, Taani."
That took my heart away..
I went into another dreamland..Day Dreaming
Excited for the story..
And more excited for the party.. Day Dreaming
Continue ASAP!!!
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Posted: 2016-06-21T02:10:32Z
nice concept it will be interesting
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Posted: 2016-06-21T02:12:12Z
Season 3...wow..
Nice start...
Continue soon..
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Posted: 2016-06-21T02:18:32Z
Wow mind blowing start Clap
Do continue soon
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Posted: 2016-06-21T02:20:35Z
awesome update...                                  tani bechari atyachar ki maarie :)            rey is tani's best friend this sound interesting...                                               eager to know how this story proceeds update soon and thanks for the pm...
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Posted: 2016-06-21T02:23:52Z
woo very nice concept
wating for next update
update soon
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