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awesome update dear

thank you
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nice prologue and nice start update soon

thank youu
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Heya Mini!
Oh My, its not rant at all, I love reading about my story and what my readers love about it it kinda helps in writing it further. So its no rant to me its just the love reader has to my story which i appreciate very much
but seeing how much you love the story i might tell you one secret i m planing to end that story

Ohh you are going to end that one.. But i want to see their strong bond n plz update soon
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oh hell Sameer & sakshi forcing arjun to marry sakshi 😡
thank god arjun denied 🤗
now arjun resign from ETF
arjun feel someone is waiting for him 😕
continue plz
Thnk u
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loved the first part

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Awsome update..
Love it..
Plz continue soon
Thnk u
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nice concept. ..cont soon
Thank you
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Awesome update.
who is the person Arjun talking with?
please update soon
Thnk you
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Chapter 2

ETF - Mumbai, India

April 9th, 2010. 9: 00 AM.

Commissioner Sir walked in the office with a very strong and handsome man. He straight away went to conference room with the man to see all ETF members present over there except of Arjun. He looked at Sameer and sigh. This is going to be difficult' Commissioner Sir thought.

"Sameer?" Commissioner Sir called out.

"Jai Hind sir" All said, "Sir you over here? Any important case?" Sameer said and looked at the man standing beside commissioner sir and gave him a small smile.

"Nope Sameer no new case" Commission sir said, "But I have a news for you and had to introduced you all to him" Commissioner sir said pointing towards the man, "I hope all are present over here right now"

"Yes sir all are present, except from Rawthe but i guess he is on his way towards here" Sameer told Commissioner Sir

"I know about Arjun. Sameer this is ACP Rahul Malhotra" Commissioner sir said. Sameer went ahead and shake Rahul's hand and said "It's nice to meet you ACP Rahul" with a smile but when he heard commissioner sir next word his smile drop down and looked at commissioner sir.

"Uh! Sameer Meet ACP Rahul Malhotra your teams new second-in command" Commissioner said

"No! Arjun? Sir Arjun?" Sameer said he was not getting any words to say for what he was hearing.

"Haan Sameer you are guessing right Arjun left ETF" Commissioner Sir said, "He didn't even gave a single reason for his decision"

"Sir but-" Sakshi started to say but was cut by commissioner sir

"No buts team. Sameer this is your new member make him feel nice in the team and I'm leaving now" Commissioner Sir said and bid his bye and left.

No one said anything they were coping with the sudden new which was broken in front of them. Rahul on other hand knew what they were going though as once he had also worked with Arjun, so he opted to keep silent and give them time.

Sakshi on other hand was broken down and was crying Ayesha was smoothing her pain. Sameer well to say he was divested as somewhere yesterday he had known that this will happen but he didn't react to it.

In short it was a Hard Time for ETF.


International Airport - Mumbai, India

April 9th, 2010. 9: 30 AM

"Flight number 1023 from Mumbai, India to London, UK is going to take off in next 10 minutes; passengers travelling from this flight are requested to get in the flight as soon as possible" A announcement was made in the airport.

Arjun took his belongings and walked towards the departure area. He was leaving Mumbai, the place where he found everything and the place where he lost everything.

He sat on his sit and fastens his sit belt and closed his eyes, all people face that was important to him flashed into his mind. His parents, Roshni, Sameer and last but not least EFT. He relaxed himself and sense that he was in the air now, flight had took off. He opened his eyes and said to himself "This is new start for me no more Arjun Rawthe"


ETF - Mumbai, India

April 9th, 2010. 10: 30 AM

Sameer Rathod entered the conference in his all Rowdy style to see all his team members in a gloomy mood and Rahul sitting in a corner quietly.

"Team" Sameer said, "As you know ACP Rahul is our new member introduce yourself to him" he said and turned towards Rahul who was standing by now and walked towards Rahul and said, "I'm sorry Rahul for the behaviour of me and my team it was just shocked to us"

"No problem sir, I can understand your feeling once I have worked with Arjun sir too" Rahul said with a small smile.

Rest team introduced themselves to Rahul, the day was not at all eventful for ETF there was a pin drop silence in ETF air today no one was in mood for anything. All quietly completed their paper work.


Sameer's House - Mumbai, India

April 9th, 2010. 8: 00 PM

Sameer reached his house and found a letter on his doorstep he took it and saw his name written on it. The handwriting on it was the one which he can recognize in a minute. He went inside the house and opened the letter.


Dear Sam,

Till the time you will get this letter I might be miles away from you and ETF, yeah I know by now you must have got the news about me leaving ETF. I'm not going to right much just want to say goodbye and don't stop your life for me and yeah confess your love to Aisha soon.

Good bye Sam. Don't try to find me.


Sameer closed his eyes a small tear drop fall from his eyes. "I'm sorry Arjun, please come back again. Please" Sameer said looking at the letter.


Hello here is second part hope you like it! Thank you for you're lovely comments. Do comment and like it.

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Very nice update abhi
So comm take new acp , rahul m.
Arjun board flight of London
Sam sak n etf are devastated
Rahul understand their situation
I know sam was wrong but feeling bad for him
But no news abt phone call
Update soon

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