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Hi Everyone,

It’s been close to a decade that I stopped writing any stories. Last week I accidently came across the stories I have written while searching for some other documents. Reading those, I took a trip down memory lane. I couldn’t help but to cringe and laugh at the cheesiness of my stories. The selfless all devoting damsel in distress and the hero! How naïve I was!!! I can now honestly say that I have changed, for better. Reading my old stories again inspired me to pick up writing again. I am now going to see how the new me would write stories. There would be still cheesiness, but one thing I can assure you is that my heroine won’t be a damsel in distress. I know that I have a story still pending, “Shadow”. I can’t guarantee you that I will complete it as the me who wrote that and the me now are completely different. I will try my level best to see if I can change it into something that I feel happy about.

Here you go with the prologue of my new story.



It was a new moon night. Thick fog engulfed the atmosphere drenching the night in further darkness. Two figures moved through the night stealthily as if they were afraid of their non-existent shadows. Even a slight movement in the nature spooked them. The two figures, who turned out to be a guy and girl, stopped for a second as they heard the movement from their left side. The girl kept a hand on her mouth smothering any kind of noise. She burrowed her head in the guy’s chest while he held onto her as if she was his very life. Tensed 5minutes passed by. The noise faded further away. The couple relaxed and parted away slightly looking at each other. Tears fell from their eyes mingling with the blood pooling at their feet.

“I can’t do it anymore. I don’t have any strength left in me.”

“Don’t give up on me now love. We need to move before they come back.”

“Can’t we just rest for some time? I really can’t move.”

“We can’t afford to rest even for a moment. We are not out of the woods yet. Just some more steps and then we will be free. Please keep it together. For me.”

Girl looked at the boy defeated. Holding hands, they started moving again, this time with speed, giving their everything on a last spurt of energy.


Chapter 1 - Below

Chapter 2 -

Chapter 3 -

Chapter 4 -

Chapter 5 -

Chapter 6 -

Chapter 7 -

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Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting start

Cont soon 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Very intriguing start.....Thank you for coming back to writing here once again. Welcome back to the forum...will be eagerly waiting to explore the upcoming contents we're gonna get to read from the new & changed version of you. If possible please tag/pm whenever you update next.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting prologue...

Excited for next update...

Do pm me if possible 

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Intresting start 

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Here is the first chapter.

Chapter 1 – The bullies

It was a weird day for the ETF team. They often came across situations which were dangerous and gruesome, but its not often they come across a situation which was plain weird. ETF Chief Samir Rathore looked at the scene in front of him in slight disbelief. If not for the weirdness of the entire situation, he would have burst out laughing at the predicament his second-in-command, ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte, was going through. There he was on the floor surrounded by two kids and a dog, struggling to get up. It all started 15minutes ago.

ETF team was taking a break in the conference room after finishing the report of the previous case. ETF team members, Chandrakant Patil aka Chotu and Shreekanth Sen aka the lovable tech expert Shree were slumped on the chair, their heads on the conference room table. Forensic expert Liza D’Cruz had gone back to her lab to cross check something. Aaisha Kapoor, the hot headed team member was going through some files. Sakshi Sinha, the She-who-should-not-have-been-in-ETF journalist was scrolling through the news. Rathore was going through the finished report that need to be submitted to the Commissioner the next day. Finally, Arjun Rawte was sitting in the chair calmly sipping his cutting chai. Everyone was enjoying the relative calm and peace. That peace was broken by a commotion outside the conference room. Everyone jerked up startled hearing the commotion. They could hear scuffling noise, someone shouting, some people running, several stuffs falling and a couple of barking… They exchanged glances not understanding what was going on outside. Arjun got up from the seat and walked to the door. Only hesitating for a moment, he pulled the door wide open. The next second, he was bowled over by three figures. Everyone was startled seeing the sudden turn of events. They couldn’t understand whom to look at, Arjun who was on sprawled on the floor on his back or the intruders.

For a moment, no one moved. The intruders seemed shocked seeing they bowled someone over, and the ETF team got the shock seeing who were behind all these commotion – two kids, a boy and girl, and a black Indie dog wearing a sweater. The impasse was broken by someone rushing through the door behind the kids and dog trying to take them away.


With a sudden cry, the girl pulled the boy and dog near Arjun, who was still on the floor. The dog slightly nuzzled Arjun’s hand and Arjun who was still a bit dazed, slowly stood up. The dog licked his hand, while Arjun slightly patted its head absentmindedly.

“I am sorry sir. These kids and the dog came in 10 minutes ago. They wanted to meet ETF team. I told them that without prior appointment, they can’t meet you. I tried my level best to send them away, but they were not ready to go. I was going to call security when suddenly, the kids sprinted inside. The dog of course followed them. They were running around looking for your team. Everyone tried to stop them. These kids kicked some of them and the dog growled at others. Somehow, they were able to evade us and came here. We are extremely sorry. We will take them away now. Sorry for the disturbance.”

With that the couple of guards who came in after the kids moved forward to take them away. The kids inched closer to Arjun, gripping his pants, and hugging their dog. The dog who was licking Arjun’s hand suddenly stopped and faced the guards. A throaty growl emerged from the dog, putting fear of God in everyone at the vicinity, bar Arjun and the kids.

“Its ok. We will take it from here. You can go back”, replied Arjun.

“Sir, but…”, hesitated one of the guards.

“I said, YOU CAN GO BACK. Samjhe ya Samjhaun?”, Arjun said with a cold voice.

The guards were intelligent enough not to linger around there after that. They scurried away leaving the rest in the conference room. The dog who had its teeth barred at the guards, slowly turned around, licking Arjun’s hand furthermore as if to convey the gratitude. Rest of the team were shocked seeing the exchange. No one would say that this was the same dog who looked like a hellhound before.

Breaking out of the reverie, Sameer took control of the situation.

“Ok. Kids, what’s going on? We are the ETF team and why did you want to meet us? Never mind, first things first, who are you?”

The girl nudged at the boy. Boy nudged back, a silent communication passed and finally the girl took a step forward to address the entire team.

“We are sorry to cause you trouble. I am Nila and this is my twin brother Aryan, and this our sister Mimi”, she said introducing her brother and the dog.

“Nila and I are 10 years old, Mimi is 5 years old”, said Aryan.

“Ok, Nila and Aryan”, Sam’s words were cut off by a low growl. So, he quickly added, “and Mimi… Now tell us, how can we help you?”

Others couldn’t help but to chuckle at Sam’s reaction of Mimi’s growl. One look from Sam was more than enough for the juniors to shut up, but Arjun didn’t have any such apprehension. Sameer gave him the stink eye, motioning the kids to continue.

“We need your help. You see, our brother is kidnapped”

“We were walking with him today morning and all of a sudden, a van stopped in front of us. Two guys came outside.”

“We tried fighting them, but they were really big for us”

“They pushed us away, kicked Mimi and took our brother”

“We tried running behind the van, Mimi also ran with us, but we couldn’t catch up.”

“Please save our brother”

“Woof woof”

The ETF team looked back and forth the kids and the dog at this exchange. When all the facts caught up to them, Sameer spoke up,

“Did you complain to the police about this?”

Aryan’s face morphed into anger at this. He nodded his head bitterly.

An ominous thought entered Arjun’s mind looking at their countenance.

“What did they say?”

“They said that they don’t have time to waste on searching for a dog kidnapper.”

“WHAT??? You are talking about a dog?”, exclaimed Sakshi.

Nila turned to her, her eyebrows furrowing, “So what?”

The entire team excluding Arjun and Sameer started chuckling.

“Nothing, for a moment we thought that your brother has been kidnapped. No wonder the police turned you away. We don’t even have the time and resources to deal with the cases involving humans, and here the kidnapped victim is a dog.”, snickered Sakshi.

Black shadow fell over the kids’ face. Tears fell from Aryan’s eyes while Nila’s eyes turned cold. Sameer, noticing this, quickly tried to deescalate the situation.

“Enough Sakshi. Be more tactful. Aryan and Nila, I am sorry. Even though Sakshi was blunt, that’s the truth. We are a specialized team and we don’t take cases just like that. We get assigned with the case by higherups and then we investigate on it. I am sorry to say, but the higherups are not going to involve ETF with a case of a dog kidnapping. We are sorry, we can’t help you.”

Arjun always loved animals and birds. He was not very fond of reptiles and some of the insects, but he kept a respectful distance with them trying not to harm them intentionally. He always wanted to take in stray dogs and cats while growing up, but his family was complete opposite of him, so he learned it the hard way to stay away from them. Hearing how the kids introduced Mimi pulled his heartstrings, rejuvenating the long dormant part of his heart. So when he realized that the kidnapped brother they were referring to was in fact a dog, it didn’t make any difference to him. In fact, he wanted to protect him from the unknown horrors. Arjun was at the verge of explosion hearing Sakshi and Sameer. To not to make matters any worse with his anger, he took a deep breath and turned to the kids and Mimi.

“Let’s go kids, take me to the place where your brother was kidnapped. Rathore, I am taking rest of the day off”

Hope lit up in the kids face. Mimi woofed once sensing the change in her siblings’ mood.

“Arjun, its just a dog for God’s sake. Why are you even playing along with them? Listen kid, we don’t have time to go looking for a dog. Be happy that it is not your real brother Aryan who was kidnapped. Ask your parents to get another dog. Don’t waste our time here”, said a frustrated Sakshi who was having a hard time understanding why Arjun was looking at her with cold eyes simmering with anger. Rest of the teammates shuffled their feet murmuring with themselves.

Nila turned to his brother and ruefully smiled.

“You know Aryan, I am really glad that we were born into our family. In our family, we were taught to respect the nature and understand that all lives are equal, be it a human or animal. If we were born into some of these peoples’ families, we would have been taught that the only life matters is the human life.”

A stunned silence fell on the team at the venom in her voice.

“Yes, our brother Choco is a dog, but he is much more than that to us. Like Mimi, he is our sibling, our brother. No one, absolutely no one, can break that relationship. If you can’t help us, its fine, we will look for him ourselves. It’s just that our grandpa used to tell us that we shouldn’t go looking for trouble and if something bad happens, always approach the police. When police turned us away, we decided to come here as our Maasi often told us that ETF is very good at catching criminals. I guess maasi is wrong this time. How can a bunch of prejudiced people be good at anything!!! They are just a bunch of bullies”, bit out an angry Nila, tears escaping her eyes.

Arjun felt a tug in his heart seeing the kids cry. He turned to Sakshi and barked.


With that, he grabbed a crying Aryan’s hand while the other hand found Nila’s. A tale wagging Mimi walked next to Nila as her free hand rested upon Mimi’s neck. The entire ETF team and rest of the people on that floor watched this spectacle with their mouth hung open. The Arjun Rawte, whom the entire police department deemed as a cold and insensitive person, turned out to be the only one who was sensitive enough to handle the distraught kids and a dog. No one had forgotten how the dog had warmed up to him the moment she met him while appearing to others as if she was sent from the hell to avenge the fallen.  The other shocking thing was, since their inception, ETF team was called many things, but being called a bunch of bullies was first. May be that was the wakeup call they needed…

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Thank you. I have sent you a friend request. Please accept it so that I can add you to the PM list.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Wow....Neela toh kamal ki bachchi hai, kya mast jawab diya ETF team ko, ekdum se sabki bolti hi bandh kardiya, I really loved her and the dog too along with the chapter....👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️

Waise, Kya Arjun, yeh dono bachche & the dogs including the missing one, ek dusre ko pehle se jante hai? Kyun ki unke bich ka interaction padhte hi aisa feel hua mujhe. Also, my curious mind doesn’t want to stop here only, as it wants to know who are the parents, grand parents & Maasi of those kids. And, I know, to know all these we've to stay tuned to your story.

Next chapter ka intezaar besabri se rahega, please do continue soon. I've accepted the buddy request & tnx a lot for pming me.

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I decided to post another chapter.

Chapter 2 – The Hunt

Arjun got up from his crouching position after inspecting the part of the road where the kidnapping occurred. It was a relatively deserted stretch of road, so the evidence of struggle was still there. Couple of tire marks of a vehicle suddenly pulling away had imprinted on the dirt. A couple of drops of blood and a few patches of fur further added credence to the struggle. He frowned a bit at the blood drop and turned to look at the kids and the dog. A visual inspection didn’t reveal any wounds.

“Are any of you hurt?”

The kids nodded in denial.

“Then do you know whose blood is this?”

Suddenly Aryan’s face lit up as he recalled a specific piece of information.

“When initially the kidnapper tried to take away Choco, Mimi bit him hard, so that’s the kidnapper’s blood. But then the second kidnapper came to help and they got away”

Arjun’s face lit up in hope that the lab may be able to analyze the blood stain and found any matching criminal on the database. The ETF lab was out of bounds after what happened, so he had to find some other forensic expert to analyze the samples. That’s when he realized that he had forgotten an important part of information.

“What kind of dog is Choco? Do you have his pictures?”

Nila fished out a mobile phone and handed him over a picture of herself, Aryan, Mimi and a brown and black colored Shih Tzu, who could be only Choco. It was a very cute picture. He said that to them. Nila beamed at him.

“This is my favorite picture. Maasi took this. She is very good at taking pictures you know.”, her smile faded. Arjun noticed this and asked her what happened.

“Choco is my Maasi’s baby. She found him when he was a tiny puppy. She fed him, cleaned him, and took care of him like a baby. She would be devastated if she found that he is missing.”, said a forlorn Nila.

Arjun slowly patted her shoulder, comforting her.

“I think you should tell your family. She should know about this. Also, you need to go back home, your family would be worrying about your whereabouts.”

“No, you don’t understand. We can’t go back without Choco.”

Arjun frowned at this. The vehemence in Nila’s voice raisedred flag for him. Were they being abused?

“Listen kids, do you feel safe? Do you think that your Maasi would get angry with you and hurt you if you go back without Choco?”

Aryan, who was silently listening to Nila and Arjun’s conversation, jumped in with righteous indignation.

“What? NOOO. Our Maasi is not like that. She loves us the most in this whole world. She and grandpa took us in since we were orphaned as babies. She has been our sole guardian since grandpa died 5 years ago. She would never hurt us. Nila, tell him.”

Nila nodded her head vigorously.

“He is right, our Maasi is really good. She would never hurt us. She always took care of us and sacrificed everything to provide us a good and stable home. She is currently away on a business. We can’t go home yet. If she comes to know about this, she would leave no stones unturned until she finds him. That would put her career and life in danger. Please help us uncle. Please help us find Choco as soon as possible so that our Maasi doesn’t come to know about this.”

The earnest pleading looks melted his already melting heart further. The puppy dog eyes of Mimi didn’t help the matter. He gathered them in a group hug trying to sooth the distraught children. Suddenly his phone rang and the collar ID showed Shree. Frowning, he picked up the call.

“Arjun sir, please don’t yell. You were right and we were wrong. We, well except Sakshi, realized our mistake after you left. I have been tracking the stolen or missing dog reports and I found that in that area, there were 15 missing/stolen dog reports lodged with the local police station. They didn’t of course investigate about it, but the reports are there. It looks like an organized gang and not a one time incident.”

Arjun’s brows furrowed as he processed this information.

“Shree, get to this address as soon as possible with Liza. Tell her to carry the field kit. There are kidnapper’s blood at the scene as Mimi bit one of them before they could flee.”

Once the call was cut, he turned to the kids and told them that his colleagues were coming. A dark look passed between Aryan and Nila. Sighing, Arjun tried to speak up in favour of his colleagues,

“Look, I am not defending what they said or did. What I know is that, my team, apart from Sakshi, are good people. They had a momentary lapse of judgement. We have been working non-stop on a case for the past three days and they were all tired. On top of that, you can blame it on their upbringing and society. In fact, as you know, most of the people in India doesn’t really care about animals, especially dogs or cats. So the society as a whole doesn’t put any value to their lives above humans. I agree that it is plain wrong, and people are slowly changing with the exposure to the rest of the world through internet and whatnot. ETF team is a perfect example for that. Your words today changed most of their thought process. All I would ask is that to give them a chance to be better person.”

After a moment of silence, the kids nodded in yes and Arjun sighed in relief. After 20 minutes of waiting Shree and Liza came there. He informed Arjun that Rathore and Aaisha were going through the CCTV footages captured in the other incidents. After Liza took the blood sample, the team plus the kids and the dog went back to ETF. They were greeted by a still sulking Sakshi. She was going to say something when she saw Mimi, but one glare from Rathore was to enough to shut her up. She took her bag, flipped her long hairs in disdain and walked out of the room.

It was like a fire was lit under the team’s behind. They worked frantically trying to piece together any clues regarding the culprits. They wanted to redeem themselves in the kids’ eyes. By the time they pieced together the clues and found out the criminals’ hideout, the sun was already set. They geared up checking their guns and other weapons. They were going to get someone to watch over the kids and Mimi when all of a sudden the Commissioner Raghu Dixit arrived. Everyone stood up and saluted him. He waived at them gesturing to be at ease.

“Raghu sir, what a pleasant surprise! What brought you here?”

“Well Sameer, I am here on a personal capacity. I am here to take them”, he gestured towards the kids and Mimi.

This stumped the team. What in the world! How did the kids knew the Commissioner. The kids seems to be hiding behind Arjun whereas Mimi didn’t have any such inhibition as she was trying to hug the Commissioner. Raghu patted her head at this exorbitant welcome, chuckling slightly. Looking at the kids, he sobered immediately. He knelt down and opened his arms wide.

“Apne naanu ke pass nahi aaoge?”

That undid it. Kids ran to him and the damn burst as they cried earnestly in his shoulder. Their heart wrenching pain dropped like an acid to the present ETF team members, reminding them of their initial folly once again. Raghu soothed them with an experienced motion, slowly patting their hair and muttering sweet nothings into their ears, while Mimi curled around them. When the sobs gradually turned into hiccups, he slightly parted away from them and kissed all three of their foreheads.

“Does she know?”, asked a meek Nila.

He smiled in reply. When he realized that she was going to panic,he added,

“Don’t worry, by the time she came to know, she was already on her way back. Her business concluded early. She wanted me to come and get you first. She asked me to tell you not to worry and everything will be fine.”

She sighed and kept her head back in his shoulder.

The ETF was confused with what was going on in front ofthem. Arjun cleared his throat making Raghu to look up.

“Aaah. Sorry, I forgot about you all for a moment. I know these kids. I was their grandpa’s best friend and of course I became the Godfather to all of his kids. Naturally, when these kids were born, I became their God grandparent, if you would say. They call me Naanu. And Mimi calls me Woof Woof. Isn’t Mimi?”

“Woof Woof”, replied Mimi earning a chuckle from all of them present.

“I didn’t know about them being here, but then Sakshi came to me half an hour ago complaining about this case. Naturally, she didn’t know about my connection to them, but I realized that she was talking about my kids, so I came here soon after that. Can you give me an update regarding the case?”

“Certainly sir. There were 15 dogs apart from Choco were either stolen or missing from that area. Even though the number plate and colour of the vehicles which were used to ferry the dogs were different, while going through the CCTV footage, Arjun found out that every vehicle had same dent on the side, which means that it was same vehicle, but with fake number plate and they changed the colour of the vehicle often. We were able to track down the same van entering a road and exiting with a different colour. That road only leads to a big warehouse, so we are assuming that that’s their hideout. As you came in, we were just going to raid that place.”, finished Sameer.

“Good. I am not going to waste anymore of your time. Moveout. Try to bring Choco back. He is very important to this family.”

Sameer and Arjun nodded, and the ETF team moved out of the building.

As the ETF vehicle approached the warehouse, they could see that the entire warehouse area was well lit. Arjun ran out of the jeep, followed by his team members. They could hear dogs’ barking, growling and whining sounds from inside the warehouse. Their progress was halted by the kidnappers who came out to investigate the vehicle. Sudden onslaught of bullets forced the ETF members to take cover. They returned the fire, Arjun’s marks hitting the destination each time. Out of the 10 or so criminals, only 5 were remaining. As they realized that they are running short on people, then ran inside the warehouse while ETF pursued them.

The conditions inside the warehouse broke their heart. There were dogs of all size and breeds kept in tight cages, some even looked emaciated. Arjun gestured his team members to look after the dogs while he was going to pursue the criminals, much to Sameer’s chagrin.

Righteous fury flowed through Arjun’s veins as he stalked his targets. How inhuman of them! He was going to show them that there are people who protect those who can’t speak up for themselves.

He saw a silhouette of someone ducking to backside of the warehouse. He followed the figure. Next moment, the gun fell from his hand as a heavy object collided with his fingers. Arjun turned and found a criminal. He evaded the next blow by moving slightly to right side. He landed a hit on the criminal with a right upper cut on his chin. The criminal stumbled with the blow.

Suddenly Arjun felt a searing pain on his right side, he turned around and there was another criminal with some kind of machete in his hand and painfully, Arjun realized that the pain in right side was from that blade. He looked sideways and he could see the blood tickling from an open wound in his right upper arm. The previous foe forgotten; Arjun turned to the new foe which became his undoing. A blow from the behind caught Arjun on his thigh dropping him on his back. Soon he was surrounded by all 5 criminals. Blow upon blow rained on Arjun as he struggled to get up. When he thought that if he doesn’t get up soon his life was going to end, in his peripheral vision he saw a figure flying over him and landing a kick at one of the criminals faces, knocking him out cold. The other criminals looked shocked at this sudden turn of events. The figure lowered the hoodie, revealing a feminine face beneath it. The remaining criminals seeing this, started snickering and encircled her. They walked around like predators. The girl looked at the men with a cool face, then looked at him and back at the men.

“Aurat ki kabiliyat pe kabhi shak nahi karna chahiye”, said she provoking the men.

One of the men lunged forward, which she easily moved away from. She brought her left leg up and brought down in a straight line hitting the man’s head in the process and forcing him on the floor. The man went down without a word. The other three criminals realized that she was not someone to be taken lightly and started attacking her. She started running towards the wall with the criminals pursuing her. Without stopping, she kicked the wall using her right leg and did a complete back flip letting her body soar through the air and landing behind the men. Arjun was astonished seeing this as he has seen that move only in some parkour videos. The men were also as astonished as he was. That caused them greatly as with two more blows to the pressure points, two men went down like sacks of potato. Only one remained. He took out a knife and tried stabbing her with it. She parried the attack with her left hand, while her right hand chopped at his Adams apple. He clutched his neck and started making choking sound. She hit the back of his neck rendering him unconscious. She surveyed her surroundings making sure that no threat is remaining. Her gaze then fell upon Arjun who was looking at her bewildered. She walked to him and knelt in front of him.

“Are you okay? Can you get up?”

Arjun nodded his head in a slight daze. She helped him to get up, supporting him as his legs seemed still a bit wobbly. By then some police officers have entered the scene and apprehended the unconscious criminals. Looks like Rathore had called in the backup, thought Arjun. With the help of the mystery girl, Arjun walked back to the warehouse. His teammates ran to his direction as soon as they saw him. The girl moved away immediately and started towards the dogs.

There were veterinarians and animal support groups on the scene. They were checking the dogs and giving them food and water. Amidst all this noise, a sudden bark caught everyone’s attention and a small dog squirmed away from his handler’s grasp and started running towards the mystery girl. The girl, hearing the bark, turned her head towards the direction of the bark. Her eyes lit up as she saw the dog. The dog jumped in the air and the girl caught him gracefully. She started peppering kisses all over the dog while the dog started licking the girl and jumping all over her hand. She ended up laying on the floor as he jumped up and down on her body, his tail wagging nonstop. Everyone present there had smile on their face seeing this reunion. It was Arjun who realized the connection first.

“Are you Nila and Aryan’s Maasi?”, asked Arjun after the initial excitement had died down.

The girl looked at Arjun’s direction. She got up from the floor and patted her body to get rid of any dust. She then picked up the dog whom by now everyone recognized as Choco. She walked towards them.

“Yes, I am Riya Mukherjee, Nila and Aryan’s maasi. Thank you very much for finding Choco. I apologize for any kind of inconvenience you had because of my niece and nephew.”

She gave them a grateful yet embarrassed smile. Arjun waved her concerns away which gifted him with a brilliant, dimpled smile. Arjun forgot to breath for a moment. His heartbeat started raising and a flush slowly crept up his face. His legs buckled a bit, which thankfully everyone mistakenly thought was the result of his injury. Thanking the team once again, she left with her dog, leaving the ETF and rest of the police force behind to reunite the other dogs with their guardians.

It was only when she left that they remembered one question. How did she get there and how the hell did she took out 5 men without any weapons and saved Arjun’s life in the process???

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Wow.... Amazing update....

With these amazing updates i am being gready here but can't please please please can you post next parts quickly....

Waiting very eagerly.....