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Posted: 5 years ago
Interesting Nisha waiting for the next update.
Posted: 5 years ago
They had a turbulent flight last night from Mumbai. The company had screwed up and had booked him "company housing" in GURGAON
He had specifically picked, Nizamuddin or Maharani Bagh, knowing getting to his son's school interview and set up would be closer

But being the head of Visual Media at the Mumbai office didnt guarantee anything

His mother was too sick to travel, so for now his son was home alone in a strange city playing video games.
It was April, so it wasnt too bad, the company was pushing him to go start at Delhi sooner than April, but his kid was a good kid
Focussed and hard working...

He made his way to his new office, it was a good location, Delhi was crowded and smoggy he noticed walking along a glass lined corridor
He saw her again, distraught, and preoccupied, not really interested in making eye contact

He noticed full lower lips
A mole on her left chin, like a black dot
Gomez caught up with him

"Tujhe bahut jaldi hai kya rey, apna office dekhne ko?" he chuckled

"U wanted me to get started didnt u?" he asked firmly

"Woh theek hai... Suvi... Prayag usko lekar neeche gaya hai" he informed Suveccha LOUDLY

She smiled

Her face lit up, her eyes like they were charged all night from a dedicated power source

"100%" it said

"Woh Ujala waala baitha hai tere office mein" he said breaking her joy

His office was HUGE... as the Corporations headed South towards Gurgaon, abandoning Lutyens' Delhi, turning its back on the once "business hub" of the North
Freeing up bigger real estate for whoever cared to rent it

It smelled like paint and polish, the furniture was cheap and functional, the couch was good, the wall was adorned with campaigns from the last 20 years in Delhi
McKinsey & Morrison did a bunch of political  spots in the recent years
Cacophonious but brought good money
And got it noticed

They had done a full page ad for Sonia even
He wandered staring at the giant posters
A Delhi Police ad "Aapke Liye Aapke Saath"
A bunch of flat screen ipad like monitors on the walls played TV commercials..

He chuckled

He wandered to the window afraid to touch, fearing the paint would leech

"Paint ka smell hai?" he muttered

Raat ko khulla chhod, ek hafta... apne aap gaayab" Gomez advised

His bag was on the desk
He sat down on the nice leather chair

"Apne secretary se mil liya too?" Gomez drawled in that Goan Hindi

"Nahi... kaun hai? Lady?" he asked

Gomez smiled wickedly

And hit a button on the intercom

A 20 something in a tight skirt, and a ipad showed up

"SO GOOD TO MEET YOU" she gushed

"Very nice" Neel smiled

He asked about her, she knew all about him

"Modeling is SO BORING... I mean... THIS IS IT" she fluttered her eye lashes

"Jami tujhe?" Gomez asked crudely, leaving his office

Neel nodded.. acknowledging she was almost a 10

Noticing Suvi walk across hearing the conversation between him and his admin
She was clutching her 5 year old's hand now

"Kya policy hai about bringing kids to work?" he asked a departing Gomez

"Policy kuch nahi man... she brings... she lives with her Tai... that woman hates her" Gomez dished dirt on Suvi

"So any one can bring?" Neel asked bluntly

"No one can" Gomez spoke over him

Neel nodded

His admin... Payal walked out with a pompous look on her face

He opened his bag and brought two pictures out...

One of his 10 year old son..Nihar

And another picture, of them as a happy family at Maldives 5 years ago...
Him, Nihar... and his now deceased wife... Nupur
Clear blue skies, frothy white waves, emerald seas

His fingers shook as he placed the frame on his right, he felt a big lump form in his throat, as his thumb caressed her heart through the picture
He leaned back and stared at it for the longest time...

Posted: 5 years ago
Thank you sooo much !!!!
1) I love the smell of paint and polish...I COULD SMELL IT WHILE READING
2) Neel appears so tender...But his past is heart wrenching! 
Nihaar  is such a nice name ya!!
3) I hate Gomez . PERIOD
Posted: 5 years ago
There's so much pain in the bkdrop painted and yet they must be trying hard to be as normal as they can be about it isn't it. For they are responsible for providing for their very young children and life has to go on.

I mean I wonder Why do some people have to pay a heavy price for something as simple as companionship... Maybe cos it isn't that simple...

Posted: 5 years ago
I have always always loved the name Nihar! Believe it or not i wanted to change mine to it!
Omg Neel and his broken heart..i just hope that secretary Payal doesnt throw herself on him..
And this Gomez, he is plain bleh! I mean his conduct is weird!

I am stretched out on my seat and waiting for the story to these two meet and how love happens!

Aage kya hua Nisha?!
Did they find the other attractive?
Will they think about eachother after heading home?
Posted: 5 years ago
I noticed one thing that I found it very interesting... A mild contrast but then all of us have eyes...
It was neel who first asked if his secretary was a lady and then Gomez sort of leering ...
And then Neel had a look as if she was 10. It's quite obvious for their profession that they need good eyes LOL . Neel ogled at Suv too. Gomez is any regular guy I think.
Bally's dialogues have been also pushing the boundaries but it was II's friendship that made us look at him with a difference. I am trying hard to not form opinions on Gomez or anyone this early.
And neel with a heavy heart missing his wife .
Posted: 5 years ago
Interesting update nisha 
Posted: 5 years ago

No reason whatsoever why some suffer more than the others do

Nikita, u will have to read to find out how they fall in love

I am not telling

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