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Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by pooja.dravid

Survaat chhan keli ahes Nisha. Where is this story based? Mumbai or Delhi? Marathi mulgi ani neel pan marathi ahe ka? 

Pooohhh Pooohhh ...Sooo gooddd to see u here in I-F! Yayayay!EmbarrassedHug

Yeh apne kya likha Marathi mei? Embarrassed
Posted: 5 years ago
Another one by Nisha, sounds very much interesting !! Something else to read now along with Sosy   Day Dreaming
All the best for this Dii Smile I couldn't follow Sosy from the beginning, glad that I won't be missing this one!
I Love mature love stories so really looking forward to this ! Hug
Posted: 5 years ago
Congrats Nisha !!! I'm pretty sure this is going to be as captivating as SoSy. Clap
Waiting eagerly EmbarrassedEdited by jasminechick - 5 years ago
Posted: 5 years ago
Nisha, you are showing green...
But in which one are you in now? LOL Indradhanush or SoSy ...
A sweet problem to have figuring out in which the update is going to pop.
But that's a sweet one to hv.
Just a kostin cos both will work
Embarrassed .
I am copying this in SoSy as well.

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Posted: 5 years ago
Chapter 2


Suvechha nodded resigned  "I am sorry, meri care giver aaj chhutthi par hai" she said with a thick Marathi accent

She found Neel listening carefully, as if he had a hard time hearing

"Gomez aaj main" she paused... in afterthought  she swallowed the "jaldi jaaoon kya?"

Cautious... she checked herself quickly.

"Suv, baaki sab aayele hain, chal lets meet... brass tacks... kya boley to" Gomez was being ANNOYING

Like her great aunt... her parents were long gone, her only sister lived in Singapore, didnt call or visit... much
The sisters were born and raised between Ratnagiri, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur
Baba worked for the local Cooperative bank
Aai hadnt been to college even

Baba died first when news of  Rutwik Khandekar's shit hit the ceiling

She had met him during college in Mumbai, he was already working, they rode the local together from the PG to University when she was finishing up Masters

She was married  a year after M Com, after having sex in his one room Ghatkopar apartment one night ... and then many nights

 her favorite pastime as a child was to watch endless hours of TV commercials

Her Aai would laugh hiding her mouth behind the Maharashtra cotton "Sabko serial dekhna hai... Suvi ko bas ADE" she would chuckled

Rutwik was married with a kid when he had met her, she had no idea, she had fallen in love, married secretly at a temple and lived with him

Aai rarely visited Mumbai
Baba came when he came by to see Didi off to Singapore
Varsha was their golden daughter, was a engineer from Nandhed, worked for WIPRO, TCS... and the works and married a "good boy".

Rutwik Shinde worked for a media PR agency, that handled celebrity contracts, she was in paradise when he set her up with someone at Mudra

She was an OK student... she did her MBA online... after her elopement

Rutwik had actually called out his son in his sleep when they were visiting  Kolhapur

Aai had heard it... she hadnt shared it with Suvi

Suvi had just been promoted to Creative Services, well it was a parallel move, from Accounting Services, there was hope now that she will finally be doing copy writing

She hated selling ad space... especially outdoor, she spent hours traveling by local, and got the door slammed literally and figuratively in every inch of Lokhandwala
She already rode too long every morning from Thane to Bandra

When she was vacationing in Kolhapur 5.5 years ago, Rutwik had accidentally uttered his son's name, Suhas

"Suhaas... daddy "Baba pranasanghrahalay  aapan karnar naahi... nokko suhaas"

Aai was stunned

It was a strange twist of fate... Suvi hadnt heard him sleep talk in the  1.5 years she had slept with him

Baba liked him a lot

Varsha's husband did not care for Baba in fact he never visited, they were from Pune (Tribute to Vani)
He owned a auto parts store... and was "rich"

Kaustubh Mule... was tall and handsome... and uncaring
Varsha and him shared that trait

Not that Suvi cared a lot... she was too much in love with Rutwik

She found out she was pregnant soon after they returned to Thane, and not long afterwards she heard him scold Suhas

There was no electricity one night, she sat up sweating and nauseous

He was asleep, she threw up and returned, and turned on the light to find her phone

He moaned  "Suhas baba jhopet aahe" he said irritated

She had left the light on

He had woken  up stunned, it was his house, where would HE go... she took a cab to Rutwik's neighbor's house in Ghatkopar
 from when Rutwik was a "bachelor". A kind Mallu family...
Rutwik was married with two kids... all his "biz trips" were actually to Nagpur to see his wife and kids
Yep a 21st century woman, Suvechha was conned solid.
Not very bright?

"Very" was a misplaced adjective

Baba had died within a year... of heart attack
followed by Aaai when Aadhya had turned three

Varsha came for the first tragedy didnt for the second

Aai had forced her (Aai's) aunt, Athya, to move in with Suvechha. when Aai struggled to stay alive in the hospital..  "Aapan doonhee ekaaki aahet"

You both are lonely!!!

Aai's aunt HATED Suvechha... well that was putting it mildly

She had no place to live she was being kicked out by her DIL
Suvi was getting a transfer to Delhi finally, with a new job at Mckinsey Morrison... they both made the trip to Delhi by air for the first time almost three years ago
Suvi found a 4th floor apartment in a society across the Yamuna... and found a little play school in a
fancier apartment complex, where a stay at home rich wife had turned their garage into a creche.

Athya watched TV all day and or slept

Suvi wandered the hallways trying to find Prayag before the big meeting...

Posted: 5 years ago


Particularly loved Kalpana's words and SUDHI'S

Shru, I have a secret desire to work in advertizing... I tried my luck 100s of years ago... kuch hua nahi

Through this story I shall live that life

As they say, you must try what your heart yearns for... before its too late

SUDHI you are so thoughtful.  I am not tired of SW Symph, but yes its a story of people that have everything, its the first world problem
I adore that family I think up chapters with all the kids in them. Flying first class and being pampered everywhere

This is a organic UN-embellished look at lives much like our own

I wanted to write a story where we root for the protagonists

I am not JK Rowling or Jhumpa Lahiri... I am just having fun with all of you


It means the world to me

Posted: 5 years ago
Thanks for your quote...tribute to Vani !!
Though I would like to clarify that all Puneris are not like the SIL you have mentioned !! We are a classical music loving, hearty food eating, family centric bunch Smile

Am loving the gritty background you have painted...SOSY was right in its own fashion, but this is a reality bite ( check ) which we see all around us..everyday..

Posted: 5 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

Thanks for your quote...tribute to Vani !!
Though I would like to clarify that all Puneris are not like the SIL you have mentioned !! We are a classical music loving, hearty food eating, family centric bunch Smile

Am loving the gritty background you have painted...SOSY was right in its own fashion, but this is a reality bite ( check ) which we see all around us..everyday..

Every culture, every religion every caste has good and bad people

But as usual in India there is a 4th category called educated class
The ones that are wealthy that acquire pricey education generally dont care to acknowledge the others that share the oxygen around them

I am SO SO HAPPY to see u

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