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Posted: 6 years ago
Hi all,
O. ...there are so many wonderful people here and all thanks to Nisha that we have been interacting with each other and get to know so many things. we too miss our NeelasmaSmile

Nish you have brought so much joy and happiness through your tale...it's been a year and the thirst/craving/clamouring for the updates...we are completely hooked. And we miss people when they are not here. A special bonding it has been.

Posted: 6 years ago
Will we get an update...Day Dreaming
Both my kids have gone on their school trip today...and due to the excitement they didn't sleep properly and in turn woke me up at insane time...feeling sleepy nowSleepy
Went to drop them off and it was such a joy to watch the excitement of the kids. ...all of them chattering...nobody could hear their teacher shouting out the attendance...it was like a flock of noisy birds 

Posted: 6 years ago
Shilpa it's always good to read about your update on kids.
Miss it when you aren't around.
O so sweet of you and NeelAsma.
She really reviews the update well. As in she makes us understand the chapters by explaining things further.
Good morning/ evening all.
Posted: 6 years ago
Hi Pritee 
The trip had been postponed so many times that they were really waiting for it...and finally they went today. Wish we could also be like them...innocent excited facing life with full on enthusiasm...and their energy. ...Big smile
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by shidin0117

Hi Pritee
The trip had been postponed so many times that they were really waiting for it...and finally they went today. Wish we could also be like them...innocent excited facing life with full on enthusiasm...and their energy. ...Big smile

So true.
As we grow up we complicate things.
But my excitement about to picnic etc is still the same. Even I can't sleep the night before I have to venture out.
Posted: 6 years ago
Good morning!!
Hey Shilpa we will get an update don't worry...
Kids r like that only very eager to go to school
If there's a party or picnic!
And yes sleepless night occurs to us elders also if there's something
important The day after.
Posted: 6 years ago
True Pritee and Sonal...even i can't sleep the previous day...but for me it is the stress of waking up early getting ready and all the packingWink
But today watching the kids at school...their happiness about missing classes what each one have bought as snacks their plans for playing in the water...just put me in good mood...

Will wait for another 1/2 hr for the update and then head out to the gymOuch
Posted: 6 years ago
Navy & Black shoes

Since the seemandham, and valaikaappu(bangle adornment)are both long detailed processes
I will have to reserach and read up, and it will be a longish part

For now, dil ki tasalli ke liye, ek foochar part

Like I always say, its a STORY!!!!

Its about a couple and their 4 ish kids, I will do some serious career/professional
parts after the ceremony, I promise, so for tonight, here is yet another foochar glimpse.


"Weve had this discussion so many times" he struggled to be patientCry

He had back to back meetings at work and he was going to London later in the night, a "red eye"

"I am sorry, then you should just go" II mumbled

"I dont want to GO, I mean, u know II" he was frustrated

"For someone that loves babies you seem unsually cool and composed about it" she let her voice crack fighting tears

"You are not even 35!!" he snapped back

"I will be next year" she whispered sobbing

"You were FINE with one" he reminded

"Its a woman's prerogative" she snapped back, "Thanks for throwing my resolve on my face" she accused, deeply hurt

"I am NOt doing that II. can we change topics please? Where is Nivi?"

"shes with Dad watching a movie" II sulked

"can I talk with her?" he asked groaning

"U do it until I get home from work" II was more hurt

"She is loaded with activities, I talk while she completes her home work" he went on the defensive

"Can u imagine Nivi being all by herself? You and I WE BOTH HAVE SIBLINGS" II was in despair

"Lets do this, when I come in, we will go see Dr Urmil?" he promised

"You were here, three weeks ago so thats got to be the most glib lie, u wont be here for another three months"

"This time I promise it wont be that long"

"I want another baby" she whispered

"Good grief" he cursed huskily, yanking a clump of his hair, she sounded incredibly innocent and naive when she demanded like that

she sniffled

"say something" she ordered

"I will... I want u to stop crying first" he ordered
" She has shubhang, and Lasya and Nandu and Shravu" he explained
"she is always hanging at Macy's she loves the lil sister" II informed

He chuckled, "Ive seen her holding that lil baby" he laughed

"Shes so cute... I have almost forgotten how soft and smooth those cheeks can be" II said softly

"That fat fist as she holds the vee of the tee shirt" he spoke, as he reminisced

"Tumhe yaad hai how she wud drag the dirt from all over the yard into the house
How she would wait forlorn by the gates waiting for us to open it so she can climb up the stairs?"
"How she would hear Dad's car and just go delirious in her high chair?" "i dont think she has smiled so wide for any one"

"Do u recall how she lost her lil stuffed puppy on the plane and cried all the way to the Paris apartment?" he said

"I can only remember how much she obsesses over you, laying out your clothes, one time she put out
navy and black leather shoes out and you wore that to work" II laughed hysterically

"she was a darned cute 5 year old" he sighed, proud

" The tiny hands with which she feeds you?" Ii listed

"Daddy, u have a lot of hair, I need to tie it up"

"U let her use 7 scuncies giving u 7 fountains" II smiled

"She is very gentle on my scalp" he teased

"she loves you" Ii said accusingly

"I knowww" he said softly

"Vaa daa" she begged

"II" he whispered

"Thats all I ever f**king hear, II" "II" "II" "II" she chanted hysterically

"Lets Skype tonight?" he asked politely

"Only if u have a ticket/reservation to show me"

"It wud be an email actually" he mocked

"bas***d!!" she cursed

They both chuckled

"I promise when I get in the next hour we will go see Dr Urmil."

"Dont tell Akka please" II begged

"why?" he asked

"Umm well... she doesnt know I am that desperate" II sniffled and chuckled and sniffled

"I wont" he promised huskily

She went off to work, got a massive headache, she got many of those in the
last 7 years,stress with handling a kid and a home and a job, and husband's overseas life.

she went to Amma's that night, with Nivi... ate pulao raita and returned at midnight
Ranjan was awake wanting to meet Nivi

Nivi handed him a bowl of pulao, he sat in the balcony and ate it all asking about her dayEmbarrassed

II went up hurriedly and threw it all up.Embarrassed
And went to lay down...


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