SW Symphony 62 -- Faith & Faux Fur - Page 124

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Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Originally posted by taramira

Aap sabhi sosyniwasiyon ko II aur RB ke vivah ki pehli varshgannth par hardik shubhkamnayen. Main RB aur II ki nirmaankarta, nisha ji se Anurodh karti hoon ki inki kahani Isi Tarah chalti reh aur hum Sab inki kahani ke bahaane Isi Tarah is atoot bandhan mein bandhe rahen!
Now it's time to say swaha!!!

Clap Star

So true
Happy anniversary
To all of us
Posted: 6 years ago
Speak OF and Speak TO

Manya backed off a bit after that, but Ranjan seemed annoyed now, after the whole food sending issue when akka's MIl was in the hospital after Diwali
And Manya shot off her mouth and was told by Ranjan to take it easy and mind her own biz, well not in so many words, but close

"Aap idhar aaye ho jara uski araam ka khyaal rakha kareen puttarjee" Ranjan spoke gently

"Dad I dont ask her to cook for me or do my laundry" Manya cracked a bad joke

R&B looked up from his phone not amused

"Baaton mein thodi rehem dikhayen puttar" He said not so gently

Manya was not thrilled she got the dressing down in front of Dimpal

"I am sorry Dad not sure what u are talking about. I dont even talk to her much" Manya shrugged attempting to walk away

"Os dee gall nahi, ona de naal galla karo" Ranjan said it bluntly

Quit bitching about her start talking TO her.

"Tune kee ditta se?" he asked his son

R&B fished the Fred L case from his pocket, and handed to his Dad

"Chaliye jee changa" Ranjan nodded smiling, content?

"Hoye aana puttar, Mr Iyer toon ashirwad le lena" he suggested

R&B nodded... and smiled

He was ferocious in guarding II
He had said to Manya what R&B struggled to say

Ranjan's phone rang, and R&B walked  over to his office, but library first to hide the edition
he already had and stick this one upfront, turned his PC on to get ready for a call

II returned when Ranjan finished his call and wandered down the hallway

II was wearing a loose kurti and tights, her hair in a neat braid

"Dad, woh neeche koi hai"

"Kaun gudiya?"

R&B stepped out

"the man the cops manhandled apparently outside the gates, his lawyer, or their lawyer, he said they were 4 guys?
He wants to know if our guards will agree to give a statement in court"

Ranjan shook his head

"I can talk" R&B offered

"Nahi betaji, tussi neeche jao, nashta karo" Ranjan ordered

He wanted to keep his kids sheltered and shielded from unncessary issues, especially if it involved litigation
One litiguous issue still loomed over all their heads

Beenu Kumar's sexual harassment law suit

Wherever possible Ranjan kept the kids away

"I have a 10 O clock, will u drop me?" she asked
R&B nodded, "Can u work from home a bit now?" he asked

"Who knows, after Excelsior they want to go after Food World next, Ritu is on a major biz travel trajectory"
II mumbled as they walked down the back stairs to the kitchen

"Can u imagine Food World?" she asked looking at him, and making a face

He noticed she was breathless a lot, panted, and heaved when she talked and moved

"Have they qualed(Tested) the SW in such a large scale?" he asked

"You are our Qual"II giggled

"Me?" he asked confused

"I mean Excelsior" II said, they gazed at each other for the longest time, pausing on the step

How II begged him not to sell his share
How Sam did too
How the AGM played out
His every day attendance at Spectrum, like he were an employee, until then

Running in and out of meetings while trying to put Jacque or Sukrit on hold, Mrs Sagar at many times
managing both his calendars, enrolling in French lessons to keep up to speed with Argent work

"U shud demand a "Lessons learned from Large scale deployment" meeting and call out all the failures" he said bluntly

"Transpro is not a failure" she was cringing

"Sure!!" he mocked not so gently, "As long as u dont install it or sell it" he was being matter of fact, not deliberately punishing

For II her job was her religion.

From warm camaraderie they had gone to cold aloofness

It seemed like talking about careers and ambition and work was the most toxic thing for their marriage

the venom spread like red dye through clear glass tubes... instantaneously

"You wouldnt know large scale deployment, since you are no longer part of the (Excelsior)company" she said tightly

He poured himself orange juice

She sat down to eat, there was idlis (amma's D II batter) and coconut chutney.

She saw Dhyan open the frig and get himself a bottle of water

R&B was taking a French call in the back patio

Mahavir was humming a tune along with his phone and whipping up omelettes

Manya was in and out of the kitchen asking for things to be added to the omelette

"Aap busy hai?" II asked Dhyan

"Na betaji, kahen" Dhyan paused

"Mujhe kaam par chhod denge kya?" Ii asked politely

He smiled and nodded eagerly "Aajao beta" he said

She asked Mahavir if she can have a container for her idlies and packed them all
Walke doutside  "i have a meeting at 9:30" she lied

He paused his call and stared piercingly

"Dhyanji is giving me a ride" she said
And walked away

Posted: 6 years ago
Argh did they have to fight on their anniversary but the dude is not wrong when he said that the software is a disaster 
Posted: 6 years ago
Ufff their egos and fights
Posted: 6 years ago
Oh wow!!!
They fought
And that too on their anniversary
They r so compatible in each and every sence Clap

There love story started with there fights and
it will always be a strong part of there marriage and
it's so coool
Just love there fights Smile
Posted: 6 years ago
super refreshing! lovely indeed. I like it when they fight but yet care for each other deeply. In this update, my awwa moment was RB noticing how difficult its becoming for her to move aorund. so sweet and caring. 
Posted: 6 years ago
Aab aur mazza aane Wala hai.
Posted: 6 years ago
Originally posted by PriteeMisra

Aab aur mazza aane Wala hai.

she will go to DII for anniversary dinner
Then soon after he will come following her as always Wink

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